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It was the morning after Shinobu's magical field trip with Miyagi. All of the eighth grade students were encouraged to arrive at school early for the Grade Eight Pancake Day, where they would meet in the cafeteria and be fed free pancakes.

It seemed to Shinobu like nothing more than bribery to get the new high school students to gain a liking to the school, but after a load of persuading from his boyfriend, he decided to attend it.

The blonde was currently sitting at an empty table in the cafeteria, sort of playing at his so-called "pancake" with his plastic fork. It was a damn waffle. Couldn't these staff members tell the difference between a pancake and a waffle?

'Whatever,' Shinobu thought, pouring a bit of maple syrup over the not-really-that-fluffy piece of breakfast. Waffles tasted just as good as pancakes anyway.

Paying no mind to all the other rowdy eighth grade students scattered all around him, the boy got lost in this own thoughts. His mind pondered all sorts of things like school, Miyagi, amusement parks, Miyagi, roller coasters, Miyagi... The pattern was ongoing until he finally thought about himself with Miyagi.

Shinobu flushed gently while thinking about that annoying guy; then he suddenly jumped when a couple of textbooks loudly slapped down on his table and interrupted his thoughts.

"Hey, Shinobu-chin," Miyagi greeted, climbing into a free seat beside the blonde. He obviously didn't care that he wasn't exactly invited.

"What are you doing?" Shinobu muttered. It was the first time seeing Miyagi after they'd parted at the end of the field trip. Miyagi seemed to be acting the same, which was a relief but also annoying. Shinobu was relieved that attention wouldn't be drawn to their boy and boy relationship.

It did however piss him off that while his own heart was beating and his stomach was feeling fluttery around him, Miyagi seemed completely nonchalant and unaffected by their new relationship.

"What am I doing?" Miyagi mimicked, grinning at the blonde as he slouched back comfortably. "Just chillin'. Nuh'in new."

"Unintelligible sleaze," Shinobu grumbled, scooping a forkful of syrup-drenched waffle into his mouth. In all honesty, he thought Miyagi's trashy sort of talk was kind of hot.

"That's not a nice thing to say to your BF," the older one huffed in response, lazying his arms over the table and resting his head in.

"BF... best friend?"

Miyagi tilted his raven head to look at his younger partner. "Not that kind of friend anymore."

Shinobu flushed, grimacing away.

"So you do remember what happened yesterday."

"Of course I do!" Shinobu snapped, cheeks reddening a shade darker.

Miyagi's smile indicated that he was amused.

"You meant BF as in... boy..."

"... friend," Miyagi finished for the younger boy. "Bwahahaha, best friend... I think you were having a blonde moment."

Shinobu ripped his dull, plastic knife across a corner of his waffle and rammed some of it into his mouth, munching in annoyance.

"I'm kidding, brat," Miyagi murmured, sitting up straight into his chair again. "Blondes are just as smart as everyone else, despite their stereotype. Don't be annoyed with me."

"... Why are you here?" the boy suddenly inquired, chewing his sticky breakfast meal. "I thought only eighth grade students could come here."

"They can't just kick me out here for no reason, but the cheap-asses refused to give me a damn pancake," he complained. "I guess the pancakes are only for you little kids... but older kids need to eat too."

"Maybe you should have eaten something before you came here today."

"Probably. But–" Miyagi began to gawk when his eyes happened to shift to Shinobu's paper plate. "What the fuck? Those aren't even pancakes– they're waffles!"

"You've just noticed?" Shinobu grumbled, attempting to cut another piece with the dull-ass knife he'd been supplied with. "I think you're having a black-haired moment."

"Shut up, blondie."

"That's not a nice thing to say to your BF," Shinobu said, plopping more waffle onto his tongue.

Miyagi glared at his smug little boyfriend– Shinobu was starting to understand why Miyagi liked to tease him so often.

Miyagi grumbled, "You know... you're a lot meaner than I thought you were when I asked you to go out with m–"

"Don't say that out loud, idiot."

"Oh yeah... sorry." Miyagi propped his elbow over the table and cupped his hands around his nape. "You're still mean though."

"You're a lot worse."

Miyagi smiled. "I know."

Shinobu's eyes shifted back to his nearly finished food. It was hard to determine where Miyagi got that sort of superior image of himself from.

"While you're finishing up your waffle-pancake, I'm gonna text Kamijou-homo," Miyagi mentioned, whipping out his cellphone from nowhere. "Maybe wake him up if he's still asleep."


"Yup. That guy's one flaming bastard," Miyagi chirped happily, fingers rapidly working the little device.

Shinobu unconsciously stabbed a piece of the waffle. Syrup oozed out the the side pores and out the fork stab wounds, almost in a resemblance of a murder. "Why would you know something like that about him?"

"Because I'm a bastard who is flaming in genius," the raven-hair boasted, focusing on his message to Hiroki. "I read that guy like an open book."

The remainder of Shinobu's waffle was beginning to soak with maple syrup while he twiddled with his white fork. "Do you really read him?"

"Well... not literally of course, but you get it. That guy's real easy to figure out." Miyagi hit a button on his phone. "Sent."

"..." Shinobu briefly recalled the time not so long ago when he and Miyagi were skipping school to talk about Shinobu's problems... and Miyagi ended up kissing him out of nowhere to help the boy discover himself. "... Have you ever done any kind of um... stuff with him?"

"Of course. All the time."

Shinobu blinked at him, feeling a mixture of surprise, sadness, and anger. He didn't think Miyagi would be doing gay stuff with Hiroki... and even if he was, Shinobu never would have thought Miyagi would admit it to openly.

Miyagi continued, "Like two days ago I went to the library with Kamijou-chan."

"... Oh..." Shinobu mentally slapped himself for taking what Miyagi initially said the wrong way. "... B-But have you ever done something like... k-kiss...?"

Miyagi gawked at his naive boyfriend, even as his phone began to vibrate in his hand. "Kiss Kamijou?" He laughed; Shinobu instantly felt stupid. "The hell? Course not! I don't kiss guys!"

"But you... me..." Shinobu flushed.

