Alright after you've read this review it because I am not sure about this story. I want constructive criticism and I want to know what you want to see or have in it and if I should continue or not, but I think I will. This story will mainly be in 3rd person, Cammie, and Zach's POV.

3rd Person POV

There was a huge party going on that night at Gallagher High School. It was the Homecoming and the whole school had gone. Everyone had gone and everyone was having the time of their life except for one person.

Cammie Morgan walked out of the gym wearing her black yoga pants, and a white tank top with brown flip flops. She had tied her hair back, and there were tears streaming down her face. In her left hand was the dress she had spent seven and a half months saving up for, now completely destroyed all thanks to her so called sister Amber.

That night was supposed to be fun. She had spent weeks getting ready for it with her best friends Ashley and Jenna. Her dress was a designer dress, a deep cream color with a black sash. It was one of the finest things she had ever owned, and she bought it with her own money.

Cammie had looked gorgeous, and would have been the star of the show, but her sister wouldn't tolerate it. After Amber had embarrassed her in front of the whole school and Cammie's crush, Josh Abrams, then proceeded to accidently trip spilling blood red punch all over Cammie and her cream colored dress.


"Oops, did I spill that on you?" Amber asked with fake apology "My bad, but honestly I don't think it matters, the dress made you look slutty anyways.

Tears were already flowing down Cammie's face as she turned away and made her way to her gym locker to change. As she was opening her locker she heard the click clack of heels against the cold tiles of the floor. Within seconds her two best friends engulfed her in a big bear hug.

"You were stunning Cam!" Jenna exclaimed.

"Amber just can't stand to see anyone better than her or prettier than her, and when she does she does what she just did to you," Ashley said squeezing Cammie tighter trying to calm down Cammie.

"Its fine guys, besides I don't like big dances or parties anyways," All of what Cammie said was true, but the girls knew how much Cammie wanted this one night.

"Listen, I am going to go now, I am tired and really want to rest, but you guys stay, I need some time alone," Cammie sounded so defeated that it broke Jenna and Ashley's heart. They knew how tough Cammie's life was, and both girls wish it was them who had adopted Cammie not the Guetta's.

"We'll come with you," Both girls said in union because they were best friends and if they were in the same position as Cammie was Cammie would do the same thing for them.

"No, I want to be alone," Cammie's voice was gentle but firm.

Both girls nodded their head knowing that's what Cammie wanted, and that she wasn't really saying that.

Tears were beginning to well up in Ashley and Jenna's eyes as they watched Cammie fold up her ruined dress, and put on her black Gallagher sweat pants with her white tank top.

"I'll see you guys on Monday," Cammie sighed grabbing her stuff and giving her friends one last squeeze before she disappeared out of the gym doors and into the cool night.

Stopping at the edge of the school grounds she took a deep breath and counted to ten. By the time she was done counting the tears were gone, and she had collected herself.

Walking down the familiar streets of Roseville, Cammie went to her favorite Café at the end of the street. Not many people went there; as a matter of fact every time Cammie went it was empty except for the same old man sitting in the same booth reading a newspaper every night at the same time.

Cammie's head was down and she had put on her blue hoodie to block out the evening breeze. The night kept on replaying in her head and it was haunting her, and she was in desperate need of distraction.

As Cammie approached the Café she felt a new feeling of warmth radiate off of her. The Café was one of her safe places where she could escape her life. Opening the door to the Café she ran smack into someone.

Zach's POV

It was nine o'clock and I had finally finished my CoveOps mission. It was simple this time; we had to hotwire three cars that cost more than $100,000, pick one and go to a bank and take at least one million dollars without leaving a trace or any evidence.

Since I was the first one to complete my mission I decided to cruise through Roseville. It was hilarious how much they despised us. I went to Blackthorne Institute Juvenile Detention Center for Troubled Boys. We always received the Blackthorne Glare from everyone, but usually we got it the worse from the teens that went to Gallagher High.

What they didn't know was that we were trained assassins, and could kick there rich asses any day at any time at any place. So basically they hated us because we were a "disgrace" and "thugs" whereas we Blackthorne guys thought they were all a big joke. And they were.

Walking down the main street I noticed a Café at the end, it seemed empty so I decided to check it out. It looked older and old fashion. In the window I saw an older man reading a newspaper. Just by looking at him I could tell he was widowed, sad, and seventy three years old. Judging from the worn down soles of his shoes he didn't have the most money, and his shirt was as wrinkled as his fingers so you knew he didn't take pride in his appearance.

As I was about to open the door to the Café I ran right into someone. Looking down I realized it was a girl my age. She had long dirty blonde brown hair, and was wearing Gallagher sweats, great.

"Sorry," She said looking up. I noticed her eyes were red, and there were tear stains on her cheeks. That all would have gone unnoticed to the untrained eye. Her eyes were a vivid blue, and stood out against her somewhat tanned skin.

