A/N: Warning now: There is actual lemons in this chapter. Warning: actual lemons. That is all.

Italy gasped as he was roughly shoved into the wall, looking into Prussia's red eyes. "I am tired of this shit," Gilbert growled. "Back and forth all damn week. I am ending this once and for all." Grabing the Italian's curl, he yanked it, Feli bucking his hips at the sensation.

"E-ending?" He stuttered. "W-what do you m-mean?"

The white haired nation began to kiss up his neck then his jaw, ending at his ear and growled causing Feliciano to shiver. "Meaning me and you are going to go to my room and I am going to fuck you so hard your brother will cum." He hissed, twisting the errant hair between his fingers.

"Gilbert," Feliciano moaned, thankful the other nation had pressed him to the wall for his legs had began to shake. "I c-can't do that to-to Germany," He stuttered, breath coming in little pants.

"And why not," Gilbert growled, grinding their hips together, illiciting another moan from the smaller nation. "Are you telling me all this foreplay that's been going on all fucking week since I pulled your curl isn't cheating?"

"I-i...but you..." Italy whinned.

"That's what I thought," Pulling away, Prussia-still holding onto the poor man's curl-began to pull him away. "We're doing this whether you want it or not and don't you dare tell me you don't want it."

"I-i..." As much as it hurt him to even think about doing that-with Prussia of all people-a part of him...did want this. A part-a very large part admitidly-wanted to hear Gilbert moan just for him, to watch him sweat and pant and groan in pure ectasy while they rolled around togther. For a split second the thoughts whirling through his mind cuased him to forget Ludwig and the fact that having sex with his brother was in fact a bad thing.

Lost in thought Feli could just barely catch himself as he was tossed in Gilberts room and fell on the bed. Looking into the albino's lustfull eyes Feli began to susspect that playing Prussia's game all week might have been a bad idea-and that locking him to the bed after teasing him might have made him mad. But at the time he had only been thinking of revenge not the consequences of revenge. In hindsight that might not have been the best idea either. "P-prussia p-please don't..." He stutered before he was pushed back his head hitting the headboard.

"So you're telling me you don't want this?" Gilbert asked, climbing over the italian.

"N-n-n-ah!" Italy cried out as his curl was grabed again and pulled.

"That doesn't sound like a no," Prussia said, leaning in so his lips were near Feliciano's ear. "Tell me what you really want," he purred, once again pulling at the errant hair, the smaller nation moaning and bucked his hips.

"Gilbert...p-please," Italy said, closing his eyes tightly, trying hard not to give into the pleasure of the older nation's touch. It was just so hard when Gilbert was just so close.

"So you want me?" Prussia smirked, his hand-that wasn't grabbing the curl-groped Italy's southern reigons. "That can be arranged," He covered the smaller nations mouth with his own, feeling Feli's lips tremble but other wise remained unresponsive besides the few whimpers of pleasure that left his lips. This moment wasn't all too different from the first day he started this 'game' of his-Italy on the recieving end while he did most of the work. The only difference was Feliciano had been a bit more responsive last time. He could change that. "You're still a virgin aren't you, Feliciano?" Gil asked after he pulled back.

"N-no," Feli responded, cracking his eyes open, his breathing coming hard. As of a month ago Ludwig had cured of being a virgin any longer.

"Then act like it," Gilbert growled, grip tightening on the buldge in Feli's pants, the brown eyed man whimpering gently at the pressure. "Show me that side of you that I saw on Wednesday. Try to fight back at least." He began to rub at the buldge, noticing the look on the Italian's face-he looked incredibly close to the edge. Just what he wanted.

"G-g-gilbert..." Italy moaned, grabbing onto the Prussian's arm and pressed it harder against him. Gilbert smirked before letting go.

"Do something...or else I'm tying you to the bed." Italy's eyes flew open, shooting a glare that told Gilbert he had siad the right thing.

Gilbert then found himself laying on his back, an angred Italian crawling over his waist. "You wouldn't dare!" Feliciano hissed, nails digging into the Prussian's shoulder as he held him down with more strength than Gil thought he had.

"Try me," Gilbert goaded before Italy attacked his lips, thrusting his tongue into his mouth. The two wrestled for dominance, each pushing each other other's tongue back into the owner's mouth. Gilbert then took that time to flip them back over so he was back on top. "Sorry kid, but I am never on bottom." He statted, sitting up triumphantly. Grabbing onto his shirt, Italy pulled him back down kissing him fiercly before pulling away.

"There's a first time for everything," He panted, wrapping his arms around Prussia's neck and flipped them over again. The two stared each other down, waiting for the other to make another move. Gilbert then smirk.

"Can I ask you a question?" He suddenly said.

"What?" Italy asked, eyeing him warrily.

"You and West...who tops?" In the correct context it was Italy who had cured Germany of the virgin curse-even if they were both virgins- though Germany was the one to initiate the act.

"You're brother isn't as dominant as everyone thinks," Italy replied simply.