The older boy flipped open his phone to make the vibrating stop. "... I mean other than you... guys aren't my thing."

"Do you and Kamijou–"

"Why so many questions about him?"

"Nothing," Shinobu muttered. "Just curious."

"If it's jealousy or suspicion, don't feel that way because there really isn't anything like that." Miyagi then began to skim through Hiroki's text response.

Shinobu was about to argue him, but was too slow when Miyagi spoke again.

"Wow, what a dick. Like hell I'd ever kiss that jerk," Miyagi pouted, slapping the phone shut. "He said that I need to get a proper hobby and try to make something out of my life. Can you believe that?"


"You guys make me want to stab myself," the older guy grumbled. "Give me your cellphone number."


"I want your number. Give it to me."

Shinobu sighed, lowering his fork when he was about to take a bite. "It's–"

Suddenly the PA system went off and announced, "There are leftover pancakes available in the cafeteria for all grades–"

"Uwah!" Miyagi leaped out of his chair upon hearing that. He grabbed Shinobu's free hand and placed his phone in it. "Punch your number in– I'm going to get some waffles for myself," Miyagi said quickly, before racing off to be the first in line.

Leaning back in his wobbly chair, Shinobu was quick to add himself onto Miyagi's long contact list. He thought he should maybe add a picture of himself, but he doubted that Miyagi had any images of him. And he hated aiming a phone or camera at himself– it made him feel like a poser.

He also didn't want to go through the trouble of getting his own phone out and send a picture through there. That was why the blonde decided to take a picture of something that belonged to him– his nearly finished waffle in a bath of syrup.

One press of a button and everything was done; he was now on Miyagi's phone and could receive calls or messages from him. And he would be expecting to get lots. If not, then he'd surely abuse Miyagi with texts himself.

The boy closed it and placed the electronic device on the table to resume his eating.

Shortly afterward, he finished devouring the breakfast and Miyagi returned, happily dumping his plate in front of his seat.

"They got chocolate chip~!" Miyagi merrily informed his bored boyfriend, while he sat down. "The best flavour! Did you input your number?" The elder teen grabbed his phone, already rummaging through it.

"Yup." Shinobu observed Miyagi's beautiful, broad grin while that guy searched through it... and saw it fall, probably when he found Shinobu on the list.

"Why the hell did you put your waffle as your picture?"

"Because you don't have any pictures of me on that thing. And you like waffles."

Miyagi shook his head in disapproval. "You're not going to be represented as a damn eaten waffle." After pressing a couple of buttons, he pointed the phone at the blonde. "I want a real picture of you. C'mon, show me a big-ass smile~!"

Shinobu gave a bone-chilling grimace.

"Perfect!" Miyagi captured the image on a high and happy note. "Now I'm going to text you to make sure you did it right," he said, punching away at the numerous buttons.

Within seconds, Shinobu felt a vibrating rumble go off in his front pocket. He took out his own phone to read the idiot's message.

ur so cute

"... The hell..." Shinobu's face was getting warmer while he stared at the little text. He blinked when another text was sent, which he read straight away.

ur flushing

"Shut up," the boy grumbled. "And text me properly! The way you spell 'you're' makes you seem like a total geek. And use some damn grammar!"

Shinobu sighed when he saw Miyagi starting to text him again. He viewed it the moment Miyagi pressed the send button.

I want to kiss you.


"Not here... but yeah."

Shinobu wasn't sure if it was just his frazzled and obscure senses going funny on him, but Shinobu saw a tinge of pink cross over his boyfriend's cheeks as well...

The boy then began to compose a text of his own.

I want to kiss you, too, he sent, anxiously eyeing the older teen for his reaction.

Miyagi immediately read it; Shinobu was pleased that it drew a smile to Miyagi's smooth lips.

"Let's go somewhere else," the older boy suggested. He stood out of his chair and gently began to pull at Shinobu's sweater's hood, as if it would help speed things up.

"What about your waffles?"

"I can give them to someone."


"Uh..." Miyagi let go of Shinobu's hood, surveying the room.

The blonde curiously watched as the raven-haired older boy approached some stranger sitting at another table.

Miyagi held out his waffles to the random person. "Want this?" he offered kindly.

Shinobu got up to throw out his dirty paper plate. As the random kid refused to take Miyagi's waffles, Shinobu came up to his boyfriend.

"Give them to someone who doesn't already have some waffles, idiot."

"But everyone already... ah, Usami!" Miyagi scrambled to a monotone-looking guy who just entered the cafeteria, Shinobu following behind after a moment of staring. Miyagi carelessly wrapped a loose arm around the person's shoulders, getting all buddy-buddy with him. "Usami, my man! Want food?"

Judging from Miyagi's uneasiness and awkward contact, Shinobu was easily able to identify that these two weren't a whole lot acquainted.

Akihiko took the plate after a moment of silent gazing. "Waffles?"

"Yeah... apparently this school's staff can't tell the difference between pancakes and waffles."


Miyagi and Shinobu glanced at one another. Neither were able to tell what this guy was thinking. Miyagi rubbed Akihiko's shoulder, getting all buddy-buddy again, and cleared his throat. "Sooo... do you want it?"

"Not for me... but Hiroki might want them when he arrives."

Shinobu's mouth formed a straight line while Miyagi grinned. "Good idea! Say they're a gift from me."

"If I say that, I doubt Hiroki would eat it," Akihiko said.

"That... dumb person," Miyagi seethed.

"I'll say they're from you after he eats it."

"Good idea!" Miyagi wore a radiant smile, which Shinobu would have been all for, if it wasn't brought on by another boy. "You're a really great guy, Usami. I like you a lot now."

Shinobu rolled his eyes and stalked past the two, exiting the cafeteria.

"Ah–? Shinobu-chin, wait," the boy heard behind him, before Miyagi caught up beside him. "Don't leave without me, brat," Miyagi complained. "Where are you going now?"

"The bathroom."

"Good idea, no one can bother us in the stalls."

Shinobu flushed. He had been meaning that he was going to take a piss but, he supposed that making out a bit with Miyagi in solitude and secrecy wouldn't be so much a bad thing either. It did however annoy him how much Miyagi was acting so close and friendly with these other people. He was going to have to teach himself to get used to it, so as not to appear too needy to Miyagi.

