Bonus Chapter 2: An Unfriendly Memory

I lay in bed with Christine by my side. It was OUR bed; everything was "ours." Six years had passed and I was now 25. Neither of us said anything as we stared into the ceiling with a blank stare. Christine shifted every now and then even though I didn't. I was in my human form; I didn't want to smell period blood with my werewolf nose.

"Jonathan..." she started and I moved my head to look at her serious expression. "Why me? Why did you choose me?"

Our faces were about an inch and a half from each other.

I smiled and brushed some hair from her face and stared into her blue eyes.

"You were the one who chose me, remember?" I replied.

She didn't always get sentimental during her time but I always chose my words carefully around her when she did.

She chuckled and shifted a little.

"You could have chosen Samantha, she liked you. Melissah even. Another girl, a Darkstalker even but you chose me, why?" She continued.

"I didn't want anyone else, I wanted you." I replied and smiled.

She smiled and looked back at me. "Listen, sorry that I'm such a pain, during these times and if you-"

I kissed her so she wouldn't finish that sentence. I didn't like this side of her. She seemed shy and evasive, contrite even.

"You accepted me as I am," I started "so I accepted you, even though you're psycho, moody and can scare the crap out of me at times," She smiled and I along with her, "and I know that you could be contrite at times but I want you to know..." I kissed her again, "I want you to know that I love you and nothing will ever change that."

She blushed and mouthed the same words to me but couldn't speak the words.

Soft tapping could be heard from the door.

"Mommy, daddy, can we come in?"

"Yeah, baby, come in." I replied and we both slowly got out of bed.

I walked to the door as it slowly swung open. A little girl stood there with one hand on the door and the other was enclosed around her younger brother's hand.

Both children had light brown wolf ears coming out of their heads, along with matching wolf paws that substituted their hands and feet.

I bent down, closer to the girl's level. "Michael had a bad dream..." She said quietly.

"And he had his big sister to protect him." I patted both of their heads playfully then took the boy into my arms; he normally held a stuffed frog while he was frightened. He would never admit it, of course, but it was easy to tell.

It was eleven at night as we sat on the kitchen table as we ate cookies and drank milk.

My father told me that having a woman changes a man; he never said anything about the kid's though. It was easy to see that Christine had changed me and not in a bad way.

"Daddy, can you show us to be human again, tomorrow?" My daughter asked.

My sister always did say I would have a daughter that is every bit as stubborn yet fun to be around, she also recommended the name Helena.

Helena Joanne Talbain was I oldest child. She was born three weeks early and almost gave Christine and me a heart attack when she died for a minute the following day. She was a werewolf, like me, but her fur was completely brown with the exception of the white patches on the tips of her ears and tail. Her brown hair now reached down to her back.

"I'll try and show you, before I show Michael, because you're about to start school next month." I patted my son who was busy trying to pull out a cookie that had fallen into his milk glass.

There weren't any complications when Michael was born. My youngest son was a year and two months younger than his sister. His light brown slowly waved back and forth as the ac kicked on. His fur was a slightly darker shade of brown, but unlike his sister, there weren't any different colored tips or patches. His hair was short as I cut it a few days ago.

Half an hour passed and both children were asleep at the table. I held Christine close as we watched Michael paw at the air as if he was trying to touch something in his dream.

I drove home from work a month later. My phone rang and vibrated in my pocket. I almost drove off the road as I tried to pull the phone out of my pocket.

"Hey, what's up?" I asked Christine who fumbled the phone a little. She had wanted to go to the beauty parlor for weeks now. So she, Lily, and both our mothers made plans to go today.

"Hey, Jonathan" started Christine on the other end, "we're still here. I dropped Michael and Helena at your sister's, can you pick them up?"

"You got it, what color did she paint this time?"

"Purple." She whispered.

I laughed, "Classic, alright I'll see you at home."

"Love you."

"I know..."

I closed the phone and threw it onto the passenger seat then made a u-turn and got on the freeway.

I looked around at the calm and sophisticated neighborhood, that Jeff swore that he would never live in, as I drove by. I finally reached a blue and white house in the corner.

