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The Baby Problem


Juvia Loxar was in deep thought. No, that wasn't right. She was in deep shit, that's it. Deep, deep shit. Only a week before she discovered she was pregnant with the child of the man she's been in love for almost 6 years. Good, right?


Juvia was not dating the said guy. They've been having one night-stand's for some time now, more like friends with benefits, but 6 weeks ago he was drunk and she was drunk on Natsu and Lucy's marriage. She was one of the bride's maid and he was the best man, so they entered the church together. Then the booze was out and man, did they drink. They ended up having sex without protection and protection was something they both didn't take lightly. At the time, neither thought would be a big deal.

Yeah, that was a big mistake.

Now she was pregnant and had no desire to end the pregnancy. Unconsciously she put a hand on her belly. Juvia was not killing her baby because she was careless. That tiny person, with no evil inside him or her had the right to live and she was not taking it from her baby. The problem was the baby's father, Gray Fullbuster.

For God's sake, they weren't even dating! How could she say to him that she was pregnant? She loved him since the first day they met, literally. She was afraid he would accuse her of getting pregnant on purpose, or say he had nothing to do with it; she needed to take care of protection as well. Or worse, maybe he would ask her to marry him. That would be a nightmare.

Gajeel was looking at her with suspicion. She, the Dragon Slayer and the Exceed Panther Lily were currently going on a mission. A difficult one, but not an S-class. She was so paranoid that she thought he knew what she was hiding something.

"So…" He said still looking at her. "Juvia."

"Yes, Gajeel-kun?" Juvia said trying to sound as normal as she could.

"You are odd today." He responded supporting his head on his right hand and smiling evilly to her. "Why's that?"

Ok, so he actually knew she was hiding soemthing. Maybe if she make herself sound convincent she could change the topics.

"No idea." She answered sustaining his gaze. "Maybe it's your imagination."

"Really?" Gajeel raised an eyebrow. "Because Lily noticed too."

Juvia looked at the black cat who was too eying her.

"It's true, Juvia-san. You seem… different." Lily nodded at her.

"And your smell… You smell different as well. Right, Lily?" He looked at his cat.

"Yes." Lily nodded again.

"That's because Juvia changed shampoos." Juvia said looking outside the train window.

"It's not that. Every person has a scent that cannot change easily. And yours are way too different. Something's going on and you are not telling me." Gajeel concluded calmly but she could feel he was mad. "And what's annoying me is that I can't put my finger on."

Juvia and Gajeel were best friends. She saw him as a big brother, the one she never had. Sure, everyone on the guild was friends with each other even when they were enemies, but Gajeel and Juvia had a deeper bond than that. Some things she couldn't say to no one else other than him. She passes through things that only he could understand. He talked to her about things as well. Like the time he needed to be the spy on Master's Ivan Guild. When he found out Gajeel was a spy, he really got mad and tortured him. The guild barely got there on time to find the Dragon Slayer alive. The things, the awful things, he passed through, he told her. He couldn't talk with Levy about it, because she would just get worried about him; Natsu would get angry and try to break into the Council Prison's to beat the crap out of Ivan; and the Master would punish himself for the cruel things his son did.

So he told her.

Juvia was terrified to listen to the things that… monster did to her friend, but she listened. She swallowed the desire to cry and hold him tight while he told her. Gajeel was stronger than she would ever be. When he was done, he finally looked at her expecting to see the crying face of the water mage, and actually was surprised to see her face normal.

"So…? What you gonna say about it?" Gajeel asked Juvia.

"Well…" She got up from the chair beside the Dragon Slayer's bed. "Thanks for telling me."

"Nothing else?" He asked. She took his hands on hers.

"Nothing else." She smiled at him squeezing his hand tightly. He sighed relieved.

"Say nothing to those stupids, right?"

"And make them worry about an idiot like you? Never." She passed a hand on his hair and kissed his forehead. "Whenever you need, I'll be there for you. Juvia will not let you pass though anything like that again without her."

"As if I need to worry myself with a stupid like you." He looked away rolling his eyes.

She got out of his hospital room,and sighed. She knew she couldn't show any emotions at the moment. Gajeel would never forgive himself if she cried because of him being hurt. No, he would beat himself even more. And Juviaunderstoodwhat he thought of all the things that happened. The same thing as her: they thought that the sacrifice they did for the guild would make them worthy being with them. Neither Juvia or Gajeel were actually bad per say, but they did make bad choices and decisions. And those bad choices still hunted them, even though their new nakamas apparently forgot all of it,theycouldn't. The Water Mage and the Dragon Slayer had each other on their pain. That's why Gajeel could tell her what happened and that's why Juvia could tell him why she made herfself incapable of fighting when Luxus attacked the Guild and made them fight each other. Maybe after receiving too much punishment, they could be truly forgiven by themselves.

Since all the Fairy Tail's mage were very loud, they couldn't stay around the rooms, so they were all the guild members were there, but on the hall of the hospital-. Waiting, because they knew Gajeel suffered while was with Ivan but he wouldn't talk with no one and everyone thought he would with Juvia. Levy was the first one to ask her.

"So… Is he okay?" Juvia thought for a few seconds before answer.

"Yes. He is now." She smiled at the Solid Script's mage. "We talked."

"And…?" Lucy asked worried.

"He is fine." Everyone looked relieved. "Just don't ask him what happen there." Every eye on the room was in her.

"Why?" Droy asked. After everything, he and Jet were fine with Gajeel. Not enough to like him around Levy, but enough to get worried about his life.