"It's cool," I said waiting for an insult or glare, but it never came, "You go to Gallagher?" I asked slightly curious because there was a huge dance tonight that the whole school was supposed to go to, or so I thought.

"Yeah," She seemed almost ashamed to say that and I couldn't help but smirk

"Than shouldn't you be at a dance or something?"

That one comment seemed to make her eyes well up, and judging from the look in them something happened.

"They aren't really my thing," She said sighing slightly as she walked up to the counter, "How about you?"

"I go to Blackthorne, you know the school for thugs," I watched her smile slightly.

"The famous Blackthorne Institute?" She asked with mock surprise.

"Funny, why would your mommy be mad if she realized you were talking to me?" A flash of pain crossed her face, but that was all it took for me to know to bring up anything family related again.

"Yes, very," She said recovering quickly, and smiling a little.

She was beautiful no doubt about that. Her hair was slightly pulled back in a high ponytail, and it made her looks look effortless. Her blue eyes were sparkling in the light and there was a light blush on her cheek, but there were big dark circles under her eyes as if she hadn't slept in ages.

"Yeah well you seem like the bad type already so it's not like I could do much harm," I said smirking slightly.

"Oh yeah, I am a total bad ass," She said shaking her head; sarcasm oozing from her voice.

"Hey, I heard all of Gallagher High was at that dance, everyone but you that it. And last time I checked the girls at Gallagher had a mild obsession for those kinds of things," I was mocking her, but I couldn't help it. She was cute, and it was even cuter to watch her blush.

"Maybe I am not like most girls, and besides, I heard that Blackthorne Boys only come to Roseville to steal and harass the Gallagher Football and other sports teams,"

I couldn't help but smile at that. "Well maybe I'm not like most Blackthorne Boys, and last time I checked it is the Gallagher Football team that picks fights with us,"

"I can believe that," she said smiling.

"So what's your deal, why aren't you at that dance?" I asked slightly curious. Something about her intrigued me. She was gorgeous, but not in an obvious way. You probably wouldn't notice her if she was just walking in a crowd.

"What makes you think I didn't go?" She asked. She had a good point.

"Well you're in sweats for starters, and your face isn't covered in make up,"

"Maybe I was in a dress earlier and I washed off my make up," She replied.

"So then why you leaved early, because last time I checked the dance is still going on," I pointed out.

"That's a long story," She said.

"I've got time," and I did, I had three hours.

"It's complicated," She was trying to avoid the topic, but I didn't care, I wanted to know what happened.

"So uncomplicated it," I told her sitting down across from her, leaning back in my chair and folding my hands behind my head, "And besides, how bad could it be?"

"So maybe it's not that bad, but don't you have anything better to do?" She asked.

"Maybe, maybe not," I said smirking. She sighed in frustration, but I could tell she was giving in.

"Fine, since you insist, but just so you know it's very boring," She added, but I so wasn't buying that.

"Great, those stories are the best," I said.

"So it started out as going to the dance, and all that crap. And I got there. Let's just say I am not the most popular girl at our school, and the most popular girl, or basically the bitchiest girl hates me, so she decided to have some fun, and now I am here,"

"That is so fricken vague," I told her, which caused her to laugh.

"You never said how descriptive I had to be, and what about you, I have never seen you here and I come here all the time," She added leaning back and finally relaxing.

"I like to try new things," I told her.

"Ahh, a café, you're a real dare devil," She said, I laughed; I was really starting to like this girl, like really like her.

"I always like testing my boundaries you know," I told her "This time not only did I go to a different café, but I also got decaf coffee,"

"What an over achiever," She said while taking a sip of her coffee. "I take it Blackthorne isn't interesting enough if you're stuck here,"

"It's Blackthorne, I probably like it about as much as you like Gallagher," I told her throwing the conversation back at her.

Here is a little insight about Blackthorne. We can't go around telling people we are assassins. Not only is that weird, but that kind of defeats our purpose, so normally I just lied, but something about lying to her didn't feel right.

"So basically you spend every day of your life wishing you were somewhere else and someone else, and praying to get out of this hell hole?" She inquired leaning forward on her elbows.

"Yeah, basically," And that was 100% true. "So tell me why do you hate it so much, and why do you wish you were someone else?"

"Let's just say I am not the fondest of Roseville or Gallagher. This isn't my home, I was kind of adopted or more like forced into a home, and they don't exactly love me and vice versa. I've spent the last five and a half years of my life counting down the days till I turn eighteen to get out of here,"

I had heard of stories like that, I made a mental note to look her up. "Well if it makes you feel any better I was shipped off to Blackthorne because my mom didn't want to deal with me and my dad died when I was younger," I usually don't tell that much about me, but she was normal, and it just felt right.

