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"Outside the Box" Chapter 11: Inside the Box

As soon as I entered my bedroom, I shimmied out of my dress. Yet, as I did that, my stomach tied in knots. This was it. This was the moment I have been waiting for since the night I met Edward.

I gulped and kept the dress off.

"Hey," Edward said softly from behind me.

When I turned to face him, I saw that his cheeks were tinted pink and his eyes were cast down. He seemed apprehensive as he stood casually with one arm raised and resting on the doorframe. He looked sexy as hell and he also looked the same way I felt.


"You can come in," I said, keeping my eyes on him. I wasn't going to lose the nerve. I can't lose the nerve.

He sighed and took a step closer to me, but he would not look at me.

"Edward." I threw his name out there, wondering what his problem was. I could still see the faint outline of his erection in his slacks.

"You did-didn't waste any-any time, did you?" He cleared his throat.

"Wha—Oh, shit." I covered myself with my hands. I wasn't wearing panties tonight, so right now I stood before him in a bra. That's it. "Well…we were supposed to…"

"I know," he said quickly. "Christ…Why is this so—"

"Awkward?" I asked.

He nodded and trailed his hand through his hair.

I steadied myself on my feet and dropped my arms to my sides. "Why don't you just kiss me?" I asked.

He was staring at my face now, wearing a silly grin, as he began to close the distance between us.

I sucked my stomach in. After all, I did eat a lot at the restaurant and I had a slight paunch.

"You're beautiful," Edward said, palming my cheek, "so amazingly beautiful—gorgeous." He searched my eyes.

I closed them and swore to shut the fuck up. If his stammering ass doesn't stammer while he spouts that poetry-like bullshit, he can continue. I just really wanted to get this over with now. Not only did I yearn for Edward, but now I wanted to get it over with? Like ripping off that weird Band-Aid we've been wearing. Yes, I did. If we do this, then we won't have any problems continuing to do this, and then we can get to the good sex?

No. If Edward and I—

"Kiss me," I pleaded and needed to stop thinking.

He swallowed and placed his lips to mine.

Edward kissed me slowly this time around. He hands didn't go anywhere, and I was trying stand as close to him as possible—while still trying to shut my brain off.

I threw in a moan for dramatic effect and him, hoping to get him going. Where was that beast-like Edward from the couch? As I moved against him now, I no longer felt the hard bulge of his erection on my stomach.

I pulled away from him. "You lost it," I whispered and licked my lips.

He groaned, and that alone sent a shock wave to my hoo-ha.

"Do that again." I gently massaged his neck.

"What again?" He placed his lips to mine.

"Growl—grunt. Do what you just did." I smiled.

He smirked and let out another groan, but it didn't have as much ferocity as the first.

"Come on. You can do better than that." I stepped away from him and reached back for my bra. I took it off, and then it was gone. "You want to see these bad boys?" I leaned over to cup my breasts while I giggled. I was just messing with him, and I wanted his erection back. I was determined, dammit!

"Bella…" I had shy Edward again.

I grinned at him as I ran toward him fast. "Piranha bite!" I grabbed his side.

He cringed away from me and laughed. "Bella, stop."

I knew I was completely naked, but I started to circle him like he was my prey anyway. "Ever wanted to embrace your—animalistic side?" I pinched his ass, and he jumped.

"No…not really. Did you want to watch television?"

"You want me right?" I asked.

"Of course."

"So, you admit that you want to fuck me?" I got him with my claw again.

"Yes." His face was so red.

"So…do it!" I slapped his ass. "Pin me down and fuck me."

He groaned the good groan.

"Aha!" I laughed. "There it is." I stopped behind him to gently run my hands down his back. "Edward." I stopped playing around.

He reached behind himself to hug me to him.

"I've waited a long time for this," I whispered. "And we have no reason to be nervous, right?" My hands went to his hair, and I lightly scratched along his scalp. "Your hair is so soft."

Fuck. I was seconds away from dry humping his ass. I had all this man in front of me—all this Edward in front of me—and I was ready. I just hope that he was.

"Do you want to touch me?" I asked; he nodded. "Turn around." I turned him to me, and he had his eyes closed. "Keep them closed," I said softly and grabbed his hands. I brought them to my hair. "My conditioner is shit, but I try…"

He grinned while he wove his fingers into my hair. "It's soft," he whispered.

I smiled and my hands encased his to bring them lower. "My shoulders…"

Edward drew in a shaky breath and lightly ran his fingers down my biceps. "Soft, too."

I nodded. "Tell me…what else?"

His hands continued their journey, while I started unbuttoning the rest of his shirt. "Your neck—" He cupped it.

"You're going in the wrong direction," I tsked.

