It was just another quiet night at Blues Diner. The families, friends and couples were all sitting in the booths and at the diners bar eating a delicious meal made by Blue himself.

"Order up for the Coopers!" yelled Blue and a waitress grabbed the plates but before she could get the plates to them Dean Winchester's gang and himself walked through the doors guns in hand.

"Alright, nobody move!" he yelled and everyone stayed still as the rest of the gang walked in. Dean had a beer bottle in his hand and a cigarette in the other as he made his way down the small aisle of the diner looking at everyone. "Alright, empty your pockets, wallets and purses and just place them in the bag as my buddy Murphy comes by."

Dean looked at the waitress carrying the Coopers food and walked up to her, "Where's this going?"

"Uh…um, just over to the Coopers right over there."

"Well, I give you permission to take it over to them just so they can eat and I can watch that beautiful ass walk away."

She looked at him with wide eyes and quickly walked over to the Coopers. Dean watched but then when she went to the table his eyes landed on the daughter that quickly looked away from him. He smirked walking up to the table.

"I'm guessing you three are the Coopers," said Dean taking a seat next to their daughter.

"Y-yes," said Mrs. Cooper.

"Good to know," he turned to their daughter, "And what's your name?"

She swallowed hard, "Maggie."

"Well Maggie I just have to say you have such a gorgeous face. Has anyone ever told you that?"

Maggie shook her head, "N-no."

"Hmmm…well," he placed the cigarette in his mouth and gripped her arm pulling her out of the booth.

"Dad?" she asked scared as she looked at him.

"Get your hands off my daughter!" Mr. Cooper yelled getting up but a gun was pointed to his face.

"No! Please!" yelled Maggie, "Don't hurt him! Please!"

"Look boys a beggar," said Dean with a smirk and he smacked her ass throwing her over to one of the guys, "Hold her, I want some of that later." He winked at her. Maggie struggled against the guys as Dean walked over to the bar and saw a guy with his arm around another beautiful girl. "Well, hello there," he said to the girl.

"Uh…hi," she said and the boyfriend pulled her closer.

"Get away from her," he said and before they knew it one of Dean's gang members punched him in the face. The girl gasped and covered her face in her hands as she watched her boyfriend pass out.

"Now that that's over," she looked at him with wide eyes, "What's your name?"

"Uh," she swallowed hard and looked down at her boyfriend on the floor but Dean grabbed her chin making her look at him, "It's Eve, my name is Eve."

"Pleasure to meet you Eve." Dean nodded over to one of the guys and they grabbed her. "Now which one do I want to have fun with?" He looked between both girls who were looking scared as anything. "Which one boys?"

"I don't know boss…they're both pretty hot," said Murphy with a grin.

"You're right," he grabbed Maggie putting an arm around her, "What about it sweetheart? Wanna go home with me?"

"Do I even have a choice?"

Dean smirked, "You learn quickly don't you? I like that." He licked the side of her face and ran his hand down to her ass and squeezed it. He bit his bottom lip, "I can't wait to have a piece of that." He looked over at Eve, "What about you Eve? Wanna come home with Maggie and me?"

"I, uh…ok."

"Good, let's go boys. We're done here!"

Dean unlocked the door to his loft and Murphy pushed the girls inside. They had there hands tied together and their mouths gagged. Dean turned around and smiled at them. He could sense the fear in them but he was going to fix that.

"Anything else you need?" Murphy asked.

"No. Leave us and tell everyone that I am out and to not bother me tonight." Dean said.

"You got it boss." Murphy said and walked out the door, closing it behind him.

Dean moved in closer to the girls with a smile on his face that made most women go weak in the knees. "How about we get to know each other a little?" He asked and pushed them both over to the couch, "Sit." He said in a quiet but deep, sexy voice.

The girls looked at each other for only a second and did what he asked of them. Neither of them knew what they were in for tonight.