"Wait, I thought you had to do something bad or illegal to get into Blackthorne?" She looked puzzled.

"Oh trust me I did," I didn't add the part that having a terrorist mom helps out a lot or the fact that doing something bad wouldn't just cut it. You had to be smart, have some spy or assassin blood (but not in all cases), or the fact that if you did do something illegal that it was bad, real bad.

"And what was that?" She asked.

"Sorry I can't tell you that," I told her, smirking as her face fell slightly.

"Come on, how bad could it be? And besides I told you my story," She said.

"You told me nothing!" I exclaimed.

"I'll make a deal," A slow smile crept onto her face.

"Continue," I said motioning with my hands.

"I'll tell you my story if you tell me mine,"

"Deal," I said leaning in my hand to shake hers, "And you go first,"

"No way, you have to because I made the deal, that's the rules," She said.

"Yeah well I don't play by the rules," I said thinking I had her.

"Well you better start,"

"Fine," I couldn't believe I was giving in "I didn't and still don't like my mom so I made a point to drive her crazy. At the time she was dating this Jackass who had a son I couldn't stand. We were around the same age and went to the same school. We were constantly having fights, usually me against him and his friends. I got expelled from three schools because for some reason the principals never liked me, and there was the one town who was full of these, assholes and me and my friends taught them a lesson, then I was shipped off to Blackthorne,"

"What kind of lesson?" She asked.

"We toilet-papered their houses, spray painted them, and wrecked there cars,"

I was waiting for her to say something rude or be pissed or leave, but she just laughed. Normally people were disgusted by just that. I often time laughed at the thought of their expressions if they knew what we really did; murder people for a living.

"Now what about you?" I asked.

"Well I already told you mine, and if you don't mind I have to go. It was nice meeting you…"

"Zach," I said "And you are so not leaving, I don't even know your name,"

"It's Cammie, Cammie Morgan," She said with a small smile before walking out, and leaving me, Zachary Goode completely clueless on who she was. But she paused right before she walked out of the door, "Oh and I don't play by the rules,"

Watching her run down the street I decided to follow her. She cut through back streets, and avoided most of the main streets. A few times she looked over her shoulder to see if anyone was following her. Finally she got to a house on the outskirts of town. It was huge, one of the biggest mansions in Roseville.

I continued to follow her as she went through the back way and climbed up a tree, and then hopped over onto a balcony. She glanced around one more time before she opened the door, and slipped in. I watched her through the window as she walked over to her nightstand, and turned on her light.

She continued to grab a pair of headphones and an iPod Classic. Those things were like a thousand years old. Cammie continued to grab a pen and a journal from under her bed. After settling in she seemed to get lost in her own world.

I watched her for a while, some may say I was stalking, but I was just making sure she got home safe and was okay. There was a difference, a big difference. A little later I watched her turn off the light in her room, but her headphones stayed on.

After an hour I decided to head back to Blackthorne, I had a lot of research to do. I quickly texted my friends Jonas, Grant, and Nick. Jonas was the computer geek, Grant was the strong one, and Nick, well Nick was just Nick.

Once we all got back we grabbed a bunch of red bulls and chips. We all got situated in our rooms (we got a freebee on night drills since we all aced the CoveOps) and gathered around Jonas.

"So what was this girl's name?" Jonas asked.

"Cammie," I said.

"And what's so special about her?" Grant questioned taking a huge gulp of Red Bull.

"I don't know, she just has something to her," I said. And that was the plain truth. She was easy to talk to, sweet, funny, and wasn't drooling over me like other girls. It was nice that she didn't throw herself at me or expect anything from me.

"Then she is so the one," Nick said. You got to love Nick; Grant on the other hand was a whole different story.

"Hey, got something, sheesh, she really is normal if it's this easy to find information on her," Jonas said.

Snatching his Mac from him I became engrossed in the information in front of me.

A Deadly Car Crash Kills All, but Girl

March 31, 2005 a black SUV swerved on black ice causing the car to swerve out of the lane, and into a ditch killing both the driver and the passenger in the front seat. It was a dark night, and the road was hard to see.

Mathew and Rachel Morgan were killed almost instantly, but there ten year old daughter, Cameron Morgan made it out alive. The daughter has been hospitalized, and was reported to have serious injuries. Although she will recover quickly the doctors said.

What will happen to the child is undetermined as of right now. No family member has stepped up in taking in Cameron, and if no one does she will be sent into foster care immediately.

Well that explained her being adopted, browsing through the computer I was shocked at the number of articles, court cases, and documents the government had. I even pulled up the hospital bill. It was $87,937.44 for surgeries, a broken arm, and cracked ribs.

And she was the lucky one.

So tell me your favorite part, and this chapter may be confusing but I will begin to explain more if I get enough reviews, and the next chapter will be mostly in Cammie's POV.