The Kids From Yesterday

Chapter Eighty

Nowhere Left To Run

The ticking of the clock on the mantel piece seemed to get louder and louder with each passing day since the family returned from Necker Island. The month was slowly passing away and not one member of the family could contain their growing nerves as the day they dreaded started to grow closer.

Terrified, the twins kept constant contact with Clare, trying to find out if any details changed in her vision or if anything became clearer. No one was aware of when or where the final attack was going to happen, or what was going to happen that would make Grace cast such a powerful spell on her own sister.

It was coming to the end of May, the time in which the girls were doubled over with paralytic nerves not only for their impending trauma but of their final exams and the knowledge that they would be leaving Year 11 and school and moving off into the wider world.

Grace was sat in the kitchen, her school bag beside her legs and her shaking hands cupping the warm tea cup filled with the drink that normally calmed her frazzled nerves. She didn't understand it but she felt overly restless that morning, a slight twitch starting to occur in her hands and on her right eyebrow.

"Morning," Melinda said as she walked into the kitchen. She was carrying two pens in her left hand and had an air around her that showed she was unnaturally calm for once.

"Morning…" Grace replied, sipping her tea in an attempt to slow down the pounding in her chest. Melinda looked at her sister and sat next to her, putting her hand on her arm gently.

"What's the matter?" she asked.

"I don't know…" Grace said quietly. "Nerves I guess…"

Melinda smiled at her a little and put her arm around her shoulders. "This last exam is Science! Physics! I should be more nervous than you!"

Chuckling slightly, Grace looked at her sister and smiled after finishing her tea. "Are you ready to go?"

"Yeah!" grinned Melinda, getting up from her seat. "To meet the others in the playground!" With that statement said, she held one of her pens up like a sword and turned on her heal. Grace laughed and picked her bag up, following her sister out into the hallway and calling upstairs to Arthur and Alfred to say they were going to school.

"Good luck!" Alfred called brightly.

"Good luck," Arthur called out groggily.

The girls chuckled and started their walk to school, Grace constantly looking over her shoulder as she couldn't shake the feeling that something wasn't right. She glanced at her sister, smiling a little at the lively look in her eyes. It was nice to see her looking happier for once, that happiness ghosting its way across her own mind through their connection.

When they finally got to the school, they walked through the gates and across the spongy tar surface under the monkey bars as they headed towards their friends.

Charlotte was reading the many hundreds of notes that she had taken on Physics and Maths in order to cram more information into her head; Clare was lying on one of the two opposing metal benches staring at the sky; and Dona had her head in her hands as she sat at Clare's feet.

"You all look well prepared…" Grace said, sitting down next to Charlotte on the bench opposite Clare's.

Clare laughed ironically. "I'll just predict the answers…" she said.

"I don't care…" Dona said, looking up from her hands only to run them through her red hair.

"You lot can get any jobs you want though?" Charlotte asked, looking between the three nation children.

"Not necessarily," Grace said. "The only jobs we're guaranteed is political… and I don't fancy that…"

"But generally that's within the nation we represent," Melinda said. "Like Mum works in Downing Street, Dad used to work in the White House, and so on. But in our cases, we're kind of Micro Nations. Dona's the Vatican City which is technically within the Italian government. Grace is Easter Island which is in the Chilean government, I think… and I'm Atlantis which is underwater still but has a monarchy, government and is still running as if it were still above ground. So basically, those jobs are just… not enjoyable…"

"What are we talking about?" asked Marco as he walked over with Edward. The latter sat down with Grace, whilst Marco stood and put his arm around Melinda.

"We're discussing job opportunities should we crash and burn at these exams," Grace said. "I'd become a hacker!"

"What do you mean become?!" Edward said, looking at her and getting nudged.

"I could always get a publishing deal," Melinda said. "Or a recording contract."

"I'd be your illustrator!" Dona smiled. "Or the designer for your CD covers!"

"What would I do?" Marco asked.

"You could play music on my CD," Melinda smiled. "Or sing with me."

"We'll be a duo," Marco smiled.

"Duet," Melinda corrected.

They blinked and looked round though when Clare gasped and made a pained noise, seeing her holding her head. When she opened her eyes, she looked at them all with an expression of panic.