He let out a breathy chuckle. "I know what I'm doing." Edward pulled me against him, to roam his hands down my back and all the way down to my ass. "All of you…you're so soft." He gave my cheeks a good squeeze, while I drooled on his sleeve. "Your waist—fuck." He ran his hands up and down and around my hips. "Your stomach."

By this time I had his shirt open, and his toned chest in my face. "Your chest," I said, before I placed an open-mouthed kiss down.

Edward's hands left my hips to weave themselves into my hair again. "I'm crazy about you."

I smiled and placed more kisses down—so many kisses. I kissed anywhere I could reach, and swore I could do it forever. "You're beautiful," I whispered against his skin.

"Bella…look at me."

I slowly brought my head up to catch his gaze, and then our heads inclined toward each other. And, fuck me. Once our lips touched this time, those frantic smooches were back. My tongue was up in Edward, just as he was all in me, and I tried miserably to climb up his body.

"Move." I pushed him back and as soon as his ass hit the bed, I took a nosedive right for him. He caught me and helped me right myself, as I straddled his lap.

"Fuck." He spat as he palmed my breasts. "You…sitting on me like this…fuck."

I rubbed my lower half against him. "Was this all I had to do?" I scooted lower on his legs to undo his pants.

He leaned on his elbows and stared down at me. "You, naked, on me—that's—that was the dream I had the—the other night." He stared down at my pussy.

"You want this?" I pointed to it.

He nodded and licked his lower lip, while I fought the urge to fuck his face. "Come here."

I squealed excitedly and crawled up his body, only to stop a few inches from his face. "Are you sure?"

"Are you sure?" He was suddenly confident again. "I want to taste you—eat you, fucking devour you."

I looked around myself and wondered where Edward went. "Have you seen that geeky fucker? You know, my date?" I teased, which took nothing away from the panting mess I actually was.

Edward grabbed my hips, and suddenly our positions were reversed. "That geeky fucker?" He lightly bit my nipple, and I turned into Jell-O. "That piranha ate him."

"Oh…" I held his head to me tightly, and wished he'd live with my nipple in his mouth. It should just stay there all the time. "Ed…" My lower half squirmed, or tried to. Edward had me down pretty good.

Little by little, I felt his weight shift because he was easing his way lower, and I couldn't wait until—

"Ung…" I grasped the sheets tightly when he placed a small kiss on my hood.

"May I?"

I was breathing so heavily, there was no way I could answer him.

"Bella?" he whispered, and his cool breath hit my hot arousal.

"Edward," I moaned, ready for it. I was ready for whatever he was willing to do.

"You're so pretty down here."

I huffed and leaned on my elbows to look down at him. He was smiling like some giddy idiot—my sexy, hot as fuck, idiot—while he stared at the cootch. "Just fucking eat me." I grabbed his head and pulled him into my crotch.

Edward was not deterred and got to work quickly, while I started to flop around like a fish on dry land.

A fish on dry land.

I should get a t-shirt that says that.

"Yes!" I sat up to hold his head to me. And then I pulled his hair to rub myself against his lips. He kept licking and lightly sucking on my clit, and it felt magical—absolutely magical.

At that moment, I swore I turned into a poet.

"Finger me! Fuck me with those fucking—YES!" He must have placed two inside me, and as they pumped furiously, his tongue never left me. "You—tongue—fuck—me!" My body shook violently, and then stiffened as wave after motherfucking wave of ecstasy washed through me. I came, hard. It was a good one, and when he didn't stop his ministrations, I continued to orgasm. It was like The Never Ending Story. I was Atreyu and Edward was my Good Luck Dragon. We were in this together—his tongue, my pussy—the cunniligus that is magic.

"Holy…mother of Christ. What the…fuck?" I slumped back into the bed to hold my head. "That was—where'd you learn how to do that?" I asked.

Edward sucked back his lower lip and crawled on top of me. "Tanya."

I nodded. "Don't say her name while we're naked." I held his face and breathed heavily.

"You asked me—"

"You should have lied, but it makes sense. I bet she—" Edward kissed me, and I obviously stopped talking.

"You taste so good." He kissed along my neck.

"I'm all warmed up for you now." I smiled so wide my face hurt. I wanted some Edward peen, and so I spread my legs as wide as my smile.

It was a metaphor.

"So wet." He slid his finger up and down my center. "I should get a condom." He nipped my lower lip.

"You came in here without one?" I asked.

He came to lie beside me and gather me into his arms. "I was trying not to do this tonight." He didn't stammer, so I didn't reply. "You understand what I was saying earlier, right?"

I didn't answer again, and lightly touched the back of my hand to his crotch. He was still hard, like a damn rock.

"Bella?" He skimmed his nose along my chest, only to circle my pebbled nipple with his nose.

"Go get the condom," I whispered.

He paused and looked nervous again, but he did get up to leave the room. While he was gone, I squealed into my pillow.

"Hey," he announced after only being away for like thirty seconds. He came back to lie next to me.

