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Heart of Snow, Heart of Sand

Chapter 20

::Deal End::

A week soon past, Takara still in bed resting, but awake. Her father sent a letter to their Atsuikage that they will stay for a while longer. Gaara visited her everyday and watched her sleep every night. As the days past, Gaara thought more and more on Tsudaki. Finally, he decided to tell.

"Sealed away?" Korasai asked.

"Yes." Gaara nodded.

On the roof of the Kazekage Mansion, Gaara spoke with Takarai and Korasai. He explained his deal, Takara's deal, and the seal on Tsudaki. The two Jounins were shocked, but glad to know all of this.

"Is Takara aware of your deal to her?" Korasai asked leaning against the railing with hands in his pockets.

Gaara nodded. "It's true. Once the seal breaks, the deals are back on, correct?"

Korasai nodded and looked to is brother next to him. He leaned against the railing with arms crossing his chest as he looked down with closed eyes and a frown. He sighed and shook his head.

"I never imagined Takara to make a deal with Tsudaki. And such a deal like this…" Takarai muttered.

Gaara looked to him. "I apologize. If I-"

Takarai raised a hand, stopping Gaara. "No need for apologies. We've gone over this; this is not your fault."

He re-crossed his arms. "Once we have word from your Kazekage, then the real answers will come."

Gaara nodded. "My Sensei, Baki, will inform my siblings and I once we can speak with him."

The brothers nodded in understanding. Korasai gave a yawn; he removed a hand from his pocket to cover his mouth.

"We can break the seal." He said now wiping his eyes.

Takarai nodded.

"Tell Takara to prepare, as she must re-control her emotions." He stated with a serious like tone.

"That's another thing I wanted to ask you."

Korasai looked to Gaara, putting his arm on the railing. "What is it?"

"…Is it possible for Takara to break her deal? I mean, Tsudaki told me if she offers Takara the chance, and Takara accepts it, the deal will break."

"As she?" Takara asked.

Gaara shook his head. "Tsudaki offered her multiple times, but she refused."

Takarai smiled. "Maybe she'll accept it this time. After all, she seems to favor having emotions then hiding them all in a jar. And she has precious people in her life. Especially you, Gaara."

Takarai was right. What purpose could Takara have for denying this time? As they were talking, someone was listening. He scowled and ran off to tell the person about what he had heard. Gaara left himself to tell Takara, but someone beat him to the punch. In her room, Kora was with Takara, Gaara peeked in through the window. The way they were talking and their expression, was Kora… Scolding her?

"Takara, how could you make a deal with your demon?" Kora asked standing at her bedside with hands on his hips.

"You know once you make a deal with Tsudaki-"

"It's a deal of a lifetime, I know that!" Takara glared him with her arms crossed loosely looking out toe window.

She was getting annoyed with her loud temperamental cousin.

"Then why make the deal! Even that Gaara was stupid enough to make a deal!"

"Will you shut up?" She sighed.

"Don't you see? If you never met that freak, you wouldn't be like this!"

Takara glared and raised her hand. Water from the flower vase came out and turned into a sharp ice shard. It pointed at Kora's neck who didn't even flinch. His eyes narrowed with his brows furrowed, a solid frown glued there.

"Don't ever call Gaara a freak. If I never met him, I'd be in worse condition than I am now. Probably dead for all I know... He cares for me, as I care for him. I will not stand for anyone who speaks ill of him, including you."

Kora glared her, but wished to glare at Gaara instead. Takara's arm started to shake as her face scrunched in pain. She gave a cry of pain and let her arm fall to her lap. The ice melted and splashed onto the floor. Kora saw this as his glared faded and morphed into dead worry.

"Takara!" Kora leaned over with his arms stretched out to her.

"Damnit…" She sighed as the pain faded.

"See! That's what I'm talking about! If Gaara learned to control his own demon better, then maybe you'd never had to stop him from killing people. That's all he'll ever be, a killer, a-"

Takara lowered her head, her hair hiding her expression to see. She moved her hand over her once was hurting arm.

