The doorbell rings and Gibbs goes to answer it. He opens the door, "I've told you that you can just come on in, Mags."

Hart smiles up at Gibbs and comes into the house. There is something to be said for him answering the door now with a smile when she rings the doorbell instead of her just barging in. Of course, she had not respected him before. She walks on over to the couch and sits, getting papers out of her briefcase.

Gibbs sighs as he closes the door. More questions. More paperwork.

"Gibbs, I know this is not easy for you, but we have to go over it in great detail in order for me to make sure you don't get put in jail. And you have yet to answer the question, 'Did you shoot Pedro Hernandez?' with a direct answer."

"Want a beer? I'm getting one." Gibbs walks away before she can look at his face good and pursue the question.

Hart purses her lips and says, "Yes." Evades again. She pulls out more papers and then reaches up for the beer as Gibbs comes back in the living room. She takes a hefty swallow. She leans back into the couch as Gibbs goes around the coffee table to sit. He props his legs on the table and crosses his feet, leaning back into the corner of the couch. She just looks at him, searching his face. He returns the look with his piercing blue eyes.

Gibbs takes another large swallow of beer as those blue grey eyes assess him. "Ask away, councilor."

"No need to get riled, Gibbs. I am only trying to help." What does it say about her that she would rather spend a Saturday in this stubborn mans company than….well, stay at home. God, she was so lonely. She sighs and drinks some more. She looks at Gibbs who sits up and runs his hand through his hair, sighing himself. "I know it seems like we go over this and over this; but we have to be ready." She looks at him sitting there holding his beer and looking frustrated. He is dressed in jeans and a worn t-shirt, smelling of wood. He must have been working in his basement. She stands up, "Show me what you're working on."

Gibbs looks up at her questioningly.

"I obviously interrupted you working on a project in your basement. I'd like to see it."

Gibbs gets up and goes to the kitchen for another beer. He turns and raises an eyebrow in question and holds one out to her. She accepts the beer as she throws her empty bottle in the trash. Gibbs opens the door leading to the basement and walks down the steps first.

She finds herself staring at his jean clad butt on the way down the steps and quickly diverts her attention. She looks over at the floor of the basement and sees cabinets. "You are building cabinets for your kitchen?"

"Yeah. I am going to do a little remodeling. Make the kitchen a little bigger, have some more space." Gibbs shrugs. He doesn't really think she's all that interested in his woodworking.

Hart lays her hand on the wood. She runs her hand back and forth across the smooth surface. "I always admired that you could do woodworking. It's not something I could do. Don't have the patience for it." She looks over at him and smiles. He chuckles and her heart speeds up. What is wrong with her today? She takes a long pull from her bottle."What kind of wood did you use?"

Gibbs arches a brow at her. Maybe she is interested. "It's black oak."

Hart nods her head. "Have you decided what color of stain you are going to go with?"

Gibbs walks over and slides his own hand across one of the doors. "No, I have not gotten that far yet. I will decide when I am finished with all of them."

Hart nods again as she watches Gibbs hand run over the wood. He has such wonderful hands, big and strong. Hart mentally shakes herself and takes another large swallow of beer. "I really like the grain patterns in these doors."

Gibbs is watching her look at the doors and says, "I'm going to do a kitchen table and chairs as well to match the cabinets."

"That will be nice." She nods and takes another swallow of beer only to find it almost gone. "Alright, thanks for showing me what you were working on. Now, back to paperwork." She leads the way back out of the basement.

Gibbs follows her slowly. He watches the swaying hips in the midnight blue skirt in front of him going quickly up the steps. The fabric is tight across her rear and he feels heat pool in his groin. He gets back to the living room and before she can sit, Gibbs asks her, "Do you ever relax, Mags? What do you do for relaxation?" Gibbs leans against the doorframe and takes another swallow of beer.

