Wake Up Tuffnut

Who hasn't gone to extreme lengths to wake someone up?

~9:00 a.m.~

Ruffnut woke up like she normally did, for her it was easy.

However, her first order of business was not.

Tuffnut was still sleeping in his bed left of hers.

Her job was to wake him up before noon, otherwise he'd be up all night.

"Okay," she sighed "let's do this."

She walked over to his bed.

"Tuffnut," she said "Tuff!"

She started shaking him, but he still laid there snoring.

"You son-of-a...oh!" she growled

She picked up a hammer and a shield and held them next to his head.

"Wake! Up!" she shouted banging the hammer against the shield

Again it didn't.

"Lazy slob." Ruff muttered

Then their Zippleback Cinder and Tinder woke up.

"What's going on?" Cinder asked

"I'm trying to wake my slothful brother." Ruff stated

She picked up a shovel for fireplace coals.

"Ruff no!" Cinder scolded

"Come I was just kidding..." Ruffnut said "kind of."

She put the shovel down.

She picked up one of her boots and threw it at him.

He moved, but he just pulled his pillow over his head.

"Oh it's on." Ruff growled

She grabbed his feet and started pulling him, but he just grabbed his head board.

"Get! Up!" Ruff cried

She let go, and fell on the floor.

Ruff stood next to the bed and started screaming, but Tuff tried hard to ignore her.

"Don't pretend you can't hear me!" Ruff yelled

Their parents could hear her yelling from down stairs.

They didn't have to wake up early because adults worked at night.

"Honey," Mrs. Thorston said to her husband half awake "your daughter is yelling."

"Yes," he replied to his wife "but it's only because your son won't wake up."

After three minutes of screaming, Ruffnut went with a better tactic.

"Alright," she said outright "time to get...rough!"

She pulled off Tuffnut's covers and stacked a whole bunch of stuff up.

"Ruffy," Cinder asked Tensely "what are you doing?"

"Going with the last resort to wake my lazy oaf brother." Ruffnut replied climbing up her pile

"I can't watch this." Cinder said covering her eyes while Tinder continued watching

"Okay," Ruff said standing up on the stack "Tuff, wakey! wakey!"

Tuffnut opened his eyes halfway, seeing what she was about to do.

"No, Ruff, wait..." he tried to say

Ruffnut dove off the pile of stuff and landed on top of him.

"Ahhh! My ribs!" Tuffnut cried

"Good morning." Ruffnut said pleasantly

Can't you just feel the sibling love.