Title: Engorgia – Epilogue
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Rating: NC-17

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Harry was humming to himself as he went about his rounds at St Mungo's. It was a blessedly quiet morning in Magical Emergency, and the staff on duty managed to clear the waiting room already.

Harry had already dealt with a little girl who had accidentally managed to turn her hair green with her mother's wand. The child had been discharged with her grateful mother. Now Harry was attending to an elderly wizard. Mr Makepiece had attempted to heat baked beans in a muggle microwave without taking them out of the can first, or indeed even opening the can. The resulting explosion had left him with some nasty shrapnel injuries. The pieces of metal had been easily spelled out but he was still in some discomfort. Harry was just administering potions to speed up the healing process and help with the pain.

"Right Mr Makepiece, that should make you more comfortable but you may feel a little sleepy now." Harry made some notes on the chart. "Go ahead and rest, one of the nurses will be along to check on you later."

Harry cast a quick tempus charm; it was an hour until his lunch break. If he could catch up with his charting then he should be on time to meet Draco as planned. He smiled to himself as he settled at his desk, warmth spreading in his chest at the thought of his 'boyfriend'. Harry still couldn't quite get used to thinking of Draco Malfoy in those terms even though they had been seeing each other for nearly a month now. If someone had told him just a few weeks ago that he would be dating Malfoy he would have thought they were insane. Of course he wasn't Malfoy to Harry anymore, the name Draco was still a novelty when it fell off Harry's lips but he loved the sound of it.

They had decided to be open about their relationship right after their first date. Neither of them were afraid of what people thought, they were both used to being in the public eye, and although they didn't enjoy the limelight they refused to hide and sneak around. They had told their friends and families first, most of them had reacted with varying degrees of shock and surprise but all had been fundamentally supportive.

Once the people they cared about knew, it was easy to go public. A bit of hand holding in Diagon Alley and a fairly chaste snog outside the Leaky Cauldron one evening quickly ensured a few choice headlines in the Daily Prophet and the Quibbler. The Boy Who Loved a Death Eater; Potter and Malfoy in Gay Love Scandal, etcetera.

Harry and Draco had refused to talk to the press other than issuing a brief statement to say that yes they were gay, yes they were a couple, and no they didn't wish to discuss it. Soon the stories fizzled out for lack of gossip. Draco had received a few unpleasant howlers, but actually the pair of them had been mostly surprised and touched at the public support for their relationship.

Harry pulled his attention back to the charts in front of him. Draco was coming to meet him to grab lunch in the canteen, so they could take it and eat out in the park. It was a warm day and the sun was shining, Harry couldn't wait to get out of the mostly artificial light of the hospital and stretch his legs.


Once he was done with his paperwork Harry headed to the canteen. He found Draco waiting for him at a table near the window; Harry stopped and watched him for a moment. The sun slanted in and added a golden tint to Draco's silvery hair, his long elegant body was sprawled gracefully in the plastic canteen chair and pale fingers drummed the table impatiently. Harry smiled, Draco wasn't good at waiting.

"Hi," Harry touched his shoulder lightly. "I hope you haven't been here long?" Draco lifted his head and his eyes lit up as he saw Harry.

"No, I've only been here a minute or two," he smiled. "Let's get going it's beautiful outside, far too nice to be indoors."

As they walked through the foyer at St Mungo's together a few heads turned to stare at them as usual, but Harry thought that it was gradually causing less of a stir each time Draco came to meet him at work. He sighed with relief as they stepped outside and headed for the park, where there would be more muggles than wizards around them. Once there, he and Draco could enjoy a bit of anonymity for a change. They fell into step beside each other and chatted idly about their mornings as they walked.

At the park they headed for a quiet sheltered spot overlooking a lake that afforded them some privacy. The beautiful white swans gliding across the water always reminded Harry of Draco, with their white feathers and long graceful necks. His lips twitched as the thought popped into his head that there was also something rather familiar about their snappy aggression and haughty expressions, but he thought it best to keep that particular observation to himself.

Once they had finished eating they relaxed and enjoyed the sunshine. Harry sat leaning against a tree with Draco's head in his lap as the blonde stretched out like a cat in the sunshine. He was practically purring as Harry idly ran his fingers through the fine silky strands of blonde hair.

"So," Draco said. "Have you decided where we are meeting the Weasels tonight?"