"Cabrones, calm down! ¡Iris, Sam, sientense! ¡Los voy a agarrar a putasos a los dos! Hey put that down!" I heard someone say as I rang the doorbell. The door opened and Jeff stood on the other side, he smiled when he saw me. "Jonathan! What is up?"

"Jeff, my man!" I replied as we side hugged each other.

I didn't make it two steps passed the door when two kids moved to block my path, while exclaiming "uncle Jonny!"

"Iris, Sam, how are you guys?" I asked as I bent down and hugged them.

Sam was Jeff's oldest son, he is about to be five years old. He was also a wolf Darkstalker with fur that looked a lot like my father's. My father actually thought of the name "Sam." He said that he was going to name me that but my mother preferred Jonathan so my sister and Jeff agreed on the name Samuel Ignacio Gonzales.

Iris was their second child. She was three, about to be four in a few three months. She was a regular three year old girl, with the exception of her tabby colored fur, ears, paws and tail. Jeff always did want a daughter, he also wanted to name her Ramira but Lily promised that she would divorce him if he did so they decided on Iris Lillian Gonzales.

I looked around then at Jeff "Where's Manuel?" I asked.

"He's taking a nap..." Jeff replied.

""With the noise you guys were making?"

"He's a weird one..."

"I'd say..."

Manuel was Jeff and Lily's youngest son. He was an interesting child as he didn't show any physical traits of being a Darkstalker, although his hearing and other senses did resemble that of a werewolf. Jeff convinced Lily on the name Manuel Vicente Gonzales II, after his late father.

All three of Jeff's children had black hair, brown eyes and dark skin. Jeff was of Mexican descent, so my niece and nephews are half-Hispanic. I didn't mind in the least but I never imagined that Lily would fall for a guy simply because of his skin color.

"Daddy!" I heard Helena and Michael say as they ran in my direction and threw their arms around me.

I smiled and grabbed them both then lifted them off the ground. They giggled as I bounced them playfully as they sat in my arms.

"So how's it like living with my sister?" I asked Jeff as we sat on the sofa as we watched a football game.

Christine and I moved in together four years ago. It wasn't easy, especially on my mother as she got depressed for a few weeks. Jeff followed us and took Lily with him. I lived an hour and a half from my parents' house and 20 minutes away from Jeff.

"It's interesting... I didn't know that she got that mean when she was mad."

"Yeah, well you chose her..." I sipped from the cup of soda that Jeff had provided.

My sister married Jeff before their second child was born. Jeff never had a female in his household as he was raised by his father since he was three. He actually forgot about that fourth week until Lily moved in. The poor guy spent a few days in my house every month, during their first year of being together.

I heard the kids running around upstairs and someone actually hit a wall. Both Jeff and I looked at the ceiling and decided that it must have been nothing since there wasn't any crying.

The program changed to news right after a player intercepted the ball and was 20 yards from a touchdown.

"This is breaking news, a man claiming to be from an organization called "Darkstalkers" has called a press conference outside of city hall today. Hello I'm Will Robbins and this is breaking news."

Jeff and I stared at each other then looked back at the TV.

"We go live to the press conference, already on its way, where a man named Retuley Arison is talking about a group of people called Darkstalkers."

"That fool lives down the street." Jeff pointed out as he bit off a piece of beef jerky that his wife didn't know that he kept around the house.

The picture changed to show a crowed standing outside of the City Hall building as a man talked into a microphone that stood on top of a quickly improvised stand. The man was in his mid 30's, short and large around the midsection: a perfectly normal man.

"...are like you! We eat and sleep and work!"

"What exactly is a Darkstalker?" Asked a female reporter.

"A Darkstalker is a person who has abilities. I've seen people turn into animals! I saw a man who turned into a bird. One of my younger neighbors is married to one and they have three vary beautiful children!"

I looked at Jeff who gave me a "what" look.

"A Darkstalker could also be a person with certain powers, whether it is telepathy, or invisibility or-."

