Jett was running to the set of Silverstone, when he suddenly bumped into Kayla.

"Hey Kay," Jett said.

"Oh, hey, sorry, I didn't see ya coming," Kayla replied.

"It's ok."

They stood there in a moment of silence till Jett realized that he was gonna be late for the show. He started running, but something caught his eye, and he stopped.

"Jett! Jett! Watch out." Kayla screamed.

There was a bus coming straight at Jett. Then the screeching breaks of the bus stopped from running over Jett. Jett had at that time rolled away, into the grass.

"Jett, are you ok?" Kayla screamed over the street.

Jett did not answer. He was just laying there, face down. Moments passed by, and Kayla ran across the street. The bus at that time had stopped, and the driver was running out of the bus as well as many people in their cars passing by.

"Jett, answer me. Are you ok?" Kayla again said to Jett as she approached him.

"Oh my God," shouted an old lady, " That's Jett Jackson, the sheriff's son. Quick, call 911."

It was minutes until the sheriff's car quickly pulled up. Wood Jackson threw open the car door, and went to his knees by Jett.

"Jett! Son! Wake up! Are you ok?" screamed Sheriff Jackson as he was knelt over his son.

In a moment, the ambulance arrived, and by the time they had Jett in it, he started to wiggle his fingers.

"Wait! LOOK! Jett's moving. He's gonna be ok," Kayla shouted as she was sitting in the ambulance near Jett's side.

As they arrived at the hospital, Jett was conscious, and knew exactly what happened. He was released and was back to school and on set a few days later. I guess he really truly is Silverstone inside him.