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Spoilers for episode 18 season 6


Two bottles on the table. One is full, ash and cinders, all that was left of the phoenix. One is nearly empty. Samuel Colt stares at both of them. He knows by now that no amount of the liquid from the second bottle will change the facts – he has a bottle full of phoenix ashes, and 150 years into the future, a namesake who needs it.

In his hand, a device that blinks and bleeps when he presses the tiny buttons. Samuel has managed to make it show him a list of addresses, and the one he needs is copied down on a scrap of paper, waiting for the day he feels like riding back into town to get a package sent. It won't be anytime soon, but it's not like he's in a hurry. 150 years – it's all kinds of crazy, but there's no reason not to believe it.

Samuel empties the bottle of whiskey in one big gulp and presses some more buttons on the device. Ringtones it says and Samuel thinks it's lucky he doesn't have any neighbors. He keeps pressing the buttons; he has nearly gotten the hang of navigating this thing.

Games, it says.

It takes about three years for Samuel to get around to sending the package off, finally accepting that he's unable to come up with anything to bring the device back to life. Pity. He was just about to beat Sam's highscore in Snake when it turned off.