Yay! Since I cannot access the next part of STFU I decided to write this... It's the classic switching bodies tale. But this time I'm switching Rae and BB.(Did I just give it away?)

Rae: What? I'm switching bodies with this idiot?

Me: Maybe :)

Rae: WTH!

BB: What's wrong with me?

Rae: *facepalm* why don't we go with what isn't wrong with you?

Me: Rae! You just made a funny insult XD

Rae: DON'T CALL ME RAE! *chases after author*

BB: Well anyways here goes!

Chapter 1: What The Heck?

It was another normal day at Titans Tower, well sort of, except for... "What the heck did you do to me?" Beastboy said in a dangerous tone. "I'm so sorry Raven, I have no idea what happened, someone must have been messing with my computers again." said one Cybernetic teen, him and Beastboy glaring at a dark empath. "Umm... Sorry?" she said sheepishly and something exploded. Beastboy frowned and said,"Beastboy, you should know by now that you and computers DO NOT WORK!", Raven looked down,"Oopsies." To any onlooker this would be strange because the green changling would not be laughing or saying "Dude!" while the gothic teen would not be frowning, reading, or meditating. There is a reason for this. Beastboy was messing in Cyborgs room again trying to play Mega Monkeys 7 and kind of damaged the computer. Before he could do anything Cyborg had taken Raven into his room to show her his new car designs. He pressed a few keys on the computer and lightning shot out hitting all the occupants (except Cyborg who had updated after the last time Beastboy tried to play in his room). Beastboy fell out of his hiding spot and in a monotone said,"Owww." Raven screamed," Eeek!" and all the lights in the room exploded. This is why they were in the hallway. During that whole ordeal, Raven and Beastboy switched bodies, and neither knew how to get theirs back.

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