"Don't call them that!" Harry reprimanded him, "honestly Draco if you can't be civil, I don't know why we're bothering to meet them at all..."

"OK, OK... I'm sorry." Draco rolled his eyes. "So where are we meeting the Weasley's?"

"A muggle restaurant somewhere central," Harry replied.

Tonight was to be the first time that Draco would meet Ron and Hermione since he and Harry had become an item. Harry and his friends generally preferred to eat in non-wizarding establishments because it gave them more privacy if they weren't recognised by the other diners. However tonight it offered the added advantage that Draco and Ron were less likely to start hexing each other if they were surrounded by unsuspecting muggles. His eyebrows drew together in a frown as he thought about the night ahead.

"Stop making that worried face," Draco reached up and smoothed away the lines on Harry's forehead with gentle fingers. "I'm perfectly capable of being civil when required, and I know this is important to you."

"I know," Harry sighed. "It's just that they are my oldest friends and I need them to be OK with this... with us."

"Realistically I don't think that I will ever manage to best buddies with Weasley, but I'm sure we can manage to sit through dinner together," Draco said. "As for Hermione – well I've never had such a problem with her. I've always respected her intelligence; she just happens to have dreadful taste in men." His lips quirked as Harry huffed in disapproval. "Seriously, I can be civil. I can even manage to be charming at times – you should know that – it will be fine Harry, honestly. Stop fretting."

He drew Harry's head down for a kiss and chased Harry's concerns away with the soft, teasing touch of his lips and tongue. Harry sighed into the kiss and joined in, until they pulled apart flushed and breathless.

"Merlin, I wish we had time to apparate off somewhere private for a quick shag," Draco complained, adjusting himself. "You've got me all hot and bothered now."

"Sorry, but I really have to get going," Harry groaned. A quickie sounded bloody appealing to him too but there really wasn't time. "Hold that thought. You're coming back to mine after dinner tonight, yes?"

"Hell yes," Draco grinned suggestively. "Then we'll have time for a nice long, slow shag; or maybe more than one, and then another one in the morning..." his eyes were wistful.

"Stop it," chuckled Harry pushing the blonde off his lap and moving to stand. "I need to get my head back into work mode and you're not helping."

"Later then," Draco pushed himself up and pulled Harry into an embrace, their lips brushed again, chastely this time. "I'll see you tonight."

They headed off their separate ways, Draco back to his lab, and Harry off in the direction of St Mungo's with a smile on his face and a slowly subsiding erection.


When Harry reached the restaurant that evening, Ron and Hermione were already there waiting for him. Draco had sent an owl to say that he would meet Harry there; he had been held up by a client but wouldn't be far behind him. Harry was actually quite glad of the chance to see his friends on his own briefly first. He was ridiculously nervous, and desperate for the meeting to go well.

Although his friends had accepted in theory that he was 'with' Draco now, Harry was realistic enough to know that Ron in particular was going to find it very hard to actually see them together. He had hated Draco at school even more than Harry had, and Ron tended to see everything in black and white rather than shades of grey. Harry sighed and ran his hands through his unruly hair in a nervous gesture as he approached the table. He was just going to have to hope that Ron's loyalty to him would be enough to ensure that he would at least attempt to be polite to his boyfriend.

"Hi guys," Harry smiled tentatively as he slid onto the bench seat opposite the pair of them. They were in a booth against the back wall of the restaurant, which was cosy and welcoming and full of delicious smells. "Draco will be here soon," he explained, "he just had to finish up with a client." Hermione greeted him with warm smile and leaned over the table to peck him on the cheek.

"Don't worry Harry," she reassured him. "I've told Ron to behave." She looked sidelong at Ron who made a face.

"I still can't believe you're going out with the bloody ferret... ouch!" he squawked as Hermione nudged him hard. "Merlin, woman you've got bony elbows!" he rubbed his ribs and continued. "Sorry Harry, I meant Malfoy," his eyes suddenly flew open in horror. "Shit, you don't want me to start calling him Draco now do you? That would just feel so wrong." He shuddered visibly.

"Malfoy will do," Harry rolled his eyes at his friend. "I'll just be happy if you can avoid insulting each other. I don't think first name terms are essential for tonight, one step at a time, eh Ron?"

"OK," Ron looked relieved. "I think I need a drink. Is it OK if we order while we wait for Malfoy?"

