For LionLad.

Sorry this took so long, I wanted to portray Shaak Ti correctly and that took some brainstorming but your other fic will happen when we visit Mon Cal in the Clone Wars.


I am a pack creature. I work better in a group than alone.

My greatest fear is being alone, separated from all of my colleagues, friends, other living things and droids.

When Feng died a part of me broke. He had been the closest thing I had to a child.

Part of me hoped that the Council would assign me a new padawan to fill the void but so far they haven't and I understand, we have a war going on and so far I am stationed on Kamino supervising the training of the Clone Army.

I am a pack creature and I will die for my pack.



I know it's short but there's not a lot of canon information about Shaak TI so I did my best.