Dean licked his lips as he looked between them, "I have to say I think you two are the most beautiful women I have even seen. Skin so perfect, lips so plump. God how did I get so lucky to find you? I bet you have to beat guys off with a stick." He smiled and walked over to them.

He approached Maggie first and took the gag out of her mouth, "I don't think you need these." He said and then moved to Eve. "There. How's that?"

"T-Thank you." Eve said.

"Sorry but Murphy can get a little excited sometime." He smiled and saw she was shaking a little, "Don't be nervous. All we are doing is talking." He winked and pulled a knife from his back pocket.

Eve and Maggie saw the knife and didn't move. They were so scared right now. They weren't sure what he was about to do with that.

"You ladies really need to relax a little or you will make yourself sick." Dean said and moved over to Eve and cut the ropes off her wrist. He held her hands in his as he ran his thumb over her red wrist. "Is that better, baby?"

"Y-Yes." She said.

"Good." Dean said then he did the same for Maggie but with her he brought her hand to his mouth and kissed her softly. "So soft." He said and turned her hand over and kissed her palm. "So perfect."

His eye's met hers and he saw a tear roll down her bruised cheek and he wiped it away with his thumb, "Where did you get the shiner?" he asked.

"No-Nowhere." She said. She was a little embarrassed to say that is was from her father. He told her never to speak of it.

"Whoever did this will get what's coming to them. I would never hit a lady. Especially one as beautiful as you." He smiled at her.

He got up and moved back over to Eve, "Don't be scared. I am not going to hurt you. Unless you ask me to." He winked, "A woman like you should be taken care of, worshiped. Not taken advantage of. I can see it in your eyes that you were only with that guy because you think that no one else wants you. I can tell you that is far from the truth."

Dean stood up and took them both by the hand and pulled them up to stand in front of him. Both girls were nervous because they still were unsure of what was going on.

"Mmmm you two have got to be the most gorgeous women on this earth you know that?" he asked and they said or did nothing. "Cat got your tongue or something?" he asked and looked between them.

"N-No." Maggie said.

Dean smiled and walked over to her, "You can talk." He said. "Good to know."

The next thing Maggie knew Dean's lips here on hers, soft and gentle. It was like no kiss she had ever had in her life. She let out a soft moan as Dean pulled away. "Taste like cherry." He said and licked his lips, "Make me wonder what else taste like cherry."

Maggie stared into Dean's eyes and couldn't help but want more of him. She bit her bottom lip and without even thinking grabbed the back of his head and pulled him down to her lips. Dean groaned at her forwardness liking how she was slowly breaking the wall down between them.

One down...still one to go Dean thought as he pulled his lips away from Maggie.

A small groan came from Dean looking at her swollen red lips. He licked his own and looked over at Eve. He could see how nervous she was about the situation. He was hoping he could ease the tension for her. Maybe seeing Maggie comfortable she'll be comfortable and Maggie was getting very comfortable quickly.

Dean winked at Maggie before walking towards Eve, "What's the matter sweetheart? Don't want to join in on the party?"

Eve let out a shaky breath as Dean stood in front of her, "N-no...yes...uh-" She was cut off when Dean's lips came onto hers and his left hand cupped her cheek. She closed her eyes and kissed him back wrapping her arms around his neck. He was really good with his tongue and lips and that alone frightened her.

Dean's right hand moved down her body and moved her skirt up. Feeling his hand so close to her untouched center she began to tense again and pulled back quickly.

"I'm a virgin," she blurted out.

Dean looked down at her red face and felt a bit bad for taking these girls without even thinking of them being virgins. But hell like that ever stopped him before. These girls spoke to him when he walked into that diner and laid eyes on them. They in whatever way manageable, they needed him somehow, someway.

Dean turned so he was looking at both Maggie and Eve. He walked over to the door and unlocked it then opened it wide open.

"You two can leave."

