Notes: This is a birthday present for the wonderful Orangevbnin. Hope you like it!

Standard Disclaimer, yadda, yadda.

This was the moment where all of Robin's Ninja Skillz™ was put to the test. If he failed, then he was doomed for sure. But he had to do it. Wally was hanging in the balance, and best-friends don't stand idly by while their counterpart is in peril.

So, here goes nothing.

Eying his target in the middle of the room, Robin mentally mapped out the quickest and safest route. Scattered all over the red plush carpet were perilous obstacles, but Robin was sure that he could do it. He wasn't called the Boy Wonder for nothing.

Robin tiptoed around unstable block castles, hand-sprung between a circle of soft pillows supporting downy heads, cart-wheeled past the racetrack, and landed in a somersault before his quarry. Green eyes looked up at him pleadingly, and Robin braced himself for the most dangerous part of the mission: removing three sleeping children from on top of Wally.

Gently, ever so gently, Robin moved out of his crouch and laid hands upon the first child. He worked fast and diligently, like the most skilled bomb diffuser. The first child was off, without even a stir. The second came off just as easily. The third would be the most troublesome—chubby arms encircled Wally's leg, soft face cuddled into the teen's calf.

Grabbing a discarded teddy-bear with his right hand, Robin prepared to make the exchange. Using his left hand, Robin delicately pried the toddler's fingers up and away from Wally's leg and swiftly put the bear in its place as Wally quickly but cautiously lifted his leg away.

Operation Free Wally from the Kiddies' Clutches: complete.

Carefully the two exited the danger zone, not willing to talk until they reached the safety of the outside.

"Thanks, man. I owe you one," Wally breathed a sigh of relief.

"Don't sweat it. How'd you end up at the daycare anyway?"

"I was dropping something off to one of my mom's friends when I got drafted. She said 'You'll only have to play with them for a little bit! Just until I get back!'" Wally snorted, "Yeah, right. She was gone for two hours! And then the kids started to cry when I said I had to go…"

"I get the picture. Tough break."

Wally was silent for a moment, before a question that had been plaguing him burst out, "Not that I don't appreciate the rescue and all, but was all the ninja-ing necessary?"

"Yes," Robin pushed up his sunglasses, "yes, it was."