"…Go…" She muttered.

Kora's browed turned to a knot. "What?"

He wasn't sure what she said exactly.

"Just go!"

She looked up glaring at him, her glare looking as if she was going to attack him. Kora saw this glare before; it was when she stopped talking to her family. He wanted to talk to her, but her emotions ran high, but the eyes he saw were Tsudaki's, not Takara's. Those eyes made him look away. He scoffed, shoved his hands in his pockets, and left to the door. Takara looked back outside, rubbing her temples. When Kora left the room, he noticed a certain redhead standing by the door. Kora slammed the door, and walked past Gaara, not saying a word. Gaara turned and watched him for a minute or two, then entered the room. Takara looked up and smiled when Gaara came into the room.

"Gaara, hey!"

He stopped and saw water on the floor. He knew what happened but didn't want Takara to know he saw and heard the argument. His eyes went back to her smiling face.

"What happened?" He asked.

Takara looked to the water and made a face. "Got into a heated argument with Kora. I splashed him to cool him off."

Gaara knew she was lying, since Kora was plainly dry when he left. It's understandable why, but no need to ask more.

"Oh, I see." He responded going to her bedside.

Gaara pulled a chair and sat in it, staying by Takara's side. After two weeks, her wounds were a tad better. Her head and neck were no longer wrapped and her face was free of bandages. Her arms and legs were the same sadly enough. Her stitches were removed yesterday and wrappings around her stomach were gone as well.

"How long until you start walking?" Gaara asked changing the subject.

Takara pondered rubbing her chin for a minute. "Uh, what did he say…?"

She snapped her finger and smiled.

"Oh yea! In about two weeks."

Gaara smiled softly. "So soon?"

She nodded. "I feel my leg a little less numb. They said once I can move them, I can be back on my feet."

"That's good to hear." He nodded.

Gaara couldn't wait for her to walk again He remembers seeing her village five years ago. Now he wants to show her his village. The temperature of the Snow Village gave him a small chill in his arm. A thought came to Gaara's mind.

"It's not too hot for you here, is it?" Gaara asked.

Takara shook her head. "I've been controlling my body temperature since I woke up. I feel fine."

Gaara nodded shifting in his seat.

She scratched her head with a sheepish smile. "Though I admit, I thought I would melt when I woke up. How do you guys handle this heat?"

"We could ask you the same thing." Gaara chuckled.

Takara burst out a laugh. "Caught me there!"

Gaara kept his smile on her. He liked seeing Takara like this. Lively and happy, showing her true emotions with her laughs and smiles. Seeing those smiles made his heart skip when they were pointed at him. It reminded him of when they first met. Her energy was so high and having so much fun. The thought of her going back to her emotionless state brought images of that face to his mind. A face that says 'I don't care' when she really does inside. But what Takarai said made him over think this. He was right, what purpose could she have of going back to that? She was happy to be with Gaara, wasn't she? The young redheaded ninja shook his head, what was he thinking? Of course she was happy. She said so herself, she loved him!

"Gaara? Hey, Gaara."

Blinking from his deep thoughts, he heard Takara's voice ring in his ears. He looked up, seeing her five a concerned look. Another emotion he rarely saw.

"Y-Yea, just thinking." He answered keeping his voice as calm as possible.

Takara leaned forward with that curious gleam in her eyes. "Really? Like what? Is it's not private or anything."

Gaara loved her curiosity; he found it to be adorable. But he didn't want to say to her 'oh nothing' and have silence come in between them. He thought of something he had to tell her anyway.

"No, I was going to tell you anyway."

She tilted her head. "What is it?"

Gaara paused from her cuteness. "…You know how Tsudaki is sealed away?"

Takara nodded then gave a shocked look. "Agh!"

Gaara jumped to his feet. "What? What is it?"

Her head slumped down. "I forgot all about that! Damnit! Tsudaki, how could I forget her!"

Gaara gave a sigh when she scared him. But smiled softly again as it was nothing completely serious.

"Well, your father and uncle are going to break the seal. They wanted me to tell you, so you can re-control your emotions." He explained.

