Summary: Gynophobia- just a fancy word to say he or she is afraid of women. When adorable blonde Ruka Nogi is found having it, he's kept from all women except for his mother. But after awhile, his best friend Natsume decides the only way Ruka can get over his fear is to attend the famous Gakuen Alice - an all girls school. But can Ruka find the courage to tackle his fear?

Note: Ok, I know, we've all read stories with the similar story, but this one will be different I swear! The summary is actually different but I don't want to give any details of what happens in the following chapters! So, just relax and read! I thought of this when I read a fanfic where a GA character had a fear of girls/boys. I can't remember though... Oh well! I'm really looking forward to doing a Ruka/Hotaru fanfiction! However whenever I get an idea, I would use it for Mikan/Natsume or Sumire/Ruka. So here it is!

Note (2): Yes, I know Ruka and Natsume met differently, but its a fanfiction! I can't go exactly the way it does in the anime/manga! But enough about that! By the way, no alices! I like reading/writing GA fanfics with alices as much as the next person ut sometimes its nice just to have the characters. Sigh... think I got everything down but if there's still something else, PM me!

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Chapter 1 - Introduction
By: MangaManiac6

"Gynophobia." A tall man with black hair and rectangular black rimmed glasses in a long, white lab coat murmured. He looked as stiff as a person could get and was writing swiftly in a black notebook. This man was also Ruka Nogi's doctor.

"What?" A weak voice asked, as if begging to hear him say she heard wrong. The voice's owner was a skinny woman weiring an all too revealing lavender jacket and a short skirt with a small 8-year old boy on her lap. They both had soft, blonde hair and sky blue eyes. Only the small boy's blue eyes was surrounded by red from the hours he had been crying.

"Gynophobia." The doctor repeated in a dull tone.

"Erm... right." Mrs. Nogi said softly. She thought she had heard that. "May I ask what Gyn-gy-gyno-" She stuttered trying to say the word.

"Gynophobia, the scientific term to describe the abnormal fear of women." he said matter of factly.

"Oh." She stared at her son, utterly confused. "But, wait! I'm a woman, how can he's not afraid of me?"

"Ofcourse he's not afraid of you, you're his mother!" This was the first time she had seen the man break from his calm and collect attitude and talk to her as if she were seven.

All Mrs. Nogi could do was twitch uneasily looking anywhere else but her son's big innocent eyes.

The doctor in the lab coat walked slowly towards a counter which was scattered with papers and files. Mrs. Nogi guessed these were her son's health records but she was mistaken. Suddenly, he pulled out a medium sized picture portraying a brunette with shining emerald eyes. Ruka squealed and burried his head into his mother's chest. "Doctor! Please!" The women cried sternly. She then looked down and whispered, "Please Ruka-chan! Please stop crying!"

Ruka didn't stop. Actually, his wails started to increase in volume, "Shut up!" the docter screamed irritatedly. That's when Ruka quieted, still sniffiling.

"Please doctor." Mrs. Nogi said petting her son's blond locks.

"God, that kid's got a loud voice for such small lungs." The doctor said quietly, putting his hand to his forehead. This was his weak attempt at an apology.

"Apology accepted." She said, recognizing the statement for what it was.

"Hn." The doctor dropped the picture back on the counter and walked slowly towards the two and sat on a plum colored spinny chair.

There was a long awkward silence that followed except for Ruka's sniffles.



"Is there anything we can do?"

He shook his head, "Most likely not. You see, most people recover there fear by forcing themselves to deal with it. Like how people afraid of heights get over it by taking flying lessons. I tried bringing Ruka to some women before, tried out my theory, and he started crying and ran out the room. I'm not sure there is anything I or anyone else can do."

Mrs. Nogi looked crest fallen. "There's, there's got to be something!" She gasped.

"I'm sorry Mrs. Nogi."

Again, another silence.

"Is there anything I can do, you know, to help him get through it."

"Keep him away from women as much as you can."

"Ok, thank-you Mr. Ootori." Mrs. Nogi said and rose up, lifting her son up with her.

"Any time." Doctor Ootori leaned slightly back against the thin air, watching one of his main patients exit the room, sobbing softly enough so that only his mother could hear.

The two exited into a hallway which they walked down so that they entered a sitting room crowded with seats. Only two were actually occupied. One seat was used by a tall man with blond, scruffy hair, also wearing a lab coat referred to as, "Doctor Suoh". He had his hand on the man who was sitting next to him's back. Doctor Suoh's face had a concerened expression and was also Ruka's doctor until he was five.

So, have you guessed who the doctors are? XD