Myrnins P.O.V

Walking through the portal and the most intoxicating smell hit me and I looked around the room and there she was staring at me like I was some Greek Adonis – now don't get me wrong I'm pretty damn sexy but its just rude to stare – I walked over to her slowly and like a stalker and that irritating Shane Collins tried to stop me well without Claire he had no chance in hell I wanted this girls blood and I was going to get it. I threw Collins to the wall and he was knocked unconscious and this little beautiful girl let out the most alluring scream – hadn't anyone told her this room was sound proofed? – I grabbed her quick and covered her mouth

"Now now my darling please don't scream this will only hurt for a moment and I havnt had fresh blood in so long please do not make this an unnecessary hassle" I forced her to look into my eyes and she instantly calmed and I sank my teeth into her soft white flesh and she had the sweetest most delectable blood.

I wiped my mouth and walked off back into the portal I forgot what I came here for and I shall have to use that wretched device and contact Amelie and let her know of my . . . indiscretion.

Claires P.O.V

I watched as Isis's soul left her body.

"Isis wait before you leave what am I gonna do?"

"Take my body Claire he hasn't completely drained me so as long as Shane wakes up soon and gets me to hospital for a blood transfusion I should be ok" I wasn't sure how to do it but I may as well take her up on the offer huh?

I stepped to the body and I slowly sunk into it and I took my first human breathe in what felt like ages! And as I did Shane awoke and my eyes flew open and I hugged him but I was so weak and I could only whisper but I doubt her heard he picked me up so fast and ran with me to the hospital.

A few days later lying in hospital I had Eve and Michael and Shane surrounding me and I couldn't contain my laughter or my smile and they just looked at me as if I was insane.

"Oh my god you guys don't know do you?" Eve turned to me and said

"Don't know what Isis?" I replied in a hushed whispered voice

"I'm Claire I'm not Isis Myrnin killed her she just left her body and I just kinda stepped in" again vacant insane looks and Eve turned to me and said

"If your really CB then tell me something only CB would know – about each of us"

"Erm ok well first Michael was a ghost who only came at night and Shane thought he was a vamp, Shane's sister was murdered by Monica Morrell cause he wouldn't touch her with a barge pole and Eve your brother's a psycho vamp hater whos tried to kill us both on a few occasions" with that they all just look at me with a look of complete shock and next thing im covered in hugs and kisses but Shane's is the last and the best by far he turns to me and says

"So do I still have to by that chocolate and ice cream you like?" to which I reply


The end

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