They reached the end of the trail,and came to the elephant ruins but the only thing they saw there was Anala in the clearing at a distance. Then Alex noticed the book,laying there in the middle of the ruins. She went over to it to pick it up,but Kuru grabbed her arms and pulled her back.

"Don't get to close,it's on the emblem and you know what happens when you step on that." Kuru warned her,letting go of her arms.

"You're right." Alex said.

They heard a sudden burst of magical energy,and they both turned around to see none other than Diva standing there. Diva smiled a wickedly evil grin,and used her magic to bring the book to her,making it fly up to her and just missing Alex's head by half and inch.

"Diva!" Kuru said,standing in front of Alex protectively.

"What? did YOU get the book?" Alex asked,ready to defend herself and Kuru.

"Zamira's brother here,he has been reading it,and gave it to me from your world." Diva answered,taking a step closer to them.

"Well you better give it back to me." Alex said bravely.

"Now..why do things so easily." Diva said.

Diva vanished in front of them,and then re-appeared right behind them,casting magic at Alex and sending her flying forward. She almost ran into a tree,but cleverly stopped herself and just fell down in front of it. She saw Diva sending her magic at Kuru,knocking him to the ground.

"You leave him alone." Alex said gravely.

"Oh really?" Diva said,and shot her magic at Alex.

Alex was fighting with Diva,both of them shooting their powers at one another,and Diva was advancing on Alex,beginning to push her back with real force. Alex was getting tired and weak,and she didn't want to wait around. Alex used all her power and strength to connect her mind with Anala,telling her to transport her and Kuru to the castle. Anala heard her,and her and Kuru were transported to the castle.

They appeared in the gardens of the castle,a few feet from Anala who was muching on her food. Kuru started getting to his feet,but didn't see Alex beside him. He looked down,and saw Alex completely limp and passed out on the grass. He picked her up,but knew he had to go to west Manjipoor to get his medicine,since he had taken it with him when he quit.

Anala,sensing Alex in trouble and Kuru desperately wanting to help her,she transported Kuru to west Manjipoor right outside his hut,to spare him the walking. Kuru ran inside and gently set Alex down on his cushions. She had woken up,but was still weak. He kept a hand on her back to help her stay up as he made her a drink.

"Kuru,thanks for helping me,but what about the book? now Diva has it.." Alex weakly said,worried about losing it,and still feeling weak and tired.

"Well,I managed to grab it before Anala got us out of there." Kuru said,pointing the the table where he put the book,and still keeping his hand on Alex's back.

"Oh good,I was totally freaking out for a minute there." Alex said,relieved.

"Here,drink this." Kuru said,handing a bowl to Alex.

As Alex was doing as told,Kuru was pacing around,wondering where Caleb was,and hoping he wouldn't be coming back after what happened.

After Alex was feeling better,she shared a smile with Kuru and then headed off towards Anala,ready to get back to Amanda and Taylor.