A spiritshipper's song book

Chapter 1:

Firework-Katy Perry

Conor: Well this one-shot was actually a compotition between Aurablood, TheNerdyotaku and myself. We couldn't decide who was the better writer so we all wrote a one-shot about Judai and Johan's first kiss with eachother. Turns out it was a draw between well all of us. So after editing the one-shot I realised I could make this into a series of one-shots... Soo introducing "A spiritshipper's song book".

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What is love? Love is that one feeling that controls all your thoughts and actions. Love penetrates your soul and infects it with such powerful emotion, that it's hard to ignore. Dyeing for love is an option anyone would take. I personally have never felt the feeling of love. I never had a family since they were always away on business trips for work. But I do have my own suspicions on what love feels like. That's right, I maybe slowly falling in love with my best friend Johan Anderson.

"Okay you're turn Judai." Laughing Asuka stood up and walked behind Judai, blindfolding him so he couldn't see the next victim of Asuka's game. Spin the bottle with this new twist is defiantly… exciting.

"Right Judai the bottle is in front of you. Spin it and receive your gift." Doing as the blonde haired teen asked Judai grabbed hold of the bottle, spinning it harder than necessary.

"Has the bottle stopped yet?" Judai asked with his fingers crossed.

"Yes it is. Oh lucky you Judai. Get ready because this one is gunna rock. Your. World."

Judai then felt a pair of rough lips meet his. They massaged his and the owner of them placed there hands on Judai waist. Then Judai felt something wet poke his Judai the kiss felt wrong, it was not the person Judai wanted to kiss. It was not Johan.

"Humph" Judai placed his hands on the persons chest and pushed them off, ripping off the blindfold shortly afterwards. Looking up the brunette saw who had kissed him.

"Oh my god. I kissed Kenzan!" The rest of the gang started to burst out with laughter. Except from Johan, who just sat with his arms folded and a forced smile. Standing up Asuka clapped her hands rubbed them together.

"Well let's go outside everyone. It's almost new years!" Everyone stood up and cheered, except for Johan who stayed sat down.

"Why bother starting a new year if I'm not with the person I want to start it with?" Johan mumbled while hanging his head low.

"What was that Johan?" Looking up the blue haired boy saw Judai with a quetioning look upon his face.

"Oh nothing. I was just talking to myelf." Smiling Johan stood up and blushed.

"Well arn't you coming outside to celebrate? It' new years after all!" Smiling Judai threw his arms up onto the air while pulling Johan outside. Looking up Johan sighed as he gazed on the dark sky that was watching over the world, waiting to turn into an aura of lights as the world lit up to celebrate a new year.

"Only a minute left guys! Get ready!" Asuka screamed as she checked her phone. Smiling Judai looked up towards the huge blimp in the sky with the new years countdown on.

"Judai I don't know how to tell you this." The brown haired king of darkness turned to face his best friend, who was staring back into Judai's dreamy dark chocolate orbs.

"What do you mean Johan?" Judai asked tilting his head to the side.

"This new year thing I just hate the thought of starting all over again."

"What it's a wonderful thing. Starting a new year means lots and lots of new challenges we can over come and we can have more fun... So I don't undertand why you of all people would hate something like this." Johan smiled and placed his hand on Judai's cheek.

"When ever I see you my heart stops and my chest becomes all warm. My head feel light and my eyes seem to travel with you. The thought of starting a new year and not being with you kind of breaks my heart. I'm not sure I would want to start a new year unless it's with you." Judai cheeks burned with redness as his cheeks became flushed. In the background the 10 second countdown to new years started.

"Johan I…" Johan placed his finger on Judai lips.


"Before new years starts I want to do one thing."


"I want you in my arms. And I don't want to ever let go of you."


"I just hope afterwards, you will feel the same way."


"I hope you will love me back, because Judai. I love you."


All of a sudden the countdown, the screams of joy, the world, became a distant blur of noise and sight. All Judai could see was Johan leaning in and pressing his lips against his own. Those soft smooth lips massaged against Judai's. Nothing could compare to this lust, this instant need for Johan that Judai was feeling. Licking Judai's bottom lip Johan pleaded for entrance, which Judai gave without a second thought. Johan's tongue searched for its counterpart. Both teens participated in making the kiss as deep and passionate as they could. They both wanted something that no one besides them could have. They both wanted no needed each other. Air becoming short both teens pulled away and gazed into each others eyes. Chocolate brown and emerald green locked with each other. Looking up both boys saw the sky being polluted with a colourful array of fireworks.

"Well Judai? How did it feel?" Judai touched his lips and closed his eyes.

"Like fireworks." Judai smiled and leapt into Johan's arms. Wanting him to never let go. Judai Yuki had felt all the different types of love. But the only love he needed or wanted was the love for Johan Anderson. The boy he couldn't live without.

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