After they had entered one of the bathrooms Miyagi did a quick check to see if anyone was already inside.

"Eek– a rat! It's heading toward the stalls– Gee, I hope nobody's inside them for their sake–!"

Shinobu placed his forehead into his hand, embarrassed of his partner's beyond terrible ability to act.

When no one came crashing out of the stalls, Miyagi was convinced that they were alone. He took the chunk of wood out from underneath the door to allow it to close, locked it and dragged Shinobu into the closest stall.

The blonde soon had his torso pressed to the side of the tight space. His arms curled around Miyagi's body, hand resting atop each shoulder blade.

Shinobu tried to ignore the almost mood-breaking toilet watching them.

Miyagi went for the younger boys neck, using his swift fingers to pull aside some needless sweater fabric and latched his lips onto the revealed skin.

Gray eyes shut, lithe arms squeezed tighter. He knew he was seconds away from a marking– his first hickey. He thought it would hurt, but it didn't... perhaps this older guy was being gentle with him. Miyagi sucked him, held him, and Shinobu shivered when some teeth clamped onto a bit of skin.

Once Miyagi had finished, Shinobu's cheeks turned redder when his raven haired boyfriend licked his lips and smirked. He was so damn hot!

Under Miyagi's satisfied stare, one of Shinobu's hands abandoned the raven's back and his fingers swept against the infected spot. He felt saliva– Miyagi's saliva.

"Did you... make a mark on me?"

"Yup." Miyagi seemed proud of it... which made Shinobu wonder just how prominent it was.

"My sweater will cover it, right?"

"Yeah, but you don't have to be so paranoid. Even if someone does see it, you can say it's a bruise," Miyagi muttered, his hands crawling onto the boy's hips.

"No one would believe that," Shinobu said, seconds before Miyagi leaned back in and tenderly kissed his lips.

"Shinobu-chin," he said, his lips just barely out of reach of Shinobu's. The blonde opened his eyes, feeling a hand cup the side of his face. "Do you feel uncomfortable when I'm with other people?"

"Course not," was Shinobu's automatic response.

"You sure?" Miyagi kissed the boy's temple.

"Mm hm." Just when Shinobu was getting a bit impatient, Miyagi went down to his lips again and ravaged his mouth. Shinobu still didn't know what he was doing while kissing, so he mostly allowed Miyagi to do whatever he wanted with their mouths. He embraced Miyagi close to him, feeling their tongues twist and mingle.

The blonde glowered when Miyagi parted from him again to ask, "Do you dislike it when I touch others?"

Shinobu gently pushed the elder boy's chest, glaring at him. "Why do you keep asking these dumb questions? I don't care what you do with others."

"You mean you wouldn't mind if me and Kamijou went ahead and–"

"To a certain extent," Shinobu instantly added.

"... I just want to reassure you that you're the only one I'm really interested in."

Shinobu's arms went back around Miyagi's back and he embarrassingly hugged him to conceal his scarlet cheeks. "I already know that," he muttered.

"Mm hm, just wanted to make sure," Miyagi said against his light, silky hair. "Because you always seem insecure about things that you don't need to feel that way about."

"Since when?" Shinobu huffed defensively.

Miyagi pushed the teen back against the stall's wall, bonking a fist over Shinobu's flushed-glaring head. "I'm not going to make a list for you. I already know you're insecure and I don't need your confirmation about it."

"Yes you do," Shinobu hissed, unwilling to believe that he was so obvious that Miyagi could look through him that easily.

To Shinobu's annoyance, the idiot chuckled for whatever reason.

"What," the blonde demanded, stern and statement-like.

Miyagi laughed and played with Shinobu's hair, like he was his own little play toy.

"You get hot when you're angry." Miyagi attempted to pinch the blonde's cheek, though the boy wasn't too keen on letting him.

"Quit trying to make fun of me," Shinobu grumbled, embarrassed.

"I'm not making fun of you... they're compliments." Miyagi deeply kissed Shinobu lips. As usual, it eliminated a heavy fraction of any sort of the negative feelings Shinobu was experincing.

Miyagi slowly released Shinobu, stroking his cheek.

Shinobu's lips curled downward once Miyagi had re-exposed them to the air. Aggressively pulling Miyagi closer to him, he said, "Why'd you stop? More."

Miyagi's hands planted on the solid stall wall behind the boy, trapping him in between. "You're so direct about what you want. Don't like playing hard to get?"

"The hell would I do that for? That's stupid. Just do more," Shinobu demanded.

"What if our lips end up looking swollen? Hiroki might think I'm a male slut... and make fun of me."

"Who cares."

"You're right." Finally, the stalling teen grasped onto the younger one and pressed his body against him. Shinobu braced himself once again, raking his fingers through Miyagi's ebony hair. Shinobu's eyes were already shut when a shrieking bell penetrated his ears, a split second before their mouths were to reunite.

The blonde heard Miyagi chuckle, and was almost able to also feel it with their faces being so near. The older teen recreated the empty space between them as he said, "That bell has awesome timing, doesn't it?"

Shinobu growled to himself, his eyes flicking away from Miyagi. "What the hell is awesome about it? It just interrupted our..."

"Yeah but... you know, the way it rang right before we were able to–"

"Stop talking about it with a positive tone– it sucks! What class do we have now? English?"

"Um... yeah."

Shinobu opened the stall while one hand move to his fly. "Go first. I'm gonna piss now." The blonde went to one of the urinals and unzipped, facing away from his boyfriend.

"It's okay. I'll wait." Grinning smugly, Miyagi casually moseyed on closer to Shinobu.

Sensing the older teen's close presence, he paused to look over his shoulder. Miyagi snapped his head elsewhere noticeably, when Shinobu first peered over at him. The blonde questioned sceptically, "Are you trying to look?"


Shinobu glowered, wondering what the hell happened to privacy.

"Don't glare at me with that suspicious look," Miyagi huffed, folding his arms over his chest in attempt to look more sophisticated. "I know what a dick looks like– I have one, you know."