"So they're X-Man?" Said a man in the front portion of the crowed and laughter broke out.

The man named Retuley Arison lifted a hand and the man who said that now levitated a few feet from the ground in an upside-down position. Gasps emerged from the group as people backed away from the floating man who was slowly placed back into the ground.

"For the most part, we are regular people like all of you." He started again and sat down in mid air.

"For the most part?" Asked the same man who was levitating a minute ago. "So the rest of you are deranged lunatics who wish people harm?"

"That could be said about humans too, sir." He replied in a cocky tone, "What makes a literal monster different from a figurative one?" Everyone stared at the man who levitated but that was all he had to say.

My phone rang twice then stopped; I pulled it out and looked at it. I had a missed call from Christine so I called her back. The phone range and rang and it was finally answered.

"Christine, what's going-" I started but was interrupted by a recording.

"Hi, this is Christine Talbain. Sorry that I missed your call, please leave you're na-" I hung up the phone and tried again.

"What's wrong?" Asked Jeff"

"Christine just called me but she isn't answering her phone..." I replied as I tried for a fourth time.

"Hi, this is Christine Talba-"

"Hmm..." Jeff replied as he tried calling Lily.

I paced as I called over and over but still couldn't get her to answer.

"Jonathan..." Started Jeff.

"Hi, th-"

"Hold on..." I replied trying as I grew impatient.

"Jonathan!" He practically yelled.

"What!" I turned and looked at him who didn't say anything. We stood in silence as I heard a familiar voice coming from the TV.

"Hello Jonny boy, I know you're watching..." I turned to look at the TV and saw a familiar face. "It's your old buddy, Rewall."

"Hi, this is Christine Talbain. Sorry that I missed your call, please leave your name and number and I'll call you back. Thank you!" I let my phone drop to the carpet as I recognized the face.

Rewall was the Darkstalker we fought in Huyton Industries when I went to rescue Christine a few years back. We never actually searched for his body that was supposed to be in the elevator where another Darkstalker speared him with his horns.

"A mysterious man appeared. He calls himself 'Rewall'. He has an unconscious woman with large blue hair, and what looks like cat ears, under his arm."

My heart stopped as the camera moved downwards to show my unconscious mother being held by Rewall's long and slender arm.

A second man appeared from the crowed. He was large and muscular; he looked like he was half gorilla. I felt my heart stop when I saw that he wore my unconscious sister around his neck like she was nothing more than a scarf. Her, now, purple hair shone around the man's neck. The man looked at Rewall and pointed to my sister's limp body while smiling and giggling but Rewall simply stared back. The man also had the unconscious bodies of Christine and her mother under his right arm.

A third man appeared. He seemed vary poise and elegant as he moved to stand next to Rewall. He seemed normal enough but his poise and elegant stance hinted that he wasn't a mere human.

I saw Jeff stand up and move towards the door. He wore a shocked and angered expression on his face.

I grabbed his hand and he flinched then looked at me.

"Let go, Jonathan." He said as he reached under the coffee table and pulled out a 9mm pistol then holstered it inside the back part if his pants.

I let go and stood up. "No, you need to stay here... Take care of the kids."

"No, I can't just let that bastard do that to our families; man."

"I know, but we can't just leave the kids by themselves."

"They'll be fine, now let me go!" he pulled out the gun and pointed it at me. I knew he wouldn't shoot; he never was good at bluffing.

"I'll go." I said as I walked closer until the shaking barrel of the gun was touching my chest.

He sighed and lowered the gun, "I feel useless next to you guys, Jonathan. Why wasn't I a Darkstalker?" He asked as he looked at his hands.

"It's because you're not a monster."

My phone rang again and I raced for it. It was from Christine so I answered but Rewall's voice sounded through it before I could say anything, "You got one hour to get here, Jonathan... Or else your mommy might lose her head." He hung up and threw the phone backwards, into the crowed. He wrapped his hand around my mother's hair and lifted her off the ground then dropped her in one side of the stage.

I hear myself growl loudly as I shifted to my werewolf form. I heard movement and looked towards the stairs where my daughter stared back at me.

