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Summary: Hyoma found himself in near-death starvation thanks to the girls. Feeling guilty, Wruzel, Mue, Koyuki, Rin, Sluc, and Shizuku intend to cook for him. ...In a cooking contest hosted by Hayatemaru, Anastasia, Ovia, and Tonaty. Yoichi vs. Grand Papillon, Sherry vs. Zard, Lygen vs. Unknown. Total crack and LoL!


Note: since Chaos Wars uses characters' original Japanese names, it tends to get players of the American version confused. I will list the names and such that uses the Japanese names with the English names to avoid that problem.

This is the 2nd list of names. For the 1st part, please check out Chapter 1 Act 1.

Hiro: Hillo. A half-demon and half-human- she is the main character of Spectral Force. She is also Idea Factory's icon.

Mue: Myu. A student in Warrior Department of Vale Noir School; she is one of the main characters in Spectral Souls II.

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~It is a story that swallows all the water and food~

By superecho


Warning: the 'fanfiction project' thing is merely for amusement, and not true.


Chapter 1

"This is an overture... The grandiose affair between the boy of the end, and the female knights from worlds of another dimensions..."


Act 2


/Inside of the Base, 1st Floor – Front Lobby

"Phew... It's done at least...," Mika Asagi wiped the sweats on her forehead and short gray hair with a towel.

"These rocks, sweetie!" a certain man in red rocker outfit praised.

"Hnrgh," a gray-haired man grunted.

"...," a man with one eye and another man with sunglasses speak nothing.

Five defense barricades lined neatly right in front of the mansion entrance. Each one equipped with bullet-proof gear and non-corrosive metal alloys, allowing even further firearms absorption. These your-average-everyday barricades are common for every headquarters of top class mafias, but owning it in your private- okay, squatter-ed mansion gives a marvellous sense of luxury. ...At least, for those who developed paranoia after being ambushed by armed goons on regular basis. Not enough to faze you? The teeny-weenie and seemingly spineless girl over there built these, all by her lonesome. ...Since Zeros is out on a mission- again.

"Mika sweet heart, you're so competent in intelligence, mechanic skills, and beauty!" the red guy with pointy blonde hair strums his Blue Lightning guitar as an expression of praise.

"Rocketbilly Redcadillac... This is mid-day and I don't want to hear your cheap pickup lines," a blindfolded man with over-patched long coat scowled.

"You said that in the day and night time, Juj," the red guy known as Rocketbilly Redcadillac or RB, continues to strum his guitar.

"Then take a hint and shut up," the blind man ranted violently.

Mika abruptly put down her towel, "Now, now, you two. RB, thank you for the compliment, but you was exaggerating- especially for that last part. Juji, please be a little more patient. You don't want to brash at each other in this another world too, aren't you?"

The blind-folded man with a cursed flame on his back; who is also known as Juji Kabane scoffs, but eventually stopped arguing and goes quiet on his couch. His sunglasses-wielding brother, Bunnji Kugashira, simply doesn't care and continues to perform maintenance on his dual handguns.

"Sorry for the loud scene, Mika. But I mean it, you know. Even my grandma's hand-stitched scarf weren't as potent as your barricades," RB continues to exaggerate things, although he refrains from doing a session.

"Those are barricades! You still can see even you're a ghost, so why don't you appreciate that by stop talking non-sense?" Juji snapped, voicing for all blind men.

RB raises a pointer, "Spare the mental, Juji. I was being honest for our little angel here."

Mika laughs innocently, "Please, RB. Stop that. I'm not that... nice."

"You're blushing!" RB teased.

"I-I'm not!" Mika weakly denied.

RB is having fun, "You are blushing! And very cute, too! Right, Juji? Bunnji?"

"I'm blind, Casanova," Juji wasn't happy about that.

"Ask someone else," Bunnji didn't even took a peek.

"Were you brothers born as mood-crashers?" RB interrogated.

"Screw you, RB." Juji blurted.

"Shut up or I'll shoot you." Bunnji scoffed.

RB put his hand palm on his face, "Teen-Rated story, guys. A kid might be reading!"

The big, one-eyed man known as Beyond the Grave in the way he is a Death Soldier now or Brandon Heat, when he was a regular hitman- nods quietly in agreement.

"Juji, Bunnji, show some sincerity to the kids as grown-up adults. Grave could do that even he couldn't speak," Mika suggested; although it sounds like a lecture.

"Hmph," Juji scoffed yet again.

"Heh," Bunnji is no better than his brother.

As the Gungrave fives are having a good time-

*SLAM* Hyoma slams the door violently, his face look desperate.

"Welcome back, Hyoma," Mika welcomed warmly, "How's your wal-"


"Whoa, did Emily teach you that figure of speech?" RB took it humorously.

"Oh, no! Have the enemy found this place?" Mika took it seriously.

Juji abruptly readies his Tsumuji and Hayate (not THAT Hayate), while seemingly both happy and annoyed, "Which one is it? Saigou or Garino?"

Bunnji stands with his dual handguns fully loaded, "I prefer the later."

"Grave, help me to set these barricades! We'll form defensive walls in a single line!" Mika commanded.

One minute of preparation, five hard barricades are arranged neatly in one straight line. Juji hides in left side with RB on the other, while Grave take stand behind the last barricade- full-armed with his Coffin and Cerberus. Bunnji took an even farther position behind Grave, ready to provide long-ranged support fire. As the commander, Mika took safer position upstairs, watch any change with the door using a binocular (Rin bought it in auction for 11900 Dia). Hyoma is lying down on the floor near Mika, completely exhausted. It's just the five of them, since Karen and most of the gang (read: Uru plus many others) were going shopping for a big sale in Radiance Cooking Market. Most friendly guys and girls were taken for every limited portion of extra purchase offers; while the rest cranky ones are still in their rooms.

"Are you alright Hyoma?" Mika showed her concern, while donning back her black jacket and load the Puppy Fang.

"Not at all...," Hyoma is constantly breathing heavily.

"Don't worry, I'll protect you. Please leave the rest to us," Mika told Hyoma.

"Thank you...," Hyoma said with puppy and teary eyes; makes Mika to sweat drop.

*BANG, BANG* the front door was knocked violently by a seemingly devious attacker. Although the door has been locked with several metal chains and locks, it's still shaking for every each blow.

RB put a Travolta pose, "Ready to rock, boys?"

*BANG-BANG-BANG-BANG-BANG!* the knockings on the door abruptly grow dreadful. What kind of force is lurking behind it?

Mika's expression turns anxious, "Hyoma, I know you're tired, but could you get the others to prepare for combat?"

A smooth chance to hide; Hyoma wouldn't waste it, "Yes, ma'am!"

Mika turn again at Hyoma, "Before that, Hyoma... Who is attacking u-"

But Hyoma has dashed to Endia-knows-where, leaving a question mark in Mika's head.


Without warning, a mysterious figure destroyed the door to pieces of scrap metal. But the figure is cannot be identified with smokes covering the scene.

"Is it Garino?" Juji whispered.

"Perhaps Fangorum," RB whisper back.

Hearing this, Grave's single eye is glinting with focus. Mika tighten her grip on the Puppy Fang. Bunnji's red eyes are glowing crimson. Sadly before the smoke is cleared-


The mysterious figure dashed- no, particularly flying forward like torpedo- straight at the barricades.