"After Wednesday, I sort of figured." Prussia said before once again, grabing onto Italy's weak spot and pulled it, the Italian moaning out. "But West," He tugged it again. "Isn't as awesome," And again. "As me," And again. Italy moaned, arching his back.

"S-stop. I'm going-going to..."

"Definitely not as awesome as me," With on more pull Feli dug his nails into Gilbert's shoulder, throwing his head back and cried out in ectasy. All the while Gilbert laughed and waited for the Italian to come back to him before throwing him onto his back and held him down.

"Oh...mio dios..." Italy panted, lacking the strength to try and reclaim his dominance over the white haired nation.

"Now let's try that again," Gilbert purred, shucking off his shirt. "I'm on top and that's final,"

"O-okay," Italy said. With a smirk, Gil swiped off Italy's shirt as well before eyes widened.

"Is that...a tattoo?" He asked, staring at the cross wrapped in a necklace chain tattooed on the side of Feli's ribs.

"N-no!" Feliciano protested, covering it with his hand.

"It is!" Gilbert said, removing the hand. "Not bad,"

"Please don't tell Romano. He'd kill me if he knew I had it."

"Don't worry, kid. Your secret's safe with me," Gilbert said, bending over to nip at the skin that looked as though it were still healing. Feli gasped, arching his back. "Kesese, I guess you like that?" Gilbert snickered, nipping at it again, Feli whining at the sensation. "What else don't I know about you, Feliciano? You top, you're kinky, you have a tattoo, and don't get me started on the foreplay. Show me something else I don't know."

"There's lots of things you don't know, Gilbert." Italy whispered, working his hands thought Gil's hair then pulled, the Prussian hissing. "Like if you don't stop biting me I'll show you why I top," he hissed.

"Fine then," Gilbert said, grabbing Feliciano's pants and pulled them down along with his underwear before flinging them to some unknown corner of the room. He then reached over to the bedside table and pulled out a tube of lube, slicking his fingers with the blue goop. "Let me show you what it's like to be on the recieiving end,"

"This is going to hurt isn't it?" Italy inquired then squeaked when he felt on eof Gilbert's fingers enter.

"Just a little," Prussia replied, adding another finger and began to stretch. "First rule of being bottom, relax or it's going ot hurt even worse."

"Maybe I'd relax more if your pants were off," Italy said innocently, grabbing his hips.

"And everyone think's you're so damn innocent," Gilbert said, as Italy worked on removing his pants. "How did you fool everyone?" He asked.

"It was eas-" He yelped as Gil's fingers brushed against his protast.

"I think you're ready now," Gilbert stated with a smirk, removing his boxers and positioned himself. Without warning he burried himself in the Italian who groaned at the sudden pain but also the unexpected pleasure. "Mien Gott, kid, you are an ass virigin."

"Sh-shut u-aaahhh!" Feli wrapped his arms around Gil's neck as the larger nation began to move. Each man moaned his pleasure, Feli closing his eyes then moaning when Gilbert began to speed up. "Gilbert!" He moaned loudly when his sweet spot was hit. His breathing began to hitch and he could feel the warmth begin to bubble up inside of him, making him call out louder.

Gilbert grunted gently with each thrust, loving each and every sound from Feliciano's mouth. He then hissed in a breath and pushed harder as Italy bit into his neck gently. "Feliciano," He growled, gripping the smaller nation's hips with one hand and grabbed his curl with the other. He growled lowly as Feli bit harder then moaned as his curl was anked.

"N-not faaaiiir," Italy moaned, bucking his hips out of rythem with Gilbert. "L-let go," Gilbert snickered, rolling the hair between his fingers all the while the moans got louder.

"Come on, Feli. Louder," He goaded him, curling and uncurling the hair around his finger.

"G-gilbert! Sto-stop!" He watched as Feliciano's eyes rolled into the back of his head and his gripped Gil tighter.

"Almost there," Gilbert purred in his ear, grabbing ono Italy's unattended memer and began to pump.

"I-" He gasped. "I-" He gasped again then-not moaned but screamed, calling Gilbert's name to the heavens over and over, his vision going white. Gilbert wasn't sure how long that lasted before he came too, though not as strong the Italian below him.

With a groan the white haired nation rolled over, holding the Italian closer to him. He closed his eyes in contentment letting his heart beat slow and listened to Feli whispering in Italian to himself. He tightened his grip around him and sighed. "Next time," Italy muttered sleepily, snuggling into the albino. "I'm on top,"

"We'll see about that," Gil figurerd he was just too tired to realize what he had said but Gilbert was too tired to correct him.

-Later that night-

"So, Gilbert, what did you and Italy do while I was away today?" Germany asked as the brother's sat down for dinner.

"You know, the usual. Watched some TV, ate some pasta, had mind blowing sex. All that good stuff," Prussia replied with a smirk. Ludwig rolled his eyes, taking a drink of his beer.

"You and your imagination, bruder." He mumbled.

'I wish this damn bruise on my neck was my imagination," Gilbert thought, rubing the sore spot on his neck. That wasn't going ot heal for a few days.

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