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Chapter 1: Nightmare

A volcano was erupting; the sound of the explosion bursting his eardrums, fire and ash shot up into the sky before crashing down from the bleeding sky onto the shadow of the rainforest before him. Shadowy figures were darting in and out of the trees so fast he couldn't get a close enough glimpse to see what they were. Suddenly in amongst the sounds of the eruption chanting echoed around him in some ancient language he couldn't understand. He looked down at his hands and saw that he was holding an old worn picture of his parents it looked torn in places and the corner was curled over. The photo was moving and he watched as his dad lifted him into the air whirling him above his head while his infant self squealed in excitement and his mother laughed watching them. He felt as though he could have stayed there forever watching it but before he could so much as blink it shifted into a map of San Lorenzo. The same map he had found in his parents diary. Finally he tore his eyes away and looked up again only to realise that he was flying a plane.

The clouds were perfectly symmetrical across the sky; the sun was setting and the orangey pink of the heavens was dyeing the tops of the trees. The plane he was flying skimmed wove in and out of the clouds then dove to skim the tops of the trees as his eyes darted around, looking for something. In the distance he spotted it, his parent's plane flying ahead of him. He drove up alongside of it.

"Come on Arnold!" yelled his father.

"Hurry up son or you'll never find us" his mother called.

His parent's aeroplane began to speed up, he put his foot down trying to chase it, but it seemed as though the faster he sped up the further away they seemed to get. He yelled after them. Just when his desperation seized him he heard a voice yell his name. It was calling him from behind, that was odd he didn't think there was anyone sat behind him. He turned.

He was stood atop of a tall grey building, the voice called his name again only this time it was louder, it sounded closer. He felt like he knew that voice as well as his own


He turned around and there she was, looking desperate and frantic as though her entire life depended on this one moment.

'That's right Hair Boy! I mean crimney, what else are you supposed to do when someone you love is in trouble!'

'Love?' he asked feeling confused, for a moment there he thought he had heard wrong.

'You heard me pal, I love you. Love You! Who else do you think has been stalking you night and day, building shrines of you in a closet, filling volumes of books with poems about you? I love you Arnold I've always loved you, ever since I laid eyes on your stupid football head! And from that moment and every moment since I've lived and dreamed of the moment I could finally tell you my secret feelings and to grab you and kiss you! Oh come here you big lug'

She smashed her lips onto his and he froze in shock. She was kissing him. Helga G Pataki his bully was kissing him! After the initial shock faded he began to panic. No, this can't be happening, she can't love me! This has to stop now! Roughly he pushed her off of him. His heart was racing and he was panting as though he had run a mile.

She screamed his name. A high petrified shriek that shook him to his very core. The rooftop had changed into a cliff face and Helga was falling from it. He had pushed her off. He desperately tried to reach for her and pull her back to him but she slipped through his fingers and down into the swift rapids below.


In his attic room Arnold jolted awake, his breathing was rapid and shallow his forehead was dripping with sweat. He groaned loudly and flopped back onto the bed. The clock flashed it was 2am.

'Ergh, not again,' he groaned, throwing his arm over his eyes in frustration.

He rolled onto his side and tried to get back to sleep hoping that he wouldn't have that horrible nightmare again. A twinge of fear gripped him as the image of her falling flashed across his mind.

'It'll be fine,' he tried to reassure himself as he drifted back into an uneasy sleep, 'She's probably asleep. She'll be at school tomorrow just like every other time.'

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