Shinobu glared at the ivory wall back in front of him, just in case he'd go red in the face. "Obviously I know that, but you don't know what mine looks like."

"Then teach me."

The blonde erupted in a deep crimson flush, gawking back at the raven. "W-What?"


To Shinobu's most sincere aggravation, that dumb Miyagi snickered and went over to the locked door. Shinobu felt like tearing the solid urinal out of the wall and pelting it at him.

"I'll leave first then, since you don't seem to enjoy my company anymore."

"I'm trying to take a damn piss!"

Miyagi cast one last (hot) grin as he opened the door again and kicked the wooden chunk underneath to keep it open, just as it was when they came in. "I'll see you in class then," he said, just before walking off.

Shinobu continued to scowl harshly in that direction for a moment, then turned his attention back to the piss pot where he was finally able to relieve himself.

The blonde yawned as he came toward the English room after he had finished his business in the dinky bathroom. He was certainly glad that Miyagi was in class with him next. He rounded a busy corner, where he soon after found the classroom he was looking for.

He took a step inside, anxious to join up with his annoying but very much cherished partner. But when his eyes allowed him vision of that special person, Shinobu immediately become uncomfortable.

That dick, snickering happily, had his arms around his Hiroki friend guy– the same ones which have just been around Shinobu mere moments ago. As the brunette tried prying him off, Miyagi only seemed to want to cling tighter. He didn't even seem to notice Shinobu's arrival; he was so absorbed in cuddling with the other protesting guy.

The semi-jealous blonde stormed past all other desks and tables, a solid frown not removing from his otherwise attractive face and pretty much slammed his bag onto the floor beside the bastard. He finally got Miyagi's attention with that, and huffed as the raven shot his arms off of the brunette.

"Arg, finally!" Hiroki grumbled, straightening his clothes out.

"Shinobu-chin, at long last you've finished," Miyagi said as Shinobu settled gloomily into his seat.


"You have been missed so dearly," the ebony-haired stated, smiling at the youngest.

"I can tell," Shinobu huffed silently to himself. His metallic grey eyes glared at his lap, waiting for class to begin.

"You don't look too happy right now," Miyagi noted, elbowing the table to hold his head up. "Something wrong? Did you have problems taking a leak?"

"No," the annoyed boy huffed.

Miyagi furrowed his brow. "Was someone bothering you? 'Cause if they were I'll go and wring their sorry little–"

"No," Shinobu huffed for the second time. He was starting to wonder how close Miyagi's relationship with Hiroki actually was and how serious the dick was about their own. Miyagi shouldn't have been touching other people if he were with him, right? Shinobu liked it a lot better when they were alone... and Miyagi only had eyes and hands for him...

The second bell rang to start the class up. Staring at his fists over his lap, Shinobu's small back tensed up when Miyagi's own warm hand rested over his own.

"What are you doing?" the blonde boy whispered while their teacher began the lame lesson.

"Do you have a problem with this?" The older teen squeezed his fingers around Shinobu's palm. "I feel like holding your hand so I'm going to do it."

Hiroki suddenly whisper-shouted, "You want to what with my hand?"

"Not you, nut case. I'm talking to Shinobu-chin."

"Oh, good." Hiroki nonchalantly brought his attention back to the teacher, but blinked after a moment, pondering Miyagi's wanting to hold a guy's hand. "Wait... what?"

Miyagi ignored his confused brunette friend. "Shinobu-chin, I just want to ensure you that I really like you, I constantly want to be around you, I think you're way cuter than a button and I'm always willing to listen if there's ever anything bothering you."

"I'm fine. Quit treating me like a baby," the younger teen huffed. He did however enjoy Miyagi holding his hand though and therefore held it back. It was a good thing they were sitting in the back of the room, otherwise others could have been able to see and gather suspicion.

"I can treat you like a baby anytime I please to, babe."

Shinobu slowly turned his head to shoot him one of his death looks, but was unable to stop an evident blush from sprawling over his cheeks.

Miyagi smirked, seeming to hold back a snicker. "I'm kidding, brat. Eighth grade kids take things too seriously."

"Don't call me 'babe,' you goon."

"I said I was kidding!" Miyagi whisper-shouted. "Besides, I like you plenty more than I've ever liked a baby. They just cry and poop, but you do lots more."

Shinobu let out a breath, embarrassingly burying his face behind a hand. "I don't want to hear you say things like that," he muttered, barely audible.


"There really isn't anything bothering me," the teen said, averting his gaze.

Perhaps, he figured, the fair thing to do was not jump to conclusions so automatically. Miyagi was trying to squeeze somebody else. It wasn't like they were kissing or anything intimate like that– it probably didn't even mean anything.

"So stop pestering me. You're the one who's taking things too seriously," Shinobu blamed.

Miyagi batted his eyelashes, bewildered at the sudden switch in accusation. "Geez, you're just as hard to figure out as a girl is."

"You call me a baby and now you're comparing me to a girl," Shinobu grouched moodily.

"You're difficult, Shinobu-chin." Miyagi smirked. "But even your crabbiness is also kind of cute..."

Shinobu slouched over his table to hide his face, just in case it would go red. "Nor a crab..." he grumbled.

The older teenager rubbed the blonde's back, as if it were an apology. "Shinobu-chin, at lunch I'll buy you food at the cafeteria," he offered.

"... It's alright," Shinobu said, counteracting the joy he felt for Miyagi wanting to do that for him. "I probably have more money than you."

"But you always end up paying for things. I'm a man who can pay for things."

"You may be a man, but I'm the man of this relationship," Shinobu said. "Because I'm more masculine than you."

"And when am I ever feminine, brat?"

"You're not. But sometimes your voice sounds a little... high," the blonde noted.

"I do not have a high voice," Miyagi hissed.

"Pfft." Hiroki sneered, "Yes you do."

"The hell?" Miyagi whipped his head over to that brunette brat of a friend. "I most certainly do not have a high voice. And don't eavesdrop on us."

"I wasn't eavesdropping. I just happened to hear you say that you don't have a high voice." Hiroki silently snickered. "Which I thought was laughable."

"Kamijou's face is what's laughable," Miyagi grumbled childishly.

