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Draco Malfoy's delicate brow furrowed in concentration as he consulted his notes before returning his attention to the cauldron cooling on the bench in front of him. He pushed a lock of white blonde hair out of his eyes with one hand; then added a pinch of some silvery powder to the cauldron with the other. He stirred carefully, watching intently as the mixture in the cauldron subtly changed from purple to blue.

After the war generating an income had become essential for Draco, as much of the Malfoy fortune had been claimed by the Ministry in damages. However, Draco had had difficulty finding employment for obvious reasons. No-one was keen to hire the disgraced son of an imprisoned Death Eater and Draco soon found that his prospects were sorely limited. But Malfoys are nothing if not resourceful, so Draco used what was left of the Malfoy funds to launch his own potions business.

The business quickly became successful. Draco's considerable skills and determination made him ideally suited for self-employment; and potion development suited his analytical nature to a tee. The business specialised in the development and production of medical potions. These were created for private healers, whose exclusive and wealthy clients were prepared to pay large sums to find solutions for embarrassing ailments that they preferred not to share with the staff at St Mungo's.

Draco was currently working on a potion that he expected to take the wizarding world by storm and restore his fortune. His inspiration was a muggle drug called Viagra. Much to Draco's delight, no other potion maker had yet attempted to replicate the very specific engorging effects of Viagra. As most wizards simply weren't interested in muggle drugs, he supposed that they had never even heard that such a thing existed. He anticipated that the middle aged male clients of the healers he supplied would pay through the nose for such a potion.

Draco almost had the potion recipe perfected but in the last trial, the average full erection time for the subjects was only six hours, rather than the ten that Draco had been aiming for. He was hoping that these last tweaks to the formula should make all the difference.

He leaned over the cauldron and inhaled with his eyes closed, assessing the aroma carefully. He muttered a quick incantation and flicked his wand, so that a shower of green sparks flew in a graceful arc onto the surface of the mixture. As they came into contact with it they glowed turquoise and then faded. He smiled slowly and nodded to himself.

"Right, Pans" he called through to his lab assistant in the adjoining office. "That should be up to full potency this time so we can do the final round of testing tomorrow". Exhausted, he collapsed back in the stool behind him with a yawn.

Pansy Parkinson came through to inspect the contents of the cauldron.

"That's great news Draco" she smiled at him "do you really think you've nailed it this time?"

"If this doesn't get them to stay hard all night Pans, then nothing will" Draco stretched elegantly, then continued "I'm fucking knackered now, and need to get home for some sleep before we get back tomorrow for the final trial, let's leave this to finish cooling and call it a night".

At that moment a post owl shot through an open window over the potions bench, hurtled towards the cauldron and failed to stop in time. Pansy leaped for the cauldron and Draco threw his stool back in an attempt to move out of the way, but they were both too slow and watched in horror as the owl collided with the cauldron. The cauldron toppled precariously and fell forwards emptying the entire contents over Draco's lap.


"Potter we have an incoming potions emergency, can you deal?"

Harry Potter pushed his spectacles up his nose, sighed and drained his coffee before replying. "Damn you Smith, I told you that you should never say that it's quiet when you're working a late shift in Magical Emergency. That's just asking for trouble! But yes, I'll take it. Send them through to cubicles."

Smith hesitated, "Actually Potter, this patient is requesting a private room. He's quite insistent and is refusing treatment unless he has privacy. Do we have one available?"

Harry rolled his eyes. "Honestly, they're all the bloody same. Think we've not seen it all before..." He sighed in exasperation. "But he's in luck as we're quiet. Take him to room three and I'll be along in a sec."


Draco lay on the bed writhing and groaning in agony with his eyes clenched shut as Pansy hovered anxiously by the bed. He heard the door open and launched into a tirade without looking to see who he was yelling at.

"In the name of arse! How long does it take to get some fucking treatment in here?" He ranted "I need something for the pain, and I need it now, not tomorrow or whenever it bloody suits you!"

"I'm sorry sir" a mild voice replied, "but I will need to examine you in order to assess the nature of your injuries before I can administer any treatment."

Draco's whole body tensed in fury, his eyes still clamped shut with the pain.

"Pansy, tell him. Tell him I need something NOW. This is unbearable!"

There was a silence.

