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"God, Jessica Alba totally out dressed Holly J Sinclair at her party!" Jenna Middleton flipped through the latest pages of National Enquirer Magazine.

"I can already see the look on her silicon face." Clare Edwards giggled with mischief, as her sunglasses clad eyes turned to grab the non-alcohol margarita that the servant so kindly brought, with a decorative umbrella on the side.

The brilliant scorching L.A sun beamed on the two princesses' – as they like to be referred as – delicate exposed skin to be tanned. They lazily relaxed on snow white, chaise lounge beach chairs, along the outline of the clear blue, underground pool.

"OMG! Selena Gomez is dating my future husband? Stupid Disney girls!" Jenna scoffed dramatically. Clare rolled her eyes behind her tinted glasses.

"Get over it. He isn't all that. But hot damn..." Clare sat up as she flipped through the same layered tabloid. "Chase Crawford definitely is."

Jenna tilted her head in curiosity and Clare turned the magazine holding it up on the page she was looking at towards Jenna.

"Hmm." Jenna nodded her head in approval. Clare continued to flip through a few more pages until she got bored. There hasn't been a juicy story in weeks that she was interested in. And hook-up's and break-ups weren't as appealing to her as they were to Jenna.

Clare lay back down, and closed her eyes. She wore one of her many designer bikinis; jewel embellished triangle top, and a double string at the hip bottoms, both matching in turquoise. While Jenna continued to skim through, she flaunted a beautiful yellow, diamond studded, one piece swim suit that left both sides of her upper body exposed at the waist.

The two seventeen-year old teenage girls continued to lounge just outside of Clare's large mansion. Something they'd do every Friday after noons after school either at Jenna's or like today, at Clare's. But school ended about a week ago, so there was more room to...repose.

Clare's newest Apple iPhone began to play a new Katy Perry song, signaling someone was calling. The auburn haired beauty extended her arm into her tote bag on the ground and pulled it up to her ear.

"Clare speaking."

"Hey Clare, this is Declan Coyne."

Clare shot up, and pulled the glasses over her head from her eyes, causing a very nosy Jenna to mouth 'who is it?'

"Hey Declan, What's up?" Clare said casually, also answering Jenna's question. Declan Coyne is rich, with well-known parents much like Clare's.

"As many may already know, yesterday was my eighteenth. And as much as I enjoyed everyone's birthday wish tweets, It wasn't enough."

Clare covered the bottom of her phone, and whispered to Jenna. "Yesterday was his birthday. I think he's—"

"So I want to celebrate it festively, invite only, and I'd love to have the wonderful Edwards there."

As if he could hear her, he finished her sentence. Clare wasn't stupid. She knew Declan Coyne always sent out e-mail invitations, or very formal texts. At least his father's publicist does. And to say she knew he maybe liked Clare, because he personally called her, was an understatement. He practically fancied her. But it wasn't a bother, not at all. Because Declan was hot, and maybe, just maybe she wouldn't mind being the latest hook-up gossip.

Clare looked over at her best friend with a tentative look. "Can I bring a friend?"

"Of course! If they're with you, they're good. Just...don't bring a date."

"I'm sorry, but Jenna's my date." Clare teased.

"Miss Middleton's an exception." He chuckled in a way that made Clare tingle.

"And where's this event taking place?" Clare asked.

"Where else? At Club Element."

Clare bit her lip, a huge grin plastered on her face. "Expect us there tonight."

With that being final, she hung up and put her phone to the side. She turned to face Jenna; eyes popped out excitedly, smile beaming exaggeratedly.

"Finally we get a break!" Jenna squealed. "Our summer plan is finally being put-"

Jenna stopped mid-sentence when Clare wagged her arms at her to stop when she spotted her father, Randall Edwards through the glass door's walking into the kitchen with her step-mother from hell- Audra – used to be Torres, now Edwards.

They've been married for two years now. Since day one, Clare and Audra have never seen eye to eye. They never argue, no, not at all. It seemed though, that Clare always had to fight for the attention of her father ever since she came along. He's always busy with work, agents calling him here and there. Audra of course is always right behind his ass, leaving Clare in the dirt.

Now you're probably thinking she's with him for the money, and that may be the case according to Clare, but she had a fortune of her own. She's one of the five founders of some new special bank designed specifically for the rich. Let's just say she's a Republican. But from all that, she craved the initial, most important thing; Her Reputation. She dreams about building the very first bank somewhere, but she needs the investment.

