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Chapter 1

Maka linked her arm through mine and smiled.

"What're you doing tonight, Soul?"

I shrugged. All I had planned for later was...huh. Nothing. As per usual. Not cool.

"Nothin' much, why?"

"I was wondering, Patty invited me to a sleepover later tonight and she said I could bring you along if you wanted to come."

I made a face. A sleepover? Really?

"I dunno, Maka, it's not really my scene..."

She gave me the puppy-dog look.

"Pweaseeee, Soul! Come onnn, you never do anything anymore!"

I cocked my head to one side. I didn't really fancy staying in the apartment by myself all night, but I didn't want to spend it in the company of a bunch of girls, either.

I looked back at Maka, she was still looking at me with big eyes.

I groaned.

"Finee. I'll go. Just don't expect me to paint my nails or anything like that, okay?"

She grinned.

"Pinky promise!" she said, holding out that finger. I linked my own around hers.


We unlinked fingers, and walked into our rooms. I really didn't want to go, but I hadn't hung out with Patty in a while.

Or Kid, for that matter...

I shook my head, determined not to think about him. His porcelain skin, his inky black hair with the three white lines that he so desperately hated...


Okay. I admit it. I had fallen for Kid. Hard.

Only Liz knew. And that wasn't on purpose. I sighed, and remembered the day I told her that I had feelings for her meister.

The DWMA had just closed for the summer holidays, and Soul, Liz, Kid and Maka had been chilling out at Kid's mansion. They prefered to spend their time indoors during the hot weather. Kid, because he didn't want to run the risk of getting an assymetrical tan, Liz and Maka because they had suffered severe sunburn whilst on the beach with Tsubaki, and Soul because, well, how could he stay cool if he was out in the hot sun? Maka, Soul and Kid were all sat around in the kitchen, waiting for Liz to finish fixing them some lunch. They were all bored as hell until Liz opened up the fridge and began to squeal.

Everyone looked up.

"What's wrong?" asked Maka.

Liz turned around, grinning menacingly. She pointed a finger at a worried-looking Kid.


Soul jumped up and looked inside the fridge. She was right. How had they not noticed before? Just about every shelf had some kind of foreign wine on it, and the higher they got the stronger the alcohol got. Rum, whiskey, vodka...

Liz and Soul licked their lips thirstily. They grabbed about five bottles each, and carried it to the table where Kid and Maka were sitting, watching them with nervous expressions on their faces.

"I dunno if we should be drinking that, guys..." Maka muttered.

"Yes, I believe my father bought that for a party." Kid growled.

Liz rolled her eyes.

"We'll replace it tomorrow! Come on, we're on a break! Let's have some fun! WOOOOO!"

She cracked open a bottle of vodka and began to down it madly. When she finally released the bottle from her lips, half the liquid was gone. She staggered about drunkenly. Soul grinned, and raised the bottle to his own lips, and drunk thirstilly. Pretty soon all the vodka was gone.

"Whoopshy, looksh like we drank it all, haha~" Liz giggled, before hiccuping loudly. Kid pinched the bridge of his nose.

"Soul, Liz. Kindly escort yourselves to the bathroom BEFORE you vomit on the carpet. I shall personally kill you with your own sister if you ruin the symmetry of my home."

Soul cackled like a maniac.

"Yoooou wouldn't be able toooo cos if you only uuuuuused Pattyy you wouldn't be sy-sy-mmmmetrical!"

Maka groaned.

"Seriosuly, Soul. Just go upstairs before you puke."

Soul slung his arm around Liz's shoulders.

"Hey babyy, you wanna see his baffroooom? It's all 'mettricallyfied!"

She laughed in return, and wrapped her arm around his waist.

"Sure, bitch, But I ain't givin' yoou any toilet action, heh heh~"

They staggered up the stairs, their vision becoming increasingly blurred. Heads pounding, they finally managed to locate the bathroom. Soul flung the door open and ran over to the toilet. He lifted the lid and stuck his head in. Any food he had eaten earlier immediately left his stomach and splattered all over the inside of the previously shiny white bowl. He could hear Liz doing exactly the same thing into the sink.

After a few minutes, they both raised their heads, groaning all the while.

"Man...we were so wasted..."

They stayed like that, both hunched over, in that hazy state somewhere between still drunk and hungover. Liz eventually decided it was safe enough to move away from the sink, and crawled over to Soul.

"They're never going to let us live this down, are they?"

Soul shook his head.


The gun groaned. "Kid is gonna kill meee..."

"No he won't."

"He will."


"What makes you so sure?"

"Cos if he kills you, he wouldn't have symmetrical weapons anymore, would he?"

Liz grinned.

"True, true. Ugh. His OCD really pushes my buttons sometimes, ya know?"

"I think it's cute." Soul said before he could stop himself.

He quickly covered his mouth with his hands.

Liz looked at the scythe questioningly.

"Um, what?"

"I-I-I, um, ah..."

She rested her head on her hands.

"Aww. You like him."

"Of course I do. H-he's my friend."

"You LIKE him like him!"

"Do not!"

"Give it up, Soul. You totally do."

Soul sighed.

"Fine. I admit it. I'm totally gay for Kid."

Liz squealed happily.

"SHHHH! Keep your voice down! I don't want him and Maka to know!"

She smiled, pressing her lips together to keep it from becoming a cheshire cat-like grin.

"How long have you liked him for?"

"About...4 months."

"Ahh...half his favourite number."

Soul nodded.

"You can't tell him, though. You can't tell anybody. Swear on your life."

Liz placed her hand over her heart, her face looking suddenly serious.

"I absolutely promise, 100%."


Soul stood up, still a little wobbly, but steady enough to walk out the door. As he was halfway down the corridor, he heard a THUMP and a small grunt from behind him. He turned around to see Liz on the floor, having obviously just fallen over. He doubled back to help her up. Grabbing her by the elbow, he hoisted her up, and when she was back on her feet, she stooped down and whispered in his ear;

"Do you like him...or love him?"

"Love." I muttered. "With all my heart."