Takara sighed. "That's right. I got that deal to Tsudaki. It's been almost two months since she was sealed, I kind of miss her."

Gaara started to get curious as to why she would. Unlike Naruto or Gaara himself, their demons were pure evil, why not hers? Gaara wanted to ask but was interrupted when the door opened. They looked over seeing Takara and Korasai walk in with a scroll in Takara's arms. It wasn't thick but was about medium size compared to a small regular scroll.

"Hey Takara." Korasai greeted with a small wave.

Takara ran to his daughter. "Fear not, Takara! Daddy will free Tsudaki from the evil clutches of the Sound Villages seal on her!"

Takara chuckled with a sweat drop. Gaara has taken note of her father and uncle for the near past month. They were complete opposites fro twins. Korasai was nice but not as loud or hyper as Takarai. Takara had a bit of the energy, but kept it in control. Maybe her mother was calm, that's where she gets that aurora from. This calm yet excitable aurora that Gaara strongly felt from her, he loved being around it.

"Dad, why must you always act heroic?"

"Always?" Gaara questioned quirking an invisible brow.

Korasai walked up beside Gaara with his hand in his pocket. "As you already can tell, Takarai always wanted to be a heroic father. He was like this to Takara before you met her. She always pushed it away."

Takarai glared his brother.

"No! When she was about 3 or so she loved it!" He defended.

"Yea, almost 10 years ago." Takara said.

Korasai gave a chuckle with his semi deep voice. That's another thing Gaara took note on. Along with their personalities, their voices where opposite. Takarai had this high energetic voice, while Korasai had this low calm voice.

"Anyway, Gaara told me you can break the seal?" Takara started rubbing her temples as before.

Takarai nodded with a grin. "Thanks to this," He patted the scroll. "Tsudaki is going to be back!"

"You know this means you'll have to act emotionless, thanks to your deal." Said Korasai.

Takara nodded to him. "I understand."

Takarai brought a table over and unrolled the scroll. In it was a seal breaker, signs and other scribbles all over. Takara sat in bed, with her eyes looking emotionless and her smile a frown. She stared at the wall and tried not to look at anything else. Even the slightest glance at something interesting, her emotion will change in a second.

"Ready?" Takarai asked.

Takara nodded. "Yes."

Gaara couldn't help but frown hearing that emotionless tone in her voice. He shouldn't worry; it'll be back after she breaks her deal. She just has to break that deal, right? Gaara broke from his thoughts when glowing emerged from the scroll. Takara and Korasai did hand signs standing both sides of Takara's bed. Her eyes were closed to not look at anything to distract her. The brothers continued their hand signs, the scroll glowing a bright blue color. Gaara just stared at amazement. Takara stopped though, placing him hand on his daughter's head. Korasai made a final hand sign,

"Ninja Art: Soul Release!"

Gaara's eyes shifted to the scroll, as the blue glow moved about, it took form of a dragon. Giving a small yet effective roar, it swirled around the room. Gaara's feet moved him back as it circled him. The glowing dragon form hovered over Takara's head, and then faded into her. She gave a deep gasped and let her head hang down. The brothers dropped their arms to their side, staring at Takara intently. Gaara went to her side next to Takarai, Korasai on the other.

"Takara?" Gaara whispered.

The only response was a sigh and a chuckle. Gaara knew the chuckle. Her head rose and faced Gaara. Her hair suddenly turned white, opening her blue eyes she looked at Gaara.


"Oh, it's so good to be back." She stretched her arms, able to not feel Takara's wounds that were healing.

She looked around, seeing Gaara, Takarai, and Korasai. Tsudaki grinned.

"I suppose I owe you a thank you?"

"None are necessary." Said Takarai.

She nodded, folded her arms, and leaned back in the bed. "What'd I miss?"

After Gaara explained everything, along with Takarai and Korasai, Tsudaki understood what happened. Gaara though didn't mention anything about wanting her to break the deal with Takara. He wanted to ask her later.

"I do have to say thank you anyway. Seems I missed all the fun."