She better keep dreaming if she thinks daddy's going to give her that. All she's getting is some coffee and – god forbid – some.

"Your dad looks...a little wary." Jenna commented pulling Clare from her thoughts. She looked up and watched her father shake his head, with a fist on the island, as Audra spoke to him, waving her hands around.

She hoped they were having another one of their tense filled altercations about how she wanted to manage his account since she is – in Audra's pretentious tone : 'A certified accountant and a graduate from Banting University'

Where the hell is Banting anyway? A little voice in the back of Clare's head would always ask whenever she would bring that up.

Clare got up and slid her newly fresh pedicure feet into her white flip flops. She motioned her head to Jenna to follow her.

Clare slid the glass door open stepping inside, with Jenna trailing right behind into the conditioned shelter. Audra's head quickly snapped up, and immediately discontinued what she was saying. As if she didn't want Clare to hear a word.

"Hey daddy!" Clare greeted brightly as she jumped onto the stool, purposely ignoring Audra's presence.

Her dad pulled up a weak smile from his gloomy structure, but the sincere look in his eyes showed he was glad to see the face of his beautiful baby girl. "Good afternoon Clare-bear." He replied lightly.

"Is everything alright dad?" Clare tilted her head, and took an accusing glance at Audra.

"Of course. Things have just been a bit stressful and very irritating." He said a little too loud.

Audra scoffed disbelievingly and rolled her eyes.

Clare smirked. "I completely understand daddy." Clare batted her eyes shooting another look at Audra.

Audra opened her mouth, ready to say, god knows, what until Jenna intruded before things got anymore awkward. "Mr. Edwards...Clare and I were wondering if I could sleep over tonight. There's a huge birthday party going on an-"

"No." Audra deadpanned seriously.

"It's not your decision!" Clare spat rudely.

"Honey please, it wouldn't hurt for her to go." Randall said.

"What do you mean? The girl needs discipline. She can't always go anywhere she wants. She'll live without a stupid party. Remember what we talked about..." Audra whispered, but to no avail because Clare was right in front of them, and now she was curious. Who the hell is she? She's not my mom! And what the hell was she talking about?

"What did you guys talk about?" Clare asked suspiciously, now beginning to think the little 'altercation' she thought they were having was about her.

Randall shot his head up towards Clare with his mouth agape ready to say something, but hesitated. He sighed. "Fine. Clare you can go to that party."

Clare and Jenna squealed in unison, while Audra huffed annoyed and disapprovingly.

"But, promise you two will behave." He narrowed his eyes at Clare. "Especially you Clare. We've had enough of your little hoodwinks, so one more and-"

"Thank you, thank you, thank you daddy!" She threw herself at him, embracing him in a huge hug. "I promise I'll behave." He gave her a kiss on the head before she let go and made her way back outside to the large patio by the pool.

"Are you honestly going to behave?"

Clare turned her head back and giggled. "What daddy doesn't know won't hurt him. And this wouldn't be the first time." She winked.

Clare dragged the black eye pencil one more time, outlining under her eye, to compliment her large baby blue eyes. She covered the eyeliner and stepped back in a room she was way too tranquil in, checking her appearance in the mirror. She had just finished putting on make-up, which was very light as always.

Jenna walked back into her room pulling off the last pink hair roller from her long, bright blonde hair. She walked over to her dresser next to Clare and checked her hair.

"Looks good." Clare confirmed.

"I know." Jenna gloated staring hard at herself.

Ohhh kayyy Clare turned around trying to be oblivious of her conceited best friend, and unplugged the flat from the socket.

There was suddenly a knock at the door, and Jenna yelled for them to enter as she applied an enormous amount of blush.

In entered a woman, probably one of the butlers, with two dresses in a long plastic bag. "Miss Middleton, here are the two dresses you ordered earlier."

"Thanks Ren, just leave it on my bed." Jenna ordered blandly. Ren did so and left in a hurry.

Clare skipped over and picked up her dress. "This is hot Jenna. I love it!" Clare laid the dress back down gently and untied the string around her waist, tossing off her silky robe. Jenna and Clare were quite comfortable with each other and didn't mind if the other was half naked.

