Dean walked into the room farther and over to the girls. Maggie moved over of Eve and knelled on the bed in front of Dean. "You were taking too long so we thought we would get warmed up for you." She said.

"I don't have a problem with that." Dean smiled at her, "I'm just mad I missed the show."

"Don't worry baby. There is so much more to come."

"Oh I sure hope so." Dean said before jerking her to him and crashing his lips into hers. He explored her mouth with his own deeply. The kiss was hot and sloppy but they liked it that way.

Maggie moaned into his mouth as she moved her hands down his toned chest and to his jeans. She worked on his belt buckle and let his pants fall to the floor. "God I want you." She said against his lips.

Eve sat up and watched the two in front of her. She felt herself get wetter and wetter at the sight of them making out. She bit on her bottom lip and let her hand move down her body. She rubbed the outside of her panties as she watched Maggie push Dean's jeans and boxers to the floor.

Dean looked over Maggie's shoulder as he continued to kiss her and saw Eve rubbing herself. Dean let go of Maggie's lips and looked at her, "That's your job baby...go please her."

Maggie licked her lips and smiled, "Anything you want you devilish tasty man." She bit his bottom lip before turning around shaking her ass in his face making him groan. She crawled over to Eve took her hand from her panties.

"Dean says for me to take care of you sweetheart...don't worry I don't bite...too hard." She winked at Eve before her lips went down on hers. The two women began kissing like they had never stopped because of Dean.

Dean licked his lips watching them. His cock was hard as a rock now. He bit his bottom lip crawling on the bed watching as Maggie's hand slid under Eve's dress rubbing her softly.

"You like that princess?" asked Dean as Maggie began kissing down Eve's neck.

Dean bit his lip and looked into Eve's eyes, "My dirty little girls."

"Kiss me Dean," moaned Eve.

Dean grinned like a child on Christmas morning as his lips descended upon hers and shoved his tongue into her mouth. Eve's tongue went into his. Both of them dueling for dominance. He was completely turned on by the way Eve was acting. She was just this shy women that he forced to come back to his place and now look at her a little sexual predator that is into threesomes. Someone always has a skeleton in their closet or a deep dark fantasy somewhere.

Dean leaned up from her and winked at her as he reached down grabbing her dress, "Arms up baby." She did as he commanded and he pulled the dress right off her leaving her in her panties.

Dean grabbed Maggie by the hair pulling her up from Eve's neck and kissed her hard. He sucked on her bottom lip as his right hand massaged Eve's left breast. She moaned and arched into both their hands.

Dean pulled back breathing heavily and kept his hand on the back of her head, "I want you to suck her breast."

Maggie grinned, "Like I said Dean baby...anything you want."

"That's right anything I want."

Maggie moved down to Eve's breast and licked each one. Dean groaned at the sight in front of him but groaned louder as Maggie took a nipple into her mouth and teased it with her front teeth lightly scraping. Maggie was still rubbing Eve outside her panties causing them to soak.

"Damn Eve sweetie you are soaked," moaned Maggie and Dean grunted at the dirty talk.

Dean moved his hand down Eve's body and took over the rubbing, "Damn princess, gorgeous is right, you're fucking wet as anything."

"So close," she moaned arching into their hands.

Dean grabbed Maggie's hand and started to massage Eve with both their hands together. Eve moaned throwing her head back as Dean pressed their hands hard against her. Maggie was still torturing Eve's breast with her lips and tongue and free hand while her other hand and Dean's continued rubbing her faster and harder.

"Oh...oh Dean!" yelled Eve, "Maggie!" She felt a spark of an orgasm from them both.

Dean watched as Maggie took her other nipple into her mouth and bit down hard. Eve never had Dean be so rough with her yet and Maggie was taking care of that. Eve was starting to realize why Maggie liked it that way.

All of a sudden Eve's orgasm ripped through her. She shouted both their names bucking her hips into their hands. Her panties completely soaked now.

Eve relaxed into the bed her body shivering from the orgasm and licked her lips. She moaned as Maggie pulled away and pulled her panties down revealing her.

Dean looked over at Maggie, "The only one left is you...I'm surprised."

Maggie grinned, "Saving the best for last," she winked at him and he smiled.

He got behind her and pulled her shirt over her head. Eve sat on her knees and started kissing Maggie again running her hands down her body to remove the skirt and panties. Dean quickly unsnapped her bra and thew it behind him. Maggie slipped out of her panties and skirt for them. Dean wrapped both his arms around them pulling them against him, all three bodies molding as one. His girls holding onto each other and him. One big happy family.

"Tell us what you want baby." Maggie asked him.

"I want to feel Eve's lips wrapped around my dick while I lick you wet sweet pussy. I want to taste you again gorgeous." Maggie wasn't going to argue with that. She loved the way Dean's tongue felt on her pussy. Eve on the other hand was a little unsure. This was a first. She had never given a man oral pleasure before.

Dean looked over at Eve and saw by the look on her face she was a little unsure, "Don't worry baby. Just go with it." he told her with a seductive smile on his face.

