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"Talbain, Jonathan Talbain" is the first part of the "A Talbain Tail" series that I am writing. "Her Name Is Blue" is a prequel while "Lilium" would be its squeal. Thank you for reading.

Chapter 1: 11:00 pm

It took a second for my mp3 player to turn on as I had to forcefully shut it down. "That's what I get for letting my sister borrow it…" I thought.

The clock on the recessed wall that leads into the kitchen read 10:47 at night.

Currently, it was only my mother, father and I at home as my younger sister, Lily, was out with some guy from her third hour class. I knew the guy, spoiled and over dramatic.

My mother, Felicia, sat on our love seat knitting something while humming to Heart's Heartbreaker that played in her head, as she twirled the needle in and out of the yarn.

My father, Jon, sat on our couch and shook his foot and tapped his fingers on the sofa's arm loudly, annoyed that his daughter was 47... No, 48 minutes late coming home.

I sighed when I saw that Lily had deleted half of my music to make space for hers without telling me. The clock now read 10:49 when I glanced at it.

Nobody said anything as all three of us sat in the living room waiting for my sister to come home. A car drove by slowly but stopped across the street as the neighbors came home.

"Fuck it!" Said my father as he stood up and changing to his werewolf form, when the big hand of the clock hit the number 10 "I'm going to get her".

His body hair extended in patches until it engulfed his entire body. Most of his body now had blue fur. His hands and feet shifted to look more like claws as his naturally silver hair shifted and extended to become the fur on his, now, muzzled face and chest. His ears appeared on top of his head as they flicked twice and became familiar with the natural sounds of the house.

"Jon" snapped my mother, placing what she was doing on her lap. "Can you let her take her time?" My mother was in human form at the moment. She wore a knee length dressing gown and stockings as the night was cold. Her feet were tossed on her side as she lay on the love seat. Her extremely long blue hair was tied into a ponytail that needed at least five bands that were about a foot apart.

"Felicia, it's almost 11, fucking, o'clock and she hasn't as much called us!" My father shouted, his voice was dark and demanding. His voice always frightened my sister and me when we were younger. My mother never seemed phased by it.

"Jon, you're not going anywhere, besides you don't even know where she is."

"I do." I said casually.

"Shut up, Jonathan. Neither of you are going anywhere." She snapped then continued knitting.

My father started to say something then noticed me looking at him. His lip upper lip, or what should have been, twitched and he motioned his head to the side. He surreptitiously told me to go and get her.

"Imma go to my room." I said to no one in particular and stood up then walked up the stairs and headed to the right and into my room.

"Every damn time she goes out you have to-" I heard my mother start as I closed my door and the rest was muffled.

I quietly opened my window and turned to look at the mirror attached to the door leading into my closet.

The reflection of a 6', 17 year old teenager stared back. I had long black hair on an almost squared face. My arms showed some muscle as my best friend and I took advantage of the high school's gym. I took a deep breath and did as my father and changed into my werewolf form.

My fur was similar to his but mine was primarily black but had a lot more blue in the chest area and white outlines around the blue. My hair changed to a spiky blue as my ears slid upwards and extended to form the ears of the werewolf. My mouth slowly extended forward and became a muzzle that stood about six inches long. My hands and feet extended a few inches and changed to resemble the claws that my father had. My legs arched forward and I no longer stood straight as they bent in two places; Knee and heel.

I turned to look outside but stopped when I saw the 16 year neighbor looking back at me. I smiled and she waved at me. She was the only other person that wasn't afraid of me. She was the only other person that wouldn't be afraid of me as she thought of my werewolf abilities to be cool.

I jumped out of my bedroom window and onto the tree that stood right next to her window. She wore a simple sleeping shirt and some sweat pants that would have showed off some curves is she wasn't a scrawny girl. Her long and straight brown hair was cut short and even just passed her ears.

"Going somewhere?" she asked. She was the kind of girl that you would consider cute and not pretty, or beautiful or ravaging. She hardly wore makeup as because she didn't need it. Her light brown eyes reflected the half-moon that sat in the sky behind me.

"Just for a stroll..." I replied and shifted slightly on the branch that I sat in.

"Can I come?" She asked suspiciously.

"Sure, but if I keep carrying you everywhere, I'm going to start calling you my backpack." I replied, smiling.

"Umm… I think I'll just walk next to you then." She laughed out.

"You think that you could keep up." I replied looking into her eyes.

"Never mind, don't hurt him too bad." She replied and stroked my muzzle slight as then closed her window and waved goodnight. I waved back as she closed the curtains, I never told her that the vision of my werewolf eyes provided let me see passed her light pink curtains.

I smiled and looked to the other side of the street as I heard a noise. A girl stared at me from behind a tree then noticed me staring at her and disappeared behind the trunk. I squinted then shrugged and took off into the night.

I enjoyed doing three things in the world:

Hanging out with my best friend.Talking with Christine and,Making my sister mad. I did this one in a daily bases.