Why hello guys long time no see, what's up? Well this is chapter 4 of dance with me. Hopes you like!

Chapter 4: The park

Alex's POV

As we go to the car, I feel a little hurt that Justin's mom doesn't like me, but I guess life goes on. But why would she hate me? I mean I just met her! I get in the car, and Justin notices that I'm sad. He puts a hand on my shoulder, and looks at me warmly.

"Alex what's wrong?" He asked, and I sigh.

"Why dose your mom hate me? I mean I just met her." I ask, and he starts to look sad.

"My mom has never liked my girlfriends, the only one she truly has like was my ex girlfriend Juliet. But Juliet cheated on me with a guy names Mason Grayback." And my eye's go wide, That's my boyfriend! I feel the tears come down my cheeks, and he wipes them away.

"Please don't cry, it was the past." He says, but he got it all wrong.

"Justin, Mason Grayback is my boyfriend, he's the one that wanted me to take stupid dance." I start crying harder, and Justin's eye's wide.

"When did he start dating you?" He asked me, and I couldn't stop crying.

"Two years." I say, and His mouth opens with a gasp.

"Mason has been cheating on you for three months." He says, and I cry very hard.

"Pwetty girl what wrong?" Bailey said, and I look in the backseat. I wipe away my tears, and I look at her.

"It's ok sweetie I'm just letting out my feelings." I say, and she looks at me weird.

"Are you sure, me's thinking you are really hurt." She says, and I look at her and smile.

"Its ok." And she smiles, and I smile back.

"Ok girls were going to the park." He says, and Bailey and I cheer. Once we got to the park, I walked over to Bailey.

"Hey Bailey, I'll make you a deal. How about we race if you win I'll buy you ice cream." I say, and she laughs.

"Otay I going to win." She says, and I laugh she's so cute. As we race I was a head, but I fake tripped. She got in the front, and I was running slow. I let her win, and I bought her ice-cream at the ice-cream tuck. I bought Justin ice-cream to, and I went over to him. I gave him his ice-cream, and he laughed.

"You let Bailey win on purpose." And I laugh, I see Bailey over there playing on the swing with her ice-cream.

"Yes I did, I didn't do it just for her, I did it so I can get some ice-cream to. I mean dude you got to admit we all wanted some ice-cream." He laughed, and after we finished our ice-cream. I went over to Bailey, and joined her on the swing. I felt someone push me, and I freaked out. But once I saw it was Justin, I felt relieved. As he started pushing Bailey and I, we started laughing really hard. I jumped off the swing, and Bailey jumped off. I caught her, and we went over to the field. To make it all fun I picked up some grass, and held it behind my back. As Justin came over he noticed my hand behind my back.

"Alex what's with the hand behind your back?" He asked me curiously.

"This." I yell, and I threw grass at him. As Bailey and I ran away from us, he caught Bailey. Then he twirled around Bailey, and she was laughing. I couldn't help but laugh to, and he saw me. Then ran after me, I started to book it. He was to fast though, he grabbed my waist, and he spinned me around to. He put me down, and I tackled him to the ground. Bailey came over and we dog piled him.

"Ok you two you win." He gave up, and I high fived Bailey. As I turn around I wish I never had, I see Mason with Juliet. I walk over to him, and he stares at me with fear.

"Alex, what are you doing here?" He asks me, and I stare at him with tears.

"Mason the question is what are you doing with her, and why did you cheat on me? And I start to cry really hard.

"Because you stuck up little bitch I'm better for him, I'm better than a piece of trash like you." She says, and I run away with hurt and tears in my eyes. I run to Justin, and I hug him tightly. He holds me tight.

Justin's POV

How could Mason do this? How could he ever cheat on a girl like Alex? As I see him come over, I was as mad as ever.

"Alex please let me explain." Mason says, and I still hold her while she's crying on me.

"There's nothing to explain you broke her heart you ass." I say coldly, and he looks at me mad.

"Who are you?" Mason asks angrily.

"I'm Alex's friend, and she's not a cheater like you." I say, and I see Juliet fallow Mason. I see her eye's widen, and I get even madder.

"Justin?" Juliet asks, and I stare at her coldly.

"How could you do this Juliet? You cheated on me I know, but having Mason cheat on Alex to be with you is cold hearted." I say, and Alex turns around to stare at mason.

"Mason it's over, I took dancing for you. Ok only for you, I never wanted to do dancing but I did it for you." Alex says, and walks away.

Oh lots of drama, and hurt. So this is the end of chapter 4 I hope you like J