"That's a terrible comeback."

"I know." Miyagi's face scrunched up angrily.

Suddenly, their teacher yelled to them, "Stop talking, those people in the back!" Apparently it was too early in the school year for the teacher to know their names. "Or I'll be forced to separate all of you!"

Shinobu glared at that adult guy, displeased with his threat to tear him away from Miyagi. He picked up his pen and wrote in the bottom corner of his notebook, That's why I'm more masculine than you are. He slid the paper closer to his boyfriend, eyes trained on the teach to make it seem like he was interested and paying close attention.

Soon Miyagi showed him his own little message, which read, You happen to also have some traits which defy masculinity. But I'm too much of a gentleman to list them off.

After reading it, Shinobu quickly dotted down, It's not because you're a gentleman. It's because there isn't anything to list, smart-ass.

The blonde heard Miyagi sigh and soon scribbled down another note. Once finished, Shinobu read, Even if you think my voice is high or you're more of a man, I don't care. As long as I get to be with you, I feel happy enough.

Shinobu blushed yet again, even though he thought that was sort of a mushy thing to write down... sort of revolting, actually. He looked at Miyagi and even that guy's face was a bit pink.

Miyagi then took his notebook back and scribbled something else down in his messy handwriting. When he slid it to Shinobu, the blonde read, Don't you feel the same way?

Against all his wishes of not ever writing or saying anything that may resemble cheesiness, the younger teen wrote down, Yes. I love you.

It was finally after school. Shinobu came out of his science classroom, took a quick trip to his locker, and then went out the back exit where barely anybody else liked to go to. He wasn't sure where Miyagi had gone, so he got out his cellphone to call and ask.

"Hey, Shinobu-chin," the raven quickly responded. Shinobu could hear a lot of background noise, which must have meant that Miyagi was still somewhere inside.

"Miyagi? Where are you?"

"I'm at Kamijou's locker... on the third floor."

"Oh..." Those two were certainly good friends, despite the times Miyagi always dissed him. Or maybe Miyagi dissed Hiroki all the time because they were so close.

"Oh, I see."

The blonde scowled at Miyagi's uninterested-sounding response. He was the one who asked! "Miyagi, are you going to be doing anything today?" Shinobu asked, leaning against a small, but sturdy tree.

"Uh, yeah actually... Kamijou and I have to work on a science project together, since we're partners."

"Oh..." Disappointment.

"Why'd you ask?"

Shinobu gazed sadly at the ground in front of his feet. "I was just wondering if you wanted to come to my place... but if you have to do a project, that's fine."

"Stop staring at the ground like a dead person."

Shinobu's head snapped back and blinked, wondering how Miyagi would know what he was doing if he was all the way on the third floor while he was outside.

"Now stop looking all confused. Geez," the raven huffed, placing a hand on Shinobu's shoulder. The younger boy jumped slightly, then felt like an idiot to see Miyagi on ground level with him.

They both hung up and glared at one another.

"I decided to come down when you told me where you were... idiot."

"Shut up... I already knew that," Shinobu grumbled, embarrassed.

"Well, anyway, I wouldn't mind going to your place tomorrow... if that's alright with you."

"That's fine," Shinobu said happily. "Where are you and Kamijou going to work? The school library? I'm going to the library for a moment, in a second."

"Nope, we're going to walk to his house and do it there."

The shine left Shinobu's eyes and both corners of his mouth fell down to his chin. "Oh."

"Kamijou has some of our supplies and stuff there, so yeah... his place it is," Miyagi said, not noticing the change in Shinobu's mood. "You should come with us."

"What for?" the blonde asked.

"Because I want you to," Miyagi said simply. "It would be boring with just me and Kamijou. He's too work-oriented and doesn't know a thing about entertainment."

The shorter teen shook his head. "Nah... it would be pointless since I'm not even in your science class."

"No it wouldn't," the raven counteracted. "You and I are supposed to be together forever and always– it's our job."

"Forget it," Shinobu huffed, despite the fact that he absolutely loved their supposed jobs. "I'm going to the library now."

"Wait." Miyagi grabbed the back of the boy's head to stop him.

Shinobu glared over one shoulder, waiting for whatever the bum wanted to say.

"I'll give you the address if you change your mind, Shinobu-chin," Miyagi said, snatching Shinobu's cellphone out of his hand.

"Hey–!" the younger boy protested, gawking as Miyagi flipped the device open. "What are you–? Give it back!" Shinobu tried to swipe it, but the taller teenager easily stopped him by mushing his free hand over Shinobu's face.

"Relax, relax... Aww, is this a picture of you?" Miyagi snickered. "You look so dashing wearing a tux! Where was this taken? 'Cause you look so damn good in this."

"The hell are you looking at? Don't go through my pictures, you maniac!" Shinobu fumed, blushing really hard.

"I'm not looking at your pictures, it's the one saved as your background picture. Send it to me, because I like it."

Shinobu glared at the other teen as he began to press some buttons, steam floating off of him. "It's just a picture of the party the school had when we finished elementary," he grumbled.

"I bet you looked much better than everyone else. Especially in that tux," he said, causing the boy to go even redder.

A moment later, Miyagi said, "There. I saved Kamijou's address as a note. Make sure you come when you change your mind."

"If I change my mind and I probably won't change my mind."

Miyagi appeared to be very disappointed, but shrugged his shoulders to hide it. "Suit yourself then," he said.

When Shinobu saw Hiroki come out from behind Miyagi, the blonde tried to ger rid of some of his scowl so as not to appear too rude. Unfortunately for Miyagi, he wasn't aware that the brunette had come down and received a gentle thump of a textbook to the back of his hair.

"Ow!" the raven whined, wincing pathetically as his hand cradled over the location of impact. "Bah... it's you," he muttered after turning slightly to see his science classmate. "You scary person... hitting people with books..."

"Try acting like a damn guy and take it, instead of sobbing like a toddler," Hiroki grumbled in response.

"I'm not acting like a toddler," Miyagi argued, folding his arms in a more smarter-looking manner. "If I was, I'd say something like, 'You make my head go ouchy wawa!'"