"Would you like to be asked every five minutes what happened when you were captive by the enemy, Droy-san?" Juvia asked and everyone understood what she said. Whatever happened, asking would only make the memories worse.

"Got it." Droy nodded. "Well, if he's alright, I guess we should go home."

"I'll stay." Levy said and when everyone was leaving, she grabbed Juvia and spoke to her quietly. "Juvia-chan." Her voice and the look on her eyes asked everything.

"Juvia promises he'll be fine, Levy-chan." She smiled.

"Thanks for be there for him, Juvia-chan." Levy said hugging her. "I'm gonna…" She glanced over the door Juvia came from few minutes before.

"Please, go." Juvia smiled.

Everyone was gone by then. She waited all of them go before leave. She didn't need anyone concerned with her. They were already too worried about Gajeel. Going home, Juvia fought all the tears. She could not risk Gajeel to hear or smell her tears. She would just cry on her room.

Right in front of Fairy Hills was Gray Fullbuster, sitting. When she approached him, he just looked at her.

"You're far enough." He said that. Just that and all of the things the Dragon Slayer told her came flooding her mind.

So Juvia cried for her friend. Juvia cried because Gajeel almost died, because he was beaten, electrified, cut, drowned. Juvia cried for everything her friend passed through. And finally she cried because he was alive. Gray held her until she finished crying.

The bond behind Juvia and Gajeel's friendship was really strong, so made sense he would be mad for her not telling whatever was bugging her.

It wasn't like she didn't want to talk to him about being pregnant. It was because if she actually tells someone, it'll be real and at the moment, she was too confused. Once they finish the mission, she would buy another pregnancy test and confirm it for the fifth time what she already knew andthen she could talk to him.

So, to make his and her minds ease, she responded: "Yes. There's something Juvia's not telling you, Gajeel-kun." She sighed. "But right now we are going to a mission. If I tell you, you are going to be concerned and we don't need this, ok?"

Gajeel and Lily were looking at her with attention.

"With this talk I'm even more curious." The train was stopping on the city they were supposed to go.

"Juvia promises when we finish this she'll tell you, okay?" She patted his hand and got up. "Now let's destroy a Dark Guild, shall we?"

Juvia woke up and had no idea where she was. What the hell happened?

"So, you are awake, huh?" Lily's voice came from her left side, so she looked at him. He was sitting on a chair and Gajeel was looking outside of a window.

"What happened?" She asked.

"You passed out during the fight." Lily responded now in his tiny feet and looking deadly serious.

"What? I did not." Juvia frowned. She wasn't one to pass out during a fight.

"Really? So what happened?" Lily raised one of his eyebrows and Gajeel was still on the same position.

"I…" She thought. What did happen? She remembered crashing onto the Dark Guild building. She remembered using a few of her magic and then…

"Water Slice!" Nothing happened. Juvia's eyes grew huge. What happened? Was she out of magical power? Impossible! She was a former Elemental Four and an S-Class Mage! Her magical power was greater than that!

The problem was not that she was momentarily powerless: the problem was that she was momentarily powerless in themiddleof a fight! Her opponent was the second stronger on the Dark Guild, so no small fry. She could've died if Lily didn't have jumped in front of her.

"What's wrong, Juvia?" He yelled as he punched her; no, his adversary on the face.

"I…" Juvia's world was moving around her. "I'm f…" She was going to say she was fine when the blackness came and take her senses.

From distance, she heard Lily calling for Gajeel then everything was blank.

"I passed out." She murmured to herself.

"Yes, you did." Lily nodded.

"Did you finish the job?" She asked with her cool voice.

"Really? That's what you want to ask?" Gajeel spoke without turn to look at her.

No, it wasn't. She wanted to ask if her baby was fine. What if something happened to him or her because she passed out? By the tone of her friend, he knew what was bugging her.

"Is… everything all right?" She asked quietly.

"You're both fine." Lily said when Gajeel didn't respond.

Juvia let a small sigh of relief pass through her lips. What would have she done if she lost her baby because she was careless? Only the thought of losing the baby hurt like there was a knife in her heart. Was that what mothers feel for their children? So much love that suffocates? And she was only a few weeks pregnant. That means would it grow even more?

"Juvia…" Lily said gaining her attention again. "We finished the job and the doctor said you were fine to travel as long you didn't use magic. He also said you should see your own doctor back in Magnolia."

"Thanks, Lily." Juvia said, and realized her hands were on her belly protectively probably since the moment she woke up.

"So, let's go." Gajeel was at the door by the end of the phrase. "I want to sleep on my bed tonight."

Lily looked at Juvia and changed to his bigger form.

"C'mon, Juvia-san." He smiled at her while helped her get up. "If we do not go after him, he'll eat the train."

Juvia chuckled, because it was so true.


The ride back to Magnolia was silent. Gajeel didn't even look at Juvia's direction the whole two hour trip. He just stared out of the window. She knew he was mad at her and expected him to yell at her. That she could take, that she would know how to react. But what she could say or do when she had no idea what the Dragon Slayer was thinking?

Lily was also lost in thought. Juvia liked the Exceed. He was very smart and took care of Gajeel when she couldn't and she also considers him a close friend as well. Whenever she was with the two of them in a mission, she would feel happy talking to the cat, but that day he was so silent.

She should've said something before, right? She should've said 'no' to missions as soon as she found out she was expecting but when she realized that there were a possibility, she was on a mission and it didn't affect her performance at it. Nor the next two other missions she took. So, why that one?

The moment the train stopped on Magnolia's Station, Gajeel got up and was gone before she could say anything.

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