RANE - Unexpected

Reed wrinkled his nose at the piece of clothing dangling from his fingers, abruptly tossing it aside into a growing pile before burying himself back inside Shane's closet.

"Reed, relax." Shane cooed from behind him, kneading fingers into Reed's shoulders in what he hoped was a relaxing manner. "I'm sure tonight will be fine." He grinned convincingly, when in actuality, Shane was just as terrified, maybe even more. He knew Hilde to be an overcritical, overbearing, condescending person, if the number of glares she's sent his way throughout their first encounter was any indication. Shane had tried everything to gain her approval- learned as much designer names as he could, practiced proper table manners, asked Kurt for clothing advice, but it seemed Hilde was hell bent on hating him. Eventually, he learned to simply look presentable and say as little as possible in her presence.

Reed seemed to ease into Shane's touch, his eyes fluttering close and his shoulders sagging. He sighed. "Thank you." He smiled softly and turned to face Shane, encircling his arms around Shane's neck and blushing slightly at the close contact. "I know you're nervous. This really means a lot. I know how much you hate it when she visits."

"Wha- hate? I don't hate when she visits. I think she's lovely-"


"Well, hate is a strong word, really. Heavily dislike would be more appropriate, I think."

Reed laughed. "Well, whatever the case, I'm glad you're willing to do this for me."

Shane smiled softly, pulling Reed closer by the waist and rendering the boy red. "You know I'd do anything for you.. I'd even catch a grenade for ya." He sang with a grin, punctuating the line with a quick peck.

Reed giggled, placing another soft kiss on Shane's lips. "I'd rather you not catch any grenades any time soon." He sighed, reluctantly pulling away from the embrace and turning towards the disheveled closet. "Mother will be here in a few hours, and you're still not dressed."

"So grenade-catching will only be permitted once your mother leaves?" Shane raised a brow, amused.

Reed laughed. "Precisely."

"Good to know." Shane laughed, dropping himself on his bed and falling back. "Can't I just throw on a dress shirt and be done with it?"

Reed rolled his eyes, because honestly, his mother was a fashion editor. Anything less than a branded pair of socks was unacceptable. "Mother will strangle you with her Armani scarf."

Shane grimaced. "Charming old lady, isn't she?"

"Never ever call her old." Reed advised before retreating back into the closet. His eyes fixed on a particularly tasteful looking blazer hidden at the farthest region of the small space, probably stuck in there by Kurt and long since forgotten, by the looks of it. He slid it off the rack, immediately recognizing the work of Hugo Boss. Reed was appalled at the state it was in, and he was certain Kurt wouldn't be too happy either. A small note was taped on the lapel.

Consider this a gift ;) -Blaine

Oh. Reed wasn't sure why Blaine would give Shane a blazer, considering the last thing the boy would want as a gift was a piece of clothing. But he wasn't complaining. He would certainly help put Blaine's gift to good use.

He ran his fingers over the smooth fabric, dusting off any untraceable specks when his hand brushed against something hard. He patted the lumpy area twice before burying his hand in the pocket.

When he recoiled and took a proper look at the object, his breathing stopped.

A small, white, cushiony box.

Reed was too afraid to open it.

Hands trembling and knuckles paling, he slowly turned to face a curious Shane who sensed Reed's sudden emotional shift. When his green eyes met the box lying in Reed's palm, the blood drained from his face. His gaze nervously shifted from the box to the look on Reed's face- utter shock and confusion. Fingers clawed desperately at the sheets.

"What.." Reed said breathlessly, eyes trained on Shane.

Shane jumped off the bed, muttering curses under his breath and quickly snatching the box from Reed's open palm. He turned, his back facing Reed, and mentally scolded himself for being so stupid, for keeping it in such an obvious place, goddamnit. Now everything was ruined. All the years worth of preparations that lived up to this moment- all for nothing. He squeezed the wretched object in his hand. "You weren't supposed to see it.."

Reed couldn't think coherently, couldn't even breath in a proper pattern. "How.. How long have you..?"