*CRASH! CRASH! CRASH! CRASH! CRASH!* the figure pierces through the five barricades like bullet piercing paper. The speed was overwhelming enough that Grave had no choice but to block the attacker with his own Necrolized Body.

"Grave!" Mika was so shocked by the vicious attacker.

"Dammit, what kind of weapon Garino developed this time?" Juji cursed while marathon his way towards Grave to provide support.

"Never in good terms with the guy," RB commented playfully while gripping his guitar pick with more force.

"I can't shoot at this situation!" Bunnji cursed like his brother, but more eager since his mentor is sticking to the unknown target.

"...!" Grave hold the unknown assailant longer than any other Death Soldier could handle, while trying to identify it at the same time. The hair is blond-

"YAAAAAHHHH!" the figure screamed. An unknown power emerges from within the assailant's slender posture, which could strike Grave's back to kiss the floor for good.

"Grave!" Mika couldn't take it any longer, and rushes downstairs.

Not even Juji, RB, or Bunnji manage to catch a glimpse of the assailant. With the disruptor kissing floor, the unknown figure march on towards the second floor. Half-way through the stairs, the figure and Mika were exchanging looks. Seeing the assailant's true face, Mika is freezing in her track.

"You're alright, man?" RB checked Grave's condition.

Grave is in sorry condition, his black coat was full of footprints, his coffin hit him on the head, and his Cerberus struck his eyes- each. Such miracle he was flattened by such a slender figure, but the fact that Grave was completely unwounded was much more miraculous.

"Fangorum isn't this speedy, right?" RB analyzed.

"Whoever it was, it kicked your ass," Juji spoke sarcastically to Grave.

"Such a shame, bro," Bunnji is disappointed.

"Me?" Juji asked.

"Him," Bunnji pointed at Grave.

"You," Juji pointed at Grave, in a copy-cat motion as his brother.

Grave doesn't respond to their humiliating words (he can't), and silently stood up. Mika is slowly approaching her guardian, thus cleaning the dusts all over his body.

"Mika, what's the plan now?" RB asked with proper manner for ladies.

"...," Mika is lost in thought.

"Kid, are you still there?" Juji tried to be nice.

Grave shifts his eye to Mika, expecting an answer. Mika finally raises her head; her expression is unverifiable, "Billy..."

"Yes, dear?" RB was enlightened to be called by his child name, but also feel anxious.

RB's fingers are twitching, Juji's hands are ready for a dance, and Bunnji's trigger fingers are longing for war. Different from the rest, Grave inserted his Cerberus back in his coffin. The tension is reaching its peak. Finally Mika open her lips:

"Do you know any love song from John Travolta?"

...Tick. Tick. Tick. The clock is ticking.

"...Every single one," Billy answered; totally lost, dumbfounded, and confused.

Mika smiles- Smile of an angel, "Then, do you mind playing your favourite one while we clean up the barricades' leftovers?"

RB doesn't get the picture, but allegedly nodding his head at the thought of solo concert, "...I would love to, baby."

Grave silently picking up the trash of what's left from the barricades. Mika put away her Puppy Fang, took a broom and duster, before sweeping away. RB is tuning his Blue Lightning, preparing the solo performance. Juji and Bunnji are being left out.

"What the hell is going on here?" Juji snapped.

RB play eye at Mika, "I've been wondering about that too, sweetie. Mind if you fill us in?"

Broom on her hand, Mika approached RB and whispering something on his ears.

"Hmm, hmm. Ah, I see...," RB nods a few times.

After finished, Mika and RB are staring at each other. Both of them eventually broke into small grin and laughter.

"Okay, which one of you would like to be an interpreter?" Juji is craving for murder.

"I'm your man, mood-crasher brothers," RB kindly offered.

Juji and Bunnji pointed guns at RB (in Juji's case, pistol blades).

RB gives off a grin, "Cool down, brothers. Don't waste the precious bullets Mika had bought for you on a see-through man like me."

"How about an explanation for that?" Bunnji threatened.

"And make it quick," Juji added.

RB strums his guitar quite loud and half-screaming this:

"Power of L-O-V-E is terrifying!"

"What?" the brothers asked.

"That was the answer," RB defended.

"Are you making fun of us?" Bunnji aims at Blue Lightning's neck.

Juji snaps, "How does exorcism sound, RB?"

RB smiles mockingly, "I'm so scared!"

And the trio are up for a game of cat and mouse- leaving only Grave and Mika to clean up the mess. Cleaning this much scraps of battlefield would at least cost three people on the job... Fortunately, RB didn't forget to play one of Travolta's songs on his great escape. He played it loud enough that the song echoes all over the mansion- without an amplifier. Even more fortunate, the beautiful pink-haired Royal Guard Silvernale is happening to pass by.

"What a mess. What happened here?" Silvernale asked both Mika and Grave.

Being the only one who can talk, Mika explain the whole situation to the green-eyed Royal Guard. Including the little cause of that 'unfortunate' incident- Which stirs a shackle to Silvernale's laughing point.

"So that was the cause... It's a little funny," Silvernale grinned.

"It was, right? It's not something you see every day," Mika laughed.

"Yes, but it caused quite a mess. They need to be warned," Silvernale's eyes grow serious.

"Of course, but let's leave those two for now," Mika suggested.

"I agree. May I help you?" Silvernale showed her great concern.

"I greatly appreciate it," Mika accepted without hesitation.

Being the quicksilver she is, after Grave picked up the trash Silvernale mop the floor in dual-wielding mop style- dancing her way while cleaning like a naturally gifted ice-skater. She mops every single tile away with elegance, twice as fast and twice as clean as Mika. The floor is so clean to the point it's gleaming like a jewel. Moreover, Silvernale finished her work with a stunningly beautiful and elegant pose. Mika stares deeply and opened her mouth wide at this theatrical picture. Grave couldn't do any of those, so he simply stood there watching motionlessly.

"I'm done," Silvernale informed lightly.

"W-Wow, Silvernale. You're second to none at cleaning!" Mika was amused. VERY.

"It was nothing. I did this every single day ever since I joined with you guys," Silvernale is being modest.

Mika is rather shocked, "Huh? Every single day?"

"Yes. Before it was Karen and Mue, but they've gotten busy with cooking alone, especially when the number of this group grows. Others have volunteered as well, but they couldn't really keep track with daily schedule. Alas, I decided to take the cleaning of the mansion's first floor as my daily duty," Silvernale explained thoroughly.

"That was amazing sense of duty," Mika was amused. VERY.

"It is for the best everyone work together by filling the roles they're fit the most. At first I thought of taking the patrol duty, but it belongs to Okita and Kurando already. Cooking belongs to Mue and Karen. Ownership and negotiation belongs to Rin. Accounting and leadership belongs to Hyoma. So, mine was cleaning the first floor," Silvernale explained the remaining details.

All of sudden, Mika has developed an inferiority complex, "T-That was amazing."

"I'm a little tired of warning Shizuku, Uru, Takeru, and Polytan for not trashing around after playing, actually. Though, it appears only the latter two who actually listens," Silvernale let out a small sigh.

"...Polytan listens?" Mika was confused.

"At first he demanded to squeeze my 'you-know-what' as a trade-off," Silvernale's tone of speech rises, "But after I pointed my dual swords, he willingly to do it as a good example for readers of Dengeki Playstation... Whatever that means."

"S-Still, it was amazing," Mika's new-birth inferiority complex has deepened.