The girls looked at each other then back at Dean seeing that he was serious. Maggie was the first to make a move but it wasn't what both of them had thought she would do. They watched her grabbed the bottom of her dress and lift it over her head revealing a hot pink lace bra and matching panties. Dean's eyes widened and he bit his bottom lip at the sight. Her body was perfectly slimmed and had the right curves. His eyes found hers as she grabbed the back of his neck and pulled him into a hard kiss again. Dean wasted no time picking her up and turning her around slamming her into the wall. He grinded into her making sure she felt the hard bulge in his jeans. She whimpered and moaned into his mouth and kissed him heatedly and lustful. She didn't want to go home. Home was hell compared to here. At least here Dean made her feel wanted, needed and not a rag doll that could be thrown around or a priceless painting to be ignored.

Dean just wanted to take Maggie right then and there but he still had the other girl a few feet behind them to figure out what she wanted. Dean slowed the kiss down and bit down on her bottom lip as his right hand cupped her breast. She moaned and looked into his eyes. He smirked and looked towards Eve.

"What's it going to be Eve?" he asked both Maggie and him looking at her.

Eve bit her bottom lip and walked towards the door. The two watched her and when they thought she was about to go out the door and leave them to their own fun she closed and locked it. She grabbed Dean's head and kissed him slow and gentle, different from Maggie's kiss.

Dean pulled away and smiled at her, "I was hoping you would stay with me." He said and caressed her cheek, "don't worry. I'm going to take real good care of you. Now we have a party." He smiled and took both girls by the hands.

Dean led the girls up the stairs and into his large room. Eve stood by the door with her arms wrapped around herself as she watched Dean lead Maggie over to the bed and lay her down. What was she doing? She had a boyfriend. She promised to save herself but here she was with a man that took her from him and she was watching him make out with this girl he had taken from her family. He gave her a chance to run so why didn't she leave? Maybe it was because the way he kissed and touched her made her feel things she had never felt before. It was almost as if he had a hold on her. All she could do was stay there and watch. When he took off his shirt she felt her heart skip a beat. This man was very well toned and it excited her. She was in trouble and she knew it.

Dean's lips left Maggie's and he slowly moved down her neck, leaving a trail of kisses all the way to her abdomen. Maggie squeezed her eyes shut and she breathed in and out. No man she had ever been with had even made her feel this way. His kiss alone made her shutter under him.

"Relax." Dean whispered against her skin as he made his way back up to her breast. He had moved over them as their eyes locked. He smirked at her as he pulled the material down and left her breast full exposed to him. "Perfect. Just how I imagined." He said before taking her left nipple into his mouth, running his tongue around it before sucking it into his warm mouth.

"Oh..." Maggie gasped as she arched just a little off the bed as Dean licked and sucked one breast as he cupped the other.

Eve felt her breath quicken. She stood there and thought about how good that must feel for Maggie to make those noises over and over again.

Dean reached under Maggie and unclipped her bra and pulled it from her body without ever stopping what he was doing.

Maggie bit her lip and moaned as he bit down. God this man had skills.

Dean pulled away from her and sat on his knees as he moved both hands down her body until he reached her panties. "Let's see what else you have hidden from me." He smiled.

He gripped them and pulled them teasingly down her legs and tossed them off the bed. He lifted her right leg up in the air and moved his hand up and down her inner thigh, "So smooth and tonight…so mine."

Maggie knew that tonight she was his and there was nothing she could do about it. She had her chance to walk out but she didn't. Now she may or may not be regretting her decision to stay with him but anything was better than home.

Dean dipped his head and started to bit and lick her inner thigh until he reached her pussy and spread her legs wide open.

He moved his index finger up and down slowly over her pink lips, "Mmm, already nice and wet and I haven't even gotten started." He said before pushing a finger inside her and twisting.

"Oh God." Maggie moaned and arched off the bed a little.

"Oh my God." Eve said nervously from the other side of the room and that got Dean's attention.

Dean spotted Eve and smiled. "Don't worry, princess. I haven't forgotten about you." He said and looked down at Maggie, "Don't you think about moving." He told her as he climbed off the bed.

