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Chapter 15

Drip, drip, drip.

I could actually feel the blood drain from my face as his left his body. It was like something from a nightmare-his thin frame dangling in the air, only held up by the blade sticking into his stomach.

Bright red blood trickled out of his mouth, and his eyes rolled back into his head.

His grip on my pole loosened, and I fell to the floor with a clang.

Spirit cackled evilly, not even attempting to dislodge my lover. Instead, he grabbed Kid's face by his chin and held it so he was looking him full on.

"And now, you'll see what happens when you don't listen to adults."

He quickly switched his arm back to normal, before letting Kid's motionless body drop to the ground.

I transformed back to normal, and covered him with my own body, as I had with Maka after our first fight with Stein.

"Don't. You. Fucking. Touch him."

Spirit grinned.

"That's what I always liked about you, Soul. Your loyalty never ceases to amaze me."

Both his arms became scythe blades.

"Too bad it'll be the death of you."

He raised his arms to deliver a final blow.

I clutched my lover to my chest.

"Goodbye, Kid, we'll be together soon enough."

His eyes filled with a blue light, and Spirit's became as wide as dinner plates.


The shinigami was hoisted into the air by an invisible force, and suspended there. I could still see the large gash on his pale chest, and all the blood that stained his white dress shirt.

I was kinda scared, I had no idea what was going on.

It had to be something important if Spirit was afraid.

Then, it happened.

The first sanzu line connected.

A burst of blue light wrapped itself around myself and my lover, protecting us from all the former Death Scythe's attacks that he was now bombarding us with.

"Kid! W-what's going on?"

He said nothing, instead holding out his hand, an indicator for me to transform. I obliged, and landed in his iron grip, almost being overwhelmed by how much power I could feel radiating through his body.

The second line connected.

Spirit made a mad dash to return to the safety of the cave, but instead tripped and fell, blood now gushing from his forehead.

He could only watch as Kid connected the final line.

His head was thrown back by the surge of power, but he still landed feet first on the ground. He faced Spirit with a look so cold it even scared me.

"For everything you did to me. For what you were going to do to him. In the name of my father, you must be defeated."

Kid ran forward, brandishing me as he did so. I heard a faint noise-it sounded like helicopters-in the background. I ignored it. All that mattered now was destroying Spirit.

The red-head was staring at us wide-eyed, knowing that this was it.

My shinigami lunged.

In less than a second, Spirit Albarn was no more.

In his place floated a kishin egg, darker and more sinister looking than the rest.

I reverted back to my human self, and collected all the other six that were still waiting for me to consume them.

I slurped each one down noisily, but I refused to put Spirit's anywhere near my mouth. I didn't want that evil inside me.

Instead, I shoved it into my back pocket, and turned to face my boyfriend, expecting him to be facing me, a wide smile on his face.

Far from it.

He was crumpled on the floor, a look of agony on his face.

I ran over to him, and cradled him gently. I put my nose in his hair, breathing in his glorious scent. It was overlapped by the bitter smell of blood.

"Soul! Kid!" a familiar voice called from far away. I turned around, and there, running towards us, was none other than Professor Stein.


"What's wrong?"

"It's Kid…Spirit stabbed him…"

The older man sighed, and turned the screw on his head.

"I had a feeling he'd strayed onto the path of a kishin."


"After his final attack on Kid, about two months ago, he left Death City. He had intended to stay with Maka and yourself, but she suddenly declined. He was angry, you see, and felt that everyone was against him. That's about the same time when his soul became corrupted. He had been informed about a band of kishins who worked alongside a witch, and sought them out."

I sat, holding Kid, with my mouth wide open. I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

"So you're telling me, that in less than two months, he managed to turn his soul into a kishin egg?"

Stein nodded gravely.

"I'd hate to think of all the souls it took to do that…"

"It's not a pretty number."

I looked away, my mind racing. Did Maka know about this? Obviously not, otherwise she would have said something. Or would she? I don't know. I'm not sure what to believe anymore.

"He's going to end up with a scar…" the Professor's voice said in an almost sing-song voice. I looked down at Kid. His expression had relaxed. He looked like he was sleeping.

"I-I think he's dead…" I whispered as tears rolled down my face.

"He's not."

I looked up.


"His wavelength. I can still feel it. It's faint, but if we hurry now, we might be able to save him."

I nodded, and handed the shinigami over to Stein.

"Just don't dissect him, okay?"

He grinned.

"Scout's honour. Oh, and you may want to check the cave. I detect a witch's soul, but no witch. Seems like the wavelength the connection of the sanzu lines created destroyed her body."

I stood up and watched them as he walked away, my lover in his arms, bridal style.

As I turned to enter the cave, which a bunch of DWMA troops were examining, a thought occurred to me.


He turned around.

"Make sure to keep his scar as symmetrical as you can.."

And with that, I turned around, and went to collect the final soul that would make me my boyfriend's first Death Scythe.


I grinned, and grasped his pale hand.

"Yeah, it's me."

Kid smiled. He had just woken up after being asleep for eight hours. His scar was covered up with thick gauze, but Stein had assured my that he'd measured it and made sure that it was perfectly even.

"Where..where am I? Where's Spirit?"

I could see fear in his eyes as he shot up into a sitting position. I gently rubbed his shoulder and pushed him back against the soft bed.

"It's okay…you're in the ward in the DWMA…and you defeated Spirit, remember?"

He rubbed his head.

"I-I don't remember a thing…I got stabbed, I know that…I defeated him?"

"Yeah. The lines in your hair all connected or something, and you got really powerful. One swing of me and he was gone."

The shinigami ran his fingers through his hair, trembling slightly.

"I connected the sanzu lines again?"

"If that's what you call 'em, yeah."

He smiled serenely.

"That's not all, Kid."

He raised an eyebrow.

"There's more?"

"Yup. Guess who also became a Death Scythe? Wait-no-correction: your first Death Scythe?"

Kid gasped, and sat up again. I made no attempt to push him back down. Instead, I flung my arms around him as he kissed my neck, my cheek-basically any available surface of skin he could find.

"Finally, we can be happy, just the two of us, no more interruptions, no more haters, no more kishins…we can just be a couple."

Acknowledging the truth, I pulled him closer and held him tighter, never wanting to let him go, or for this moment to end.

And I made a vow to myself right there and then, that I would always protect him, even more so than the usual weapon does for their meister.

I held him in my arms.

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