Heart of Ice, Heart of Sand


In the Village Hidden in the Sand, it was very peaceful. People walked and greeted each other with a nod and friendly waves. This village has become so peaceful thanks to their great leader, the Kazekage. At the Kazekage tower, which was in the center of the city, the Kazekage worked in his office. He filed paper after paper, never gaining a break. He never complained to anyone about it, but did find it nerve racking in his head. He sat at his desk, signing and writing up papers for who knows what reason. He kept his sea foam eyes on the papers, blackness surrounded his eyes. Inexistent brows narrowed down, giving the papers a hidden glare now and then. He had unkempt grown solid red hair and a red engraved kanji tattoo that said 'Love' above his left eye. His name is Gaara of the Desert, feared monster of the village. Or was, until Naruto Uzumaki, from the Leaf Village rescued him from loneliness years ago, along with someone else. Ever since, he's changed to a much better person. He now protects his village and the villagers within, and has been for nearly four years. He is now seventeen, going on eighteen, and has come along way in becoming a grown man. As he looked through the papers, his lightly paled skinned hand stopped from writing. One paper caught his eye. He didn't have to sign it, nor was it any normal document. It was something that made him remember.

"The Village hidden in the Snow…" He muttered, reading the paper in his mind.

"The Ice Village, hm?"

He stared at the paper a little longer, and then finally put it down, along with his writing utensil. He turned in his chair, looking out the window as the sun was still high.

"She's coming…" He said, leaning back in his chair.

"She's coming back."

Memories flooded his head.

In the Village Hidden in the Snow, it was peaceful as well. The village made of ice and snow stood tall in the snow northern country. The village wasn't known much in the past, but has two known allies; the Leaf Village and Sand Village. It is closer to the Leaf village, north of the country. It is covered in snow, and the plants are isolated in ice. The temperature can be between 30 to -25 degrees. This didn't bother the villagers, since they've lived there and adapted over the years. The one person who loved it the most was the Astuikage. The Astuikage was the leader of the snow village. She, yes she, is very powerful and respected by other villages. When she took the name, no one dared to mess with the village. But she was very caring and didn't like war. So, making alliances and such is important to her. The girl who took the title is a jinchuriki, a person whose body hosts a demon. She held the ultimate demon of the nine demons, the dragon serpent demon.

She was Takara of the Snow, she was once feared of her village once before as well. But she was never wanted to be killed, as she quickly learned to control her demon at the age of 8. No one accepted her, but they left her alone, which she enjoyed. She loved being alone, but she enjoys other's companies now.

Takara looked in the mirror of her office. She wore her kage robes of purple and white. Looking in the mirror, she was fixing her ice blue hair that reached her shoulders. Her bangs grew down to her chin, parted down the middle, with a single strand hanging in the middle down to her nose. Her dark green bored looking eyes examined her reflection of the mirror. She sighed and closed her eyes.

"All this for the exams." She muttered.

She opened her eyes looking out her window, seeing the sun glowing behind the snowy clouds.

"Or is it for him?" She pondered out loud.

Takara reached over and put her kage hat on, hiding her hair and shadowing her face. She stared at the clouds outside the window. Remembering her and his first meeting.