Author's Note: The inspiration for this story is a mixed of all the fanfics I have read. The Plot bunnies started harassing me so I decided to write this story. I saw Merlin as the perfect victim to write out the story. I can't help but exploit the unicorn maiden thing because come on! Merlin was able to touch the unicorn that symbolizes purity and innocence! That's like a bulls-eye painted on Merlin, or his ass.

Side note: The fics timeline doesn't necessary follow the series. The episode where Morgana made everyone fall asleep happened but she is not evil. She was only mind controlled by Morgause and Merlin save her. Uther was weakened and Arthur is Prince Regent. Balinor and Will are still dead so sorry for those fans of the two. Oh, and just for the sake of the story, I let Merlin's hair grow out. Oh, and Arthur already figured out about Merlin's magic and is waiting for Merlin to tell him himself.

Warning: Possible character death; OOC (though I will try to keep it as in character as possible); Slash; and I apologize in advance for the wrong grammars and sentence structure. Anyone wants to volunteer to be my beta? I haven't written for about 6 years now so I am really rusty.

When Merlin Became His Queen

Summary: He knew that the unicorn incident would come back to bit them in the future. He just never thought it would be his ass that would be bitten. ManyxMerlin; main ArthurxMerlin.

Prologue: Here Comes the err...Bride

*Winter Time, Camelot Castle*

Merlin repeatedly breathes in and out, trying desperately to expel the nervous energy contained in his body. He can feel sweat starting to fall from his brow and hurriedly wipe it off before Morgana sees it and pulls his ears. He can already hear Morgana's voice in his head saying "Don't you dare wreck our hard work! " Forget the fact that he is not a woman and doesn't appreciate the work done in the first place.

'Awww...don't be like that. Don't you want to look extra pretty in your wedding day?' an annoying voice that sounds suspiciously like the royal regent prat whispered in his head. Shut up! Merlin screamed silently to himself, abruptly standing up and started pacing around the room. He can feel the silk of his wedding dress make a swishing sound as he lifts it up to avoid tripping all over his feet.

Yes, he, Merlin is currently wearing a white, long, flowy, silk wedding gown. The upper part of the gown is embroidered artistically and the sleeves are long with the end in a triangle shape that only shows the tips of his fingers. The gown is high necked collar style that closes just right to his Adams-apple with only a small circle cut between his collar bones. Considering he is not a female, the wedding gown was actually quite flattering to his slim, slender body. Not that looking great in a wedding gown comforts Merlin in the first place.

Over the past months during which the courting was occurred, he was forced to let his hair grow unless he wants to suffer the holy wrath of Gwen and Morgana combined. It now curls just above his shoulders with small curls framing his angular face, his ears peaking adorably out. He's cheeks slightly filled out adding more effect for his cheekbones to be noticed.

He was force to eat as many food as he can possibly take to, quote Morgana, 'Fill you out so you won't look like a starve bride. Besides, I'm sure your husband *que waggling eyebrows* would like to hold on to more meat during your wedding night.' Which Merlin promptly blushed red, flailed his arms around and stuttered to retort back to Morgana as Gwen and Hunith giggled quietly in the background.

Merlin grimaced thinking about his wedding night where his coveted virginity was soon to be gone. Stupid royal prat! This is his entire fault! If he just listened to me for once and control his carnal urges to shot living creatures, we won't be in this mess! Merlin resisted the urged to wry his hair out of frustrated else he ruined Gwen's work.

'Hmm...stop denying it. Your happy that this happen. And I'm sure you would love for him not to control his carnal urges later on,' again the voice in his said that sounds like the Prince Regent whispered lowly to Merlin.

"Aurgh! I'm going crazy!" Merlin screamed flinging his arms out.

"I hope you're not going crazy because you want to get it on with your soon to be husband. There's time for that later all night Merlin," a smirking Morgana said entering the room, a basket in one arm.

Merlin whirled around, surprise showing on his face which quickly changed to flustered when Morgana's words registered. "La-la-lady Morgana!" Merlin exclaimed.

" Please, call me Morgana. You will soon be the princess of Camelot. Your stature will be higher than me," Morgana said, walking towards Merlin. "For the last time, I am not a girl!" Merlin retorted in a huff, glaring at Morgana. Though with Merlin's face, he looks more like pouting than anything else.