"Well, fun on your account." Said Korasai leaning against the wall.

"War and death on ours." Takarai added still on the other side of the bed.

Tsudaki looked to Gaara. "Tell me, Gaara,"

She spoke saying Gaara's name with a seductive voice.

"We're you able to kick Kabuto ass hard?"

"Last I saw him was the third preliminary. I heard that it was him who sealed you away."

Tsudaki gave a frown. "That's all?"

Gaara nodded.

Tsudaki knew Gaara didn't hear about Kabuto kissing her. The way Gaara told her, everything was fine between her and Takara. Takara told her about the kiss in her mind when she returned. Gaara said it as well; she still can see a hint of blush on his cheeks. Tsudaki looked to Takarai and Korasai.

"If you two would mine, there's something Gaara and I need to discuss."

The two nodded and left. Takara grinned at Gaara who lightly glared her. She noticed and pursed her lips.

"What's with that glare?" She questioned innocently.

"That deal with Takara, I want you to break it." He said.

Tsudaki gave a serious look. "I told you, if Takara accepts my terms, I will break it."

Gaara glared the floor with fist clenched hands. She suddenly grinned.

"Which reminds me, there's still your deal we must discuss."

He looked back up. "You should know the answer by now."

Her grin widened. "I do know, your deal has been set, done, and over with."

Gaara gave a confused look. "What do you mean?"

"When you confessed you loved Gaara, which broke the deal. Meaning the only deal that is set is Takara's."

"Tsudaki?" Takara's voice rang in her head.

"Pardon me, Gaara. Might I have a private conversation with Takara?" Tsudaki winked.

Gaara didn't ask, but was hesitant before leaving to the hall where Korasai and Takarai were. Tsudaki started messing with things within her arm reach; flowers, pillows, food tray.

"We can talk now." Said Tsudaki as she put the food tray in her lap.

"Tsudaki," Takara started. "I'm sorry."

Tsudaki stopped when she was about to pick up a cracker. "What do you mean 'sorry'? About what?"

Takara sighed. "If it wasn't for this deal I made, you would've never been sealed away by that Kabuto bastard."

Tsudaki didn't say anything. She was sure Takara had more to say.

"Everything has changed during these exams. I understood friends are needed, comrades. This including old and new friends. I think you know where I'm going with this."

Tsudaki grinned and nodded. "You know the words."

Takara was silent.

"Takara, do you wish to break our deal? Do you wish to be free from it?"

"…Yes, I do."

Out in the hall, Gaara told Takara's uncle and father that Tsudaki wished to speak with Takara. Gaara leaned against the wall by the door, with arms crossed. Takarai and Korasai sat on the benches. They were quiet until they heard footsteps running. Looking down the hall the three saw Kora running to them. The brothers stood up, Gaara just looked to him. Kora stopped and bent over to catch his breath now with the other three.

"Kora, don't run in the hospital." His father scolded.

He glared his father but quickly shot it at Gaara. He noticed everyone was waiting outside Takara's room.

"Why are all out here? Did something happen to Takara?"

"No, Kora." Takarai sighed. "She's speaking with Tsudaki right now."

Kora's jaw dropped to the floor as he now glared his uncle. "You guys released her!"

The brothers stayed silent. They knew Kora hated Tsudaki. When he heard she was sealed, he was glad since she'd cause no more trouble. But now that she's free…

"How could you! Now that she's free, Takara will go back to the emotionless doll she was before!"

His glare turned to Gaara, who involuntarily glared back.


They four heard a faint call.


It was Takara, she was calling him. The four rushed into the room. Kora shoved Gaara to be the first. They saw their beloved Takara, blue hair, green eyes, it was Takara. She smiled brightly. Gaara smiled softly with a silent exhale of relief. He went up to her bed side.

"Takara? Is it you?" He wanted to be sure.

She nodded. "Yup, I broke the deal with Tsudaki. I'm free."

"Alright!" Takarai cheered and ran to hug his daughter.

Korasai smirked with a nod. Kora was relived as well, but still angry a Gaara.