"Hi." I leaned on my side and trailed my fingers down his stomach. "Can I?" I asked.

He grinned and pecked at my lips. "I got it." He rapidly brought his pants down and kicked them off, but left his boxers on.

I grabbed for them.

"Finish what you were saying before. Please? Do you understand what—"

I nodded. "I understand, but…I want you, so bad." I pulled his face up to mine. "We've been playing these cat and mouse games. I don't know who was who, but you got me, and I am not going anywhere. I love you. You're a beautiful, wonderful man, with a kind heart and a good soul." I wore a victorious smile that matched Edward's. I meant every word I just uttered, but I never thought they'd string together so nicely like that. I sounded just like he did twenty minutes ago.

Edward nodded slowly. "And now I get to do what I just did…whenever I want?" He pointed his eyes south of the border.

I squealed. "Whenever—you can pull me out of work—whenever," I promised.

"And now you want me to fuck you?" He had a new tone and a new intense thing happening with his eyes. And now Edward sounded like I did twenty minutes ago. I loved it. I was now his prey.

"Make love," I corrected him. "I want you to make love to me." I pushed against his chest so that he leaned back. He took me with him, and I lay on top of him. "I can't wait to feel—to feel us connected, as one—to, to—" I threw the stammer in just for him, "to feel our souls connect."

"Fuck…what else?" His hips pushed his erection into me, while his hands pushed the hair away from my face.

I tried to think of what else to say. "Um…your eyes, they're like—like little windows into your heart. When I look inside…I see my future."

"You're all mine." He groaned and began placing rough kisses along my neck and shoulder. "You don't know what you're doing to me." Between each word, he placed a kiss down, and I was on my way back to la-la land. "Bella, keep—keep—Oh, God." He turned us over to kiss down my body again, and when he landed on my clit—yet again—I was ready to tell him whatever he wanted to hear.

Convulsively swallowing, I tried to remember a poem I had read when I was a kid—when I wasn't so jaded and bitter, and thought all that shit was cute. But first, I had to try to figure out how I was going to say it. What he was doing felt even better than before. He was flicking his tongue against me, and would use his teeth on occasion to graze my swollen nub. "Talk to me, baby. Let me hear that melodic voice—that sexy purr," he mumbled out against me. There was no stammering, only mumbles, and yet I understood him. I hoped this new "Sex God Edward" was here to stay.

"Okay, you ready?" I ground my hips into his face. "Jesus!" My eyes rolled back.

Edward pulled back to nod and kiss along my thigh, while his thumb worked the knob.

"Oh…" We made eye contact, and my lower half moved along with his thumb. If he went in a circular motion, I twirled my hips.

He leaned up to bite at my chin. "I love you," he whispered. "And fuck…I love this." He dove headfirst into me again.

My thighs hugged his face. "My stomach aflutter with butterfly wings," I moaned out and slumped back. "Emotions!" I shouted, "and thoughts, and, and other things! Christ, Edward—just like that!" I placed my hand on the back of his head. "Our love is new…ung… And bright…" I became a moaning, panting mess as he lapped his tongue up and down, up and down. "Our love is new, and bright!" I shouted again, "as a star! Yes! As a motherfucking star." I squeaked out, ready to orgasm again.

When he brought his fingers back to me, I let go—and let the phenomenon that is Edward take me away again.

Once again, Edward repeated the same thing he did moments before. He kissed up my body and pushed my legs even further apart with his knees. This was it, and I hoped I wouldn't vomit because I was nervous again. "Gorgeous." He gently kissed my lips, which actually relaxed me.

Just having him to close, like when we're sleeping, simply put me at ease. I mewled and tried to hug him to me. My arms wrapped around his neck, and my legs found his waist. Well, no. My feet found his waist, and I was fast to slide off his boxers.

He stared into my eyes while he squirmed to kick them off. "You…" he kissed me, "never," he said into my mouth, and then deepened the kiss, "finished your poem." He leaned away to place the condom on his cock.

Before he did so, I grabbed that puppy and I was quick to give it a smooch. "Your cock is—fucking marvelous." We kept going back and forth with the commentary, I wanted to use a word neither one of us had. "Tastes good too." I ran my tongue down his length and back up again to take him deep. "Hmm." What I couldn't fit in my mouth, I stroked—maybe—twice with my hand, before he pulled me away.

"I don't want to—"

I nodded rapidly. I didn't want him to come yet either.

"Right." He breathed heavily and then palmed his face.

While he wasn't looking, I grabbed the condom, and proceeded to place it on him. I used my mouth to somewhat roll it up, but I've never been very skillful at that, and so I used my hands.

Then I dropped back and pulled him with me. I hugged him to me again, and wanted him as close as possible. I was like an Edward ornament again, only we were horizontal, naked, and my legs were open wide. "Did I ever tell you that you're my best friend?" I asked.