Mika is both dazzled and embarrassed; in case of being a housewife, Silvernale is the perfect candidate while Mika might end up as a last choice. Sensing her worry, Grave pats Mika on the head as a consolation. Silvernale follows this by approaching Mika.

"But it never occurred to me to build barricades like what you did, Mika. It is a great sense of protection for loved ones. You should be proud of yourself," Silvernale consoled with a smile.

Mika smiles at them, "...Thank you Silvernale. And you too, Grave."

Grave nods; his expression is as lifeless as always, but Mika swore he was smiling (if he actually could). For Mika though, that was unnecessary. To her, reading Grave's expressionless face is easier than reversing a hand palm, and she never brags about it. Silvernale grins at their relationship.

"Mika, do you have a plan for this afternoon?" Silvernale asked.

"Nothing in particular, why?" Mika wonders.

"Me, Mue, Koyuki, Hiro, and Shizuku are having a tea party near the woods this afternoon. Do you want to join?" Silvernale offered kindly.

Mika's face is beaming with joy. It would be nice to do something girlish for a change, especially after the godly amount of time Mika spent on firearms. Mika look at Grave as if asking for permission, and it took Grave less than two seconds to nod at this.

"I would love to!" Mika accepted the offer happily.

"It's starting at 3 P.M. Feel free to bring cushions, dolls, or any other personal items. I'll bake cookies while Mue and Koyuki bake cakes, so there's no need to bring snacks. Don't be late!" Silvernale explained thoroughly again, while leaving with another elegant smile.



/Inside of the Base, 2nd Floor – East Wing Hallway

"Al... most... there...!"

While the girls are waiting impatiently for the afternoon tea time, Hyoma is struggling so he could reach his room before dying. Escaping from Wruzel took most of Hyoma's stamina, more than he could ever bargain when cleaning up Shizuku's and Hayatemaru's troubles. Why it was so tiring despite only being hunted by one person? But misguided affection and marriage papers are filling in the stress bill. Half-crawling, Hyoma keep advancing towards his room which is located at the end of hallway.

"What are you doing there?"

A black-haired girl wearing reddish winter garments leaning on the wall near a window; she is looking at Hyoma with boredom glinting in her crimson eyes. She is Sluc, the representative of Shalulu Island- the Ice Island, who is also Rin's childhood friend. She is never been on good terms with Hyoma- or even anyone in the group, thanks to her dark sense of humor. Her sulky attitude that exceeds Hyoma's at some point had triggered daily pointless fights between the two.

"What are YOU doing here?" Hyoma copied the question.

"None of your business," Sluc replied bitterly.

"Same here," Hyoma hates to lose.

Hyoma feel terrible wasting his breath on someone like her. If he didn't drink at least three glasses of water now, he might faint. ...As if answering Hyoma's prayer, Sluc is currently drinking a large bottle of mineral water. Fresh, cold mineral water. Hyoma also noticed several empty bottles scattered around the floor where Sluc is standing. Apparently, Sluc is feeling too hot for this bright sunny day. Rather than removing her thick warmer cap and wool garments (Sluc addressed Hyoma as a 'lecher' for suggesting this, but he had no idea what it means), she is drinking cold liquids like there's no tomorrow to keep the heat away. Such a waste of beverage supply (Karen will be angry if she founds out), but Hyoma doesn't really care at this point.

"Sluc...," Hyoma's voice turned soft, "Please share me that mineral water!"

Sluc look at Hyoma mockingly, "I believe you can only ask Rin for that."

"What do you mean?" Hyoma's head is blank- because near-dehydration, actually.

"Sharing this mineral bottle together sums as kissing, right?" Sluc only act 'girlish' at a time like this.

"...No, it doesn't," Hyoma's throat is on the limit, "So, if you would share-"

"You're not really my type. I'm sulky enough and I knew that, so I prefer funny boys," Sluc is enjoying this.

Hyoma's eyes are begging for mercy, "Please... I didn't really believe that stuff, so share me-"

"You're persistent, aren't you? I'm not giving my lips to someone I didn't love," Sluc yearns for more of the dark fun.

Hyoma gives it away how Sluc wanted it, "It doesn't really matter, love or not. What matters is that you help a dying boy here by sharing the mineral-"

For Sluc, it wasn't enough, "What would Rin say; if her boyfriend cheated on her with me, her best friend? On top of that, knowing the sourpuss guy she loves actually want to steal other girls' first kiss..."

"...JUST SHARE ME THAT MINERAL BOTTLE YOU-!" Hyoma snaps; almost saying a forbidden word.

Sluc sighs; she was expecting more of these bore-relievers, "...What is the magic word?"

"Give me that mineral bottle so I could drink it!"


"Just give it to me!"

"Wrong again."

"Gimme that bottle already!"

"Not even close."

Hyoma's face is burning, "Sluc, I swear I'd kill you if I didn't drop my sword outside!"

Sluc look at the window with a 'sad' expression, "Rin will be sad to found out that the guy she loves is a murderer... Murderer of her best friend..."

"Sluc, I HATE you!" Hyoma snaps.

"Thanks," Sluc enjoyed it so much.

Sluc glances at the opposite dark corner from the window, near a plant pot. Then out of blue, Sluc put down the mineral water bottle and leaning on Hyoma's chest- while unnecessarily making a dreamy expression.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" Hyoma snaps.

After several seconds, Sluc backed off and continue to drink.

"How was it? Did you snap a good one?" Sluc said to no one in particular.

"Who are you talking to, psycho?" Hyoma is enraged, and very thirsty.

"Just talking to myself," Sluc refused to tell the truth.

When Hyoma is at his despair, a sound of footsteps could be heard. ...And it is his best dark-blue messy haired pal, Hayatemaru Mudoin. Before Hyoma was feeling that he's standing on the edge of a cliff, but now Hyoma felt that he had been knocked over and fell down. And nope, that's not a part of the joke that black-belt Karate comedian desperately want to perform with Hyoma.

"That's not fair, Hyoma! You perform a comedy routine with her, and not me your best pal!" Hayate complained, while tinkling with his fake glasses.

"Hayate... Shut up," Hyoma still had some energy left to scold him.

"Good afternoon, Mudoin," Sluc greeted Hayate politely... WHAT?

"Nice weather today, Sluc! Are you still wearing that winter outfit?" Hayate asked with excitement.

"Yes...," Sluc replied calmly. Something is terribly wrong with her right now.

"I fully understand that! Comedy actors and actresses have to withstand any kind of silly outfits for the sake of being funny! Me and you are not exceptions!" Hayate babbled his favourite topic again.

Hyoma winced, "Heh. Like she's going to buy tha-"

"Indeed," Sluc actually agreed. What is going on here?

"Oh, is that a mineral bottle? May I have some?" Hayate begged with laughing eyes.

"What is the magic word?" Sluc repeated her favourite.

Instead of wincing and snapping like Hyoma did, Hayatemaru whispered something on Sluc's ears.

"You passed. Here," Sluc handed the mineral bottle to Hayate. Hyoma couldn't believe it.

"Hayate, what was the magic word?" Hyoma asked desperately.

After a good sip, Hayate respond, "Hyoma, you finally agree to sign the contract as my life-long comedy partner?"

"Not a chance!" Hyoma snaps. He sure does it a lot today.

"Then, I'm terribly sorry for not telling you!" Hayate smirked like a clown.

