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Summary: Mikan was back stabbed by people she cared about. She was lied to and she has lost trust. Now that she lost trust from her friends, will she be able to trust anyone besides her brothers? Will someone take care of Mikan's heart and take care of her with out hurting her?

Author's Note: For now, I will only be introducing the main characters of this story. The people from Gakuen Alice in Japan are not so I will not, but even without me telling you, you probably will know how they look like. Language may change as it goes on

Introduction of the Characters:

Mikan Sakura Yukihara: A 15 year old girl that has rare Alice's. Has three overprotective brothers. Has brunette hair and up to the waist. Olive colored eyes. In the dangerous ability.

Tsubasa Yukihara: Mikan's twin. Special ability. Navy colored hair with navy eyes.

Youichi Yukihara: 13 year old boy. Silver hair and olive colored eyes.

Rei Yukihara: Age is unknown. Wears a mask sometimes. Not in front of siblings. Black hair and silver eyes.

Haruto Walker: leader of his gang. has a twin sister. twin sister is also in the gang. navy hair and silver eyes. age 16

Haruna Walker: Sister of the leader. Silver hair olive eyes age 16

Yuzuki Hyuuga: Age 12. Cousin of Natsume (nobody knows... yet) raven colored hair and ruby eyes (puts on contact... eye color is emerald)

Kazuki Yukihara: Cousin of the three Yukihara children. Keeps it a secret that he goes there and Haruto doesn't know about this. Silver hair and navy eyes.

Takuto Yukihara: Same as above. Black hair with ruby eyes.

Mikan's POV


"Let's break up. I never loved you, Polka," Natsume said harshly.

I ran after he said that, tears rolling down my face. Even when I got to my class the following afternoon, before I went into the classroom, I heard all my friends saying shit about me.

"I only became her friend because she was the daughter of the Yukihara."

"Same here. She's so dumb and I never wanted to be her friend."

End of Flashback

I never thought that my friends could be backstabbing. By the way, I'm Mikan Yukihara, the only daughter of Izumi and Yuka Yukihara. I have 3 overprotective brothers. Their names are Rei (Persona), Tsubasa, and Youichi Yukihara.

I'm 15 and so is Tsubasa. I have brunette hair and olive colored eyes, Tsubasa has navy blue eyes and hair, Youichi has silver hair and eyes, and Rei has black hair and navy eyes.

My Alice is the S.E.C and nullification, Youichi has the ghost manipulation, Tsubasa has the shadow manipulation and Rei has the mark of death Alice.

Since I was backstabbed by all my friends, my parents decided to enroll me in a different school. Now instead of Gakuen Alice in Japan, I go to Gakuen Alice in America. My parents are known everywhere, so we get accepted everywhere.

The flight to America wasn't that bad, but I was in a bad mood. I don't want to fall in love again, and I'm afraid to trust people.

"Mikan-ne, we're here," Youichi, the youngest, said.

"Thanks, Yo-chan."

We got to the Gakuen Alice in America, and there was a teacher waiting for us in front of the gates.

"Hello, you must be the Yukihara's. I'm Mikura Walker. I'm the homeroom teacher for you three and Rei, well he can help me assist my ability class."

"What ability class do you teach?"


"Hey thats the same with me and Youichi. Too bad you're in the Special Ability class, Tsubasa."

"Shut up Mikan," he answered.

"Haha, I'm sorry. I wish you were with us though," I said as I gave the sad puppy eyes to Tsubasa.

Tsubasa sighed and forgave me. Haha, easy to get them to forgive me so easily.

As we walked to class, all three of us were chatting. About random stuff, who we'll meet, etc.

Mikura stopped us and gave us instructions.

"Stay here until I give you the cue alright?" We all nodded our heads to tell her we were listening.

She went in and yelled. Why? Cuz the class was really loud. When I first transferred into Gakuen Alice Japan, it was loud also. Wow, like old times.

"We have three new students so welcome them alright?"

The class answered in unison. And at that, we entered the classroom. We had a stoic face on, well at least I did because of what happened back in Japan.

"I'm Tsubasa Yukihara, Shadow manipulation, Special Ability class, and Special star." Tsubasa had a smile on his face and every girl actually had hearts in their eyes, and the guys, well for them were glaring at him.

"I'm Mikan Yukihara, Nullification and the SEC. Dangerous Ability class, and Special star." I just glared at the people in the class, and everyone else shuddered.

