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Freddies Pov

'Oh Carly, your so tight!' Freddie was moaning. He was pounding into Carly, his thick cock taking her virginity.

'Freddie, Freddie, don't stop, I'm so close!'

'Me too Carly, ugh!' Freddie released his load deep inside Carly. Carly screamed in pleasure and had the most intense orgasm she had ever had. Sometimes her fingers just didn't cut it. She curled into Freddies arms and they both drifted off to sleep...

Freddie woke up soaking. He was panting, covered in cum. Standing, he went into the bathroom to clean himself off. 'God,' He muttered, 'That was INTENSE!'

'Freddie?' Mrs Benson called out.

'Yeah Mom?'

'Freddie, it's three in the morning. What are you doing up?'

'Um, I, um had a nightmare!' Freddie called, thinking on his feet.

'Okay. Now GO TO SLEEP!'

'Okay, Mom.' Freddie called, shuffling back to his room. The dream wouldn't leave his head. And while he thought about it it developed more...

Sam walked into the room with Melanie and saw Carly and Freddie. 'Tut tut tut' Sam said walking over to them.

'Sam, it's not what you think!' Carly yelled.

'Oh,but it is, little Miss Shay. And I can't belive you did it wi-' Carly cut her off.

'It was a spur of the moment thing! I'm so-'

'Let me finish. I was going to say I can't believe you did it...Without me!'

'Ugh, what?' Freddie was looking round confused.

'Freddie, do you think Carly is the only one who touches herself while thinking about you? The only one who get's turned on by "Tech Time with Freddie"? You look so sexy

when you're in front of the camera talking about computers.' Sam let out a loud moan. By now she was straddling Freddie. His dick was touching her dripping cunt. 'Oh Freddie, I want you inside me. NOW!' With not a moment to lose Freddie thrust up into Sam, causing her to groan loudly. Carly was watching while being eaten out by Melanie. Freddie was thrusting harder, faster, into Sam's tight little cunt. 'Oh, God!' Freddie choked out, approaching his orgasm. 'Sam, your so fucking tight!'

'And you love it!' Sam screamed, squirting all over Freddies cock. Her pussy contracted around Freddies dick, causing him to cum deep inside of her. Sam pulled off, panting. Before Freddie could do anything Carly was back, riding his cock like her life depended on it. 'Oh God Carly!' She was riding faster and faster, meeting his thrusts

everytime. Freddie lowered his head and started sucking on Carlys nipple. That pushed Carly over the edge. 'FREDDIE!'she screamed squirting again and again. Freddie was cumming for the third time that night. But it was soon to be his fourth. Melanie was on all fours in front of him, her cute little butt making broken circles in front of his face. Her little bud was looking at him, just waiting to be stretched. Without warning Freddie slammed into her, enjoying the tight heat. Melanie screamed in pain but Freddie didn't notice. He kept slamming and slamming until he released his cum deep inside her. Carly was then screaming his name for no reason. 'Freddie! Freddie!

Freddie! Freddie! Get up!' Carly pushed Freddie off his bed.

'Wait, what? Oh yeah, still a dream. Carly, suck my dick.'

'Um, no way! Gross! Who do you think you are!' Carly kicked Freddie in the ball's.

'Ow, ow, ow! God! I'm guessing it's not a dream then? No? Didn't think so. Um, sorry?'

'Whatever Freddie. And clean your self up.' Carly walked out of the apartment slamming the door behind her.


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