Okay, so I thought I'd this pre-note to say that this is a sequel to The Heart Never Lies, so if you have not read that story I would suggest going to it and reading it as it was will explain what is happening in the one. Also, this story includes m-preg. Just saying. Also, the FST for the previous story is on Youtube now. I'll put the link onto my profile for anyone interested. Anyways, please enjoy:

The Kids From Yesterday


Alfred blinked. "Are these… pregnancy tests?"

Arthur nodded. Alfred looked down at each little screen, taking in the message on them:

..: pregnant - 4 weeks :..

"So, you're pregnant?"

Chapter One

A New Beginning

Arthur couldn't speak, so he nodded to the American to confirm what was written in front of him. He was scared. Not only was he pregnant, he was terrified that Alfred may not accept him. A man? Getting pregnant? Maybe it was because he was a nation that allowed him to become pregnant? He promised himself that he would find out sooner or later, but at that moment, his main concern was the American. He didn't know what he would do if Alfred didn't accept this! What would he do? Would he shout? Would he run? He kept his eyes on watching as he looked between Arthur and the tests in his hand. Alfred was starting to feel a little dizzy, so leant against the wall. This worried Arthur more, but then Alfred smiled at him. The smile grew bigger and bigger until the American was beaming at him. He hurried forwards and hugged Arthur making the Brit squeak. Alfred pulled back.

"Oh God! Did I hurt you?"

"No…" Arthur said. "I was just surprised."

"Sorry," Alfred smiled. "I'm just… wow… A baby! Wow!" He hugged him again, gentler this time and Arthur hugged him back, relieved that Alfred was happy about this. He watched him as he knelt down in front of him and kissed his stomach. "Hi, baby!"

Arthur blushed deeply. "Idiot…"

Alfred looked up at him. "What do you want? A boy or a girl?"

"I'll be happy with either," Arthur smiled softly.

Alfred smiled and rubbed Arthur's stomach, the Brit keeping his eyes on him. Alfred looked really happy. Arthur pulled him up and kissed him. Alfred kissed him back, putting his hands on Arthur's waist, feeling Arthur thread his finger into his hair. He pulled back and smiled at him.

"You realise," Arthur said. "This means I've been pregnant since the first time we had sex." Alfred nodded so Arthur kissed him again softly.

"I hope it's alright," Alfred said. "I mean with all the shit that's been happening! Oh God! It was there when you went pirate! The kid's gunna have a pirate fetish!"

Arthur chuckled at him, but then his face fell suddenly.

"What?" Alfred said, worried. "What's wrong?"

"I… I went black and I was pregnant…"

"Is that bad for the baby? It will be okay right?"

Arthur was unsure. He had no experience with this. Alfred saw the worry creeping into Arthur's eyes so knelt down and kissed his stomach again.

"We'll cope."

Arthur nodded and hugged the American's head.

"I can't wait," Alfred said, grinning up at Arthur.

"I'm glad," Arthur said. In actual fact, Arthur was more than glad; he was freaking ecstatic.

"This means I have to call our lovely doctor again," Alfred said.

"Why do you?"

"To organise scans and thing."

"Oh yeah!"

Alfred kissed his stomach once more, then him. "I'll do it now! You can tell the rabbit's the good news!"

Arthur nodded and then walked downstairs. He walked into the kitchen and spotted the bunnies sleeping against each other on the floor by the kitchen table. Vincent nuzzled Kyle gently, Arthur smiling at them and gently picking them up. They both jolted awake, looking around nervously.

"Shhh," Arthur soothed. "It's only me!"

"Arthur!" Kyle said. "Are you okay?"

"We we worried when you ran away earlier!" Vincent added.

"Oh, I'm fine," Arthur said, a grin forming on his face. "Just pregnant."

"What?" Kyle blinked.

"I knew it!" Vincent said happily.

They both congratulated him, nuzzling his neck softly. Arthur smiled more, hugging them softly.

"This is so exciting!" Vincent grinned. "Are we allowed to stay with you to see the baby? When it arrives, of course…"

"Of course!" Arthur beamed. "We were hoping you'd come stay with us…"

"We'd love to!" Kyle exclaimed, looking to Vincent who nodded energetically. Arthur hugged them again, feeling happier than he had in a long time. The only time he'd felt this happy was when Alfred had kissed him the first time. Now he was going to have a family with him! They all looked around when Alfred walked into the room, the rabbits squeaking their congratulations once more.

"Thanks, guys," Alfred smiled. "So, the doctor said that we'll have to organise the scans when we're back in England. He also explained that it may be because we're nations that males can become pregnant too."

Arthur nodded. "I thought it would be something like that. And yeah, I was going to say do we need to get the scans in England."

"We're going to England?" Vincent asked.

"Yup," Alfred smiled.

"COOL!" Kyle exclaimed. "I've never been to England!"

"So, when are we going?" Alfred asked. "Cos the jet is ready whenever you want to go."

Arthur looked at the bunnies, both of which were beaming excitedly. "I take that as a now then?"


"We better get packed then!" Alfred smiled.

Arthur put the rabbits onto the floor and then walked up stairs with Alfred. The American went into their bedroom first and pulled out his suitcase.

"I'm going to pack a lot more this time," he said.

"Okay…" Arthur said, packing things back into his suitcase. "Oh, here!" He muttered a charm on the American's suitcase.

"What did you do?"

"Enlargement charm," Arthur said. "How do you think I fit all my clothes, accessories, books, potions kit and all the other shit I brought into this?" He lifted his small suitcase and put it onto the bed.

"Ahh! It makes sense now!"