Shane sighed, finally turning to face Reed. His eyes were slightly glassy and his lip was strewn between his teeth. The box was trapped in his trembling hands. "Three years." He said softly.

Reed released a shuddering breath.

Shane locked his gaze. "I was- I was waiting for the perfect time. I had it all planned out- the dinner, the roses, the violin player, the dancing. But with the move and the graduations and Kurt and Blaine getting married.. I even asked your mom-"

"You asked mother?"

"Y-Yeah. Three years ago. She said she didn't know what you saw in me," Shane blushed. "B-But if you were happy, then she was happy.." Shane paused. "I think part of the reason she doesn't like me is because it's taken me so long to propose. She probably thinks it was all a joke."

Reed exhaled heavily. He couldn't believe this was happening. It felt surreal. "Well?"

Shane looked up, expression so torn and defeated like Reed had already said no.

Reed grinned. "She really doesn't need to hate you for that anymore."

Shane's face broke into an expression of disbelief and gratitude and exhilaration before falling on one knee before Reed, and Reed felt like he was going to pass out from sheer bliss. "Reed Van Kamp. I still remember the first time I saw you. I was instantly smitten. I knew right then, that's the guy I want to marry. Seven years later, here we are. And I'm still thinking the same thing. Will you make it official and do me the honor of becoming my husband?"

Reed nodded vigorously through sobs. "Yes." He fell to his knees, throwing himself at Shane. "Yes." He buried his nose on the back of Shane's neck and pressed a soft kiss. "Yes."

Hilde strutted down the hall, heels clicking behind her. She truly disliked attending these uncomfortable dinners with her son and his significant other. Although, she had to admit, she enjoyed seeing the boy squirm beneath her glares. But he seemed utterly unworthy of the Van Kamp name. Honestly. Someone who dresses that poorly, and isn't even equipped with basic fashion knowledge simply does not suit her son.

But he seemed to make Reed happy.

Hilde sighed.

Once she reached her son's door, she knocked three times. And similar to the previous meetings, the door opened within three seconds.

But something was terribly different.

The boy, who usually sported a miserably painted smile, looked genuinely happy. He smiled at Hilde with what seemed like gratitude, although what for, Hilde wasn't sure. Shifting her gaze to her son, Hilde became more perplexed. Reed grinned at him as if Ralph Lauren had just personally asked him to lunch. Trailing her gaze down, she realized their locked hands.

And then it hit her.

"Oh, darling!" She cried, arms extending to pull Reed into a mother's embrace. "Congratulations, dear! Oh, this is just delightful!"

"What.. Mother- how did you know?" Reed asked, casting a sideways glance at Shane, who only shrugged helplessly.

"The ring, dear. It sparkled as brightly as your post-proposal smile." She grinned. "C'mere you." She gestured to Shane, who awkwardly shuffled forward into the embrace. Hilde did not have reservations in hugging her future son-in-law. When they pulled apart, Hilde turned back to Reed. "Oh sweetheart, you simply must let Lisa organize the wedding-"

"No, mother. My friend, Kurt, will be planning the wedding." Reed said with certainty, as if the prospect of anyone other than Kurt touching his wedding was unthinkable.

Hlide paused. As much as she wanted to protest, wanted to ask if this Kurt person had any experience at all in the field of wedding planning, or if his taste was up to par, Hilde resisted. Because her son was getting married. Her son was growing up, and he had a right to make his own decisions, whether Hilde agreed with them or not. Her only job was to be supportive. Hilde may be a bitch in the office, but she did not carry the same attitude when it came to her son.

"Alright, dear. You do what you think is best."

Reed, slightly surprised, nodded and smiled. "Thank you." He gestured to the dining room. "We should probably eat before Shane's cooking goes cold."

"Oh, you cook?" Hilde asked.

Shane, surprised at being addressed, nodded. "Uh, yes ma'am."

Hilde suppressed a grin. "Call me Hilde, dear."

Wide-eyed and a little uncertain, Shane scrambled for the proper words. "Um, okay.. Hilde."