"She can handle it." Maggie told Dean as she pushed him onto his back and then looked over at Eve, "Ever had a blow pop?" she laughed, "Just like that but without the bite." she winked.

Eve nodded and moved down the bed while she watched Maggie straddle Dean's face and he went to work.

"Oh fuck!" she heard Maggie moan.

Eve gripped Dean's hard cock and took a deep breath before leaning over and taking him into her mouth him by inch and Dean thrust up. She took that as a good sign that she was doing it right. She wanted to please him the same way he has pleased her a few times now.

Maggie moaned as Dean moved his head a little going deeper inside her with his tongue, "Oh God!" she moaned as she gripped the headboard tight with her hands making it shake as Dean hit all the right spots. "Right there."

Eve was envious but she knew her time was coming. She let her tongue slide across the tip causing Dean to groan an shiver as he pushed up farther into her mouth. She couldn't help but look up ad watch Dean fuck Maggie with tongue, imagining what it felt like. She wanted hm. She wanted his attention.

She took his deeper and deeper then slid her tongue along the underneath of his cock. Dean pulled away from Maggie and looked at Eve, "God baby you are so good." he said before he went back to work on Maggie, trying to make her cum.

As he licked and sucked on Maggie's clit his hips thrusted up into Eve's mouth wanting to go deeper. She relaxed her throat letting him go in deeper. She had a feeling that is what he wanted and like they said, anything for him. Her tongue teased the underside of his cock causing him to groan against Maggie more and more.

Maggie moaned as her nails dug into the headboard and her hips began to rock back and forth on his face."Oh shit…fuck" she said tilting her head back. "Dean…fuck…don't stop!"

"Cum for me baby.: Dean told her and looked dwn at Eve who was bobbing her head up and down as she made eye contact wit him, "Just like that princess. Make me cum with her."

A few more licks with his experienced tongue and a few more sucks from Eve and Dean and Maggie were cumming. with each other. Dean licked up all Maggie had given him with his tongue, sucking every bit of juice that slid down her thighs, also groaning as he filled Eve's mouth and she took it like a pro. She was a really fast learning and he still had so much to teach her. Maggie and Dean both shivered as their body was came down from their high.

Dean felt Eve's mouth leave his cock and he whimpered a bit. Maggie got off of Dean and kissed him hard. The taste of herself on his lips was intoxicating. She had to have him. She wanted him to take her hard and rough like before.

"Baby..." Maggie moaned running her hand up his chest, "I want you so bad."

Dean licked his lips and looked between both girls. He knew Eve wanted his tongue by the way she kept watching him and Maggie and he knew Maggie wanted his dick right now. He could tell by the size of her pupils and well she was begging.

"I got something for both of you," he smirked. He looked at Maggie softly massaging her dripping wet pussy, "Fuck me," he then looked at Eve, "you sit on my face baby because I know you want my tongue in that tight little pussy of yours. And I want to taste that sweet ass."

Eve bit her bottom lip. She usually was laying down when Dean went down on her but if Maggie could do it so could she.

"But," said Dean with that evil seductive smile, "I want you two facing each other, touching and kissing got it?"

Both girls licked their lips and nodded, "Yes Dean..." "Anything for you."

Dean got comfortable as Maggie straddled his cock and slowly rubbed her hand up and down it. She smirked looking up at Eve, "You dirty little girl," she licked her lips, "Got him all wet and yummy." She winked at Eve before sliding down on him. She moaned and whimpered, his size was still so new to both girls. Maggie just wanted to cum already with him just inside her.

Dean bit his bottom lip breathing heavy. She was so tight and wet, both his girls. Dean looked over at Eve, "Don't be shy princess. Come sit on my face," he licked his lips seductively towards her and closed his eyes in pleasure as Maggie slowly moved up then back down.

"Are you sure you can handle this right now?" she asked glancing over at Maggie who stilled her movements for them but didn't know how much longer.

"Oh yeah baby...I can handle anything you two shoot at me." He winked at her as he pulled her to him.

Eve bit her bottom lip as she moved over his face straddling it. She felt completely exposed to him. She shouldn't be feeling this shy he's seen every part of her already and just as she was about to rethink this she felt his tongue slide into her.

"Uhhhh!" She cried out throwing her head back.

Maggie felt Dean thrust up into her and she moaned. She got the hint and started to bounce on him nice and hard. He groaned inside Eve's tight little pussy.

"Oh God!" moaned Eve and both girls eyes locked and both of them felt a heat of lust start from their groins and spread throughout their bodies.

Maggie knew just what Eve was feeling right now by the look on her face. While she rocked against Dean she leaned over and pulled Eve to her, "Kiss me" she told Eve.

Eve leaned over and kissed Maggie deeply, tongues working together as one. Eve started to move against Dean's face as he ran her fingers thought Maggie's hairs. She had never felt something like this before. She had so much pleasure running through her body right now as she moved against Dean.

