A Spiritshipper's song book

Chapter 3:

Apologize-One Republic

Conor: Hey guys. Uploading the third song WhOOP! Well this one is dark spiritshipping and I really tried my best soo don't laugh :L

Corey: You mean WE tried our best...

Conor: if in we you mean me. I did do the writing and the proof reading. What did you do?

Corey: I listened to the song over and over again repetidly to get an idea from it. But when I got the idea you had already wrote this.

Conor: Tough lil' shittingtons. ( Does anyone even know what this means? Cus I surely don't :L) Anyways enjoy

Haou and Jehu were the perfect couple. They balanced each other out like positive and negative; as they always say 'opposites attract'. Most people walk by and think nothing of them because they are just walking side by side. However when there friends saw them, they could see the pure love and the spark they both shared.

Jehu was driving back to his house in the pouring rain. His parents got him a brand new car for his birthday. It was both cool and expensive. Not wanting to ruin any of the mechanics of the car Jehu sped down the road. Approaching his house the dark blue haired boy noticed someone sat on his door step. It was hard to make out who it was due to the rain beating down so hard. Stepping out of his car Jehu put his hood up and walked up to the mysterious figure that was sat on his doorstep. Approaching the person Jehu realised it was one of his friends.

"Asuka? Why are you sat here in the rain?"

Hearing her friend's voice Asuka looked up to see Jehu. Her eyes were blood red and puffed up. Her wet her clung to her skin like strands of wire. Her face was covered in a mix of liquids, both teardrops and raindrops.

"I j-just need to t-talk to someone."

Asuka managed to stutter out. Helping her to her feet Jehu wrapped his jacket around Asuka to help keep her warm. The amber eyed teen opened his front door and lead Asuka into the living room. Two black sofas and a TV was the first thing that the blonde haired girl saw. She then noticed the clean white carpet that matched perfectly with the sofas as well as the dark purple walls.

"You like it? Me and Haou decorated it. It seems to match both our personalities."

Jehu smiled at the dripping wet girl. Slowly helping her sit down on one of the sofas Jehu wrapped a blanket, which he found in the hallway, around Asuka's body to keep her warm.

"So are you going to tell me why you were sat on my door step in tears while it's pouring outside?"

Jehu held Asuka's hand reassuring her that he was on her side. Forcing a smile Asuka decided to tell Jehu what was wrong. That is the reason she came here in the first place.

"It's Rei, she's…"
"Oh what's she done this time? I could bloody kill that girl."

Jehu said while folding his arms.

"She didn't do anything wrong."

Asuka replied assuring Jehu it wasn't Reis fault.

"So what is wrong then?"

Jehu wondered while thinking all of the possible reasons.

"You know Rei has a boyfriend right? Well I'm kind of jealous. I hate the way Jim treats her. It's like she doesn't even care that he is using her. I would be a million times better and I wouldn't take her for granted. I would love and care for her like a real lover should."

Asuka said this while managing to keep back the tears. She was always used to hiding her emotions and usually focused on studying for her teaching job she was going to take after college. But this, it must have her deep. This must be torturing her.

"So hold up? You're a lesbian?"

Jehu asked slightly confused.

"Yeah I am. Do you have a problem with me being a lesbian?"

Jehu laughed slightly and put his arm around Asuka.

"If I did I would be pretty screwed up don't you think? It would be kind of hypocritical of me to discriminate against lesbians when I myself am gay."

Cheering up a little bit Asuka managed to force a small smile onto her tortured depressed face.

"Look Asuka you just have to make sure she realises that you are better for her than Jim will ever be. If all else fails, you know what to do."

Jehu said while winking at Asuka.

"A night of neglect?"

Asuka asked smirking back.

"We will sit down here and watch chick flicks all night long."

Unable not to laugh Asuka dived on Jehu tackling him with a hug. Rubbing her chin against Jehu's shoulder Asuka held onto Jehu tighter as he put his arms around her.

"Thanks Jehu."

Lifting her head up Asuka smiled as she gazed into her best friends amber eyes.

"Well this is, surprising."

Jehu and Asuka turned to see a dark brown haired boy. His pale skin looked dead in the sun light and his fiery gold eyes held no emotion at this moment in time.

"Hey Haou I just came over to talk to Jehu about…"


Haou said coldly while staring into Jehu's eyes. Shocked the dark blue haired boy stood up and made a few steps towards Haou, who just took a few backwards.

"What do you mean, I was just…?"

"You were just what Jehu? You know what I'm not even that bothered. Just get out and don't talk to me. I'm tired so I'm going to bed. I want you out my house within the next 10 minutes."

Haou stared at both of the friends emotionlessly before turning and walking upstairs.

"You better go Asuka. I hope everything works out with you and Rei."

Nodding Asuka stood up and made her way out of the house. She couldn't help but feel guilty that both boys were now in this situation.

"Why are you still here?"

Jehu turned to see his boyfriend stood at the doorway.

"Look Haou it's not what you think."

Haou just rolled his eyes and walked past Jehu to go into the kitchen. Grabbing a piece of cake from the fridge Haou sat down on the table in the centre of the room and started to eat.

"I honestly don't care about what you have to say. But what I do care about is that a cheating scum like you is still in my house."

Jehu frowned at Haou's remarks. He never cheated on Haou and never would.

"Well I don't have it that good either Haou. I have to listen to the stupid sentences that come out your mouth. Which by the way are both depressing and hurtful. Maybe you should try and lighten up abit."
Dropping his fork on the table Haou looked up at Jehu with pure hatred in his eyes.

"I told you why I'm like this. But yet you seem to use that as an excuse to try and make me forgive you, not going to happen. I suggest you get out before I throw you out."

"Haou I'm sorry. I…"

Jehu tried to explain but he was interrupted before he had the chance.

"It's too late Jehu. No apologizing and no explanations. I honestly don't care whether you did or didn't cheat on me. To be honest I was starting to believe you but you just threw it all away. Using THAT against me was a mistake Jehu. You know what happened and you still used it as a way out. Well guess what you just dug a hell of a lot deeper. So get out of my house NOW!"

Haou screamed the last part into Jehu's face. Ever since the night that everything changed for Haou he had never been the one to show much emotion. But he put all of that emotion he had bottled up and used it to throw away the only thing that mattered.

Not able to face his beloved Haou's angered face and pained eyes Jehu walked out the house with tears running down his face.

True love is ever lasting. Both Haou and Jehu found that out. After the night Haou sent Jehu away he felt so dead inside. He searched for his beloved the next day but he was gone. A simple note to his gold eyed lover was left.

'This is where I leave you my beloved Haou. I hope you will find someone to love like you loved me. You truly deserve that.'

Haou never did find someone like Jehu. He was one of kind and so was Haou. If only Haou would let Jehu apologise. Maybe if he did he wouldn't have spent his life wondering what could have been.

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