Arthur smiled and repacked his bag, nearly falling into it. Luckily, Alfred caught him before he could fall any deeper than he had. Arthur was breathing deeply, both muttering "whoa".

"Are you okay?" Alfred asked him.

"Yeah, I'm okay."

"Thank God! You almost packed yourself!" the American smiled, making Arthur laugh. Alfred laughed too, packing his case with everything he could think of needing. Arthur made sure that he had everything and sealed his case up, then went to help Alfred. The American packed his laptop, DS, and a couple of books into his backpack. "You did say last time you'd packed your entertainment in your suitcase."

"I did," Arthur smiled.

"Now we have more entertainment than last time!"

"What? Because of the bunnies?"

"The bunnies will probably be getting it on more than we have so…"

Arthur couldn't help but laugh. Alfred smiled at him, taking in every little detail he could see about Arthur.

"Why're you looking at me like that?" Arthur smiled warmly.

"Because you've never looked more beautiful."

Arthur blushed, so Alfred smiled at him sweetly. The Brit leaned up and kissed him.

"Have you got everything?" he asked.

"Yup, my phone's in my pocket, everything is in my suitcase and backpack, and you're by my side. All's good at the moment!"

"At the moment?"

"Yes, at this moment everything is good. But when we get on that jet, everything will be great."

Arthur thumped him softly on the chest. "Cheesy git…" He picked up his bad and walked downstairs, Alfred following after him with his own stuff. Instantly, the bunnies hopped up the corridor at them.

"Are-we-going-are-we-going-are-we-going-are-we-going?" Vincent said.

"Hyper bunny…" Alfred muttered.

"Yes, we're going now," Arthur chuckled, picking the hyper bunny up. Alfred took Kyle and they went out to the car to go to the airport.


"Are we there yet?" Vincent asked.

"We've not even left the fucking ground yet!" Alfred exclaimed.

They were finally in the jet, and the two nations were holding the other's familiar. Kyle used his ear to face-palm at Vincent's comment and the British rabbit proceeded to flip him off with his ear. They ended up in a war of poking out tongues and flipping each other off.

"Hey," Arthur said. "Now stop that!"

Vincent flipped Arthur off, then hid against Alfred.

"I guess we can count this as practice?" Alfred said, getting an uneasy look from Arthur. "What? The baby isn't going to stay a baby forever. They'll become a teenager who will more than likely flip either or both of us off!"

"I know…" Arthur said. "I just hope the baby won't be like us as teenagers."

"What do you mean?" Kyle asked.

"Basically, we were both little shits," Alfred smirked.

Arthur nodded, and then put Kyle on his seat while he went to the pilot to say he could take off when he was ready. He returned and took his seat once more, stroking Kyle as the American rabbit curled up in his lap, and resting his head on Alfred's shoulder.

6 Hours Later

2 hours previously, Alfred had finally fallen asleep after his sleepless few days. Vincent was curled up in his lap also sleep with Kyle. Arthur on the other hand had been up and down to the toilet for the last two hours. He came back from his latest trip and tried to get some sleep, not realising that Alfred was waking up as he drifted off. Alfred smiled at the Brit, gently putting the rabbits onto his seat and went to get a drink. He was sat at the bar for a little while on his own, sipping a glass of Coke. He looked around when Kyle hopped up into the stool next to him, smiling at the rabbit.

"Hey, Kyle."

"Hi, you okay?"

"Yeah, why?"

"Just wondered…"

"Oh really now," Alfred smirked. "You just wondered?"

Kyle nodded. "So, you're going to be a Dad."

"I know," Alfred smiled. "It still hasn't fully sunk in! It's an amazing feeling though."

"I'm glad… But if his mood swings are bad now…"

"Oh, God. I'm gunna get choke-hugged or beaten…"

"Or worse…"

"He'll kill me… I'll be on my best behaviour, all helpful-like so hopefully I don't die!"

Kyle chuckled. "We'll help as much as we can."

After a few minutes, they were joined by a very sleepy Vincent. Alfred picked him up and put him on the bar with Kyle and gave them both a bowl of water. He held tight as a shock of turbulence happened, and the next thing Alfred knew he saw Arthur running to the toilet.

"Oh shit!" he exclaimed, running after the Brit. He found him throwing up in the tiny toilet, so he knelt down and put his arms around him, comforting him until he stopped. He leaned over and flushed the toilet after Arthur finished, and then helped the Brit back to his seat. Arthur ate a mint to get rid of the foul taste in his mouth.

Alfred rubbed Arthur's stomach. "You're making Mommy throw up! Stop it, Baby!"

Arthur chuckled. "They can't help it…"


"Ah… umm… yes…."


"It's… Have you ever had a dream you were so sure was real?"

"Yeah, one time. Why?"

"I just had a dream we had twin girls…"

"Really? That'd be so cool! Tell me more!"

Arthur went on to describe two little girls; one that looked like Alfred, but with green eyes and a cowlick, and another that looked like himself with turquoise eyes and wavy hair. The child that looked like Alfred was the naughtier one and both were smiling.

"But it's just a dream," Arthur said.

"Ah, but it might be a little bit of clairvoyance!"

Arthur smiled and held his stomach. "I hope so…"

Alfred leaned down and kissed his stomach. "Me too."

A few hours later, the jet started to land. Alfred was rubbing Arthur's stomach, Vincent sat on his lap once more. The act of rubbing his stomach was slowly becoming a habit, but Arthur wasn't going to complain about it. The Brit was breathing deeply, jolting slightly as they felt the plane land. Collecting their bags, they carried them and the bunnies from the jet and headed for the Briton's home.


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