"Pans, you dozy mare, what the hell? TELL HIM!" Draco cranked his eyes open to look at Pansy. Then followed her stunned gaze and finally took in the owner of that irritatingly calm voice. He took in the rumpled black hair, the green eyes partially concealed by steel rimmed glasses and his jaw dropped in horror.

"You have to be fucking kidding me!" He laughed hysterically "Potter? Of all the people I have to be faced with when in a predicament like this, Harry bloody Potter would be right at the bottom of the sodding list. Is this a fucked-up joke or does the universe just really hate me that much?"

"Malfoy!" Harry gasped in recognition as he finally looked properly at his patient. He paused, took a deep breath and sighed. "OK, believe me, I'm not exactly thrilled to see you either, but I'm only doing my job. If I can be professional about it I'm sure you can behave like an adult and let me treat you."

He moved closer to the bed and flicked his wand, casting a few quick monitoring spells to check blood pressure and pulse. "Right, it seems you're not in any immediate danger but you are obviously in considerable pain..."

"No shit!" Draco snarled "You were always good at stating the bleeding obvious weren't you Potter. Now, how about actually giving me something that will help eh?"

Harry huffed in irritation "As I said before Malfoy, I need to assess your injuries before I can decide how best to treat you. So, perhaps Ms Parkinson can come outside and fill me in on the precise nature of the potion and its intended effects?" Harry looked questioningly at Pansy who nodded anxiously. "Meanwhile you can remove your clothing and get under the sheet. Then when I return I can examine you properly."

"And my humiliation will be complete. Thank you Merlin." Draco sighed in resignation and waved them out of the room as he started to undo his trousers, wincing in pain.


When Harry returned to the room Draco was lying under the thin white hospital sheet with his hands over his groin. His face was still screwed up in pain although he seemed a little calmer. Harry cast a locking charm on the door for privacy and moved to the side of the bed.

"So, Malfoy" Harry said, in what he hoped was a business-like way. "Pansy has explained the nature of the potion. I'm led to understand that it was intended to be given as an oral dose in tiny quantities rather than applied directly to the skin?"

Draco groaned and nodded. "Yes, I've basically had enough of the stuff spilled on my crotch to keep the entire Ministry of Magic hard for a year, although mercifully it won't all have been absorbed as I didn't ingest it."

Harry cleared his throat and flushed. "Right then, I need to have a look to see exactly how it is affecting you and decide what can be done to relieve your condition." He swallowed and tried very hard to sound utterly professional. "Please can you lower the sheet so I can examine the affected area?"

"Oh for Merlin's sake, call a cock a cock Potter!" Draco snapped. "I know you've seen enough of them"

Harry flushed and blurted out "My private life is hardly relevant..."

"Oh, keep your hair on Potter" Draco rolled his eyes. "I have no interest in your private life. I simply meant that I'm sure you've seen plenty of cocks in your line of work so there's no need to use coy euphemisms on my account."

He moved his hands to reveal a shockingly large bulge under the crisp white fabric of the sheet. He slowly took hold of the top of the sheet and carefully lifted it down to mid thigh, threw his head back on the pillow and closed his eyes.

Harry forced himself to move closer, mentally berating himself for the way Malfoy managed to embarrass and irritate him simultaneously. He needed to get a grip, stop letting Malfoy get to him and focus on his job.

He looked down at Malfoy's pale, lean body. The whole area around his genitals was red and inflamed looking; there was obviously some degree of increased blood flow to all the skin that had come into contact with the potion. His cock was obviously the most affected though. It was huge, painfully engorged and dark red. The skin was stretched so taut that it shone and his balls were tight as though he was almost at the point of orgasm. Harry stared, his mouth dry; trying to ignore the heat pooling in his own groin. He could see that Malfoy was hard to the point of pain but he couldn't help registering that Malfoy's cock was truly spectacular.

"So..." Harry cleared his throat again and started making notes on his clipboard. "Is this the... um... normal size for your penis when erect? or has the potion made it larger than usual?"

"This is normal for me Potter" Draco smirked, enjoying Harry's embarrassment even through the pain. "It's been fully erect for an hour now and won't subside. Even when I try to imagine Professor Mc Gonagall naked it won't go down, and that usually does the trick. The longer it's been hard the more painful it gets. It feels as though I'm going to explode soon."

