Author's Note: This is, I'm sure, THE most hated part of readers because I know I hate it when this happens. But I want to give a heads-up for everyone. You might wonder why I haven't posted a new chapter this wednesday.

I would need a week or two weeks to get my brain together. Chapter 11 has to have a battle scene and I'm finding it hard to find the words to write out that scene. I have to research on it. I haven't writen a battle scene before so I'm very unfamiliar with it. I'm also losing my inspiration. I've started the chapter but I'm struggling with it.

Anyway, my main problem is that these two jobs (working both day and night)are taking its toll on me. I have started my second week of doing two jobs and my body is giving up on me. I'm hoping that within two weeks, I'll be use to it and not feel so tired all the time. My boss in my full-time job is already giving me disapproving stares.

Though I'm sure the other fic I'm working on, I'll be able to update because it's easier to write then this one. I hope you guys understand. And if you guys can send me any inspiration my way, I would love that.

Oh, I will reply to all of you who reviewed Chapter Ten on the next chapter. That way, I can properly thank everyone. But I will post here two replies to two reviews I got. Because I wouldn't want them to be the reason I get discourage, I want to get rid of them now so I won't have to think about them the next time. Wish they bothered to live a private link for me to response to.

HUH: I'm pretty sure you're not even reading this fic anymore; you should have the decency to leave a link where I can reply to you privately. Thank you for telling me your thoughts. I'm sorry if I don't have the proper time frame of that era. As I had said before, I had just got inspiration to write and I went for it. If I waited and researched on it (which I highly doubt I can do in a few days), I probably won't have written this fic. Then again, I'm sure you would want that. I don't like Merlin turning into a female and I like tormenting him so I had him wear a wedding gown. And no, if you have bothered to read on, my story is not just about the wedding gown and therefore, Merlin does not have to be a girl. All in all, no offense but I would have appreciated it if you didn't read my story. I will give you the era thing though.

dhh: I'm guessing that you are the same with the "HUH" reviewer. Thank you for reading this even if you are annoyed by it (and if you are still reading this, thank you again). Just an advice from me, please don't continue to read my story. You will continue to hate Morgana (I don't understand the last part of your review) because I don't plan to change how I perceive her. I am very aware about my atrocious use of the English language (I have warned you about it). If you want, I can write in my native langue so you won't be bothered by it anymore or you can just stop reading so you won't have any more problems. What I do when I don't like the story, I simply stop reading; though, I appreciate the time and effort you have given to read and review my story. If you have written stories, why don't you let me read it so I can learn from you, oh great one?