"It's clearer…" she said. "I can see benches… Gym benches…"

"Like in the Sports Hall?" asked Charlotte, glancing round.

"Today's the last day we'll be in there…" Melinda said quietly.

"It's happening today…" Marco said, holding Melinda closer to him. They flinched slightly at the sound of the bell ringing, signalling to all who had an exam there that day to make their way to the Dance Hall for registration before they would be led to the Sports Hall.

"I have never hated that thing more than I do right now…" Melinda said, her voice quiet and breaking.

Silently, the group walked into the building and sat down in a row for their Science class as instructed by their teachers. Marco looked at Melinda as she sat in front of him, seeing the tears building up in her eyes. Ignoring where they were for a moment, he pulled her gently on his lap and held her close.

"I promise I won't let anything happen to you," he said, kissing her head as she pressed her face to his neck. He could feel her shaking, so did his best to try and sooth her until a teacher came over and told them to separate.

"S-sorry…" Melinda muttered, wiping her eyes and sitting properly again.

Grace watched the scene, getting a headache from the pressure building in her dark side. She could feel her growing further, knowing that she would break free any time soon. She was feeling angry and desperate, gripping her fingers into the floor. She could feel the rubble between her fingers and wanted to throw it at the teacher…

She shook her head, pushing the thought away to the back of her mind. That wouldn't help… That would only encourage the evil inside her.

"Grace, come on."

Blinking slightly, Grace looked at Edward's outstretched hand and realised that they were on the move to the Sports Hall. Nodding slightly, she took his hand and got up; walking with him through the corridors behind the others.

Taking their seats, the group looked around at the other students suddenly aware that whatever was going to happen would happen in front of them. They looked to the teachers as they were handed their papers, listening to the instructions they were being given before setting to work on their tests.


The test was 40 minutes long.

Melinda finished her test first, sitting in silence as she picked her thumb nervously. She swallowed slightly as she saw the lights flicker slightly above her, glancing behind her for a split second to see Marco's shifting restlessly in his seat.

Soon, the papers were collected and taken to the front of the room. The teenagers had to sit in silence though, watching as they were boxed up and taken one by one from the room. At the same time, two lines were sent out of separate doors. More students were about to be released, but a teacher came into the room and said something to another before the pair left the room with the final boxes, leaving one class in the room.

30 teenagers sat and watched as the doors closed behind the teachers, wondering what was going on.

Not liking this for a second, Melinda ignored the stares of her classmates and rose from her seat. She ran over to the door the teachers had just left through, tugging and pushing it only to find that it had been locked tight. She looked round at Grace, Clare and Dona who had gone to the other doors in the room, seeing they were locked tight too.

"We're locked in," Melinda said, dismissing the mutters that echoed through the room.

"This isn't good…" Edward said, getting to his feet.

"Can't you just break them down?" Marco asked, getting up too.

"No…" Grace said, placing her hand on the door. "It's been reinforced with a barrier… This is worse than not good…"

Melinda looked around the room, balling her hands into fists after a moment. "Alright, show yourself, you bastards!" she shouted, walking away from the door and further into the room.

"Don't be such cowards!" Grace shouted.

They waited for a moment, until the lights flickered slightly and they spotted a man appear right behind Melinda. He was tall and strong looking, a square jaw framed by long black hair tied into a pony tail and a long red coat.

"MEL!" Marco shouted, barely registering the screams of the other students who fled to the back of the room. Melinda turned around when she felt the change, screaming as she was sent flying into the desks.

William stepped forwards, dark and power-mad, a smirk on his face that wrinkled his skin evilly. "Hello, everyone," he said. "I think I've had the pleasure of possessing you," he pointed to Clare, "you," he pointed to Marco, "you," he pointed to Edward, "and definitely her," he grinned evilly towards Melinda as she lent up slightly on the floor. He cackled as Marco ran over to Melinda, simply blasting him away from her.

With a click of his fingers, William observed simply as Grace tried to get to her sister only to scream and yell slightly as PC Stone appeared and grabbed her, pulling her arms behind her back and pressing against a pressure point to prevent her from using her strength against him.

"LET ME GO YOU JACKED UP PIG!" she screamed, unable to struggle through pain.