"And... erm... have you tried relieving the pressure yourself?" Harry asked uncomfortably, flicking his eyes up to meet Draco's cool grey stare. Draco rolled his eyes at him and waited for him to continue. "I mean..." Harry blushed again and scribbled on his chart "have you tried masturbating to see if that would relieve the engorgement?"

"I tried having a wank in the toilet back at the lab to see if it would help; but I was too stressed out and Pansy kept interrupting me, so I couldn't come." Draco winced and continued. "It got more and more painful, so I didn't dare proceed any further. That was when Pansy insisted on apparating me here."

Harry drew a deep breath "OK," he said decisively. "I think our best course of action is to try a cooling salve to relieve the inflammation and reduce the blood flow. With your permission I'd like to give that a go as soon as possible?" He looked at Draco over the top of his glasses. Draco nodded his assent, his face pale and exhausted. "That should buy us some time while our lab works on producing the exact antidote." Harry put his pen back in the pocket of his robes and attached the clipboard to the foot of Draco's bed. "I'll go and fetch the cooling potion, back in a minute."


Harry returned to the room and cast the locking spell again.

Draco was even paler now, there were dark smudges beneath his luminous grey eyes and his jaw was locked tight. It was obvious he was in agony. Harry found himself feeling sorry for Malfoy. Once upon a time he might have wished such discomfort upon him; but now he realised that animosity was all in the past. He just wanted to help him, even if he was a grumpy git.

"Here you go," Harry handed him a small jar. "I suggest you apply it generously. Massage it in and then reapply once it's been absorbed. I'll stay to monitor your response to the treatment and make sure you don't have any adverse reactions."

Draco wriggled uncomfortably into a half seated position against his pillows, took the bottle and carefully scooped out a small amount with his forefinger. He tentatively reached down to stroke it onto his cock but winced and howled with pain as soon as he made contact.

"Fucking Fuck!" He yelled in frustration "I can't do it. It's unbearable even though I know it might help." He sank back against the pillows looking utterly defeated. "Potter, you'll have to do it for me. Just get it over with." He handed the jar back to Harry who stared back at him.

"Please Potter!" he implored. "Just do it."

Harry freaked out mentally for a moment at the incredible fucked-upness of this situation. It was bad enough to be faced with having to deal with Draco Malfoy as a patient at all. But to be dealing with Draco Malfoy who also turned out to have an incredibly tempting cock, which needed treatment... and he was now begging Harry to rub it for him. Harry felt as though his brain was melting.

"Potter!" Draco groaned urgently.

"OK" Harry said shakily, afraid of inflicting pain on Malfoy, but knowing he had a responsibility to his patient. He took the jar and sat on the edge of the bed next to Draco's hips. He scooped out a generous blob of the salve and spread it evenly over his fingertips.

He looked Malfoy in the eye, "are you ready?" Draco gave a tense nod in reply. Then with no hesitation Harry stroked the salve gently up Draco's throbbing erection from base to tip.

Draco threw his head back and hissed in pain, clutching at the sheets with clenched fists. Harry paused for a moment, then reached for more salve and repeated the action, this time spreading it along the sides of Malfoy's shaft with a finger and thumb. He stopped then, and put a hand on Malfoy's shoulder.

"How are you doing?" he asked gently "Shall I carry on?" Malfoy didn't open his eyes but nodded, his eyes squeezed shut.

Harry carried on smoothing the mixture carefully onto Malfoy's erection as gently as he could, making sure that he covered all of the painful, heated skin with the cooling salve. He quickly began to feel the effects of the salve on his own fingers and palm, a soothing tingling, and hoped that his patient would get some relief soon. He focused on his task, trying hard to ignore the tightness in his own trousers as his mind churned with unwanted images of himself soothing Malfoy's hard cock with his tongue and how it might feel in his mouth.

As Harry massaged the oily substance into Draco's cock, Draco's body gradually relaxed as muscles that had been clenched in pain released. His breathing slowed a little and his face smoothed out as the tension disappeared from his jaw. Harry watched carefully, hyper aware of Malfoy's response to his ministrations, realising that the salve was finally having an effect.