Maggie moaned into Eve mouth as Dean thrusted up into her harder and faster. she felt yet another orgasm coming on strong. She pulled away from Eve just so she could breath. "Dean...oh fuck...harder!" she begged him

Dean loved the sound of her begging for more. He licked around Eve' clit as he pushed up harder into Maggie. Both girls were moaning out loud and he loved it. He loved having two woman all to himself that were willing to do anything for him.

His hands gripped Maggie's hips, digging his fingers into her skin as he thrusted up hard just like she wanted. He licked and sucked on Eve's clit and could feel it harden against his tongue. She was ready to cum and he was ready to give her that pleasure.

Dean wanted both girls to cum at the same time, wanted them both to be leaking their sweet juices all over him, on his cock, on his face and in his face. He wanted it all and he always got it all.

He ran his hand down to Maggie's clit and started to rub it hard. Maggie threw her head back moaning loudly. Even blind folded this man could find the right button to make her scream. He thrusted hard up into her and rubbed her clit in tight hard circles. His tongue licked around Eve's clit and nibbled at it causing her to shiver and tremble above him. She scratched her nails up his body as the two girls began kissing heatedly again so close to an orgasm.

Both girls broke apart so they could attempt to catch their breath. Maggie's nail dug into Dean chest as she rocked against him faster and fast, "Ahhh fuck! Dean!" She scream as the orgasm crept up on her like a wave, "Shit! I'm cumming! Oh fuck!" She moaned as she threw her head back in pleasure.

Dean moaned against Eve's center as he felt Maggie's walls clamp down around his cock. He wanted so bad to cum with her but he still had to fuck Eve. He was far from done with these girls.

Watching Maggie cum sent Eve over the Dean began licking and fingering her faster she lost it, "D-Dean! Yes!" She moaned and moved against his fingers and tongue. The sounds of the girls got to Dean. It was time to have his turn again.

Once both girls came down from their high Eve and Maggie both got off Dean and they were still panting. Dean sat up and pulled Eve to him, "Get on your knees." He commanded her. All Eve did was nod slowly. The rule was Dean gets what Dean wants. No back talk what so ever. The last thing she ever wanted to do was make him mad.

Eve turned around and got on her knees in front of Maggie and Maggie smiled at her, "Hope to hell you're ready."

Dean looked over at Maggie, "You underneath her." Maggie bit her bottom lip nodding as she laid herself underneath Eve, "I missed the show on top of me." Dean got behind Eve rubbing her ass then slapping it hard. A small yelp came from her making him grin, "I don't want to miss this one."

Dean gripped Eve's hips rubbing himself against her wet opening. She moaned backing up against him, "My little princess want it?" he asked as he teased her with the tip.

"Uh huh," she moaned her eyes closed and mouth slightly opened.

"While I'm fucking you, you two kiss and touch each other. I'm not missing it again," he commanded as he gripped her hips tighter and plunged into her.

"Oh God!" Eve cried out. This was new to her. Everything was usually simple with her, top or bottom. She bit her bottom lip as he pulled out and them slammed back in. She was definitely liking this new position. Dean was hitting every nerve inside her.

Eve opened her eyes to have Maggie's looking back into hers. Eve leaned down pushing her ass higher in the air for Dean who groaned at the angle adjustment. The two girl began kissing again, tongues and all. The girls moaned into each other's mouths as Dean watched as he fucked Eve from behind.

"That's so fucking hot," he groaned and slammed into Eve harder making her cry out.

She looked back down at Maggie, "Want to feel good?"

Maggie nodded running a hand through Eve's hair as Eve started kissing her neck and then her hand moved down to her clit. My God, she thought, she would have never thought about doing something like this before.

"Oh," moaned Maggie tilting her head as Eve's finger circled her clit.

Maggie moved her legs out from between Eve's and stretched them wide around the two. Dean groaned at the sight as he began pounding faster into Eve. The sight before him was hot, he didn't know how much more he could take it.

"Make her cum Princess," said Dean watching Eve and Maggie kiss and touch each other, "Want you both to cum with me."

"Harder Eve," begged Maggie as he gripped the sheets. Dean watched the pure ecstasy on Maggie's face and couldn't help but pound harder into Eve.

"Fuck Eve baby you're so tight...feel so good around my cock," groaned Dean and licked his lips.

"I'm so close," moaned Eve backing her ass up into Dean and then looking down at Maggie, "Cum for Maggie."

And just like that with one final flick of Eve's finger she was cumming. Dean's eyes widened at the look on her face as Eve continued to work her through her orgasm. Dean reached around smashing his hand against Eve's clit, meshing it to her body as he pounded harder and faster.

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" screamed Eve as her orgasm burst through her and Dean groaned and grunted as he spilled himself into her.

The three moaned and groaned throughout the orgasms. Dean nearly collapsed on Eve but grabbed her around the waist pulling her to the side with him afraid they may crush Maggie. The three were breathing heavily, sweating and thinking about all that happened.

Dean licked his dry lips and pulled Eve onto the other side of him so he would be in the middle of his girls. He pulled them both against him as they got comfortable, one on each side.