Rodney and Significant Other Playlist Challenge: DtC's Submission

Jennifer sighed as she passed her hand in front of the door sensor, having just finished the shift from hell. One of the science teams had encountered a plant similar to poison ivy, but the effects were ten times worse. She did not even want to think of how some of them had a rash on their private parts and not their hands. Every time she tried to imagine a plausible scenario, her head started to pound. A hot shower followed by a hot cup of tea while buried under the warm covers sounded like the best medicine to put the horrendous day behind her. There was only one thing that could work better but he was working late and would not be home until after midnight.

With a heavy sigh, Jennifer tossed her jacket on the couch and was tempted to use the couch as her bed. She was still getting used to the bigger room and having a separate living and sleeping area, but this was more homey in a way because it was their home. The first man besides her father the young woman lived with. The thought bought a hint of a smile to her weary face.

"You can make it," Jennifer willed herself toward the bathroom. As the door to the bedroom opened the physician bought her hand to her mouth to keep from laughing. If the site of rash infested scientist's made her stomach turn, the site before her now made those horrid visions a very distant memory.

Jennifer watched as the towel clad hips swayed to a beat only he could hear and his lips moved the words playing into his ears. This was too good to interrupt and with each passing second, her foul mood melted away. The entertained woman let the performance finish before she made her presence known. "So, I make you feel like a natural woman?" Jennifer peeked at her iPod that was on the dresser and snaked one hand through Rodney's wet hair. She really loved this man even with all his quirks. He had an uncanny ability to lift her out of the worst moods.

"I...I," Rodney fought to explain his actions, but he could not. With being caught in a vulnerable moment and the sultry way he saw the woman look at him in the mirror, the logical part of his brain shut down.

Jennifer slid her arms around Rodney's waist and pulled the towel away. "How about my natural woman helps me forget the horrible day I had and joins me in the shower?"

Rodney could not see the grin grow on Jennifer's face as she stared at his naked body in the mirror. "But I just..." he caught on before it was too late. "I think I missed a few spots on my back the first time."

A/N: (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman was written by Gerry Goffin, Carole King and Jerry Wexler. Of course it's performed by the Queen of Soul: Aretha Franklin. Word count 473. This is probably the last piece I'm posting for a few days as I leave for vacation tomorrow morning and will not return until Saturday. Hopefully, the long flights will give me time to get chapters done on some of my other works. Thank you for reading. Please let me know what you think of this submission.