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Shane and Claire – Romance, hurt, comfort

Chapter 1 –

Shane's P.O.V


She was in front of him in his arms and he was tracing circles on her back and she turned to face him and whispered "hey baby"

"hey babe" he whispers back and kisses her shoulder gently scraping his teeth along and she smiles widely.

"I was thinking about something"

"What were you thinking Claire?"

"Well your good at video games right? You know what makes a good game and your smart, your not happy in your job, why don't you go to college and study game design?"

he sat up and looked at her and she looked so worried he thought to himself why does she look like that? He leaned down and kissed her softly on the lips and he smiled

"Claire that is the best idea I've ever heard!"

she smiled and jamp on him and kissed him hard he pushed her onto the bed kissed her neck and she moaned gently

"if this is what I get for good ideas im gonna think of more!"


Shane hadn't left his room since it happened, he was broken and nothing could help not drink, not sex, nothing, alcohol just made him sadder and to even think about touching another woman seemed unbearable how was he ever going to get over it! He couldn't think straight he was . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . broken, Claire was dead she was gone and he was never going to touch her, smell her, kiss her nobody was ever going to match his Claire.

Eve knocked on his door and whispered through a broken voice an apology and asked if she could come in, Shane didn't even answer he couldn't he couldn't even form words anymore.

Claire's P.O.V

All I can do is watch I've tried to touch him but I just can't it breaks my heart that he's like this, I knew he loved me and I love him more than anything on this earth and he's so heartbroken I need to fix this but how? Think Claire you didn't get an early placement to university for your good looks!

Everyone in the house is moving on still going to work at least, im still missed and thought of but im glad they are moving on, all except Shane, I don't know how to help him, I cant help him and god knows I've tried!

I thought that maybe with Michael being all vampified that he would maybe be able to at the very least sense me but ive touched him and been in the room with him but nothing happens! I FUCKING HATE BEING DEAD! I can't help my friends, poor Eve breaks down all the time and its straining her and Michaels relationship and Michael he's holding up, being the strong one in the bunch the pillar but hes crumbling from inside his best friend is a zombie, he hasn't came out his room since I died and Michael and Eve go up and try to talk to him in his room, I sit and listen and watch his tears fall.

He never was afraid to cry in front of me – if only he knew I was there!