William looked at Melinda as she glared up at him, smirking wickedly. "While you're down and out, and Lover Boy's down," they both glanced to Marco who was slumped against the wall, "let's have some fun."

Blinking as he disappeared, Melinda struggled to her feet, feeling a bit of blood slipping down the back of her neck as the force of hitting the desks had cut through her skin. She looked around nervously, wondering what the ghost was planning until she turned sharply as Dona screamed.

"No!" Melinda cried, watching as Dona struggled against William's grip; the ghost dragging her along as if she weighed nothing, putting lots of force on her fair. "LEAVE HER ALONE!"

"LEAVE MY COUSIN ALONE!" Marco bellowed, finally on his feet again. He ran at William only to get blasted against the wall once more.

"She's got off easy this one," William smirked, producing a knife. He looked down at Dona as she screamed again. "You know, you're fucked right?" He spotted Melinda making her way over to Marco so sent her flying into some desks again, relishing in the screams of the teenagers cowering in the back of the room. "Not so fast, Melinda," he said, pressing the knife against Dona's skin; Grace stared, breathing deeply, as the knife broke the surface of her friend's skin and sent a light trickle of blood sliding down her neck. Slowly the cut was made a little deeper, until William simple smirked and made her fly hard into a wall away from Marco.

Dona slumped onto the floor, bleeding lightly from her neck with a great bruise and cut on her temple. She was out cold completely on the floor, Melinda was dazed nearby and Marco was hurt where he was. Edward was at the back trying to guard the others with Clare and Charlotte.

Grace had enough.

"You better let me go now, Stone," she said.

"I'm not letting you go," Stone snapped, only to yelp and fall backwards as Grace blinded him with the pure white light as she changed, her wings pushing him backwards forcefully.

"William," she said, gaining the ghost attention. She stepped towards him in her white dress, glaring. "This is between you and me; this is going to end today, one way or another."

The ghost cackled and shook his head. "No, no, no, no, no," he smirked. "You haven't quite figured it out, have you? You were just a secondary game; one that I only played because it was there. No, this whole thing has always been about Melinda."


"Think of it this way," William said. "Think of your father's culture, the way ghost stories are put across the public. Think of one involving a child, a possession, a traveller. How could I have gotten to all of those places when I died by those old woods?"

Grace looked at him confusedly until she heard Clare gasp nearby.

"It's not the house that's haunted," the girl said, looking at Melinda. "Mel is…"

"Oh my God," Edward said, looking between the twins.

"What…?" Melinda said, looking up at William.

"I DON'T GIVE A SHIT WHAT THIS HAD BEEN ABOUT ALL THIS TIME," Grace snapped, pointing her wand at the ghost. "I JUST WANT TO FUCKING END YOU!"

"Toys away, children," William sneered. "I didn't just torture the girl that day; I attached myself to her."

"Looks like we both gained a leech that day, Melinda," Grace spat.

"We're similar," William said. "But that dark side of yours is in a league of her own."

Grace's eyes flickered to black for a moment, a sadistic grin spreading across her face. "I take that as a compliment, Handsome," she said before blinking and holding her head.

"Oh, so she's very nearly free huh?" William observed. "Let's do something to free her then."

Grace watched as he disappeared, looking round as she heard Edward yell in shock and agony as he was grabbed and thrown fiercely into some desks.

"ED!" shouted Melinda, Clare and Charlotte.

"What do you expect that would accomplish?" Grace asked, looking at William with a blank expression.

"Wow, your sister had a more worried reaction," William said, appearing beside Edward once more and breaking his arm. "Don't you care?" he asked as Edward yelled out once more.

"Of course I care!" Grace snapped. "It's just getting angry would be playing into your trap… and that would cause more problems…"As she talked, she discreetly flicked her wand at Edward, numbing his body of most of the pain until William simply flung him back against a wall.

Watching, Melinda went to stand up only to get kicked round the face hard by Stone who had recovered from Grace's transformation. Flat on her back, she choked as he pressed his foot down on her chest.

"Stay down," he spat.

William laughed at the weak attempts of fighting the teenagers were presenting, even more so when Grace flicked her wand at him and sent him flying. He disappeared and popped up next to Melinda, smirking when Grace tried another spell which only made Melinda scream.