In minutes the lightly sequined peach dress was hugging her body flawlessly. This dress was a fashion dream for Clare. The hem was flow-y, very high in the front and slightly lower from the back, but still above the knees. It had cut out sides, revealing her sun-kissed skinned. The top part was halter like, and tied at the back. Sweet as sugar, yet sexy as...well just plain sexy.

"Do you think he invited Logan Lerman? Because, if he did I'm so doing a double hook-up." Clare said.

She walked to Jenna's body length mirror and twirled around in her cocktail dress. She slipped on white lengthy heels, which cheated her short height.

"Probably." Jenna answered.

Clare felt glamorous, absolutely priceless. Her short hair was curled in bouncy layers, and she loved the way her legs looked. She hoped everyone at the party tonight envied her, and wanted her all together.

They always did.

"Hottie! Declan's so going to take you to the nearest bathroom." Jenna purred, sneaking up behind Clare, looking at her in the mirror. "And if he doesn't I will." She joked before turning around to retrieve her dress and put it on.

Clare smiled at herself, showing her perfect white teeth. This is why she absolutely loved Jenna as a friend. She didn't care if Jenna was labeled as one of L.A's top celeb whore's, or a dumb slut, or...well she didn't care what anyone thought. Jenna always made Clare feel like she was important, beautiful, and incomparable. Clare would do the same. They both balanced each other's queen-bee statuses. Besides, they were rich, hot and young looking to live the luxury life the right way: Spontaneous with no regrets.

"Our plans are already starting." Clare clapped excitedly. "What scandal do we have planned for tonight?"

"Hmmm well...don't go topless tonight. Save that for another time." Jenna assured jokingly. Clare slapped her playfully. "I guess just go with it like we usually do. We end up doing something crazy regardless."

Clare's phone suddenly starts ringing and she walks over to the bed and checks her phone.

From Zane: Mini Sinclair is here! Better watch it, u know she was always after Declan. He has a thing for redheads!

"Crap, Holly J." That bitch. They were like frenemies; mainly because Clare and Holly J.'s parents have had brief court appearances relating to their separate businesses. From the minute I saw her, I already knew she was a stuck up, attention whore.

"What?" Jenna widened her eyes and turned around from looking in the mirror.

"Holly J... she's there!"

Jenna shook her head disapprovingly. "No, no. We've got to get going. She's been on the cover of Teen Voguefor the past two months. She's not going to keep ruining perfectly fine paper." Jenna grabbed her purse and Clare's as well. "Trust me Clare-bear, tonight is all about us. Not another high class skank!"

Flashy, variegated lights jazzed all over the dark club. Layers of bodies crowded the small, flashing dance floors, while others lounged around the bars or tables and socialized. Music pumped the vibe, and there was a thick smell of scandalous drama in the air.

"Darling!" A very feminine male voice chimed. Clare's face lit up when she saw her gorgeous gay friend Zane Park. He's the youngest fashion designer in L.A and very talented as well.

His designs are to die for!

"Zane, love!" Clare and Zane shared a cheek-to-cheek kiss, before greeting Jenna the same way.

He placed his hands at his waist, and winked at the girls suggestively when he looked them up and down. "So you two were the ones who demanded for the hottest dresses I had? You little minxes you!" Zane pretended to claw them, and they all laughed.

"Well you know us. We need to stay updated twenty-four seven on the latest fashion." Clare said.

"Speaking of updated, look at her top! She needs to crawl back to the set of That 70's Show." Jenna exclaimed at some girl who passed by.

"Sweetie, that's nothing! Miss Party in the U.S.A over there looks like Lady Gaga and Pink's closet threw up on her! It is not cute." Zane bobbled his head.

As much as Clare wanted to critique everyone's apparel, because let's be honest, she's like the best dressed aside from Jenna, she just wanted to have fun.

Maybe I can get Declan to sneak me a drink, and we can have fun together.

Clare mused as she spotted the mini bar, where a few adult security guards sat, completely ignorant to the teens around them. Her eyes continued to scan the club, as her head followed her eye motions until it landed on Declan, who wasn't alone.

Clare nudged Jenna on the side, halting her conversation with Zane and pointed Declan's way.

"Ohhh she's a cute one!" Zane said. "Better get over there cowgirl."

Jenna crossed her arms, and had a tentative look on her face. She already sensed Clare's insecurities, and gripped Clare's hand. She stomped towards the bar confidently.

"What are you doing? We're underage!" Clare whispered in panic. The old rational Clare was faintly resurfacing.

