He had touched it.

Italy was at Germany's house, the two rained in so they couldn't do training for the day. Normally, Germany wouldn't care if it were hailing the size of baseballs but after the hundredth 'Germany, it's cold! Let's go inside!' He finally relented and the two opted for sitting on the couch playing a game of twenty questions-which Germany was winning at.

"Okay, my turn!" Italy said cheerily and Germany sighed.

"Are you a plate of pasta?" The blond nation guessed. For the past three rounds that had been the correct answer.

"Wow, Germany! You're really good!" Italy smiled at his friend before he felt a pressure down below. Bathroom time. Italy excused himself and went to find the bathroom, happily humming a song he heard on the radio yesterday. When business was done the Italian walked out, only to run into Germany's older brother, Prussia. "Hi, Prussia!" he said happily.

"Hey, Italy. No training today?" The albino asked, smirking his trademark smirk.

"Nope. Hey, you want to join me and Germany in a game?" The brunette asked.

"How about...a game for just you and me?" Prussia asked and that's when he touched it-he grabbed Italy's curl.

Immediately the Italian tensed up and a deep blush spread across his face. "P-prussia...m-my curl..." He panted out taking a few steps back, Prussia coming with him.

"What's wrong, Feliciano?" Gilbert said, sliding his finger down the errant hair. Italy bit his lip, holding back a moan. He was then pressed up against the wall, Prussia's pelvis pressing into his vital regions.

"G-gilbert..." Italy stuttered then moaned loudly as the white haired nation wrapped his tongue around the curl and slowly slid it out of his mouth.

"What's wrong, Feli? You don't like my game?" Prussia purred into his ear then started dragging kisses down his jaw then back up to his ear. "Or is it...something else?" He hissed, feeling the Italian shudder underneath him. Slowly, the albino began to grind his hips against the smaller man, awarding him with another moan.

"P-prussia...we...caaaaa-" He he dragged the word out as Gilbert began to nibble on his neck then grabbed his hips. "We-we...c-c-can't..." he finally stuttered out.

"And why can't we?" Prussia growled seductively against his throat, pressing himself against Feli harder. The Italian moaned low in his throat, shaking his head slowly, racking his brain for the reason why they should stop.

"G-g-germany..." He stuttered out before Gil grabbed his chin and forced him to look in his eyes, leaning in so their faces were nearly touching.

"What about him?" He asked as their foreheads touched, lips inches apart.

"He'll get mad..." Italy whispered, lips trembling as though yearning for the touch of the other man's. Gilbert smirked and leaned in gently, pressing his lips against Feli's then pulled back. Italy whined gently then bit his lip, even more blush flooding his face.

"West doesn't have to know..." Prussia said then grabbed Italy's curl again, curling it around his finger. "Now...let me hear you say my name." He growled.

"P-prussia..." Italy whispered then moaned when his hair was pulled. He didn't know how much longer he could control himself before he just simply threw himself at the other nation with the words 'take me now'.

Gilbert smirked and pulled the curl once more, harder, then brought his other hand to the other man's pants. "Louder," he growled, narrowing his eyes lustfully.

"Prussia!" Italy moaned, looking into the man's red eyes which were blazing. He brought their lips together once more, harder with more passion. Gilbert's tongue slid over Feli's lips, the Italian opening his mouth to grant entrance. By the time Gil pulled back, they were both gasping for air.

Italy then arched his back as Gilbert began to rub the lump in his pants, a moan loud moan falling from his lips. "Prussia...I...Dios..." He wrapped his arms around the other man, nails digging into his back. "Gilbert..." He could feel the buildup of pressure and he closed his eyes, feeling like he was about to explode.

"What is it you want, Feli?" Gilbert purred, pressing harder.

"I-i-i..." Italy bit his lip, about to scream Gilbert's name-then he was clutching nothing. Opening his eyes, Italy saw that Gilbert had somehow disappeared. "G-g-g-gilbert..." He stuttered, looking around. He then sunk to the floor, holding onto his vital regions, a new pressure in his pelvis that had nothing to do with going to the bathroom.

A/N: So...yeah...um...don't know exactly what to say. First...M-rated thing. Um...uh...can you tell I'm a bit embarrassed here? It took me about three days to get the nerve to write this(which I should be working on other things instead of writing naughty PruIta fics). So...comments anyone? Oh and while I was writing this I was listening to the song 'Pony' by Genuwine. ~Ciao! Love Stripes!