Hyoma is more annoyed than ever, "How did you get that magic word anyway?"

Hayate grins, "Nice question Hyoma! I would love to explain!"

Handing back the now quarter-full mineral bottle to Sluc, Hayate coughs and face his best friend with comical approach.

"You know, one night when I was practicing for one of my best comedy acts, all alone in this very place... I was finally able to memorize the entire skit and adding convenient slapsticks along the way!" Hayate is so excited about this.

Hayate continues, "It never occurred to me that somebody was actually watching... And it was Sluc, of all people! She clapped hands loudly, entertained by my performance! Boy, how I were spilling tears of joy over my very first happy audience!"

Hyoma didn't buy it, whether it's true or not, "Weren't you dreaming?"

"How could you, man? I was wide awake at that time since I had a sudden insomnia! I was so confused of what to do, before deciding to practice on that skit!" Hayate spoke in his pride as a comedian.

"Why should I believe that?" Hyoma glared at him.

"It's true! I was so confused to the point I forgot to put on my glasses!" Hayate said while removing his glasses, revealing his dark-blue eyes. Hayate's glasses are fakes; moreover doesn't provide eyesight boost, so it's nothing more than an accessory to him.

This act causes Sluc to blush, although her expression remains unchanged. Hyoma is shocked.

"Then again, where's the part when you get the magic word from her?" Hyoma tried to remain calm.

Still with glasses-off, Hayate answers in excitement, "Well, after clapping hands, she asked for an encore. Can you believe it? An ENCORE! Man, I'm very glad to born as a comedian! But I was sleepy after the performance, so... She told me her magic word, so I could ask her for whatever favour I need, anytime. In exchange, I have to promise that I will perform more for her. Hard to believe, isn't it? My first devoted fan! Of course I said yes!"

"...It can't be true. Not in million years," Hyoma is in complete denial. Anyone know Hayatemaru well enough would. Shizuku didn't count.

"It is true! Right, Sluc?" Hayate asked, still with his glasses off.

Sluc blushes even redder, before going normal again and nods silently. Mystery solved.

"I cannot believe it. Sluc, you... On Hayate... Have I gone nuts?" Hyoma felt that his head is spinning. Actually, it's because of his current tiredness level.

"I couldn't believe it either, Hyoma! Man, how I wish it's happening to you too, partner!" Hayate put on his glasses again, cynically laughing of joy.

"I'd rather die...," Hyoma replied faintly, before dragging his feet towards his room.

"But this is only the beginning! I also planned to recruit Gaizan as our third member! I tried convincing Emily to support the idea, but...," Hayate's babble goes on and on.

"Why don't you kill me now?" Hyoma is being sarcastic, again and again.

After a short three minutes (for Hayate and Sluc) or one long eternity (for Hyoma), Hayatemaru suddenly remember something, "Oh, Hyoma! I almost forgot to tell you something important!"

Hyoma is turning like a zombie, "Forget that, so you don't have to tell me."

"No, it's really important!" Hayate rejected, "Actually, Ko-"

"Screw that!" Hyoma dragged his sore legs as fast as he could.

Hayate try to chase after Hyoma, "But, Hyoma! Koyu-"

Sluc blocked Hayate's path, "Forget him. Entertain me."

Hayate is feeling awkward, "I will, but I have to tell Hyoma first that Koyu-"

Hyoma is out of sight already. Man, men are capable of unleashing ridiculous powers when put in near-death situation.

"Oh well, I shall perform for you then!" Hayate goes excited, forgetting Hyoma slightly slower than Shizuku.

"I'm watching," Sluc takes a seat on the floor without complaint, eyes locked to the comedian.

Hayate strikes a pose with his hands upwards, "Ladies and gentlemen...!"

"It's just one lady," Sluc cut.

"Ahem. Let me try that again...," Hayate is slightly embarrassed, "Lady, this afternoon I, comedian Hayate, will perform-"

"Wait," Sluc cut again.

Sluc glares at the dark opposite corner behind a plant pot from before; her face turn devilish, "If you dare to snap at us, I CAN and WILL use every bit of my power as Shalulu's Island representative to make you REGRET it. Veeery much."

*THUD, CRASH* a loud noise could be heard from behind the plant pot. A small shadow can be seen running away in fear- *THUD, THUD, THUMP* -and fell off the stairs miserably.

"What was that?" Hayate makes a funny face.

"Never mind that. Please start," Sluc's face turn somewhat... angelic.

Hayate is sweating for some reason, "O-Okay... I'll begin the show!"

"Fufufufufu...," Sluc goes to high mode.


A few minutes later, Wruzel passed by, "Hyy...ooo...mmmaaaaaa..."

Her Realized state has over, and she's in awful state after literally smashed through five barricades plus one Death Soldier. But her feet are still on the move, albeit in love-eating zombie style. Power of (blind) love is the only thing keeps her stays in one piece.

Seeing this, Sluc is kind enough to stop gazing at Hayatemaru's foolish comedy act and giving the beastly girl a proper direction. The love-craving zombie girl turns and head towards Hyoma's room without a sound, in snail speed which likely will take hours.


/Inside of the Base, 2nd Floor – Hyoma's Room

After almost half an hour spent on dragging feet, Hyoma reached his doorway. As soon as he entered the room, Hyoma lock it with his room key. Gripping the key in his shaking hand, Hyoma lean at the door and catch his breath.

"Man... *panting* This is not my day...," Hyoma grunted, tired, messed up.

"Let me put the key for you."

"Thanks...," Hyoma hands over the key and continue to catch his breath.

"Drink some water. It'll help you recover."

"Thanks...," Hyoma took the glass of water and drink it whole in two seconds flat.

"Do you want a refill?"

"Sure...," Hyoma took seven more glasses of water, for a total of eight. Afterwards, he feels slightly revitalized.

"Eight glasses of water every day is mandatory."

"You're right...," Hyoma closes his eyes to relax.

"It's not healthy to lie down on the floor. Take a seat."

Without opening his eyes, Hyoma let himself guided to the couch in his room. Her soft, warm hands took Hyoma more gently than any girl could have done. Along with sweet fragrance of perfume and strong breeze from the opened window, Hyoma felt the very short moment of his escort like a trip to paradise.

"Now, let me read you a theater act to help you rest."

Now all Hyoma had to do is lying down on his coach, while listening to a sweet theatrical story, accompanied by wonderful smell of the girl's perfume and Travolta's love song...


Her? Girl? Sweet perfume? ...THEATER ACT?

"OH, SNAP!" Hyoma's eyes are wide open in utter shock.

How Hyoma wish his danger sense would activate much sooner- There is the freshman girl of Kamimori High School in Harajuku: Koyuki Saito, sitting down on the opposite couch- right in front of Hyoma's nose. She is a reddish-brown haired girl around the same age as Hyoma, who loves theater and LOVES her boyfriend Makoto Nakane. After freaking out for being transported during one of her lovey-dovey moment with Makoto (Hiro was the ear-bleed victim at that time), she stops at nothing to bug Hyoma into a guinea pig of her 'art of seduction' practice and theater chat. It's thanks to her alone, that Hyoma HATES nearly *everything* about theater with his body and soul. To some extent, Hyoma prefer being bothered by Shizuku rather than her.

"Don't yell at a girl like that, Kusaka. You won't be popular with girls that way," Koyuki grinned with angelic smile, while holding an opera script.

