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Switched Chapter 2

Raven POV:

I look around me and notice how different everything seems. I can hear Starfire talking to Silkie about Robin and Robin is arguing with Speedy about who's hair looks better. Personally, I think Aqualad's hair looks the best. I can smell Beast Boy's room and I start to gag silently. Ugh. Then I see something odd with my raptor-like vision. Is that a camera? I knew Cyborg was the one posting awkward videos on Youtube! At least I still have my mind. I wouldn't be able to stand being an idiot too.

"What are we going to do about your current, um, situation?" Cyborg finally asked.

"We will not tell anyone, it could be used as a weakness. Cyborg, I need you to see what you can do to reverse the effects." I heard another crash, "Beast Boy, we need to learn how to use each others powers so that you don't cause a major power outage with your wild emotions."

"Raven! You just broke a vase!"

"Um, sorry?" he yelled sheepishly smiling an odd smile.

"And don't ever do that again in my body, it looks weird." I growled.

"He he. Oops."

"Ugh, meet me on the roof in 5 minutes.

On The Roof:

"Beast Boy, you're an hour late!"

"Shh! It doesn't help if people see Beast Boy calling to himself. It just makes him look crazy."

"-er, you mean crazier."

"Chicks dig the green guy!"

"Shut up! Someone might be listening!"

"Fine." he frowned crossing his-my- arms.

"Okay. My powers are controlled by my emotions. The more I feel, the more power escapes me. That is why that vase broke earlier. You must lower the amount of emotion you show or you could blow up the entire city."


"Not cool. I will not let you destroy stuff in my body."

"Killjoy." he mumbled under his breath.

I ignored him and moved my hand out from behind my back. Hidden from view was a mirror, the same mirror that Beast Boy and Cyborg used to go into my mind years ago.

"In order to keep from doing that you need meditation."

"But I'm not sick! I don't need any meds. Besides I'm only switched not sick."

"Meditation, not medication, idiot." I growled.

"Hey, isn't that your mind-mirror-thingie?"

"It's a meditation mirror."

"Yeah, yeah." he said waving his hand passively. "So what's the mind-mirror-thingie for?"

"The meditation mirror is for meditating."

He just looked at me.

"What?" I glared.

"How do I meditate?"

"You use the mirror to go inside of my mind. I cannot contact my emotions so they are probably with you. Talk to knowledge when you get there and she will help you out."

"Which one is knowledge?"

"The one with the glasses."


"I'm going to go and get me some tea and a book to read. You should be in there for a few hours."

"Wait. Hours?"

"Yes Beast Boy. I always meditate for hours. every. single. day."

"Um Rae?"


"I need to pee first."

Right then and there I nearly died. I had completely overlooked that one small detail. I was NOT going to have myself violated by Beast Boy of all people. No way in hell. I groaned and muttered some obscenities that I hoped Melvin, Timmy, and Teether would never, ever hear. It was going to be a very long day.

"Azar, kill me now. I am begging you."

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