This particular chapter is posted for German Unification Day, so I'm sure you can guess what the focus is. With that said, I will continue with the story. ^_^


I got up very early this morning. This is even earlier than my normal routine of waking up at dawn, which leaves me to wonder if I ever really went to sleep at all last night. In all honesty, I do not recall, such had been my agitated state.

Today, it would finally happen. That absolute abomination of a wall will come down after so many years. It will take time for it to come down entirely, but the demolition starts right here.

That wall and too many years have separated me from mein bruder, but finally today, it will come down and I will see him.

I cannot help but wonder about him. So many years isolated with that monster. Has he changed? How has it affected him? He would not be so different, would he? He would not possibly allow Russia to break him, right? Gilbert is too strong—or as he would say, too AWESOME—for that to happen. It could not happen… Could it?

Arriving at the wall long before most, I attempt to push the thoughts from my mind. Dressed in my civilian clothes so as to avoid drawing unwanted attention to myself, I wait, standing and staring, left only with my thoughts until at last others gather.

Most of them are native West Germans. They stand as I do, waiting, hoping to find loved ones they had long been separated from by the wall. Some of those gathered within the growing crowd, however, I do recognize, among them are America, England, Spain, and France.

When each of them see me, there is some sort of acknowledgment. America gives me a thumbs up and a grin. England presents me with a stiff nod. Both Spain and France standing together send bright, happy smiles my way, and I wonder if they are the only ones to have truly missed Gilbert besides myself.

My thoughts are quickly diverted from this, though, as it begins.

I can almost feel the procession of the blows to the wall, can almost feel the anxiousness of the people—on both sides—for the wall to fall at last.

Though quite some time passes as the people work, I stand unmoving, watching. I would enjoy nothing more than tearing the wall down myself with my bare hands, but I find that I am shaking ever so slightly. I cannot, at the moment, trust my strength. So I merely stand and watch until the point where there is enough of a segment out of the wall that people from the East German side are beginning to flood over to my side, many immediately searching for familiar faces.

From my sentry post, I, too, search with my eyes. As each wave of people surge over the wall, I scan. He should stand out in the crowd, but I do not see him anywhere. I see no tell-tale disheveled white hair or red eyes or skin so pale as to reflect sunlight into innocent passerbys' eyes. I do not see anyone even close to matching this description.

I continue to watch anxiously, impatiently. Is he purposely being slow? Is he trying to keep me waiting? After so longer apart and he is probably being slow on purpose simply to make me wait for "His Royal Awesomeness" to arrive. So help me when I see him, I will…

Then a thought strikes me with such crushing force that I almost fall to my knees.

What if… What if, in tearing down the wall that separates us, I had lost mein bruder? No longer a country, no longer representing a part of a country that is isolated… A personification without something to personify… What if….

Is he gone now? How cruel that would be, to be unable to see him again until the wall comes down, devote quite a lot of energy into making this happen, only to be forever unable to see him because it is coming down at last. I, America, and several other countries would be responsible for Gilbert's death. How could I live with myself knowing that I had been directly involved in his death? In my older bruder's death.

With the realization of this terrible possibility sinking in entirely, I finally do fall to my knees, tears threatening to spill over. Once more by the wall, I shut my eyes and pray, though, this time a much different prayer from any prior I had before prayed here.

It is, in truth, simply one thought in several different wordings, as if saying it enough would more God to have pity on me. Without a word aloud, I pray.

'Bitte, Lord, I know my wrongs are great but I have already lost so much, bitte, do not take mein bruder as well. Bitte, mein Vater im Himmel, bitte, do not take Gilbert. Bitte allow mein bruder to remain even though the wall is falling. Bitte, Vater, bitte, I just—'

"Mein Gott, Westen! Why are you on the ground?"

Instantly, my bowed head snaps upwards to look at the source of the exclamation, and I enter into eye contact with a familiar pair of crimson eyes, which widen substantially widen upon seeing my face. Somewhere within my please for God's mercy, tears, until now unbeknownst to me, had escaped.

"West, are you…. Are you alright?" he questions, rare concern and uncertainty shown clearly on his tired, worn face.

Wordlessly, I pull Gilbert into a strong hug. I cannot help but notice how thin he seems. He seems so much thinner than he was even at the end of the war.

Whether through shock or confusion, he remains rigid, but after a moment, returns the nearly foreign gesture. Hugs are not something that is often shared between the two of us. At the moment, however, I do not care how awkward it may be; I missed my bruder.

"Ja, bruder. I missed you, too," he replies to my unspoken statement choked back by tears and relief. Nothing more is said for a time, but of course, Gilbert being Gilbert, would have to say something. "Really, West. If you keep hugging me like this, people are going to get the completely wrong idea."

In response to this statement, I promptly shove him backwards, stand, and walk away, his yells about unawesomely landing on his ass heard by anyone in the vicinity.

All the same, I cannot help but smile and thank God that I still have such an annoying older bruder.

When the Allies won the war, they decided to divide Germany and get rid of Prussia. My theory is that Prussia became East Germany (he does call Germany West and Prussia's territory DID overlap East Germany if I remember correctly). Therefore it is possible that Prussia continues to exist as East Germany and there are just enough difference between (they people still refer to each other in some cases as East and West Germans) that Gilbert might be able to continue existing as a separate personification. That probably isn't the clearest explanation, but I don't know how to explain it any better. Sorry. My words fail me at the moment. Haha.

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