Hart stops and turns to look at Gibbs. "Are you implying I don't know how to relax, Gibbs?" She takes a swallow only to find it empty. She goes into the kitchen and gets herself another one. She looks up to find Gibbs smirking at her. Whew, it was hot in here. Wonder what the A/C is on… Hart pulls off her high heels and her jacket to her suit. She hangs the jacket on a chair neatly and scoots her heels closer to the same chair. She goes back over to sit on the couch. She tucks her feet under her and gets comfortable. There. See? I can relax.

Gibbs watches her take off her heels. "Nooo. I wasn't implying anything. I don't imply. I was merely asking you what you do for relaxation." Gibbs pushes off the doorjamb with his shoulder and sits on the other end of the couch.

"Why?" Hart eyes him as she tilts the bottle up. She was starting to feel very comfortable and lazy.

"You don't make it easy, do you?" Gibbs says as he studies her face.

"Like someone else I know." She smiles at him.

Gibbs smiles and nods in acknowledgement. "You know I like to do woodworking. I don't know anything that you like to do, other than lawyering and buying expensive shoes."

Hart looks at his face to see if he was just making fun. All she could see was a sincere interest to know a little more about her. Hart sighs and takes another swallow. "It isn't easy for me to open up to people, Gibbs."

"That makes two of us, Mags." Gibbs responds quietly.

She looks at him again and then looks out the window. "I love to walk by the ocean on the beach. It gives me back a measure of peace, clears my mind. I jog on the beach most mornings before the sun comes up."

Explains the nice calf muscles. "See, was that so hard?"

Hart arches a brow at him. She takes another swallow of beer. "Your turn. Do you always spend your extra time in the basement?"

Gibbs shrugs, "Most of it. I don't have a lot of extra time. I'm always working." Gibbs smirks again and takes the last swallow of his beer. He gets up and gets another one. He brings one back to her. He takes her empty bottle and throws it away. Hmmm, that makes four and rather quickly drank.

"Yeah. I'm always working, too. Speaking of work" She pulls out some papers and gives them to him. "I need you to read over these and see if they are correct."

Gibbs grabs the papers and puts his beer on the coffee table and starts reading. He is on the third page when Hart gets up and paces around the table.

Hart is burning up. She looks over at Gibbs reading. She wants to run her hands through that silver hair. I bet it is soft. And his hands, what would they feel like on her body? She is so hot. Her hands reach up and unbutton the first button.

Gibbs is distracted by her moving and cannot concentrate on the paper. He looks up to find she has unbuttoned the ice blue blouse and pulled it from her skirt. "Whoa. I think you've had enough beer, councilor." He stands up to intercept her next pace.

Hart stops just out of his reach and looks at him with a wicked grin. She upturns the bottle and drinks it before Gibbs can stop her.

Gibbs takes the now empty bottle from her, shaking his head. "You eat anything today, councilor?"

"Come to think of it, I don't think I did. Why?"

Gibbs sighs. "I'll fix a pot of coffee and something for you to eat." Gibbs makes coffee in the kitchen and hears her say something about it being hot. He closes his eyes for a moment, trying to figure a way out of this predicament. He turns around to tell her to turn down the thermostat, only to be met with the site of a sultry eyed Hart coming into the kitchen with nothing on but matching ice blue lacy underwear and bra and her ice blue collared shirt which was totally unbuttoned. Gibbs swallowed. Oh God, he was in trouble. Gibbs turns around and studies the coffee machine intently. He says softly, "Mags, go back in the living room. I will be in there in a minute." Before he even gets the last out of his mouth, she is touching him. She leans up against him and runs her hands down his shoulders and to his arms. Gibbs heart picks up speed. Gibbs pulls in a long breath. He puts the coffee pot under the coffee maker and mashes start. She is still running her hands over him. Gibbs turns in her arms and starts buttoning her shirt. "I'm not done going over the papers. Let's get that out of the way first." Heat unfurls in his groin when she pokes her lip out in a dramatic pout, but she turns and goes into the living room. Gibbs leans back into the counter and pulls in several deep breaths before following her.