Grinning harder, Morgana brought out ribbons and flowers from her basket, "Hmm, I can clearly see that from your lack of asset Merlin. Now stop floundering like a fish Merlin and sit down. I would need to include the final touches before the ceremony."

Merlin grimaced and slumped in resignation. He walked back to his chair that is facing a table with a large mirror attached to it. He felt what was left of his manhood completely disappear as Morgana fussed over his hair and veil. "Your Mother is over with Gaius. He has to calm her down as she is nervous about the whole thing. Gwen will be here shortly with your flower bouquet. It was a stroke of luck that we were able to find Lilies in this season," Morgana nonchalantly told Merlin in an effort to calm his tense shoulders.

Merlin recognized Morgana's effort to calm him down, gave a tentative smile at Morgana through the mirror. "I'm sure it's another cosmic joke to emphasize my rather lack of umm experience." Morgana laughed softly finishing the final touches to Merlin's hair and attaching the veil gently. "Well then, you must be extremely ecstatic for your activities later at night to broaden your experience."

"MORGANA!" Merlin exclaimed face flushed red.

Morgana laughed heartily. It is always fun to tease Merlin regarding the more carnal nature of mankind. He's so innocent of it that most innuendoes and suggestive actions are lost to him. It was fun watching men and women fail at subtly seducing Merlin. Honestly, it was a wonder how he kept his innocence intact for so long. "Hmm, we have enough time before the ceremony official start. Are you sure Merlin you don't want to have the talk? I would certainly love to help you in that matter," Morgana drawled, smirking at the reddening face of Merlin. 'I have never seen anyone blush so much,' Morgana thought to herself.

"My Lady, you should really stop teasing Merlin. He looks like he is about to faint with all that blood in his face," Gwen gently chided her mistress, entering the room quietly. Merlin smiled gratefully to Gwen until Gwen's slips twitched and turn into a grin. "I'm sure the Prince would not appreciate it if you teach him the ways of the body. He is awfully possessive of Merlin." Merlin groaned as the two ladies joined in laughing at his red face. Honestly, Morgana is a bad influence to Gwen.

After a few minutes, Morgana and Gwen calmed down. Gwen tagged Merlin up from his chair, moving him into the center of the room. She handed Merlin the beautiful bouquet of lilies with a few chrysanthemums included. Both Morgan and Gwen step back a few paces from Merlin and observed him.

Traces of the blush still lingered in Merlin's fair cheeks, making him endearing to look at. A touch of light make-up can be seen in his face but only to enhance his eyes more. Merlin's pale skin color blended well with the whiteness of the gown. The veil was a simple silky material that is draped elegantly and reaching until Merlin's knees.

" I agreed to wear a bloody wedding gown but I draw the line on an entourage of people carrying a train of my veil!"

His gown was flowy and fitted perfectly for his figure, showing his slim waist and slightly curry hips. His gown was the required white color but Morgana attached a long trail of 2 red ribbons to Merlin's collar that reach just slightly pass his waist to add some color. The length of the gown reaches the ground but allowed Merlin to walk comfortably with just lifting it up a few inches up. He's feet is encased in soft, black ankle leather boots.

"Honestly. I fall by just the air and you expect me to wear heeled boots? Do you want me to die while I walk down the aisle?"

All in all, Merlin looked like a blushing beautiful bride.

Morgana and Gwen smiled in satisfaction. They each gave a kiss to Merlin's cheek and left Merlin in the room. Gwen softly whispered to Merlin before stepping out of the room, "The ceremony will start in about five minutes. Lady Morgana and I will be outside. Come out when you are ready. Okay Merlin?"

Merlin gave a nodded to her and Gwen stepped out of the room leaving Merlin to himself.

Merlin breathes in deeply and slowly exhaled it. He shook his shoulders to release the tension, smoothen his gown down, took the bouquet and grasped it with both his hands. This is it. All those months of confusion and uncertainly comes down to this.

Merlin took one last deep breath and walked out of the room to his destiny.


Author's Note: Haha, that's one long prologue. I'm unsure on whether I like this or not. I have so many ideas running around my head that I find it hard to arrange them in order. Anyway, for those who wants to see the gown (because I really suck at describing), it kinda looks like this .com/wc/fash/dressimages/pron_.

It's just up to the neck because I think Merlin would like his neck covered (since he is not allowed to use his beloved neckerchiefs). Remove the flowers and just add 2 red ribbons attached to collar and that would be Merlin's wedding gown that he was forced into.

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