"I'm dead...," Hyoma leaned his head backwards in a fizzle.

"But you already have Rin and Wruzel, though," Koyuki laughed a little, her angelic smile does Hyoma an opposite effect, "And your key is with me, so please stay put."

"I'm so dead...," Hyoma's face returned to being pale.

"And Hyoma, do you like my perfume?" Koyuki asked with a great expectation.

"I better smell ramen...," Hyoma answered with a great sarcasm that rivals Sluc's.

Ignoring it, Koyuki focuses on the script she's currently holding, "Well Kusaka, this time I will read you a famous theater opera by Richard Wagner: Der Ring des Nibelungen. Starting from Act I-"

"Stop! I don't want to listen to your theater babble!" Hyoma protested.

"Don't be mean, Kusaka! You're the only one I could talk to about this!" Koyuki frowned.

"Why it has to be me?" Hyoma protested again.

"I told you many times already. You're about the same age and stuff with Makoto," Koyuki defended.

"It doesn't have to be the same age! Talk to any other guy in this base!" Hyoma wouldn't accept it.

Koyuki paused.

"Uru is too busy gazing at Alice. When I asked Kurando, Anastasia glared at me. All Joachim did was showing off his muscles. RB and Chriass flatter me to no end. I asked Okita, Carmine, Lyell, and Zeonsilt, but their answers were too generic. I don't want to talk about this to rude Zeros or sarcastic Bunnji. Mr. Gepetto is too old. Grave can't speak. Polytan is a pervert. I couldn't really understand Zard's long answer or Ryoma's political theory. I'm scared to ask Hijikata, Juji, and Orochimaru. Laru, Gaizan, Wallace, Tonaty, and Roger are out of question," Koyuki finished her long explanation.

Surprisingly, Koyuki's explanation was very... believable. Considering the number of weird guys and their own 'unique' personality in Hyoma's so-called group, there are no better solid evidences than those. None are bad guys, but neither is normal.

"What about Takeru?" Hyoma won't let even one guy unused.

"Hinata is too kind and handsome, so...," Koyuki feel embarrassed.

"...Hayatemaru?" Hyoma's tone is as if he wants to kill the guy.

"Mudoin recommend you," Koyuki answered simply.

"...I'll kill him...," Hyoma mean it this time.

Koyuki opened one of the script, "Anyway Kusaka, let's begin with Act I."

Seeing the piles of script books besides her, Hyoma panicked, "Wait! Where did you get that many theater scripts?"

"Karen lent them to me. She said her Sword Art moves were inspired by these Nibelungen Manuscripts!" Koyuki smiled in joy, being the theater lover she is.

"...How many acts are there?" Hyoma won't count on his luck.

"There are ten acts in total. Don't worry; we'll take breaks for every act with tea and stories of me and Makoto!" Koyuki was VERY enthusiastic for that last part.

"Little Snow, talk to me!" Hyoma found all of his luck rotten.

Koyuki put down the script (much to Hyoma's relief), "Wait just a sec, Kusaka."

Koyuki took a golden cane with crescent-moon design on her right side of the couch, thus a voice similar to Koyuki's emanate from within that staff, "Were you calling for me?"

This 'Little Snow' is Koyuki's alternate self, who possess knowledge of many worlds and also a best friend of Hiro. She IS Koyuki, but both her hair and eyes have turned bluish-gray because of side-effects from passing through border of worlds. Her incredible magical power also originated from that event, which took place in Platiselba; Principality of Runage, in Neverland. After an unavoidable tragedy, she lost both her lover Jyadow and her physical body. She is only able to manifest her will and voice by linking with her another self: Koyuki Saito, through this All-Knowing Cane (or Wisdom Cane as some called it). ...Heck, this info won't help Hyoma to escape the fate of being tortured by theater chat.

"Little Snow... Do something to her so she'll stop talking and let me out!" Hyoma demanded in a hurry.

Little Snow paused for a moment, "...I can't do that."

Hyoma winces, "WHY? She is YOU!"

"Exactly. She is myself, so I can't do what I don't want to do myself," Little Snow reasoned.

"I don't get it!" Hyoma is starting to lose it.

"Have you forgotten, Hyoma? I AM Koyuki," Little Snow explained very briefly.

"I still don't get it!" Hyoma lose it more.

Little Snow sighs for the brunette boy's lack of brain power (actually, it was Little Snow who had too much knowledge), "Hyoma, back then before I was summoned to Neverland and become 'Little Snow', I was just a regular high school girl named Koyuki Saito."

"I know that much...," Hyoma is losing tiny bit of hope for every second pass by.

Little Snow continues, "I was also in the theater club back then."

Hyoma's eyes widen.

"At that time, I also meet a boy whom I had a crush. Care to guess who?" Little Snow continued.

Hyoma froze.

"Do you understand what I'm saying?" Little Snow asked calmly.

"Shortly...," Hyoma's face is pale, "Before learning magic, you were crazy about theater. Before meeting Jyadow, you were in love with Makoto."

"That is correct," Little Snow nods in imaginary vision.

Hyoma got beaten well. They ARE THE SAME PERSON; only with different fate for each. Should Koyuki transported to Neverland, she will become Little Snow and fall in love with Jyadow. Should she remain on Earth, she will continue her theater career and become Makoto's boyfriend. Hyoma smack himself on the head for negating a simple fact: they have a single, same personality basis! Go to Neverland, she'll grow cold and serious: Little Snow. Remain on Earth, she'll stay happy-go-lucky and love-struck: Koyuki.

"In my version, I was transported to Neverland before I had the chance to confess my feelings to Makoto," Little Snow smiled in a little embarrassment, "Should I stayed on Earth and didn't meet Jyadow, I'll be dating Makoto like Koyuki now."

"Ooh, don't say it out loud!" Koyuki fiddled the cane while blushing a bit.

"Says the person who talks about him every day...," Hyoma said sarcastically.

"So, another me... Who is this Jyadow person?" Koyuki asked Little Snow.

Little Snow smiles, "He is a brutal, impulsive man... But once you know him in the inside, you'll fall in love with him, too."

Koyuki feel slightly bewildered, "R-Really? That's not like Makoto at all..."

Little Snow grins, "Jyadow's personality is the exact opposite of Makoto's, actually. But both of them are just as wonderful as we could ever envision."

Koyuki is lost in imagination, then blushes, "I-I wonder if I could meet this Jyadow..."

"Sadly, you can't. His soul stuck in the underworld for his crimes," Little Snow said in sad tone.

Koyuki turns silent for a moment, before speaking again, "...You missed him so much, aren't you?"

Little Snow puts a sad smile, "Just as much as you missed Makoto."

"...Since when the two of you are close?" Hyoma goes sweat-drop.

The two same persons are in self-reflection of their love lives. Hyoma is ignored and being left behind as a mere listener.

"I know! When everything is over and we found a way back, I'll take you with me!" Koyuki spoke in high enthusiasm.

Little Snow seems a little shocked, "Really? But... what for?"

Koyuki look at the cane where Little Snow resides with passionate gaze, "I can't reunite you with Jyadow... But I could at least let you live together with me!"

Little Snow is shocked even more, "You don't mean... I could re-live my previous life as ordinary, high school student on Earth?"

"Yes! Together with me, my- our friends, our parents, and Makoto," Koyuki exclaimed in joy.

"B-But we have to share one body together. Are you alright with that?" Little Snow asked; her tone is a little shaking.