"Baby," I started "I need you to stay here and take care of Michael, I'll be back."

She quickly nodded and walked back upstairs.

A camera man moved closer to Rewall in hopes of getting a better view. Rewall looked at the man the slashed him quickly which made the camera dropped as the camera man's head could be seen rolling by.

People yelled in panic as they tried running away but a large number of Darkstalkers in various forms, along with ordinary people who held guns, enclosed them all in. A man tried running at them and a woman shot him in the head as she laughed historically.

"Jeff... If I don't make it... I want you to take care of Helena and Michael.

"Fool, if you don't make it, I'll bring you back from the dead and kick your ass for trusting my irresponsible ass with your pups." He replied as we side hugged once again and I took off.

I quickly jumped on all fours and headed down town. I ran passed cars and motorcycles as if they were nothing but couldn't help but notice the people who stared at me as I passed by. My father wouldn't have approved of what I was doing but I needed to get there quickly.

I sat on top of the City Hall building and looked down at Rewall who had placed my mother's body next to him on the floor. The other two men had placed Christine and her mother by a tree. Lily was still wrapped around the gorilla man's neck. He wiped sweat off his brow and cleaned himself on his pants, shirt and even wiped some on my sister's body. I chuckled and thought of the fun I could have with that but remembered the task at hand.

I tried thinking of a plan then realized that I had already jumped off the four story building and landed on the stage where the man was giving the announcement. He now lay on the floor as Rewall kicked him aside.

The general crowed yelled and shifted with horror as they saw me, a werewolf. Rewall and his goons turned to look at me as I dusted myself off and moved closer.

"Ah, my good friend. How have you been Jonny boy?" Started Rewall striking a pose.

I didn't say anything. Instead I tried counting the ring of people and things that stopped the crowed from leaving: there were at least 78 men and 50 something Darkstalkers.

I looked at Rewall who flinched for a second then rushed at me. I quickly threw myself at him and bit his left arm. He yelled as I let go and he then hit the floor and rolled a few times. I heard movement behind me then Rewall lifted his hand to signal for his people to not interfere then he got up and smiled. He shifted into his real form; his hands elongated into claws as large black leathery wings extended from his back. His neck extended an inch and a half as his limbs each seem to grow by a few inches. His face was now a light shade of black; his eyes were replaced with a dim flame and skin seemed to be missing at certain places which made him seemed more like a skeleton than a man.

His chest had scratches and cuts that formed several Celtic and Druidic patterns as well as some I didn't recognize. A large burn now stood where he was speared during our last encounter.

We both jumped at each other again but his blades found my shoulder this time which made me howl as he tore into my flesh. I punched his jaw quickly as which made him let go and stop in mid air as I fell backwards. He smiled and now stood right in front of me. He moved to stab me but I quickly grabbed his hands and looked at him but to my surprise he smiled and tilted his head then flew upwards. I held on as he then thruster us backwards impossibly quick and slammed me back first into the City Hall building.

I slat blood as he let me go and I hit the floor. Rewall crouched down next to me and smiled.

"I've been waiting for this for years, Jonny boy..." he taunted me, "you clowns humiliated me back then... You thought you won?" He put his face next to mine "I never lose!"

I head butted quickly so he was forced to back away. It took every ounce straight I had left to jump at him and knock him down, I growled but stopped when he slashed my face once. Blood covered my face as I faced him again. I quickly opened my mouth and positioned it around his neck and bit down but his skin was thick and hurt me to keep it up.

Rewall yelled and snapped his fingers. Instantly someone slammed something on my back which made me loosen my grip on Rewall's neck. He hit me again and again as I slowly turned to see the gorilla man, with my sister around his neck, punch me over and over with his huge arms.

I felt someone kick me on my side; the third man never took his hands out of his pockets as he struck me over and over again. I felt rib and bones breaking as I grunted in pain.

I heard Rewall walk up and stand on top of me, he held a giant scythe on his right hand now, it seemed heavy but he carried it effortlessly.

