Date: January 12, 2011

Disclaimer: I'm not the owner of these characters, this show, or probably anything you recognize. Unless you've read my other stuff, and that's why you recognize it.

Timeline: Post-Harsh Light of Day, Season 4. Buffy took the gem, but instead of following it to LA and Angel, Spike stayed in Sunnydale.

A/N: I'd like to thank everyone who has made my first foray into a new fandom so great, and my friends who followed me over from Evo. I present my first chapter story, short as it may be.

On Mondays, they meet in cemeteries, and they attempt to kill each other. It's a real, true, all-out fight to the death. No halfway lunges, or almost hits. He always goes for her throat, and her stake is always aimed at his heart.

But neither ever wins.

Maybe it's because they are too perfectly matched, and every blow she lands on him is balanced by one he manages to execute. Maybe it's because they both want to savor the kill, and every time either gets close, they hesitate, just a second, giving the other time to regain their feet. Maybe it's the distractions that sometimes come up, the girl she has to save; the demon he has to decapitate. Or,maybe some higher power is preventing them from ending the refrain, because maybe, just maybe, they're meant to have each matched, perfect and female, light and dark, sun and moon.

Nobody else knows. If they did, they'd be concerned. A vampire she couldn't kill? After weeks of fighting him? Surely a sign of the Apocalypse! They would research, and arm themselves, and go out in force with her on patrol, and then there would be no way he could escape, and that is just unacceptable. If he dies, it will be at her hand, and no one else's.

Of course, when they found out who the vampire was, there would be an entirely different sort of hell to pay. How long has he been back, why didn't you tell us, how many people has he killed? Questions, questions. And she doesn't want to answer. So she doesn't tell.

The other demons know of course. It's hard to hide a fight like theirs when they really get going. Sometime they attract a crowd. Unfortunately, they then have to… disperse said crowd, which interrupts the flow of the battle. Usually by that time, they both silently agree to go home and pick it up next week.

But the real reason the demons know is because he threatens them with death, destruction, and every horror imaginable under the moon if they touch her. She's his. Doesn't stop most of them, but hey, he makes good on those threats and they back off for a while. She complains some when they fight, about the lack of activity she gets, but he just chuckles and tells her to be glad she has all that extra energy for fighting him. And then she grins and throws herself at him again.

Watching them fight, it's hard to tell that they're actually trying to end it. Neither seems to want the end, and though they wouldn't dream of shorting themselves the killing blow, both seem to take a sort of strange comfort from the knowledge that neither will die tonight. They know they are too well matched for one to win, and when one does, the other will be right there with them, fangs in throat, stake through heart. And they'll die in each other's arms.

A/N: This is a series of connected one-shots that will eventually be proven to have a sort of plot. The timeline will be posted at the beginning of each chapter.

I know this sounds morbid, but really, it's just Buffy and Spike and their 'normal' confusion. And take heart, it's only Monday. ;)