Hiroki appeared nothing but disgusted as he faced away to the side. "Oh, dear god..."

"Not masculine," Shinobu muttered under his breath. He was equally, if not even more, displeased with the guy.

"Pfft." Miyagi didn't seem to take the other two's poor reactions. "You guys need to get more creative."

"Hiroki huffed, "That is in no way creativity."

"It's stupidity," Shinobu stated.

"You guys shouldn't be near each other anymore," Miyagi muttered. "You always say nasty and terrible things when you do."

Shinobu huffed and slung his bag around his shoulders, which had been resting on the ground beside his feet the whole time. "Then I'm going to the library now... so I can go home sooner," he said.

"Then... I guess I'll see you tomorrow, Shinobu-chin," Miyagi said, his voice non lively from having to part with the younger.

"Mm hm." Shinobu had a feeling he'd start hounding the raven with calls and messages later on, whenever he'd assume Miyagi would finished with his business at Hiroki's place.. "Bye," the blonde said coolly, pivoting around so he could enter the building again.

Shinobu went inside the library and found a book to help with some of his homework, if it were up to him, he'd just use the internet for all of it. But his damn teacher was strict on everyone having to have at least one book reference for the assignment. Not that it really mattered to the blonde; he'd probably just end up using only the internet anyway and only put the book's title into the bibliography for show.

He came outside again shortly after and took out his phone to take it off vibrate now that he was out of the library. As he stared at the screen, he found himself viewing the note that Miyagi had left with Hiroki's address. Shinobu wanted to go home now, but even more than that, he wanted to see Miyagi.

The address was actually pretty easy to get to. All he had to do was walk right now for a few minutes and voila, there would be his Miyagi.

But it also seemed strange to suddenly pop in uninvited to the Hiroki person's house. He barely even knew Hiroki.

Ordinarily, Shinobu wouldn't care about that. But he knew Hiroki must have been kind of close to his boyfriend, plus Hiroki wasn't at all bad looking. The blonde didn't think Miyagi would have the hots or an interest in anybody else, but just in case, he had to make himself look good. Dropping in uninvited wouldn't make himself look too good.

Yet he still wanted to see Miyagi! Shinobu shouldn't have to go home alone while another person was home with his boyfriend... it wasn't fair!

The young teenager glanced to the left where his house would be, then to the right where Hiroki's house would be...

After a moment of silent pondering, the blonde's feet moved into the direction he finally chose to go to.

At Hiroki's place, the two boys were sitting on the floor of the living room. They were right at the end of the hallway; when they'd look straight down it, they were able to see the front door. Hiroki also decided to leave the front door open, in case he'd have to make an emergency escape to flee the "obnoxious Miyagi."

The raven thought it was dumb and unnecessary, but the brunette thought of it as practical and potentially life-saving.

Miyagi still thought it was dumb.

"Kamijou~! Why'd you have to buy highlight orange poster paper for our project?" he whined as he glued a bunch of information onto some construction paper. "You should have gotten a better colour... like blue."

"They didn't have any," the brunette huffed, cutting out a picture that Miyagi had printed off the net. "It was eight highlight pink or highlight orange. I figured you'd probably spaz endlessly if I had gotten pink, so orange it was."

"Pink's not a bad colour," the raven said. "It's actually a pretty good colour. You know one of the things it symbolizes? Anti-bullying. And also... it supports those with breast cancer."

"Uh huh..." Hiroki was starting to get a headache. It seemed like anything he'd do would have the picky bastard unsatisfied.

"You know, right now we could be helping scientists develop a cure by buying pink things, but nope. You had to go out and get orange which supports what? Halloween?"

"Can we just work on this stupid project and get it over with?" the brunette snapped, having lost his patience.

"Fine. Geez, you don't have to get all huffy with me," Miyagi grumbled.

"I should be doing something with Akihiko right now..." Hiroki muttered.

"Well I should be doing something with Shinobu-chin right now. Do you have any idea what I had to do today? He asked me if I wanted to go to his house... in my mind I was like, 'Hell yeah, bitches!' but I had to turn him down instead! Why? Because I have to be here," Miyagi ranted.

"Don't act as though that's my fault."

"Hmph. Well, hopefully he'll decide to come over here soon... if not, I'll be in a very crabby mood..."

Hiroki was about to ignore the dick, but blinked. "Here? Why would that little eighth grade kid come here? He doesn't know where I live."

"Yes he does," Miyagi said nonchalantly. "I gave him your address."

"What?" The brunette dropped what he had been cutting up and glared at Miyagi through large, bewildered eyes. "Why would you just give him my address? I don't want people who I don't know to come here!"

"Shinobu-chin isn't just anybody," Miyagi defended. "And even though I've invited him, he didn't seem to want to come work with us today... pity."

"Don't give away my address and invite anyone over to my house without my consent from now on," the slightly younger teen scolded. "Got it?"

Miyagi lobbed at the boy from what he had been gluing, not having been paying any attention. "Did you say something?"

"I said...! Ugh, never mind. You never listen to anything others have to say," Hiroki grumbled, resuming to cut out their project's pictures and paragraphs.

It was relatively silent for a moment, until the raven reached into his pocket to retrieve his phone. It had already been about half an hour since he had last seen that blonde at school, but already he sort of missed him... Miyagi hoped he wasn't gaining some sort of obsession over a little brat.

When he looked at his screen, he frowned at how much battery he had left. "Damn. My phone's almost dead," he grumbled.

"That's nice," Hiroki huffed curtly.

"I forgot to charge it for only one night and this is my punishment," the older teen pouted. "The world's a cruel place."

"Boo hoo."

Miyagi thought he should turn the device off to save what little battery power he had left. But he still wanted to send Shinobu a text or two and see how the brat's been the past thirty minutes. "...Kamijou, my friend," he said nicely.

Hiroki heaved a heavy sigh. "What do you want from me now?"

"What makes you think I want something from you? I'm a friendly person."

"Miyagi. Want do you want." He sounded too irritated to make it even sound like a question. Miyagi couldn't understand why though.

"Um, your cellphone," the raven said. Honesty was always the best way to go... Miyagi hoped. "Can I borrow your phone? I don't want mine to die."