He walked over to Eve with his jeans hanging on his hips. Eve swallowed hard and moved back into the wall. She wasn't sure what to do at this point.

As Dean got closer her breathing got faster, "Don't be scared. Like I said I won't hurt you unless you want me to." He smiled and was now inches from her face, "I am really going to have fun with you tonight."

Eve looked Dean in the eye and she felt his hand move from her neck down, her shoulder, pulling her bra strap with it. "I love you're shyness. Don't worry we'll get you out of that real fast though."

Just as he did with Maggie, Dean reached around and unclasp Eve bra and let it fall to the ground and Eve quickly covered herself up but Dean wasn't having that.

He grabbed her arms and pulled them away, "Don't do that. You're beautiful." He smiled, "You look good enough to eat." He said as nibbled his way down her chest and cupped her breast.

Eve gasp a little at this new feeling. Sure her boyfriend tried to feel her up every now and then but she would always smack his hands away. She knew she couldn't do that with Dean so she stayed frozen.

Dean kissed farther and farther down until he reached her innocent white cotton panties, "You won't be wearing white after tonight." He smirked against her.

He pulled them down her legs and he felt her legs begin to shake more. "Calm down." He told her as he kissed her hip and made his way around.

Dean was on his knees in front of her now and he held onto her hips tight as he looked at the untouched sight before him, "God baby I am going to mark you. Let everyone know I had you first."

He parted her legs just a little and leaned in and gave her clit a long, slow, teasing lick.

"Oh God!" Eve moaned loud and felt her legs about to give out just from that one touch of his tongue.

"You taste so good." Dean groaned as he lifted her leg over him should to give him better access, "I could eat you all fucking night."

Eve leaned her head against the wall and braced herself as Dean gave her another long lick over her clit. Dean licked around her clit and felt her shiver, "Oh…oh…" Eve moaned.

"You like that don't you, Eve?" He asked and she couldn't even speak. Dean took her clit between his teeth for a second to hear her cry out and he just smirked against her.

Dean kissed her clit before moving down slowly and dipping his tongue in her warm wet center. He could hear her cries above him. He could feel her walls pulsating around his tongue.

Maggie sat up on the bed and watched Dean and she couldn't help but notice the pleasure on Eve's face. She knew what Dean was like with his hands. She could only imagine how good he was with his mouth. She licked her lips and moaned a little at the sight before her.

Dean loved hearing moans come for these woman. It made his cock ten times harder than ever before to know that they were both now his.

Dean licked her faster and sucked on Eve's clit. Her taste and scent was just so delicious to him. With one more lick of his tongue, Eve felt something her body has never felt before. She began tensing up as her orgasm ripped through her. She was moaning and screaming Dean's name.

Dean lifted his head form between her legs and licked his lips, "So fucking delicious baby…but I want more. Come with me." He said and pulled her over to the bed where Maggie was sitting.

Dean laid Eve on the bed and turned to Maggie who was biting her lip and looking at him with wide eyes. She wanted him as much as he wanted her.

"Come here baby," he said with a grin and she crawled over to him.

Dean grabbed the back of her head and kissed her hard. He shoved his tongue into her mouth making her moan. She stayed on her knees moving her hands over his toned body. She could feel every muscle on this mans body against the palm of her hands. And he wanted her to touch him. She shivered at the thought of this body pleasuring her in all sorts of ways.

Dean's lips moved from hers to her ear, "I want you to touch me," he said in a commanding voice that sent yet another shiver through her body. His lips kissed her neck as she heard the zipper on his jeans being pulled down. She heard Eve gasp and Maggie looked down and moaned at the perfect size of this man. And he had gone commando.

"See what you two do to me?" he asked and took Maggie's hand and placed it on his rock hard shaft, "You make me so hard."

Maggie began to slowly move her hand up and down his large thick member. Dean's lips and tongue working their magic on her skin.

