Author's Afterword

With the final, edited version of this story having now been posted, I opted to move my afterword for this story to its own section since there was enough said to warrant it. Plus I wanted to add something to the story in order to bring peoples' attention to the final version of it and build some interest for the upcoming follow-up to it. Yes I am that shameless. ^_^

For those not aware, this was originally a challenge fic I posed to myself. Honestly, I wasn't sure I'd be able to pull it off, but I did and I'm at least somewhat proud of myself for it. The essence of the challenge was that I wanted to write a fic using a current event as the backdrop. I wanted it to happen more or less in time with the event in question, and I wanted to do it with no editing involved. The original story I posted was indeed 100% raw writing, which is a habit I will not be getting back into. I much prefer to present polished, properly edited work as opposed to raw writing or, Heaven forbid, posting things as I write them.

A couple of things to note about this story. First, yes I am aware that Ferb's "real name" is still a mystery within the series. I also know Gretchen hasn't been given an actual last name in the series either. So I've gone off of as much information or speculation as I figured was reasonable for both.

Ferb's character is said to be based off of a guy the creators of the series know named Frank. Frank can also be another short way of saying the name "Francis", which is what I ended up picking here.

As for Gretchen's last name here, Adler is a very German last name. I thought it fitting since, well, Gretchen is a very German first name. "Adler" also means "eagle", and you'll note the pendant she was wearing at the ball was, in fact, an eagle. Look at me getting all symbolic and stuff.

Finally, I do realize that the popular pairing for Ferb is for him to end up with Vanessa. I also know the creators even hint at them perhaps hooking up much later in life, but I'll be completely honest here: I don't like Vanessa very much at all. Not to mention I couldn't feasibly reason out how to manage the difference in their ages. So rather than force myself to write something I don't like, I just picked someone else for Turbo Ferb-o. My next set of choices for him was one of the Fireside Girls. In the quick planning session I did for this fic it was going to be either Adyson or Gretchen, but I settled on Gretchen since there's at least a small fanbase for the pairing and because, dang it, I like her.

I do hope you've enjoyed this fic, even if it's not a "standard" pairing. Ultimately I strive for one thing in my writing, and that's to entertain. I'm not out to break new ground, write epics (necessarily), be profound or any of that jazz. I just like telling stories, period. If you did enjoy it, please do check out the follow-up story I have written to this one once it's up. It's called Love the One You're With, and revisits Ferb and Gretchen's relationship a few years after the London trip.

Thank you again for your patronage and your time, and I do hope you find my other stories to be entertaining as well.