Miyagi folded his arms to make him look more smart. "I just want to send a text though. To my... mom." So much for honesty.

"Why the hell are you texting your mom? You never have before... and does she even have a cellphone?"

"Yeah... She just got one," Miyagi lied. "She'll be so happy to see her one and only son send her a message out of his own free will. Don't you want to make my mother happy, Kamijou?" Using guilt against someone was always a clever tactic– Miyagi felt overwhelmingly smart.


"besides, she doesn't know where I am right now... she'll worry if I don't give her some sort of notification," the raven lied again. He was always free to go anywhere he wanted, as long as he was back at a certain hour.

"Fine then," Hiroki gave in, tossing the now happy teen his phone.

"Thank you, Kamijou-chan~!" Miyagi cheered, quickly searching his own phone first to find Shinobu's number, which he hadn't memorized yet.

"But call her instead of texting," Hiroki huffed. "I want to hear the conversation with your mom... because you are calling your mother, right?"

Miyagi froze. "Uhmmmnngghhhmmm... of course." Shit, that dumb Hiroki was suspicious of him. How the hell could he call Shinobu and talk to him as though he were his mother?

Glaring, he flipped open the brunette's phone, and his face lit up once he saw the screen's picture.

"Aww~! Kamijou-sweetie, is that you?"

Hiroki slowly turned his head to glare at him.

"It's so cute!" he said, staring at it– a younger Hiroki was standing with a younger Akihiko. "How old were you in this? Nine?"

"Ten," Hiroki huffed, annoyed.

"First Shinobu-chin had such a cute picture on his phone, and now you have one too."

"..." The brunette was slowly starting to lose it.


The brunette lost it. "Geez!" he huffed, suddenly snatching his device away from that dumb Miyagi bastard.

"Wha–? Hey!" Miyagi tried reaching for it, but Hiroki held it beyond his reach. "But Kamijou! I have to call my mama!" he whined.

"You can use my home phone for that!" Hiroki said, trying to push Miyagi away with one hand, while extending his phone way outward with the other. It was a bit of a struggle, but Hiroki knew he could maybe push this heavy guy away.

"I don't know how to use your home phone though." Even Miyagi himself was somehow able to sense that the lie was a terrible excuse.

"What the hell is there to know about it? Just press the damn buttons like you would a cellphone!"

Miyagi scooted closer to the brunette as he tried to reach over the other boy. He was determined to text that blonde boyfriend of his. "Gimme...!"

"Piss off!"

The raven scowled, and since that brunette guy was doing so well in holding the phone out of his reach, Miyagi decided to grasp onto his classmate's upper arms and push him flat onto the ground.

"Hey–!" Hiroki protested, falling onto his floor was a smug Miyagi hovering over and pressing him down. He stared up at the annoying other teenager, blinking in bewilderment. "The hell! Get off!"

"Pfft." Miyagi was surprised to find that even with them in this position, the brunette was still attempting to keep his phone away from him. The younger boy's arm extended toward the direction of the hall and front door.

Miyagi, being quite pleased with himself, happily reached over the collect it, despite Hiroki's rather weak struggles. As he grabbed it, the teen was able to see some slight movement down the hallway. When his eyes curiously glanced at the door, the raven was glowing on the inside when he saw a blank Shinobu standing there.

"Ah, Shinobu-chin!" he called out, grinning his smile which he knew Shinobu thought was sexy.

The blonde curtly turned around and left.

"Eh? Wait, brat!" Ignoring Hiroki's questioning underneath him, Miyagi scrambled to get on his feet and chased out after his weird boyfriend.

"..." Shinobu was almost out of the driveway by the time Miyagi could catch up with him.

"Wait!" he repeated, squeezing the younger one's wrist. Shinobu didn't even turned around to look at him. "Where are you going? Don't get lost already, brat... come inside the house."

To Miyagi's confusion, Shinobu uselessly attempted to yank his hand back. "Let go of me," he ordered weakly.

"Ah?" Smiling, Miyagi cocked his head to the side, even more confused than he was previously. "Why?"

"..." Shinobu didn't give a verbal response; he just began to wave his arm around to try and shake Miyagi off... which looked a bit ridiculous if no one knew what he was trying to do. "I'm going home."

"No you're not," Miyagi said, still a bit too dumb to be able to read Shinobu's feelings. "Since you're already here, you'll come in and help us work.

With one strong, unforeseen pull, Shinobu was able to get his wrist back. He finally turned to face Miyagi, then from the angry and slightly torn expression on his little face, Miyagi finally saw that something was wrong.

"... What is it?" the older teen asked, concerned and oblivious.

"You tell me!" the boy fumed, fists clenched to his sides. "Why are you always all over some other guy? You're only supposed to want to touch me, ass!"

"What? You want me to touch your ass?" Miyagi blinked.

"No! You always want to touch some other guy!"

"What other guy? I do only want to touch you... of course I do, you're adorable."

"Shut up!" Shinobu snapped.

The raven blinked again... it must have been the first time that kid didn't go all red and cuter when he complimented him like that.

"You... you like that Kamijou guy don't you." The boy seemed to be trying to contain his anger. "You constantly put your hands on him... even when he doesn't want you to... and you always seem to want to try to please him..."

"That's not true," Miyagi denied, bewildered at the abrupt accusation.

"Then why the hell were you on top of him just now!"

"Because he wouldn't give into me! I had to push him down myself, otherwise he'd never voluntarily–"

"I don't want to hear it!" Shinobu slapped his hands over his ears, taking a couple steps back from the elder.

"It was for you, brat!"

"So then you purposefully told me to come here so I would see you two do that? It was a ploy to get me jealous or... or you were just trying to humiliate me?"

"No, it's not like that!" Miyagi gawked at his boyfriend's glossy, grey eyes. "Wha– Wait, are those tears? Why are you–! Don't start crying, brat! Get rid of them!"

Shinobu desperately fought back a sob as a tear slowly rolled down his cheek, face scrunched in feelings of furious betrayal.