About a month past and Takara was finally out of bed. With Gaara's help, she managed to walk again within a week of being out of the hospital. Her injures healed and she was back in perfect health. Her arms thankfully had no scars from the deep impacted injuries. Gaara was deathly afraid she'd end up with scars. Takara believes Tsudaki healed them, hence why she got out of the hospital so quickly. But Gaara wished she didn't have to return to her village. During the time of Takara's recovery, they discovered Gaara's father –The Kazekage- was murdered by Orochimaru. No one has taken the position for the new Kazekage, it wasn't important at the moment. In charge were the Elders of the Sand Village, right now they're top priority was to fix the alliance between both the Leaf and the Snow. Gaara didn't have any comment or feeling hearing about his father's death. He was very happy to hear it, but when he told Takara, he broke down crying to her. She comforted and was there for him, he never understood why he cried. He was a horrible father, wanted his own son dead. Takara said it was because despite that, he was still family, he was still his father. Temari and Kankuro were sad when they heard; it was a dark week for the Sand Siblings who no longer had any family members.

Then, the day came. The day Takara would leave. Gaara knew they would see each other now, but with so much work to be done between her village and his village, it would take some time before they saw one another again. Temari, Kankuro, and Gaara stood at the entrance of the Sand Village with Takara, Takarai, Korasai, and Kora. Kora was so happy they were finally leaving. He got some sunburn from being there. Takarai and Korasai enjoyed themselves being in a completely different climate, they hoped to visit again. Takara felt the same as Gaara, she didn't want to leave. But her village missed her and she had to return to let them know she was alright.

"Thank you for her care for my daughter and your hospitality to us." Said Takarai giving a bow.

Korasai gave a bow with his brother. He noticed Kora just stood there with his hands shoved in his pockets. He kicked his son's shin earning a glare, he motioned for him to give respect. Kora rolled his eyes, gave a quick bow, and turned ready to leave. Takara bowed as well and the three stood erect.

"No trouble. You're welcomed to visit anytime." Said Temari.

Korasai nodded. "As you are welcomed too."

Takara noticed Gaara was looking at the ground with the sad glint in his eyes. Temari and Kankuro spoke with Takarai and Korasai, Takara approached Gaara. She gave a solemn look and placed her hand on his shoulder. He looked up finding a smile on her beautiful face.

"What's wrong? You gonna miss me?"

"Of course I'll miss you." He responded. "We're just gonna be so busy with everything, how long until we see one another again?" He looked back down again.

Takara removed her hand and now put it to her chin with a pondering look. "Hmm, well, I don't know. But I can tell you this."

Gaara looked up to be given a deep kiss my Takara. He could feel her lips turned to a smile when she separated. Gaara's checks flushed red; he didn't expect that at all. He smiled as her soft green eyes looked at him lovingly.

"We will see each other again. Nothing is stopping us, nothing is keeping us apart. No one can tell us we can't see one another."

Gaara didn't realize this. She was right; they could see each other all they want. He smiled softly and nodded. She giggled and poked his chest.

"Next time, you come to my village. I'm sure my mom would love to meet you and your brother and sister. After all, we're family, right?"

Gaara's smile winded more. He nodded.

"Yea, family."

Gaara gave her a kiss, putting his hands on her waist. She grinned and wrapped her arms around his neck. Kora looked over with a sigh; his eyes went wide when he saw his cousin and Gaara. Seeing Gaara touching her, kissing her, making her happy. His hands turned to fists that turned red, but it wasn't sunburn. His eyes turned red as well, pure anger boiling inside him. His hair was about to change with orange streaks, but he looked away and exhaled deeply to control his anger. The creature inside him wasn't helping at all…

"Bye! You come back understand!" Yelled Temari as she waved with her brothers.

Takara, her father, and uncle waved back with smiled. Gaara gave a soft wave to Takara who winked at him. He smiled with a scoff.

"We will see each other again…" He thought. "We made a deal to see each other…"

Gaara grinned.

"The deal of a life time…"


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