He nodded and swallowed loudly. "You're my…everything," he whispered. "You're the first woman that I noticed as an adult. You don't like to hear about it, but it's true."

I felt a little choked up, and didn't want to ruin this moment. "You going to fuck me with that monster dick or what?" I asked.

Edward furrowed his brow and lightly brushed the tear away from my eye. "We don't have to."

I shook my head no. "I've never wanted something so much before," I whispered, and then we quietly stared at each other while we shared the same breaths. I squirmed a bit to get into position, as he did the same. He held himself up, hands on either side of my shoulders, and his erection leaned against my entrance.

"Hey." He kissed me gently. "You never finished that poem." He gave me an Eskimo kiss this time.

I giggled and palmed his face. "My stomach aflutter with butterfly wings," I whispered. "Emotions and thoughts, and other things." He kissed me deeply and roamed his hands down my sides. "Hey," I pulled his head away from my neck. "Our love is new. And bright as a star. God must really love me. To bring me to you," I rushed out, and then bit down my quivering lip. "I mean that shit—I never loved a man before. I am so in love with you, Edward."

"As I am in love with you." Edward grinned. "That was beautiful." He leaned his forehead to mine.

"No…go back to being my dirty boy." My stomach was knotted now, and Edward was still nice and stiff.

He raised a brow and had a playful glint in his eyes. "These are the nicest tits I think I've ever seen."

I grinned, even if he might be lying. They're okay—nothing to write home about.

"I masturbate to you—to this body." He skimmed his nose along my neck, and began kissing along my chest again. "Every day in the shower, I think about you, while I touch myself. I get my hand all soapy—"

"More," I said, as my body was set ablaze.

"I get a good grip—" He grabbed onto my hips. "And I never last long, thinking about you—these tits—that pussy. I'll never have to do that again, will I?" He bit down on my nipple.

I groaned and melted back again. "I called out your name while I was fucking Jake."

He stopped, and I felt him looking at me. "That's—wow—that's—for real?" he asked.

I covered my mouth and wished I was dead. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to ruin—" I felt the man meat and saw that it was still standing tall. When I looked back to his face, it had changed. It was serious, so serious, and yet lustful? "I couldn't stop thinking about you." I pulled him on top of me. "That day with the vibrator, I came again, just because you sat on my bed—oh!" When he grazed my entrance again, I braced myself for the impact. "I need you…now."

He drew in a shaky breath and entered me slowly. My nails dug into his shoulders as I tried not to push back. I wanted to go at his pace.

"You feel so—" He fully entered me to dip his head into the crook of my neck.

"Tell me." I felt full.

I didn't call that thing a monster for nothing.

"Look at me." He stared into my eyes, as I stared back. "I love you." He held onto my head, only to pull back and pound back into me.

"Edward," I whimpered.

"You feel too good. I can't—can't go slow." His body continued to rock into mine.

"Don't." I hugged him to me tightly. Our chests stayed connected, and the only things that moved were our hips. Our eyes stayed locked, and I wished he'd kiss me, but there was something about his stare. I couldn't look away.

When I looked into his eyes, I saw my future.

And I never wanted to look back at the past. "Harder," I said.

He gritted his teeth to pound into me roughly, over and over, and over again. "I can't believe—"

I breathed deep and my face felt so hot. "It is happening…" I moaned and throbbed around him, and then rode out my climax. "I love you."

"I—I lo—" He let out a grunt and went as deep as he could inside of me.

As soon as he came and our erratic breathing filled my ears, the air in the room shifted. It seemed lighter and had a loving feel to it. I was so happy. I claimed my man—my love—my Edward, who was hysterically laughing.

"We're so fucking ridiculous." He shook his head.

I giggled. "We wouldn't be Edward and Bella if we weren't."

He chuckled, still panting madly, while he gathered me in his arms.

I sighed contently, still so damn happy. "Are we going to be those saccharine sweet couples, the ones who make me sick?"

Edward kissed my cheek. "I'd like to be, only because I never had that, and I am incredibly fucking happy right now. You make me so happy...the happiest I ever been, and that was before we...made love." He kissed me.

I giggled again. "Me too, Pookie-Bear."

He snorted. "Too much."

"Right." I turned to hug him and lean my head on his chest.


The next day, we started moving things into the new apartment. Then, sometime after lunch, we decided to share the master bedroom, and turn the spare into an office space.

That was the day Bella Swan moved into an apartment with her boyfriend—the day she let someone inside the box.

And that was also the day I decided that this is one of those stories.

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There will be an epilogue to follow.

I'm sure I could have written at least twenty more chapters, starring these two, but the story that I wanted to tell was their's - just getting them together. We'll get a glimpse into the future soon!

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** The Poem that Bella said for Edward** Falling in Love by Frieda Martinez