And lastly, Youichi introduced himself with a stoic face like me.

"Youichi Yukihara, Ghost Manipulation, Dangerous Ability, and Special star."

"Well then, anyone have any questions for them?"

Nobody raised their hands because of the aura Youichi and I were emitting.

"Then, I'll be choosing partners for you guys."

"Uh, no. We're going to be sitting next to each other."

Mikura gave us a confusing look, and I answered:

"Yes, I have problems with sitting next to other people. I need to be with my brothers."

Then she gave us an understanding look. She pointed to the last row, which had three seats. We made it there without any fuss, and personally I like it that way.

First bell rang, but Mikura just said that it was free period because of us. As in new students. Now this is really like in Japan.

People around us came to ask questions, especially to Tsubasa.

"Tsubasa-kun, are you going out with anyone?"

"Ah, um yeah. I actually am. She lives in Japan and her name is Misaki."

"Oh. Thats too bad. I was going to ask you out. Oh and by the way I'm Samantha. Sam for short," said Samantha.

"And I'm Brianna, her twin."

"Nice to meet you guys," he said.

Tsubasa's POV

In my mind, a lot of things were running through it. There were a lot of annoying people.

"Tsubasa, lets go," I heard Mikan whisper to me. I can tell she's really uncomfortable right now.

"Sure, Youichi, we're going alright?" He nodded and all three of us started to head toward the door in the front.

Once we were out, Mikan bursted.


"Mikan, thats overboard. Don't you think?" I questioned. Down deep inside I was thinking of the same thing.

"Tsubasa, don't deny it. I know you think the same thing. And do remember that I have the mind reading Alice. After all I do have the S.E.C."

Damn.. I forgot about that.

"And don't swear."

"I'm sorry, seriously. Mikan you gotta chill."

"Don't tell me to chill."

I was looking at Youichi for help, but he had disappeared.

"Uhh, Mikan I think I'm going to look for Youichi," I said as I tried to run.

"Nuh uh, Mister." Mikan had said as she gripped her hand on my wrist.

I flinched. She smirked right at me.

"Hahaha. Can't you take a joke. I was kidding. You don't think I'll harm you right," she said as she let go of my hand. I was relieved that she did.

"Mikan, please don't play that kind of joke on me. You know how much I hate that when you do it onto me."

"I know. Thats why I do it. To annoy you."


"Well, I had a lot of fun today."

"What the f***."

"Don't swear. I'm going to punch you the next time you do, dork."

"Alright, alright. Chill, Mikan."

"Don't tell me to chill. EVER AGAIN. UNDERSTOOD?"

"Yes ma'am."

"Good. Now lets go look for Youichi. Knowing him, he should be at the basketball courts."

"Haha, yeah that is true. So which way is the basketball courts?"

"The basketball courts?" A voice came from behind us.

We turned to see who it was. It was a boy, around the same age as us. The boy has navy blue hair and crimson eyes. Just like Hyuuga.

"Yeah? And who the hell are you?"

"Me? I'm Haruto. Haruto Walker. And no I'm not related to the teacher here. Btw, I like you guys already. Also your brother Youichi."

"Alright thanks. I don't give a crap," I hear Mikan say to him.

"Uh bye, we'll find the courts ourselves," I say as I grab Mikan by the hand and go outside.


"No problem. Didn't want you to go all black back there," I replied.

Haruto's POV

Hm, I really like them. Especially Mikan. I'm going to make them join my gang before anyone else spots there eyes on them. And it looks like Mikan doesn't trust people anymore. I spotted my friends and I called out to them:

"Hey Takuto, Yuzuki, Haruna, Akari, and Kazuki. You won't believe who I just saw."

"I might know who you ran into, Haruto. I saw you with Mikan and I jumped out of the window from the third floor when I saw rest of the gang," Yuzuki said.

"Yuzuki... Don't do anything reckless like that." Akari said.

"What are you, my mother?"

"No, but you need to stop doing it. You'll get hurt if you do it often."

"I'm glad you worry about me, but I'm not a little kid anymore."

"You know, I noticed that Mikan doesn't trust anyone but her brothers," Haruna said.

"Thats true, but we're going to have to make her trust us. I want them in our gang," I said.

"Uh why?"

"Because I said so."

"Ohhh! Someone's got a crush on Mikan!" Takuto and Kazuki both said in unison.

"I do not! I just said that I want them in my group."

"We're just teasing you. But we know you like her. So go for it!" Kazuki said.

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