Harry thought alcohol was a great idea; Ron was usually an amiable drunk, so a little booze to grease the wheels would only help to make the evening go smoothly. They ordered a bottle of red and were just getting stuck in when Draco arrived. He was looking incredibly elegant as usual, dressed in black trousers and a slate grey shirt that matched his eyes.

"I'm so sorry for being late," he approached the table and they all stood to greet each other.

"Weasley, you're looking well." He smiled politely and shook Ron's hand as Ron muttered a greeting in return. "Mrs Weasley," Draco offered his hand to Hermione.

"Hermione please," she grimaced and chuckled. "When people say Mrs Weasley I always assume they're talking to my mother-in-law, I actually kept my maiden name anyway... It's good to see you Draco." She smiled at him.

Finally he turned to Harry and leaned in, pressing his lips just briefly on the corner of Harry's mouth, one hand brushing his cheek in an intimate gesture that made Harry flush with warmth. Ron cleared his throat and turned a shade of red that clashed spectacularly with his hair, and reached hurriedly to gulp from his wine glass as they sat down again. Draco slid into the seat beside Harry and briefly squeezed his leg under the table cloth, his eyes on the wine that Ron was pouring into his glass.

By the time the main course had arrived, Harry was starting to relax. Everything was going swimmingly. Malfoy was being charm personified and Hermione was being a total star and making a huge effort, chatting pleasantly about her work in magical law and showing great interest in hearing about Draco's potions business.

Ron was managing to be polite, if not very forthcoming. He kept glancing from Harry to Draco and back again with his mouth slightly open. Every now and then he would seem to realise that he was staring, and would close his mouth and look slightly less gormless for a moment before his jaw dropped again. In his defence, Harry thought, he had probably already sunk half a bottle of red. Harry made a mental note to suggest to Hermione that she should use side-along apparition to get them both home later otherwise Ron would run the risk of splinching himself.

"Mmm, this steak is delicious," said Draco approvingly as he sliced into the rare meat, pink juices oozing onto his plate.

Harry watched as Draco's fork moved towards his mouth and his lips parted. Harry quickly looked away. Ever since the pudding incident during their first date, watching Draco eat always made him horny as all hell and he could do without that little complication right now. He turned his attention to Ron, attempting to draw him out.

"So Ron, how are things going at work? Had any interesting assignments recently?" But as he tried to listen to Ron talking about his work in the auror department, Harry found himself distracted by the little humming noises of pleasure that Draco made as he ate. Damn him; Harry was starting to suspect that he was doing it on purpose.

"...So we're going to be on surveillance all over the weekend which is a bummer, but hopefully we'll get results." Harry tuned back into Ron's voice and nodded sympathetically, hoping that no other response was required. Good thing his friend was a bit pissed, hopefully he hadn't noticed how distracted Harry was.

Harry's suspicious were confirmed when Draco's thigh was suddenly pressed against his beneath the table, the firm pressure was clearly deliberate. Harry could feel the heat of his leg even through the fabric of their trousers. He didn't trust himself to look at Draco, so tried to ignore it and reached for his wine glass.

Beside him Draco finished his last mouthful and pushed his knife and fork together, leaning back a little in his seat. He was still deep in conversation with Hermione, who was telling him about a case she was working on. Harry suddenly nearly leapt out of his seat when he felt Draco's hand on his thigh. He froze, not daring to look down for fear of drawing the attention of his friends. He chanced a quick glance over at Draco, the grey eyes met his and the blonde smiled sweetly at him for a second – the picture of innocence – then turned back to Hermione.

Draco sat calmly sipping his wine, glass in one hand, while the other crept slowly up Harry's thigh to caress the sensitive skin of his inner thigh. Harry felt his cock swell and tried not to squirm in his seat. He realised that from where his friends were sitting it wouldn't be obvious where Draco's hand was, provided he could manage to ignore it and not embarrass himself. Escaping to the toilet was not an option; his erection would be mortifyingly obvious.

Oh fucking hell! Draco's exploring fingers found the firmness of Harry's cock lying in the crease of his groin and started to stroke up and down, not quite reaching Harry's sensitive tip. Harry felt his face flush and cleared his throat, feeling desperately that he had to try and do something to make Draco stop.