Dean grabbed Maggie's ass hard and pulled her against him. She gasped feeling his hard tender flesh rub slightly against her.

"I want you," he growled against her skin.

"Oh God I want you!" She continued to move her hand over him and she felt him leak out onto her thumb. She looked down at it and pulled her hand away.

Dean moved from her neck wondering why she stopped and his eyes widened as she licked himself off her thumb. She moaned loudly tasting him.

Dean pulled at her wrist and kissed her. The taste of him still lingered on her tongue and it turned him on to know he was there.

"Come on baby," he said pulling her towards the headboard. Dean sat against it and pulled her onto his lap, "Let's show Eve how it's done."

Maggie nodded and then gasped leaning her head back as Dean thrusted into her with no warning. Dean bit his bottom lip feeling how tight she was and looked up at her, "I'm gonna fuck you good baby."

Maggie gripped the headboard and stared down at him with a smirk, "Unless you're all talk." She smiled at him with a challenge in her eye.

Dean gripped her hips and slammed her down on him as she threw her head back screaming. Eve watched with wide eyes how Dean would thrust up into her and she'd rock down on him slamming the headboard into the wall.

Maggie placed her hands on the wall palm to the wall and as she stared down into Dean's eyes. She circled her hips and rocked them making him close his eyes and groan. His hands grabbed at her breast that were in his face and teased the nipples.

"God yes…" she moaned slamming her hands into the wall.

Dean wrapped his right arm around her lower back as his mouth took over the abandoned nipple. His left hand was still kneading her right breast. With his arm around her back he slammed her more and more into him.

"Don't stop…oh God…oh…oh…fuck!"

Dean picked up the pace thrusting harder and harder into her causing her to scream and the bed to continuously slam into the headboard and her hands pounding on the wall. With one more thrust her orgasm ripped through her. She screamed but didn't stop rocking him and he didn't stop his pace.

Dean grabbed the back of her head and kissed her hard and rough, "Make me cum," he ordered and she nodded with sweat pouring down her face and her hair clinging to her neck.

Maggie grabbed his shoulders and slammed down on him again. He groaned tilting his head back. Her tight heat felt so good around his throbbing cock. He knew it wouldn't be long till his first orgasm of the night. Dean placed his hands on the bed and with the extra leverage thrusted harder and deeper into her.

"Oh fuck!" She screamed throwing her head back and knowing she was close again. Her nails dug into his shoulders as she rode him.

Dean continued to thrust into her the way he was using the bed but with one hand reached around and slapped her ass, "I'm close…fuck…shit…I am close!"

Dean gritted his teeth the muscles in his abdomen tightening up as she continued to ride him. A few more slaps to her ass and thrust up into her tight pussy the two of them came hard screaming each others name.

Maggie and Dean were breathing heavily as she rolled off of him and sat next to him against the headboard. Dean smirked at her reaction then looked over at Eve, "Don't worry baby I'll be more gentler with you." Dean got on his knees and patted Maggie's thigh, "She's experienced." He turned to Maggie and cupped her face in his hand and kissed her hard making her moan. Dean parted from her and smirked before looking at Eve.

"Sit between her legs." Dean said to Eve.

Maggie sat with her back against the headboard and Eve moved and sat between her legs and leaned back against her. "Remember to breathe." Maggie said. She knew all too well that this was going to hurt like a bitch. Dean was huge.

Dean opened up Eve's leg wide and kneeled between them. He let his fingers slide slowly up and down her wet slit before pushing him index finger inside. He saw her closer her eyes and jump and little and he smiled, "Relax. It's just my finger." Dean said, "You haven't felt anything yet baby."

Dean removed his finger and replaced it with two. He was trying to work her open. She was so damn tight. "I can't wait to see how this tight pussy feels around my cock." He said and pushed in and out a little faster.

Eve let out a small moan in pleasure. This wasn't so bad. This actually felt amazing but she knew it was about to get worse. She had heard stories and she saw what Dean did to Maggie.