"What are you saying? We are the same person, aren't we? This body was once yours too, right?" Koyuki tried to convince her.

"But I...," Little Snow is still in doubt.

Koyuki's expression grows quite stern, "Have you forgotten everything when living as me, then? Father, mother, friends, theater, Makoto... Have you forgotten all about them? Don't you want to talk to them again?"

Little Snow is under pressure, "No... I never forgot. Ever since I was transported, I'm always worried sick about them. I didn't have the chance to say goodbye... But as the conspiracy in Neverland unfolds, I was forced to forget... I resisted, but it's not enough..."

Koyuki's expression back to heart-warming, "Then, what do you say if we see them together? Let's have another chance of living on Earth!"

"Another chance...," Little Snow is deep in thought.

"Come on, another me! Muster up your courage to try! I know you have a lot of them within your pure heart!" Koyuki encouraged.

"Courage to try...," Little Snow's expression is getting bright.

Koyuki leaned her face closer to the cane's tip, "I know you can do it. Because... You are me."

The All-Knowing Cane is glowing in dim golden light. Little Snow's image is sharpening in the air, which let both Koyuki and Hyoma see her clearly.

"You're right, Koyu- no, another me... Whether it will work out or not, I will try," Little Snow said with determination in her eyes.

"Now that's more like me! I'll always be with you, so everything is going to be okay!" Koyuki encouraged again.

"Thank you, another me...," Little Snow smiled warmly.

Unfazed by the melodramatic scene before his eyes, Hyoma pouts, "...You won't let me go right?"

Both Koyuki and Little Snow are facing Hyoma again, speaking in unison, "No."

"Even you, Little Snow?" Hyoma can't believe this.

"Weren't you listening? I want to hear everything about theater and Makoto to refresh my memory," Little Snow reasoned.

"...And?" Hyoma is afraid to ask.

"You will be listening with me," Little Snow said the 'DEADly' fact.

"...Can I write my will and insurance policy first?" Hyoma begged with pale, blank eyes.

"You won't need them," Little Snow smiled, rather... devilish. At least, in Hyoma's vision.


"Full many a wonder is told us in stories old, of heroes worthy of praise, of hardships dire, of joy and feasting, of weeping and of wailing; of the fighting of bold warriors, now ye may hear wonders told..."

Hyoma tried to listen and enjoy the theatrical torture.


"...That was the first day I met Makoto. He..."

Hyoma listened thoroughly to what Koyuki refer as 'destined meeting'. Hyoma is pretty sure he wasn't making such dreamy face when he met Shizuku for the first time.


"...So Kusaka, what do you think about Siegfried? He hopes to woo Kriemhild that he goes as far to Worms!"

Hyoma tried to say something meaningful for an opinion. But his brain has produced nothing but sarcastic or mean words till now.


"You know, actually when I and Makoto finally start going steady... During day x, our theater study goes..."

Hyoma remembered the first time Shizuku whacked his head with her paper sword. Hyoma hardly remember the details. Was it the shock of the incident or the five cups of tea?


"Oh, how unlucky Siegfried was. He didn't notice the leaf from a lingen tree which covered a small portion of his back! Makoto was much clumsier, though. Like that one time..."

Hyoma remembered when watching Shizuku participating in a Kendo match. Shizuku swing her wooden sword insanely fast to her big opponent and- ...Hyoma remembered hearing an 'IPPON!' shout from the referee, but he didn't remember what happened to Shizuku's opponent. He remembered smelling medicine and disinfectant though.


"Frankly, I dislike the method Gunther won against Brunhild. If only wasn't for Siegfried's invisibility cloak meddling, they wouldn't be together. For me and Makoto, none of those tricks involved!" Koyuki is blushing, "I didn't mean to brag, but Makoto is really..."

Hyoma remembered the day he, Hayatemaru, and Shizuku were ambushed by a gang of school dropouts. Despite his karate skills, all Hayate did was squealing lame jokes while hiding behind Hyoma. Shizuku of course, took out her paper sword and- ...Before Hyoma able to convince Hayate to help, Shizuku has beaten ten teenage boys to the point they are barely breathing. Hyoma wonder if Shizuku had any secret trick. But no, Shizuku's brain has no capacity of such deliberate thinking. ...Shizuku's brain even fails to notice the small blunt wound on her head and she walk home while leaving trails of blood drops.


"That day, on our date at the yadda, yadda, yadda..."

...Hyoma had enough with tea. The low-sugar starts to pile up in his liver and he didn't feel good about it. Not good enough to lift his head straight again.


"Makoto this, Makoto that, blah, blah, blah, yadda, yadda, yadda..."

Hyoma's head bent down under the couch he's sitting on. Even the thirtieth cup of tea didn't help him to restore any strength.


"Brunhild this, Gunther that, Siegfried blah, Kriemhild yadda... Kusaka, are you alright?"

Hyoma's head is on smoke.

"Do you want another cup of tea?" Koyuki offered.

Hyoma's body grind down the couch like a snake.

"Kusaka!" Koyuki shrieked.

"I was expecting this," Little Snow said calmly.

Koyuki approached Hyoma with worried look. The first thing she does is checking his vitals.

"He's still alive!" Koyuki sighed in relief.

"That's good to hear," Little Snow didn't look surprised.

Meanwhile, a strong wind blows towards outside of the window. How could it happen when Hyoma didn't have a fan in his room? ...How come Hyoma survived the sugar-rich and torturing time are other mysterious which shouldn't really be solved.

"...," Little Snow gazed at the window throughout the wand.

"What is it, another me?" Koyuki asked her other self.

"...I was just spacing out. Let's take him to the infirmary," Little Snow seems to hiding something...

"Yeah, let's!" Koyuki agreed, she carried Hyoma on her shoulders and used the all-knowing cane to help her march outside.

"Hhhhh... yyyyy... oooommm...," a mellow voice could be heard in front of the Hyoma's doorway.

*SLAM!* as Koyuki opened the door with force, something- or rather, someone was squashed flat to the wall.

"Let's hurry!" Koyuki said, having no slightest idea of what she just unintentionally did.

Koyuki didn't aware due to her lack of listening, but Little Snow did. However, Little Snow wasted no energy to talk small crickets to her other self due to the aforementioned reason- especially at 'emergency' times like this.

*Click* "That should do!"

After using the key to re-lock the door, Koyuki carried Hyoma with slight difficulty towards the infirmary. She is unaware of a fleeting gust of wind which slides down the opened window inside the now vacant room of Hyoma's. But is it really both of her personas unaware of that?

"...mmmm... aaaa...," a small voice echoed very low-toned, in the poorest state ever.

...Will someone ever recognize that he- she, it, thing, is there? *worried*


Inside of the Base, 2nd Floor – West Wing Corridor


In this usually empty corridor (for the type inhabitants on this side), a young woman with demonic left hand is practicing battle moves of her gigantic black scythe. She has no problem of practicing; there is nobody around to disturb her and the tension is pretty quiet as well, so she doesn't see the necessity to hold back. Unleashing several deadly number of scythe moves which taint the air with aura of death, her short light brown hair flips slightly as dusts of flames are filling her surroundings. She stops moving for a split-second, before spinning in unbelievable speed with her scythe literally dancing in a tornado. As the spin finishes, an image of hellish flames covering the world can be seen behind her...

"Hiro!" a female voice greeted her name.