He spun the scythe once and smiled. "First I'll kill you, then your family, but I think I'll keep your sister, she's fun."

I heard the gorilla man chuckle and caress my sister's unconscious body with one massive hand.

I growled and forced myself to stand but the gorilla man punched me in the face, which left me dizzy, sick and laying back on the ground.

"You lost, Jonny boy..." Rewall said and raised his scythe, held it on top of him then let it fall.

I flinched when I heard the scythe hill concrete but I didn't feel it ever touch me. I heard shuffling footsteps as they moved away from me.

I opened my eyes and looked to my right. Rewall forced himself to stand up; he now stood a good 12 feet from me. A man in a light blue dressing shirt tackled him to the floor and jumped back. Rewall flipped and flew in the air as the man punched Rewall in the face while he was in mid air then jumped on the fallen Rewall and scratched his chest a several times.

The gorilla man now stood next to the attacker, he picked the man up then head butted him once. My vision slowly came into focus as I saw Richard Oblivion trying to shake free from the gorilla man's grip.

The man lifted his hand to punch Richard when a woman in a long skirt and t-shirt jumped on the gorilla's back and slashed at him a few times with her claws and bit him in the arm. It was Alexandria Oblivion, she bit and dug her claws into the man so she could hold on to him and slashed him with her legs repeatedly.

The man yelled and dropped Richard who landed on all fours then tackled the gorilla man into the wall. The man didn't seem phased at all by any of their attacks; he simply punched at Richard and tried to reach Alexandria. I saw the third man walk forward and hold his hands up, instantly the floor where, Richard and Alexandria stood a second ago, disintegrated. The pair didn't notice the attack so the man aimed again.

I moved to try and grab the man but my feet wouldn't work correctly. I looked down to see a bone sticking out of my left foot.

The man readied his attack when something threw him aside impossibly quick. The man slammed into the wall of the City Hall building.

I didn't see anything come close to the third man but I had an idea who it was.

A woman holding a stuffed blue teddy bear appeared in front of me and smiled. She hugged the bear tightly for a second then held the bear in my direction. I forced myself to reach for the bear.

The woman smiled and pulled out a hand mirror then examined herself. She vanished as the floor underneath her disappeared. The woman materialized a few feet away then vanished again and again as the floor kept disappearing around her. I looked around as I let my hand drop but made sure not to let go of the bear.

I saw Rewall fly at my side and pick up his scythe and swing it at me again. I let go of the bear and felt something pulsate in the air as time slowed down and eventually freeze. I looked around then at the scythe that stood an inch and a half from my face. Rewall's expression was that of hatred as he was frozen in time.

"So close..." I heard a voice say.

I looked at the Teddy bear who stood up and dusted himself off. "Thanks Zee." I said and tried to move my aching body.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Mistress Aye wanted this so I couldn't deny her wishes... Why the hell am I blue?" Said the bear in an outrage as he looked himself over.

I couldn't help but smile.

The bear didn't really exist; instead he was a personification of Aye's power that represented something realistic that she made up, the fact that the bear was blue probably had significance with her current mood. Aye was a Darkstalker as well as Richard's girlfriend. She had two main powers; one being the ability to move the position of any living thing she saw to any place in sight, including herself as long as she could see her face. The second was the ability to bring in-adamant objects to an unreal existence. She had combined that ability with her brother's power to adjust time so the bear, named Zee, could stop me from being killed, just now.

I tried standing up again and the bear put his furry paw on me and pushed me down with minimum resistance.

"Rest, nothing is happening while I'm here." Said the teddy bear named Zee. He pushed me aside slightly and placed his head next to mine. "Sleep..." he said and I instantly fell limp and blacked out.

I awoke in a shock as everything was still frozen in time. I groaned and sat up, slowly. The crowed of people stood motionless as they wore several frightened and angry expressions. It was weird looking at them as the situation was horrifying.

I looked myself over and noticed that all my wounds were healed. Dry blood clung to my leg, where the bone showed earlier. My knees cracked when I extended them.