As he continued to let his hand slide over the skin of Malfoy's cock, Malfoy's breathing picked up again and colour started to return to his cheeks. Harry drew his hand upwards with a twist of his wrist and Malfoy moaned slightly and thrust into his hand. At this point Harry was unable to prevent his own erratic breathing and could no longer deny the effect that Malfoy was having on his body. Malfoy really was bloody gorgeous and Harry ached to touch him as a lover rather than as a patient.

Harry slowly drew a final handful of the salve up, then down the length of Draco's cock; then forced himself to stop and stand up, moving away from the bed while adjusting his own erection hastily.

"OK, that's all absorbed now so we can stop," Harry said, trying to keep his voice level. "How are you feeling? Is the pain any better?"

Draco opened his eyes as if from a trance and stared at Harry, his pupils dilated and his pale face flushed with colour.

"So help me Potter" he gasped "if you stop now and don't let me fucking come I'll sue your arse for malpractice; or for cruelty to patients, or... for something!"

Harry gaped at him, green eyes wide behind his glasses. His confused eyes met Malfoy's heated grey gaze as he searched for the usual expression of cold derision he had come to expect. Surely he must be joking? But in Draco's eyes all he could see was naked longing. They stared at each other, their breathing harsh and ragged in the otherwise silent room.

Without conscious thought Harry found himself returning to Malfoy's side. Harry pulled his wand and cast a silencing spell to ensure their privacy. He sat on the side of the bed again and reached for Malfoy's beautiful cock. Draco whimpered, a shockingly needy sound, and Harry began to stroke in earnest. He relished in the feel of smooth silky skin sliding over hardness, watching entranced as Malfoy's foreskin slid back to reveal the deep pink flesh glistening beneath. Pre-come leaked from the tip and Harry drew his palm back up and ran his thumb over the head of Malfoy's cock to collect the slick fluid and add it to the lubrication from the cooling salve.

Harry's own cock was throbbing in the confines of his trousers. He shifted uncomfortably wondering if he might conceivably come in his own pants without even touching himself. Who would have thought that the sight of his hand wanking Draco Malfoy's cock could have been so incredibly erotic?

Malfoy threw his head back tossing it from side to side and began to moan.

"Merlin! Potter... please... so close!" he gasped thrusting erratically into Harry's hand.

Harry sped up the movement of his hand and watched in wonder as Draco arched his back and came and came; yelling hoarsely as his cock pulsed in Harry's hand and his seemingly endless release spurted on to his chest and belly.

Malfoy collapsed back on the bed, chest heaving in exhaustion; his delicate skin flushed and sweaty. He opened his eyes and stared at Harry, grey met green in an intense gaze and there was silence.

Draco reached out a tentative hand, touched Harry's knee and squeezed.

"Potter... Harry..." he began awkwardly, all his earlier antagonism gone. "Um... just... thank you. I really fucking needed that like you wouldn't believe."

Then Draco's lips quirked in amusement as his eyes dropped to Harry's bulging crotch.

"Oops, sorry Potter" he grinned. "Your treatment plan for my predicament seems to have left you with a little problem of your own. Do you have any more of that cooling salve?"

Harry grinned back. "I'll live" he said. "At least I can manage to take care of it myself unlike some people I could mention" he rolled his eyes at Draco who smirked back, then yawned and stretched like a satisfied cat.

Harry reached for his wand and cast a quick cleaning spell and then examined Draco's genitals again, forcing himself back into the role of mediwizard. Malfoy's cock was still half hard from the effects of the potion even after orgasm, but he seemed comfortable for now. Harry took a last look at Draco's beautiful body before gently pulling his sheet back up and tucking it around him. Draco was almost asleep now. His eyes were closed, dark lashes sweeping his pale cheeks.

Harry stood up to leave. "I'll go and see if there's any news on the antidote. It should be nearly ready by now" he turned away from the bed, feeling an unaccountable sense that something important was slipping away from him, and moved towards the door. He deactivated the locking and silencing charms with a flick of his wand.

"Potter?" a small sleepy voice came from the bed behind him. "Would you have dinner with me next week? I believe I owe you a spectacular hand job and Malfoy's always pay their debts."

A date. Did he really want to go on a date with Draco Fucking Malfoy? Harry paused then smiled to himself. Of course he bloody did, and Gryffindors never run away from a challenge.

"Sounds like a plan" Harry said, with as much nonchalance as he could muster. "Owl me once you're feeling better and we'll take it from there."

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