"Stop being such a worry wart and just follow my lead. We need something to boost your confidence."

And Jenna did just that. Somehow she managed to slip a few tequila shots for the both of them from the bartender. Enough for them to not remember much, and enough to stir up controversy earning them a spot on every tabloid there is.

Saturday Morning

"What the hell is this?"

Randall slapped a few magazines and a newspaper on the kitchen island with enough force for air to gust some hair from Clare's face.

"Dad please...hangover." Clare palmed her forehead, and squint her eyes from the beaming sun rays shining through the windows.

"You promised me no trouble, and this." He pointed at the photography shots "Is unacceptable."

"Chill out dad."

"Chill out? There are pictures everywhere of my seventeen-year old daughter with her tongue down a Coyne's throat. And not just any Coyne, but Fiona Coyne! Not to mention your half naked wrangle with Holly J. Sinclair!" Randall laughed hysterically flipping through the magazine pages before closing it shut. "And to top it all off, you were drinking... underage! What were you thinking?"

Clare opened her mouth, but was paused briefly when she heard a low snicker coming from across the island. Audra sat there pretending to look at her laptop screen. Clare sighed, feeling nauseous. "I'm sorry. It won't happen again."

"Your damn right about that. That's why your mother-"

"She's not my mom." Clare gritted.

"Audra and I have decided to send you to your grandmas for the rest of the summer."

Clare's eyes bulged. "What! No, you can't do that! Daddy please, I'm sorry. It will never happen again I swear."

"I'm sorry Clare. But this isn't the first time you've done something like this, probably not as bad as this but you do have a history." Randall hammered the nail.

"It's for the best honey. The farm will do you well. You're even going to be working there too!" Audra added, completely amused by this.

Clare shot her head towards Audra, with an icy cold glare. "You." She accused. "You bitch! You wanted this all along!"

Audra's face fell. Everything around Clare began spinning, and gravity seemed to betray her as she slid off of the island stool, but was caught by her father. The alcohol really had an effect on her as the aftermath, but the news now, had an even bigger one.

I can't live on a farm for the whole summer

This farm wasn't the environment for Clare. She needs her L.A heat. She needs to be updated on the juiciest gossip. She needs the indoor conditioning. She can't live without her credit card. She needs all of her material expenses that she treasures. Most of all, she needs her senses back.

Down in Arizona

"Hey boys com' ere!" Grandma Edwards shouted to the three boys as she walked with a slight limp to the boys working on a bird bath on the massive land she owned. They all looked up in unison, wiping their sweaty foreheads, obeying and walking towards the boss they've grown to love like their own family.

Arizona isn't all desert like everyone says. There is life to it. Just outside the famous road, Route 66 was an expanse acre of farm land. Not evergreen farming, but crops covered some parts, and a small barn to raise the chickens. A rocky dirt road led up to the white, antiqued, old school farmhouse where the owners lived. Alongside of the farm were the horses, and a beautiful, tall grassed field to ride the magnificent creatures.

"What do you need boss?" A boy, with slight baby like features asked with a normal American accent unlike Mrs. Edwards.

"My Granddaughter's c'min here from California for the summer and imma need some helpin' 'round the old place. Think ya can do that for a raise?" She asked excitedly with hope.

"Of course! Anything for you." The other boy tilted his hat, which was much more built, with athletic features.

Mrs. Edwards clasped her hands together. "Well then, Betta get your young little buttocks workin' then. Yee doggy, my baby's comin' back!"

"Excuse me, but um...your granddaughter as in Clare Edwards?" The raven haired boy, asked curiously. His face was frowned due to the open sun, but he waited for a response patiently.

"Why of course! She's ma only one!" Mrs. Edwards beamed. She turned around ready to walk away, until realization dawned on her and turned back to again, find herself staring into intense emeralds.

"You remembered her..." She grinned.

The young boy curled up a smirk. "Of course. She was never forgotten."

Back in L.A

Clare managed to regain little control of her and pushed off of her father. "Don't do this to me daddy, please." She stared at her father with her big saddened blue eyes. It was like an arrow right to the heart for him, and he was about to cave and cancel the flight.

"Randall, the Sinclair's are pressing charges. Apparently Holly J. was bruised during her fight with your daughter." Audra quickly intervened as she scrolled down on her laptop where she received this information.

Randall snapped out of the spell from his daughter, and shot her a seriously angry look. "The decision is final."

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