"...Li- Koyuki, what's the matter?" she replied while putting her scythe down.

Hiro, or 'Girl of Bursting Flames' as people in Neverland respect and fear her, is the daughter of Devil King Janise. Her inheritage of devil strength from her father and power of fire from her mother Maria, are two most common reasons why any soldiers and mercenaries of war alike refuse to confront her in combat. Still, it doesn't mean she is a scary and cruel girl. Proof is, she has some trustworthy friends- they who will help her no matter how hellish the situation, and those who will not hesitate to go barking at her for their trouble. Koyuki is the perfect example of the second kind.

"Kusaka just fainted all of sudden! I don't know what to do! The tea I served him failed to wake him up! Hiro, what should I do?" Koyuki barked so loudly that Hiro's pointy ears are starting to become round.

"First, you have to calm down," Hiro stated calmly.

And Koyuki stopped talking much to Hiro's relief; she is catching her breath while putting Hyoma's body down.

"Little Snow, what's going on here?" Hiro divert her attention to the All-Knowing Cane.

"As usual, Hyoma was forced to listen to her talk. Not only it lasts longer than usual, Hyoma has suffered major stamina deficiency from whatever he was doing out there, so he couldn't bear it any longer and fainted," Little Snow explained.

"I see," Hiro nodded lightly.

In reality, Hiro has never meet Koyuki before arriving in Endia. It was Little Snow whom Hiro had known about. When Hiro fought in country of Neverland as the leader of new Devil Army, she confronts Little Snow in a series of war events. After many hardships, they both become each other's worst enemy and best friend.

"Hyoma's condition seems worse than I thought," Hiro stated as she watched Hyoma being fiddled by Koyuki with her free hand (one hand is still holding the All-Knowing Cane).

"Heavy physical tiredness, bits of bruises, and extreme mental suffering are the cause. The sugar from nearly fifty cups of tea made it worse," Little Snow sighed.

"How many cups exactly?"


"You were left behind again?" Hiro asked.

"No. She carries me all the time she did all that," Little Snow explained.

"Why didn't you do something?" Hiro asked with disbelief in her crimson eyes.

"...You see...," Little Snow start to tell Hiro about her little plan with her other self.


One wordy explanation later, Hiro sighs, "How unlikely of her to mention a good plan."

"You're embarrassing me," Little Snow said in pinkish cheeks.

"Which one of you is feeling so?" Hiro asked a funny question, although her serious tone doesn't fit the line.

"Both," Little Snow briefly answered, still blushing.

"Oh," Hiro seems to be satisfied with that short answer.

A brief silence.

"But still...," Hiro shifted her eyes at Koyuki once more.

"Kusaka, wakey-wakey!" Koyuki teased Hyoma with a branch (where did she get that?).

Hyoma pushes the branch with one of his stiffly tired hand, while his face stay glued to the floor.

"... (Let me die)," probably what Hyoma would say if he could move his lips right now.

Seeing that, Hiro sweat-dropped, "...I still can't believe that she is you."

"I thought you already get used to it," Little Snow tilts her head imaginatively.

"Anything else besides her face? I'm afraid not," Hiro spoke sarcastically in friendly manner.

Little Snow's cheeks turned strawberry, "It's very embarrassing, but that's how I used to be."

Hiro glared at her best friend in the cane, "...And you're planning to return to that very embarrassing state?"

Little Snow stays quiet for a few seconds. She bit her lip slightly, seems to holding back a deep sadness. Hiro starts to feel awful for the improper question she just asked. Sensing this, Little Snow curve a smile at Hiro.

"That's the only way for me to see them again," Little Snow forced a smile.

"I'm truly sorry," Hiro properly apologized.

"Don't mind, Hiro. It was me being selfish," Little Snow apologized back.

Hiro shakes her head in guilt, "No, it's perfectly understandable if you miss your family."

Hiro walk closer and crouched to see Little Snow face to face in the cane.

"I will miss you, but you shouldn't keep your family waiting. Go on," Hiro said with a smile, an expression she showed more and more as she lived through in Endia.

"Hiro, are you sure? We may never meet again," Little Snow feel anxious.

"I know the risk, but you should go. Unlike me, you still have a chance to meet your family again. If it were me, I wouldn't let this opportunity slip by," Hiro smiled yet again.

Hiro looked outside the window, the linings of white cloud filling the blue sky of Endia with an atmosphere of peace. Hiro gazes at them intently with stern look.

"When the war ended, I rest asleep in that cold, solitary permafrost land. Sleeping in silence, all alone, without anybody's presence. Afterwards, I awakened to help averting the new threat in the continent," Hiro spoke.

The clouds stay in their place. Hiro is not taking her eyes off them.

"Fighting, training, go to war... Those blood-thirsty stuffs never absent from my days. I also thought that it is my path- to fight for everyone. Fight to attain peace for everyone, but not myself. I'm only needed for fighting. I don't really need or deserve to enjoy life," Hiro's words were filled with loneliness.

Hiro's heart aches. Little Snow just knows her best friend's suffering.

"In this another dimension, nothing really changed. I fight and fight, just how I always does. Frankly, I'm tired of this," Hiro's expression darkens.

"...," even with her incredible knowledge, Little Snow doesn't find the right word to say at this moment.

"...That's how I used to think anyway," Hiro threw a little smile at the sky.

Little Snow can see Hiro's aura. It is brightening.

"When I fight alongside different people from various dimensions, I'm beginning to understand. Peace is something everyone deserves. Nobody is an exception," Hiro is smiling a bit.

Little Snow stops to analyze things with her knowledge and leave it to her best friend.

Hiro smiles. A smile so beautiful she has never shown before, "Then I begin to wonder... What if I got my chance to retire from the battlefield? What will I do with all the free time I have? I'll be staying at home, living a peaceful everyday lives with father, mother, brother, and sister. I'll be going out with my friends and wasting time hanging out at some random public places... Every single one of it is a stupid thing to think up as a commander of an army. ...But I can't wait to do them all!"

"Hiro...," Little Snow's eyes are teary- imaginatively.

"So, I will fight to achieve the seemingly impossible 'true peace'. Until then, I will keep fighting with everyone. I believe a day when I can live as a normal girl will come," Hiro keep on smiling as she watched one of the clouds flew away freely.

Little Snow joins the smile, "I believe it will, Hiro."

Hiro turned to face Little Snow once more, "My whole family has passed away; thus my opportunities to reunite with them are pretty slim. But Little Snow, you're different. You still have a real second chance for those you have lost. That's why I'm telling you this: you have to reunite with your family. It is your path to take, and you have to make the most of it."

"Hiro...," Little Snow doesn't know what to say.

"My brother would say the same," Hiro reminded Little Snow of Jyadow.

"...I understand. I will go. Please take care," Little Snow smiled with tears in her eyes.

Hiro approaches the cane, "I will never forget you, old friend."

Little Snow might wipe her tears if she has hands, "I will never forget you either."

...After all that teary conversation, Koyuki still doesn't realize a thing and goes on to hassle kissing-the-floor Hyoma. Little Snow and Hiro sigh at this.

"Another me, let's hurry to the infirmary," Little Snow warned her other self in embarrassment.

Koyuki finally drop the branch and shouts, "Oh, my! I completely forgot about that!"

"...After seeing this kind of scene so many times, why I'm still surprised?" Hiro feel dumfounded.

"That's make one of us," Little Snow grinned.