"You realise I can transfer the pain to Melinda as well as," he paused and got his knife once more, stabbing into the top of the scar on her chest after Stone shifted and dragging the blade down along it. Screaming loudly, Melinda could do nothing against them until Stone was flung away from her and William disappeared. She looked up at her sister as she knelt beside her, glancing down at the blood pouring from her fresh wound. Grace managed to heal most of the wound until she was dragged away by Stone.

She watched as Melinda screamed loudly and writhed on the floor until she went limp. Struggling in Stone's stronger hold, she watched as Melinda's eyes opened and she stood up like nothing happened, brushing herself off and smirking evilly.

"Well, now Pandora's complacent, let's open the box," she said, everyone now realising that William had possessed her.

"NO!" Grace screamed, convulsing as Melinda put her hand on her head and used her own magic, William's powers and the force of Atlantis to break through the barrier that held Grace apart from her dark side.

The other teenagers watched with wide, panic filled eyes as Stone let go of Grace and backed away. At the same time, Edward got his mobile phone from his pocket and dialled Arthur's phone number, alerting him to what was going on.

However, he was distracted by the sight of Grace's form changing; her wings shed their white feathers, turning into a bat-like dark leather, her hair grew longer and turned a deep black, her face became gaunt and her canines grew sharper, and her white dress turned black.

"What the hell is happening?!" exclaimed Marco.

"This would be who Grace sees every time she looks in the mirror," Melinda smirked.

They looked at this new form, not seeing Grace anymore but the evil being that had been living within her for nearly 10 years. She looked around at them all and smirked.

"Grace is gone," she said. "So, it's time you learnt my real name. I am not Dark Grace, I am not Grace's Dark Side. My name is Kali." She looked round at Melinda as she winced slightly, smirking slightly. "What's wrong, William? Can't squash Melinda down far enough?"

"No…" Melinda snapped, holding her head. "She's trying to drag me down with her…"

Kali laughed harshly. "Put her in a jar! That's what I do to Grace!" she said, walking towards Edward and the others. "I know Grace is going to win this… but I'm not going to make it easy for her," she said, giving them a grin that promised a lot of pain.

Whilst Kali started to lay into Edward, Melinda teleported behind Marco and knelt behind him, grabbing the hair on the top of his head and pulling it backwards.

"Ah!" the boy shouted, twisting to try and get her off of him. But Melinda leant by his ear and whispered.

"Trust me…"

Marco looked at her in the eyes, seeing the pain that showed she was trying desperately to gain complete control. He shifted slightly and held her face, felling the grip she had on his hair slacken until her arms fell to her side. Taking deep breaths, Melinda gained control again; locking William so far into her head that he wouldn't even be able to be sensed. Marco grinned and stood with her, following her instruction go care for Dona.

Melinda glared at Kali, flicking her hand and sending her flying away from Edward and straight into Stone.

"YOU FUCKING BITCH!" Kali screamed as she untangled herself from Stone. She stomped her foot to the ground and made the room plunge into darkness, smirking as she saw Melinda crystal glowing lightly through the gloom.

"YOU'RE NOT HURTING ANYONE ELSE!" Melinda shouted, looking at the demonic girl defiantly. She could see two different sights through the corners of her eyes; some teachers trying to get into the room through one door and Arthur and Alfred looking through the window of another.

"You think I want anyone else?" Kali snarled, her voice echoing around the hall. "I might as well start the ball rolling!" With that she sent Melinda flying backwards into the desks once more. "The good thing about that necklace of yours is I don't have to strain my eyes to find you!"

Melinda rolled to the side as another spell was aimed at her, blowing up the ground under Kali's feet; sending her flying into the air. Unfortunately for Melinda though, she silently beat her strong wings to float in the air; only she watched to see what Melinda would do next.

Getting to her feet, Melinda flicked her arm and sent Stone flying towards her. "YOU NEED A SOUL, GRACE!"

"AH!" screamed Kali and Stone as they crashed to the ground.

Melinda wrapped her arms around herself as she felt a sharp pain, watching as Kali screamed as she was forcefully stuffed into Stone's body and fused with his soul; the overpower causing them both to pass out but for Stone to turn into Kali's form.

