Author: mynamemattersnot

Authors note: thanks to the people reading this really end authors note

Part Two House came up with a brilliant idea with his sheer will power. He became part narrator and made everyone disappear. "How's that you moron of a narrator?" House said in a mocking voice. House couldn't escape me just yet, since I had half of the narrator's seat. I brought out two big black pit bulls that wouldn't disappear. Part Two Continued...

Part Two Continued...: In an instant, House fought back and he made his cripple factor disappear. Without any pain, he ran and eventually lost the crazy blood hungry pit bulls. Part Two Again As You Guessed It: Then, I, the narrator, made everyone House had some dislike to appear. There was Twitter, Volger, Big Love, Foreman, and Cuddy. He couldn't run this time because I, the narrator, had restored my full narration powers, made House a cripple again, and strapped him to a chair with unbreakable chains. What will House do to escape the tortures of clinic duty?

Part Two And Your Pain Will Never End: This was it! The narrator had won! It was about to happen, when House got very lucky. Something magical happened that could only happen in New Jersey. The characters of Jersey Shore appeared, whoever they are, but I, the narrator, know not their names. My hatred for Jersey Shore was so bad I sent House's enemies to chase after them

House might have still been stuck to the chair, but the dangers of clinic duty was over as far as he knew it. A tiger appeared by him and broke the unbreakable chains but little did House know it was me, the narrator, disguised as a wild tiger. I might have his enemies chasing the characters of Jersey Shore, but he couldn't stop my ultimate malevolency.

Part Two As Far As You Know: The readers then cursed the narrator for another part two, giving her away, and House unleashed his anger by calling her every insult in the book. So the narrator, which is me, put him in the Ripley's World Records for most insults said to one person. Then brought he hated nemesis, The Press. Du duh da, but I have an early birthday present for all you fantastical readers...

The Press wasn't nice and flashed his cameras into House's face till he went blind. Then a miracle for House happened again, and the Jersey Shore characters attacked Mr. Press. In an instant, I ate the characters of Jersey Shore, while Dr. House got away as fast as a blind cripple could. Author's

Note: I have no kind of ownership of Jersey Shore or its characters. Many thanks to Chessie13 who is posting this. Review please. 8D!