"Man you talk a lot in your sleep." Zee said as he sat on my lap while he patted his paws together.

"You sound like Christine... Thanks Zee." I repeated as I felt sore but my werewolf blood had repaired every broken bone and artery in my body.

"You're welcomed Jonathan," he replied and looked at me with a happy expression.

"How long was I sleeping?"

"18 hours I believe."

"Damn" I said then stood up and walked over to my unconscious mother on the floor. I pushed her but she didn't move in the least. She wore a peaceful expression as she lay on the floor.

I walked over to Christine who was sat against a tree, along with her mother. I bent down and kissed Christine in her unmoving lips, she still felt warm.

My sister was still wrapped around the gorilla man's neck. I passed my hand threw her extremely long hair. I always did like the way it felt. It was clear that her hair was used to tie her hands and feet together to keep around the man. Someone had cut the pieces that held her there.

I looked at Richard who had an angry expression with blood on his face as he was about to land a punch at the man's face. I noticed his torn and ruined shirt but what really caught my eye was the fact that all the buttons where fastened correctly. I chuckled.

Alexandria still held on to the man, as her claws were dug into his midsection, one foot was in the air while the other was clawing the man's back. Her face looked dangerous as she held her mouth opened as she was about to bite the man in the shoulder again.

I let curiosity get the best of me and stuck my finger in her mouth and felt her fangs. They were sharp. Her right fang actually cut me while she was in her frozen position. I looked at Zee who looked at me with a weird expression.

"Sorry" I said then licked the blood from my, already repaired, finger.

"Yeah... Now, three things are going to happen when time starts up again, one being that the man that Richard is fighting will fall and crush your sister. He tied her body around him by tying her arms and feet together with her hair, why is it purple by the way?"

"She's weird like that." I replied.

"Most women are. Don't tell mistress but I untied her, now you know that I couldn't move her so she's going to have to be put somewhere safe. I'm sure that Richard's sister-"

"Alexandria" I informed him.

"Yeah that one... I'm sure that she will catch your sister and move her somewhere safe. The second being that Rewall does have a second scythe, I loosened it so it will break apart if it is used. The third being that the mistress wants you to tell Richard to pop the fucking question already, they've been going out for three years now... She wants you to make him ask her."

I smiled, "don't tell her, but he is going to do it next weekend." I replied as I cracked my knuckles loudly.

"Now you know that the mistress won't hear anything I say but she can hear what anyone that she uses her power on says right?" he replied placing a paw on his stuffed hip.

"Oops..." I replied.

I moved back to Rewall and punched him. He didn't flinch or even moved. My hand didn't hurt from the impact either.

"Had to try..." I said.

"So clueless..." Zee replied and extended his paw to me.

"Yeah I got that a lot in high school." I replied and took his hand. I blinked and the bear was gone. I looked around as Rewall slowly moved again.

Rewall slammed the scythe on the ground where my head was before time stopped. The blade completely destroyed the concrete around the impacted area. He looked around for my body in shock and confusion.

My body was covered in the black energy that had appeared years ago when I first fought Rewall. He tried picking up his weapon but it was wouldn't give so he reached behind his back and pulled out a smaller folded scythe. He extended it and he blade shook and fell off. He looked at it in confusion.

I took the time to throw myself at Rewall and knocked him back to the other side of the street. He hit the pavement and rolled. He quickly got up and looked for me. I was at his side and before he could react I kneed him in the mid section as hard as I could. My hip bone actually dislocated but quickly moved back into position. My entire foot became numb when I lowered it.

Rewall spat blood as he dropped backwards. He hit the floor hard and gasped a few times as all the air had been knocked out of his lungs. I limped back towards the others.

I looked at the gorilla man as Richard punched and clawed the man repeatedly. The gorilla man's head swung backwards and Lily was sent flying through the air, Alexandria pushed herself off the gorilla man's back and caught Lily and tucked her unconscious body under her arm. She placed Lily's body next to my mother's. Rewall slowly stood up and stared at me in disgust.

