Alex was now more upset than she ever thought she could be. Just yesterday,she had been betrayed by caleb,and now Kuru had quit his job,and she had no clue if she would see him again any time soon. She had been thinking non-stop and she had came to the decision that she had to destroy the book. It was the only way to stop Diva,and maybe convince Kuru that he was capable of being her royal adviser...and friend.

"You know Alex,why don't you just go to Manjipoor and visit Kuru?" Amanda asked her,as they were walking to the warehouse from school.

"I don't's just cause Diva is out there...and I just think that Kuru needs some space after what happened." Alex stuttered,unsure of what she was saying.

"Well,then lets take a look at that book,see if there's any way to destroy the thing or something." Amanda suggested.

"I have been thinking about that..I guess we could,I mean Taylor is doing a sound check at the Canal Club with Tony,so the warehouse will be empty." Alex said.

"Okay then." Amanda said.

So Alex and Amanda walked into the fenced area and went inside the warehouse. Alex threw her bag on the chair and grabbed a water from the fridge. Amanda sat down and started playing around with a tune. Alex went over to the stereo and opened it to get the book out,but when she was gone.

"Oh no..." Alex started,but was to shocked to finish her sentence.

"What is it,what's wrong?" Amanda asked,running over to Alex.

"the-the book it's gone." Alex said.

"Well,where could it be,I mean it was there this morning and it doesn't look like anyone has been in here since." Amanda mentioned.

"I know...I think i'm gonna go ask around Manjipoor." Alex said,grabbing her bag and walking with Amanda to the door.

"Okay,just be careful and if you need me i'll be at the Canal Club looking for Taylor." Amanda said.

"Okay." Alex said,as they both walked out the door.

"Anala Moke!" Alex yelled,and in less than a second later Anala appeared.

Alex moved close to Anala and Anala transported to Manjipoor. Alex then found herself in the gardens at the castle. Alex ran into the castle and was greeted by a servant as she walked in the door.

"Good day,princess." The servant greeted her and bowed.

"Hi,have you seen Kuru by any chance?" Alex asked him.

"No I haven't,sorry princess." The servant said.

"Oh,that's alright." Alex said,running outside.

Alex walked past Anala and made her way down the paths to west Manjipoor. She knew Kuru,Zamira and Caleb would probably all be down there somewhere,but she did NOT want to have anything to do with Caleb anymore.

As Alex walked she noticed an envelope sitting on the rocks. She walked over,picked it up and sat down to read it. She noticed that it had her name on it and she could only guess who wrote it.

It said:

'Princess,I am sorry that I quit on you,but I just don't think I have what it takes to be a good adviser to you. Anyways,the real reason that I had those injuries was because Zamira came and told me that Caleb had been reading the book and gaining dark magic. So when I met up with Caleb in the woods,I was angry at him for betraying you. It is my purpose to protect you,and I also didn't want Caleb to hurt you. If you want to talk to me,I am in west Manjipoor. It shouldn't be too hard to find me.

Sincerely, Kuru'

Alex put the note into her bag,and smiled. Now she at least knew that Kuru wasn't mad at her,and knew where she could find him to go talk. So she quickly made her way into west Manjipoor and looked around. She was being greeted by many people,considering she didn't visit in west Manjipoor to often.

She came across a curb and turned around it. She then finally saw Kuru,he noticed her and waved. Zamira was also there beside him,and she didn't really give Alex that welcoming mood. Zamira glared at her and then looked away. Alex still smiled and walked over to say hi to Kuru.