"So," his voice came out as a croak, he cleared his throat again, trying to ignore the insistent movement of those devilish fingers on his cock. "Does anyone want pudding? Or should we just get the bill?"

"I think we're going to have to call it a night actually," Hermione looked at Ron who nodded. "Ron will be working nights over the weekend, and I have some planning to get finished for my case tomorrow. I hope you don't mind?" Harry grinned in relief. Thank Merlin, he would be spared from having to watch Draco eat pudding. He was so worked up already that the sight of that would probably finish him off.

"Oh, but look Harry," Draco's voice was hopeful. "They've got chocolate mousse on the specials board. You know I can't resist a good pudding, would it be terribly rude if we stay and have that? You two go on of course, we'll pick up the bill." His fingers slipped up a little further and grazed over the head of Harry's cock, seeking out the wetness that was seeping through the fabric. Harry gasped and hurriedly turned it into a cough.

"Are you OK Harry?" Hermione looked at him, her brow furrowed. "You're awfully flushed and you sound as if you have a sore throat."

"I... uh... yes, I don't feel one hundred percent now that you mention it," his breath was unsteady. "Perhaps you'll have to get that mousse to go, Draco?" He glared at the blonde next to him. Hermione raised her eyebrows and glanced between them, suddenly looking a little suspicious.

"What an excellent idea, we can take it back to your place," Draco beamed, increasing the pressure as his fingers circled the tip of Harry's cock. Ron looked sharply at Harry, suddenly seeming to connect the dots. His jaw dropped as his face turned that unusual shade of red for the second time of the evening. Harry just smiled weakly at him, his brain scrabbling to find anything sensible to say and failing utterly. Draco finally removed his hand and Harry nearly sagged in his chair feeling an unsettling mixture of relief and frustration.

"Weasley," Draco half stood to shake Ron's hand. Harry's face flushed even redder as he realised it was the hand that had just been on his cock. "It was good to see you again." He leaned across the table and kissed Hermione's cheek, "lovely to see you too Hermione, take care, good luck in court tomorrow."

Ron and Hermione swapped handshakes and hugs with Harry and left. As the door of the restaurant closed behind them Harry turned to look at Draco who had an infuriatingly smug grin on his face.

"You, Draco Malfoy, are a very bad man," Harry tried to sound stern but the impish grin on Draco's face made it hard to be properly cross with him.

"Oh come on Harry," Draco chuckled. "They didn't know exactly what I was doing to you under the table. I'm sure they just thought I had my hand on your knee; that would be shocking enough for Weasley I'm sure." He grinned unrepentantly. "Besides, it all went really well don't you think? Nobody hexed anybody else or traded any unpleasant names."

"I suppose," Harry didn't have the energy to argue. Besides, arguing would waste valuable shagging time and he badly wanted to move on to the next part of the evening as soon as possible. "Come on then, let's get the bill; and that ridiculous chocolate pudding of yours."

"Oh yes," Draco smirked at Harry and his grey eyes darkened. "I have a plan for that."


They apparated back into the kitchen at Grimmauld Place, Harry holding onto Draco's arm, stumbling a little as usual from the lurching sensation of magical travel. Draco was cradling the pudding protectively in his other arm. Harry had barely righted himself when he found himself pulled into a tight embrace. Draco kissed him fiercely, parting Harry's lips with his tongue and exploring his mouth hungrily.

"Gods, I've been wanting to do that all evening," his eyes were hot and needy as he pulled back and touched his fingers to Harry's lips. Harry felt breathless, his erection was back with a vengeance and he needed more, now.

He took the bowl from Draco's hand and put it on the counter next to them, then pulled Draco back towards the large kitchen table, perching himself on the edge and pulling Draco to stand between his thighs. They kissed again, tasting and searching, moaning into each other's mouths as Draco ground his hardness into Harry's aching cock.

Draco pulled Harry's shirt up and off him in one swift movement, not bothering with the buttons. Harry's glasses were caught, and tangled in the fabric as it came off. The sudden blurriness made him blink in surprise, but he had no need for glasses. Everything he needed to see was right there, close enough to touch. He pulled Draco's shirt off too, then both men's hands were tugging at fly buttons and zips, impatient for contact. Shoes were toed off and clothing pushed down and kicked aside and soon they were both gloriously naked, locked in another hungry kiss.