I ran at him again as he pulled out a small dagger and held it at my direction as he swayed back and forth. He swung it violently but never hit me. He dropped his dagger and held on to me for support. He started saying something but vomited instead. He fell to his knees and hit the floor unconscious. I seriously felt like killing him but I went against it as I didn't have it in me to kill in any other form but self defense.

The black energy around me disappeared as I stood on the street. A gunshot missed my head by inches. I looked and a group of Rewall's followers who trained their guns in my direction. They all shot at me and I braced for the impact as a figure moved in front of me and stopped all the bullets then moved passed my right side and stood in the distance. The figure fell on all fours and howled loudly, the men with guns covered their ears at the sound.

I instinctively fell on all fours and howled along with the figure. It was my father.

He moved, impossibly quick, and stood in front of the men with guns who all backed up from him.

"You dare harm my family? You dare harm my SON!" Said my father who clawed at some men. He never meant to kill any of them so he knocked them all down with the slightest of efforts.

A few more men and Darkstalkers moved closer to my father and me. Some of them fell back when the blue energy around my father returned and he threw himself at them all: some flew across the air. Other simply fell, but they all lay on the floor motionless. He moved faster than I could see so he looked like a blue blur.

"Oh shit..." I said as I admired the mess my father had made.

"Language." He replied as he now stood next to me, the blue energy around him disappeared. "You're mother would get pissed if she heard you talking like that."

We moved back to the others just as Richard and Alexandria had brought the gorilla man down. His thick skin was scratched and bit to the point that blood oozed out of his entire midsection.

Richard stood by Alexandria who was down on all fours as she threw up blood and excess skin that she had accidentally swallowed when she bit the man. She noticed us and stood up then exhaled loudly and fell upon her brother for support while she noticed her claws; she shook blood and excess skin from her claws.

"I just got a manicure too..." she complained as she let her hand shift back to their human form and examined her cracked and broken nails while pouting.

They stood up and looked at us as we approached. Alexandria straightened her blood filled skirt and shirt while Richard griped about his ruined dress shirt that he had buttoned, correctly for the first time.

"Thank you guys," I said and shook Richard's hand.

"Don't mention it, we're family," Replied Richard.

"You owe me a manicure though." Alexandria added.

I smiled then remembered that Aye was still fighting the third man. I ran back to where Aye was and stopped as she threw the man left and right but he never stayed down.

The man kept destroying the stuff around Aye who finally decided to stop playing with the man and threw him into the wrecked City Hall building and smashed him between the remaining walls and doorways. Then finally smashed his body threw the only remaining second story window and let him drop. Aye smiled, turned and walked towards us. The man slowly stood up and aimed at Aye again. Then jerked suddenly and fell to the floor as blood oozed out of his mouth and eyes. Jeff stood behind man with his gun in his hand. He had impacted the back of the man's head with the butt of the gun.

"Jeff, what are you doing here?" I asked.

"Left the kid's with the neighbor, looks like I got here in time..."

The police arrived and most of the people who had blocked the crowd in. The extra followers tried running away but several people in the crowed ran to try and block them. Most of the people shifted to several different Darkstalkers forms to be able to hold the group in, Richard, Alexandria, my father, and I moved to help. A few aerial Darkstalkers tried flying away and Aye forced them all onto the ground. A woman shifted into a horse and ran towards me and Jeff shot her on her hind leg, she fell hard on the floor and whined loudly.

The police members arrested all of the subjects and moved them out with large vans. The police officers notices us then trained their guns in our direction. We all stared at them in our various ways.

A man appeared within the crowed, he wore swat attire along with a bullet proof vest, a protective helmet and fingerless gloves. He looked us over and finally took his helmet off. He was about my age, it was clear that he was in charge as everyone lowered their weapons as he walked towards us.

"They're Oscar Kilo, move to help the civilians" he said and after a few "yes sir's" he stood alone with us. He extended his hand to each of us. Alexandria took it upon herself to stick her chest out when she noticed that he didn't have a ring on his finger. "I want to thank all of you... Who knows how this could have ended today if you haven't shown up. I wish you wouldn't have destroyed City Hall, but what are you going to do..."