Dean let his fingers slide in and out as he used his thumb to rub her clit. "Oh…uh…uh….Dean.." Eve moaned as she moved her hips up and down against Dean's hands. "Oh God!"

"I want you to cum baby." Dean told her.

Dean sat up a little more on his knees and stroked his cock as he watched the expression on Eve's face. He smiled up at Maggie who licked her lips at the sight of his once again hard cock. "Hold her still." He whispered to her.

Eve's eyes were closed tight as she felt pressure building with in. She was close to yet another orgasm but this time she was full of anticipation. She remembered how mind blowing the first one was. "D-Dean….Oh…Oh God." She moaned more and more.

Dean could feel her inner walls pulsing around his finger. As soon as Eve arch off the bed and screamed his name, Dean removed his fingers and quickly thrust his thick hard cock into her.

Eve's moans turned to screams and Maggie held Eve still when she felt her try to pull away from Dean as she moaned out loud in pain. "Don't move sweetie. It's all over. Just relax. Breathe." Maggie said.

A tear fell from Eve's eye as she looked up at Dean. He had a smile on his face. Maybe it was a victorious smile. He had taken what she had been saving for a long time. She was no longer a virgin and yet some reason she felt relieved.

Dean eased out her slowly and pushed inside her again. Eve tensed a little at the intrusion. It was still very much painful and she was wondering if she would get any pleasure at all.

Maggie could see Eve was in pain so she figured she would help distracted her a little until the pleasure set in.

She easily moved from behind Eve and laid her down on the bed. She kneeled beside her. As Dean slowly moved in and out of Eve, Maggie ran her hand down Maggie's body slowly, "Shhh, just relax." She whispered.

Eve let out short breath, trying to remain calm. She knew it would be a lot better if she could just calm down a little and try to relax.

Maggie brought her fingers to her mouth and sucked on them as she made eye contact with Dean. When they were wet she moved them down to Eve's clit and began massaging.

"Oh…mmm…Dean" Eve moaned at the new feeling. The pain was subsiding and the pleasure was starting to set in.

"Feel better Eve?" Maggie asked as she rubbed a little faster. She knew as soon as Eve came again all pain would be gone.

"Y-Yes." Eve said.

Dean gripped Eve's legs and pulled her closer to him as he started to move in and out of her faster and just a little harder. "Oh fuck…feel so good Eve." Dean moaned and bit on his lip hard.

With her finger still working Eve's clit. Maggie leaned over and captures Dean's lips in a hot kiss.

Eve watched them and gripped the pillow behind her and she bucked off the bed, moving against Dean's cock and Maggie's fingers. "Oh god…Oh my God!" she moaned loudly.

Maggie pulled away and smiled at Dean and watched as he pounded into Eve harder and harder. "Dean…Dean…OH DEAN!"

Within seconds, Eve was crying out Dean's name and Dean was crying out hers as they came together with one final thrust.

Eve was panting as Dean collapsed on top of her, "Shit baby that was so fucking good."

All Eve could do was nod as she looked over at Maggie. Eve closed her eyes, trying to catch her breath. Who knew sex could be this good? She always heard you didn't get an orgasm the first time but tonight she had a grand total of three. Dean made her cum in every way and not only her but Maggie too. He really was a man of many talents.


The next morning the girls got up and looked around the room to see that Dean was gone. "Where do you think he went?" Eve asked.

"I don't know." Maggie asked as she slipped her panties back on. "Are you ok?" she asked when she saw Even wince a little.

"I'll be fine. Maybe we should go."


The girls went down start and gathered their clothes. As soon as they were dressed they saw Dean and his friend Murphy walk through the front door. "Leaving so soon?" he asked.

"We uh…we weren't sure what to do." Maggie said.

"You can leave." Dean smiled.

The girls looked at each other for a second before walking out the door.

"I can't believe you let them go. Dude you had it made." Murphy said.

"Don't worry. They'll be back. They always come back." Dean smirked. "Who will be first is the question."

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