A Lupin III Fanfiction

I do not own Lupin the 3rd or the characters created by Monkey Punch. Michelle is my own creation.

Chapter 1 ~ A New Victim

As dawn crept over the valley, Michelle slowly looked up to the sun, for she was in agony because of the knife that skinned her side.

Michelle searched for a nearby town by venturing out of the wilderness. The smell of smoke lingered into her nostrils, urging her to follow the scent.

She approached a small cabin by a lake where it was pretty and calm. While entering the cabin, she spotted a fireplace, the cabin looked pretty modern. A pack of cigarettes were on the table, by the looks of the "cleanliness" of the cabin it seemed a man was living here. Boxers, large shoes and socks were by the doorway. Michelle shivered and remembered that she wasn't prepared for the cold where she was. She decided to sit by the fireplace then she fell asleep in the bed for a little bit.

Michelle slept for a while, still being cautious and waking up every now and then to check if someone was coming. A few hours later, at 7:00pm she heard a faint noise of the door. Michelle, who had little common sense only wearing her undergarments-, was terrified. "What if he saw her?" she thought. She tried to dash under the bed or in the closet that was to the right of the bed, but it was too late.

A tall, sleek, rather attractive man stood at the doorway to the bedroom. He wore a bright red jacket and tan pants, with a blue polo shirt hidden underneath a bright yellow tie. Most people would think this guy dresses like a goofball or a circus ringmaster, but this is what attracted her to him more. What made her a bit weary was that he held a pistol aiming at her, she would be under his control soon enough.

Michelle's position was her covering herself with any blankets she could find. She had never been in a situation like this and she had no idea what to do without making a huge mistake.

"And who might you be?" the man asked.

"I, I…. I just needed a place to stay!" Michelle replied.

"Would you mind getting out of the bed?" the man asked with a smirk.

Uh oh. She didn't want to do that! She was basically half naked!

"Wait, hold on a second! Just who are you?" Michelle protested.

"My name is… Lupin the Third."