Beside them stood Grace, looking a little worse for wear after she turned the lights back on but as okay as she could have been in that moment.

"Grace?" asked Edward.

"Yeah, it's me, Ed," she replied, smiling to him. She was distracted for a moment as she heard her sister cry out her name in agony. "Melinda…"

"Is she dead?" Melinda asked, still holding herself tightly.

"No," Grace said. "She's a life of her own now… A powerful psychopath that's going to need heavy locking up…"

Melinda nodded but then cried out in agony again, feeling William try to scratch his way out of her.

"What do you want me to do?" Grace asked, walking over to her.

"The spell…" Melinda said, closing her eyes from the pain for a moment before looking up at her sister. "Please, Grace… Please!"

Out in the hallway, Alfred held Arthur close to him as the pregnant Brit hid in his chest at their daughter's begging. They could hear the pain in her voice, the utter agony and it killed them inside.

"Please Grace!"

The younger twin closed her eyes for a moment before started to chant the spell, tearing up as she heard her sister scream when the spell started to shred through her. She paused for a moment, the tears streaming down her face as she muttered "I'm so sorry" before saying the final line.

Melinda screamed as she felt William die inside her but flew backwards with such force she created a small crater where she laid; her body broken and a line of blood dripping from the corner of her mouth.

Grace swayed where she stood before keeling over from the intensity of the spell, passing out.

Edward threw his phone to Charlotte and told her to call an ambulance, ignoring the panic as Arthur, Alfred and the teachers managed to get into the room finally. He made his way over to Grace and held her, smoothing hair from her sleeping face before looking over to Melinda.

Marco had ran to her straight after, carefully picking her up from the crater and cradling her in his lap next to it. He cared not for the blood coming from her head and various wounds on her body that now stained his school uniform, smoothing her cheek softly and staring at her. He heard Clare say something about checking Melinda's pulse, so gently put his fingers where it should be and blinking.

"She's still has a pulse!" he exclaimed. "It's faint… But it's there!"


After countless explanations, threats and questions everything at the school was sorted out as much as it could be. Melinda, Grace and Dona were taken to the hospital (Edward's arm being healed by Arthur in the hall and Marco's wounds only being minor bruises and cuts).

The family were sat in the waiting room waiting to her news of the twins, Dona already having been placed in a room. They looked round as the door opened and Feliciano, Ludwig and Lukas arrived.

"Where's Dona?" Feli asked, looking at them fearfully.

"She's in room 5 down the hall there," Arthur said, pointing the way. "She's okay; just a cut on her neck and a concussion… Nothing too serious…"

"Danke, Arthur," Ludwig replied, carrying Lukas in the direction Feli had ran.

Silence fell upon them once more, Alfred linking fingers with Arthur and squeezing gently.

"Mummy! Daddy!"

Looking round, they saw Antonio, Lovino, Sirena and Lily enter the room; Alfred hurrying over and taking his daughter from Lovino to hold her close.


"Sirena," said the boy, hurrying over to his baby sister and taking her from his father.

"She's been really worried about you," Antonio said, watching his children hug tightly.

"What happened, Daddy?" Lily asked as he sat down with her next to Arthur. "Did Grace hurt Mel today…?"

"Y-yes…" Arthur said, smoothing her hair softly. "But they're okay…"

"What happened?" asked Lovino, looking between them all.

Marco and Edward explained what had happened inside the Sports Hall, every last detail to the shocked families; Arthur and Alfred supplying the details of Kali's imprisonment.

They looked round when Dr Riordan walked over to them, their stomachs twisting into knots.

"Doctor?" asked Arthur.

Dr Riordan looked at them, seeming to be chewing on her words. "…The girls have mixed results…" she said. "Grace is okay, she's just resting now. We couldn't find anything wrong with her except a very bad case of fatigue."

"And Melinda?" asked Alfred.

"Ah... Melinda is an entirely different case..." she said. "We've bandaged the cut on her torso again, but we had to send her into surgery after finding internal bleeding... She had a fair few knocks on her head and some broken ribs... Unfortunately, she's gone into a comatose state, and... we've put her on life support to help her breath… but it's more than likely that she won't wake up… I'm sorry…"


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