Harry moaned as Draco's teeth grazed down his neck and their cocks bumped and slid between them. Draco pushed him back on the table and helped him wriggle back until his heels were up too, knees bent and legs falling apart to welcome Draco between them.

"Hang on," Draco sounded breathless as he reached for the bowl of chocolate mousse and pulled the cling film off the top of the tub, climbing up to kneel between Harry's thighs with a determined glint in his eye.

Harry watched, shivering with delicious anticipation as Draco dipped his finger in to the gooey chocolate and smeared a line of it along Harry's collarbones. The mousse was cold on his skin and made his nipples tingle in response. Draco smiled down at him and dipped again, this time drawing his finger down the centre of Harry's chest leaving a cool, sticky trail. He carried on, dabbing a splodge on each erect nipple causing Harry to gasp and jerk, then another blob in his belly button. Finally he reached Harry's needy cock and painted it with a thick line of chocolate mousse from balls to tip.

"Fuck!" Harry gasped. "That's cold!"

"It won't be for long," Draco murmured, licking his lips as he sat back on his haunches to admire his handiwork. Harry's cock twitched in anticipation as he eyed Draco's impressive erection.

Draco swooped, and Harry was lost in the sensation of the warm tongue slurping and licking the path that his lover's chocolatey fingers had taken. As Draco worked his way slowly down, Harry began to whimper and his hips bucked up, his cock aching for Draco's touch. Draco swirled his tongue in Harry's navel then paused. He looked down at Harry, blonde hair falling over wicked grey eyes and pale cheeks flushed.

"Please Draco!" Harry whined, past caring how desperate he sounded. He was rewarded as Draco bent his head, and ran his hot wet tongue up from Harry's balls to the head of his cock. He stopped to lick a chocolate smear from his lips then repeated the action, more slowly this time, thoroughly licking and sucking his way up until Harry was pushing his hips up and tangling his hands in Draco's silky hair. As his mouth finally closed around the head Harry moaned at the pressure of Draco's lips and the hot flicker of his tongue, and clenched his fists in his lover's hair trying not to thrust.

"Gods, Draco... I'm so close," he could hardly get the words out "I need you, now... inside me."

Draco pulled away and cast a wandless lubrication charm, making his fingers slick and shiny. He prepared Harry quickly, both of them were impatient now. One finger was quickly replaced by two and soon Harry was groaning and pushing down on Draco's twisting, questing fingers, incoherently begging for more Draco and please... need your cock now.

As Draco pushed into Harry's tight entrance their mouths met for a moment in a hot mess of tongues and lips and clashing teeth. Harry arched up as he felt the wonderful stretching and burning sensation of being filled. Draco pulled back from the kiss and their eyes met, each wanting to see the other's face. Neither of them was in the mood to take it slowly now, Draco reached between them to fist Harry's cock, and began to slam into him forcefully, causing Harry to slide on the hard surface. Harry raised his hands and grasped the top edge of the table for purchase and pushed down to meet Draco thrust for thrust. The kitchen was filled with the sound of flesh slapping on flesh and grunts of pleasure. Harry felt the tension of his release building deep in his groin.

"Fuck... yes... Draco... fuck!" he threw his head back and his whole body tensed, as his cock pulsed out his release over Draco's hand and his belly. Draco followed him over the edge almost immediately, crying out hoarsely and twitching his hips as he emptied himself deep inside Harry, collapsing bonelessly on top of him.

Harry lay grinning vacantly at his kitchen ceiling in that beautiful post-orgasmic daze that comes after truly mind blowing sex. He felt Draco's fingers creeping down to entwine with his, and they lay in silence for a while just feeling each other breathe. When Draco shivered slightly Harry realised he was getting chilly too, and wordlessly apparated them straight into his bed. At times like this Harry truly appreciated being a wizard. A couple of quick cleaning charms and a warming charm later, they were wrapped around each other in a sleepy, satisfied cuddle.

"Who would ever have thought that we would end up like this?" Harry murmured. "Me and you, It's bonkers really isn't it?"

"It feels bloody perfect to me," Draco replied nuzzling into his neck. "I just wish we'd worked it out sooner, all that time we spent sniping and fighting and stalking each other back at school... we could have just cut to the chase and shagged each other silly instead." He stretched and yawned.

"Better late than never," Harry grinned sleepily and they both drifted off to sleep in a messy tangle of limbs, dark and blonde hair mingling on the pillows.

The End

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