"Gah–! I-I didn't mean to get rid of them like that! D-Don't cry, Shinobu-chin!" The frantic teen turned his head in every which way to ensure no neighbour of Hiroki's was around. "You'll make me look like a horrible, harassing person if you do..."

"Shaddap!" Shinobu blubbered.

"Shinobu-chin..." Miyagi tried to touch his head, but the blonde's frown deepened, stepping back some more. "You've completely misunderstood everything! I was on top of him just now because he wouldn't give me his phone and I wanted to call you..."

The slightly shaky boy roughly wiped his tear-stained cheek with his sleeve. "Then why didn't you just use your own phone...!"

"Because the battery's almost dead."

"Then why were you hugging him this morning before English class started today!" Shinobu spazzed, his evident anger making him appear scary as hell.

"..." Miyagi felt his lips go dry. "Because... I wanted to?"

The shorter teen's grimace intensified, which made Miyagi immediately know that he said the wrong thing.

"I-I mean I, um, missed him?"

The idiot gaped as another tear which resulted from anger or jealousy fell out the corner of Shinobu's stormy grey eyes.

"I didn't mean that–! I meant, um–"

Shinobu interrupted his boyfriend with another inquiry. "How do you know if Kamijou's really a homo! You call him 'Kamijou-homo,' but if there's really nothing between you guys... then why...!"

This really sucked. Under Shinobu's immobilizing yet desperate stare, Miyagi could simply stand there with an undeserved, strange guilt and the slight fear of something beyond Shinobu's current scary demeanor. He'd seen stuff like this before on TV, where couples broke up due to some sort of misunderstanding like this. But that wouldn't happen to them, would it? After all, it was way too soon to screw up.

"I... um... don't know..." the older teen said, unable to think of anything else to say.

Miyagi wanted to reach out and squeeze him as Shinobu sniffled soundly and his small body shook from the ongoing rush of emotions.

Shinobu said, "I thought you were serious about us... jerk!"

Miyagi felt like saying something like, 'I am,' but he felt that maybe it was best to stay silent for the time being.

"Don't lie to me anymore, Miyagi. If you're just going to be saying bullshit like 'you only want me,' to make me feel good, then don't say anything at all!" The boy was trying to calm himself, but he wasn't all too good at it. "Or if you just wanted to play around with me, then you shouldn't have asked me out at all...!"

"Shinobu-chin," Miyagi huffed suddenly. He wasn't about to give up yet. There was no way in hell he was about to potentially lose this kid over some stupid misunderstanding.

However... the teen wasn't at all sure how to talk to a person who was so furious that he'd start crying in rage. Miyagi figured he had to at least give it a try thought.

"Stop rambling about this shit!" he huffed, secretly praying that being stern would make the kid realize that it was all a mistake. "You're making way too big a deal out of this! You say that I'm the more feminine one when you're standing there, bawling your pissed eyes out like a menstruating girl!"

Miyagi's violet eyes enlarged when Shinobu angrily came closer and slammed his knee up against his extremely sensitive privates.

"...!" Miyagi couldn't form any words– he just clenched his teeth, felt his knees sink to the cement ground, cupped his precious genitals in his hands.

He felt the excruciating pain down down there... he felt it hard.

"... Fucking ow...!" he finally seethed, squeezing his dark eyes shut. "... You little shit..."

Shinobu wiped any remaining tears against his sleeve and said, "Fuck you, Miyagi," before curtly turning around to leave the poor guy in pain.

"Wait, Shinobu-chin..." the teen groaned, pathetically slumping sideways onto the ground and curling into a weak ball.

Shinobu didn't hear Miyagi (or flatly ignored him) and Hiroki came up to the raven instead.

"Now this," the brunette said. "Is fucking entertainment."

"Shut up!" Miyagi rolled onto his stomach, still trying to massage the feelings of pain away. "He sacked me... he fucking killed my nuts... that brat..."

"You deserved it," Hiroki said, crouching down next to him. "For all those times you've harassed me... finally someone showed you enough pain."

"You've also showed me plenty of pain..." the teen groaned. "You and your damn books..."

Hiroki smirked when Miyagi began to whimper from either the pain he was enduring now or from recalling any pain previously inflicted from Hiroki.

"Shinobu-chin... damn," the raven moaned. "What do I do now...? He really... believes all the wrong things."

"Miyagi-homo," Hiroki said gently, grinning devilishly. "Just what kind of relationship do you have with that kid?"

"Don't call me homo, homo," Miyagi huffed, face still planted on the cement. "Shinobu-chin and I... are just like siblings."



"It didn't sound like that... judging from how upset that kid was."

"And just how much were you watching?" Miyagi inquired.

"The whole thing, of course," the brunette said. "Why wouldn't I? You idiots were right in front of my house." Hiroki didn't bother to help Miyagi; he merely observed the raven squirm from the agony he was slowly recovering from.

"... I don't know what to do now... does this mean he doesn't like me anymore? Or maybe we've... b-broken up?"

"Dunno," Hiroki said. "He looked and sounded pissed beyond belief to me."


"Maybe he'll get over it... someday."

"You make me feel so damn better," Miyagi huffed. "Prick."

Hiroki ignored the insult. He was much more mature than Miyagi to complain about it.

"We can't be finished!" the idiot over dramatically claimed. "Not after all we've been through...!"

"Just how long have you two been going out?" the brunette inquired.

"... I asked him out... yesterday." It sounded so lame and insignificant when he'd say it aloud, but Miyagi really did feel stronger about Shinobu than other crushes he'd had.

"Easy come, easy go," Hiroki huffed. "Now let's go back inside and get the stupid project over and done with. You have no idea how pathetic you look on my driveway right now."

"Try having your dick pounded," the raven groaned. "That kid has a boney knee."

The brunette sighed, said, "When you're finished writhing in pain, I'll meet you inside," and then left Miyagi alone again.

After a moment, the teen slowly got onto his knees, glaring at the ground beneath him. He knew he didn't do anything really wrong, it only appeared like it from Shinobu's angle. And now he was already stuck in some lame drama.

'However,' Miyagi tried to convince himself. 'That kid's already mesmerized by me... getting him back is going to be easy as hell.'

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