"Well, our family was in danger and we couldn't stand by and do nothing." Replied my father as he sat next to my mother and sister as a pair of paramedics examined them.

"I'm Ray, Ray Ayalando" he said and quickly saluted us. I heard Christine move slowly and I ran towards her. A few people that had gathered around moved aside as I came close. I stood in front of her as a few paramedics pondered if they should leave but decided stay close when I didn't pay them any attention.

Christine opened her eyes and looked at me; she threw her hands around my neck and cried.

"It's okay... I'm here" I told her.

She explained how the men attacked them while they were leaving the beauty shop and knocked them all out.

The others slowly awoke as the pair of paramedics announced that they were all okay.

Jeff stood by Lily's side as she was the last to wake. She looked at Jeff then smiled.

"Hi..." she said slowly "I dyed my hair... Do you like it?"

Jeff chuckled and threw his arms around her.

Ray Ayalando walked up to us and Alexandria stood up right again. Richard lightly slapped the back of her head then embraced Aye.

"It seems that everything is okay here, I'm going to go tend to the injured crowed. Thank you, once again." He smiled then turned and walked away.

Alexandria sighed loudly as Ray barely even noticed her. Richard shoved her and signaled for her to go after him. Alexandria smiled and jumped on all fours and ran up to the man. She stood back up and walked along side him as they made their way to see who they could help.

"That girl needs a man..." Said Aye as she wrapped her hands around Richard's arm.

"Yeah..." started Richard as he watched his little sister walk away with the man. "She does..."

"So this was fun... What are we doing next weekend?" She asked him and smiled at me, I pretended not to notice her.

I was on the side of the cliff and felt nostalgic as I lay with my head on Christine's lap as Helena and Michael argued over the last sandwich.

It was night. My father had the idea of visiting the town I grew up in. Today was the 17th of December. I had forgotten the town's name until now: Erorala.

"The stars are beautiful here..." said Christine as she passed her hand over the top of my muzzle.

"I'm not looking at the stars," I replied and stared at Christine who bent down to kiss me.

I felt someone kick my side lightly. Lily stood next to me with a basket in her hand.

"You're taking up all the room, Dog." She said and placed the basket on my stomach and pulled out a bottle of water.

"Good to see you too." I replied but didn't move. I wasn't really taking up too much space; it was just her way of greeting me.

Jeff walked next to Lily and kissed her. I heard their children start playing with mine. I extended my werewolf paw and he butted it.

My parents walked up the hill as they embraced each other as they talked about old times.

Richard and his fiancée, Aye, simply appeared in front of me. They greeted us but stopped when giggling was heard.

Ray Ayalando walked up the side of the cliff with Alexandria in his arms, she laughed loudly as he bounced her a little here and there playfully, and he nibbled on her white tiger ear for a minute before noticing that we all stared at him.

Alexandria jumped off the man's arms and waved at all of us as Ray saluted. We all waved back.

Mr. and Mrs. J'ariso joined us. They seemed older; they had to be in their 50's. They were still as nice as I remembered them. After hugs and handshakes were exchanged, we all sat down in a tight area so we could enjoy the sight.

"I barely remember this..." Said Lily as she had her head on Jeff's shoulder. Jeff always tensed up when Lily insisted on being affectionate while my father was around.

"You were young, plus half the time you guys were playing with the other children," Replied my mother.

"I remember..." I said as the fireworks crackled in the air. "I remember this place. I remember the people."

"You didn't want to leave, I remember you crying about it." Informed Lily.

I smiled "Hey Jeff, I forgot my scarf at home... Can I borrow Lily?"

"I still don't know what you guys mean by that..." She replied and we all shared a laugh. We didn't have the heart to tell her that she was used as clothing for a large muscular and sweaty man.

"I'm glad we left though," I whispered to Christine.

"Yeah? Why is that?" She replied as she looked at me.

"Because I met you..." I said and smiled.

She bent down and kissed me as the last of the fireworks shot up into the air.

The end.

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