"Hey!" Koyuki feel offended.

"You're watching yourself, you know," Hiro sighed yet again.

"That'd make two of us," Little Snow grinned wider.

"Whose side you're on, another me?" Koyuki is getting angry.

Hiro try to change the subject, "Anyway, I shouldn't hold you any longer. Make your way to the infirmary as fast as you can."

"Yes! Let's go, Kusa-"

Suddenly, Hyoma is lifting his head, "Ko... yuki... ('Little... Snow...' in Japanese)"

"Me?" Koyuki point herself.

"Or me?" Little Snow addressed herself.

"You both are two in one," Hiro joined for no particular reason.

"Bring me... water... or... I will... die...," Hyoma's spoke desperately.

"O-Okay! I'll be back as soon as I can! Hiro! Please watch over Hyoma!" Koyuki stated, before running off-

"Okay... But Koyuki, you dropped your cane," Hiro hold it in her free hand.

"Whoops! I'm sorry, another me!" Koyuki goes back, want to grab the cane-

But before she is able to touch the cane again, Koyuki speaks, "Uhh... Hiro... Are you feeling better?"

Hiro puts a question mark on her face, "Why do you ask that?"

Koyuki fiddles with her hands, "Because... You looked so gloomy back then. I wonder what happened... It's nothing special, really. I was just worried..."

Hiro says no word.

"Oh, I know! Hiro, do you have any plan for the afternoon?" Koyuki asked nicely.

"...No. I have nothing to do after this training," Hiro answered plainly.

"I have a tea party with Silvernale, Mue, and Shizuku later. Would you like to join us?" Koyuki asked with enthusiasm.

Hiro didn't respond.

Koyuki feel awkward, "I know you don't really like that kind of stuff, since you rejected every single invitation for this before... But we will be hanging out together, so-"

"I will be there," Hiro responded with a smile, much to Koyuki's surprise.

Koyuki hardly believe this, "Really, Hiro?"

"I promise," Hiro smiled.

"Yaay! See you there! Well, I'll be back soon!" Koyuki waves goodbye while ready to walk off with the cane.

As Koyuki turned her back and starts to walk-

"Wait. I want to say something," Hiro's words stop Koyuki on her trail.

Koyuki simply smiles and raises her cane-

Hiro shakes her head, "Not Little Snow. You, Koyuki."

Koyuki lowers her cane, "Me?"

Hiro took a deep breath, "Koyuki..."

"Yes?" Koyuki wonders.

Hiro smiles beautifully once more and says this:

"...You're the best friend I ever have."

Koyuki opened her mouth wide. So wide that a rice ball could just fly straight in.

Hiro giggles, "...What are you opening your mouth there for? Go get that water."

"U-Umm, yes!" Koyuki marches onward.

But before that, Hiro approaches Koyuki and whisper at her.

C: C: C:

"...Everyone is supposed to take girly stuff with them at such party, right?" Hiro asked.


"Can I bring my *whisper*?"

"...Anything but that!"

"That's too bad."

"You're still not girly enough, Hiro!"

"Help me to be, then."

"Alrighty! I'll help you to get someone as good as Makoto!"

"I'll pass on that one."

"Awwh, Hiro! Being romantic and lovey-dovey is a part of being a girl!"

"Are they?"

"Of course!"

"...Don't believe her for this," Little Snow rejoined.

"Whew. I almost fell on that one," Hiro feel relieved.

"ANOTHER ME...!" Koyuki feel agitated.

C: C: C:



One girl talk later, Hiro is left all alone with Hyoma.

"Now, what I'm supposed to do with you?" Hiro looked at Hyoma with hint of mercy in her eyes.

"...," Hyoma gathered his strength to lift his head once again.

"What is it?" Hiro asked.

With pleading eyes as if he has seen a God(dess) of Death, Hyoma make his wish:

"...Kill me..."


"...I beg your pardon?" Hiro made a face.

"...Kill me... with your scythe...," Hyoma wished with even more pleading eyes.

Hiro stared at her scythe. The dark black, blood-smelt, and death-cursed scythe called Gate of Heaven. The name may sound sweet, but doesn't fit the menacing features of this Hiro's Realize weapon. It was named after its ability: sending the soul of a victim felled by the scythe straight to hell. HELL where everything is dark; not eye-blinding heaven full of light. Yep, it contradicts its own name twice- But this straight ticket to eternal torture prison; which happens to be in shape of a scythe, is for real. Ask the souls of the underworld should you meet one later- they are reliable witnesses.

"Are you sure, Hyoma? My scythe will send your soul straight to hell-"

I already explained that in the narration-

"Quiet, you."


"Just... kill me... dammit...," Hyoma is losing strength again- his head hit the floor.

Hiro hardly believe if Hyoma is being serious and think deeply:

"(Why faces of Hayatemaru, Shizuku, and Wruzel are appearing in my head for no reason at all?)"

Oh, really?

"Quiet, you."


"I ask you once more," Hiro points her scythe towards Hyoma's head, "Do you wish to end your life here; in my hands, with the 'Gate of Heaven' scythe?"

Hyoma shifts his head to the point Hiro could see his... dreamy face?

"I'll even say hi to your brother and sister."

Hiro do not laugh. I want see her do, though.

"Quiet, you."


Hiro lifts her scythe high atop Hyoma's neck; her eyes are cold like an executioner, her killing instinct is set free.

"Any last words?" she said with horrifying eyes dried out of mercy.

Hyoma's eyes are filled with sadness. The memories of his life time are replaying at once on his mind.

"...There are some."

"Say it now before it's too late."

A complete calmness on his face- Hyoma is giving his all to keep his head straight to say this:

"Tell Hayate to burn all of his skits with me in them (he'll show them everywhere if I'm not around). Tell Shizuku to stop buying super glue (so she can't fix her paper sword). Throw away Koyuki's theater scripts somewhere unsearchable. Tell- Whack Wruzel's head till she lost her memory of me (and plenty of blood while at it). Have Uru be the leader (so he'll be responsible for the mansion squatting). Then-"

"Enough!" Hiro winced.

Hyoma let out a disappointed face. Hiro glared at him. Hyoma buried his face on the floor.

"Don't you have anything to say to Rin?" Hiro asked that, of all things.

Hyoma resist blushing ever so slightly, but failed miserably, "...Why would I have any?"

"You're a horrible man," Hiro grips her scythe tight, "Do better in your next life."

*scythe raised*


*FLASH!* a bright light engulfed Hiro. Her scythe vanishes into thin air and replaced by a... clipper. A blunt, plastic, harmless clipper used for trimming a sheep's wool. Note for those not familiar with the game: her Realized state has over.

"Ah," Hiro said ever-so-casually.

"...," Hyoma is stunned.

"Fortunately for you, your day of judgment has been delayed."

"...You're planning this, weren't you?"

"Until it arrives again, live a long and happy life."

"You're stalling things on purpose!"

"Now, if you excuse me..."

"Hiro! How could you?"

Hyoma cried like a baby and clings to Hiro's feet. Hiro sighs deeply. Last time Hyoma label Hiro a cat for relaxing under a sun and shade. Now Hyoma is 'meowing' and fluffed like a furball on her feet, Hiro couldn't see a difference.

"Someone, help me...," Hiro was so stressed out that she called for a backup.

"Hiro! Hyoma! Just in time!"

...And it arrived.


To be continued to the next Act...


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