She is sitting on the couch, her shirt unbuttoned again, with her feet tucked under her. Her face is flushed with the heat of alcohol and the desire that's riding her pretty hard. Gibbs smiles at her, trying to keep things light. He ignores the temptation to look at her body and keeps his eyes on her face. He sits on the couch. His gut is telling him where this is going to have to end so he bends down and takes his shoes off. He slides his socks off and puts them on his boots. He looks up to find she has moved and is almost on top of him.

Hart feels emboldened and her body is on fire. She watches him take his shoes off and gets up to go to him. He looks up after sliding his socks off and she pushes him back into the couch and straddles him. She kisses his mouth but he keeps it firmly shut.

Gibbs doesn't move. He keeps his body as still as possible. One part of him was waking up fast, though. The heat of her crotch was seeping into his jeans and his body was responding whether he wanted it to or not.

Hart pulls away, "You're not attracted to me, Gibbs?"

Softly and shaking his head slightly, "I didn't say that, Mags."

"Then why won't you kiss me?"

Gibbs sighs at the genuine hurt in her eyes. He had the feeling that she didn't sleep with men often and probably never with anyone from her job. She had to keep her guard up at work and show she was strong enough to swim with those sharks. The alcohol is lowering her normal defenses and he isn't about to take advantage. He keeps his eyes on hers as he puts his hands on either side of her open shirt and pulls her to him. "A kiss is all I will promise at this moment." He watches the anticipation in those blue grey eyes as his mouth gets closer to hers. He gently slides his lips over hers, exploring her mouth as if they have all the time in the world. Fire lances through his blood when her tongue slides into his mouth. He slides his against hers and it begins a dance of heat and hunger. This is going to be harder than I thought. She feels so good in his arms. He wants her, but not like this. Gibbs stands up and carries her with him. She locks her heels behind him as he carries her to the bathroom. She has already pulled the shirt out of his jeans when he pulls the shower glass door open with her still in his arms. He steps into the shower fully clothed and still kissing her. The water comes out of the shower head in a blast of ice cold pressured water. Hart gasps and unlocks her heels to slide away from him. She tries to get away from the water and Gibbs hauls her back up against him and holds her under the spray with him. He holds her against his chest.

The ice cold water and the heat of his chest against her hard nipples combine to make little flames lick at her abdomen. She runs her hands over Gibbs chest. The wet fabric is sticking to him.

Gibbs grabs her wrists lightly to keep her from continuing to stroke him. He leans his head over against hers and places his hand on the other side.

She turns her head into his neck and starts nuzzling him. She kisses his neck and runs her tongue over the pulse in his neck.

Gibbs gently turns her head the other way and lays it against his shoulder. He puts his other hand across her head to keep it there. He strokes her in a comforting way and starts rocking them gently. She starts hiccupping and he realizes she's crying. He leans back and pulls the hair out of her face.

She smiles up at him through her tears and the water from the shower, "It's ok, Gibbs. I know what they say behind my back. I know they call me the ice queen and other names." The tears fall faster. "Even drunk, I can't get laid." She says quietly.

Gibbs looks at her hard. "People are mean and I don't give a damn what people say. I AM attracted to you, Mags…."

"Then why are you not kissing me?" she looks up at him miserably.

Gibbs leans down and kisses her hard with all the hunger he is feeling. She immediately responds and Gibbs doesn't want to stop, but he is not going to take advantage of her alcohol induced seduction. Even if he does have an extremely painful erection. He tears his mouth away and puts his hands on either side of her face. "Because when we do make love, I want you to remember every moment of it." Then he kisses her again. He can at least ease her suffering even if he refuses to ease his. He reaches down and caresses her breast through the lace. He kneels on one leg and brings her down on the other where her back is across his leg and he kisses her breast right through the lace.

The combination of Gibbs soft tongue and the rough lace have her gasping. Her body is responding to his every touch. She is already on fire with need and he is making the blaze even hotter. Her blood is zinging through her body.

The lace barely reaches above the nipple so he runs his tongue along the edge of it and then nips her nipple through it. Hart groans and arches her back. Gibbs runs his hand down her abdomen and slides his hand under the lace and through the curls between her legs. He slides his finger between her lips and finds her soaked with need. Gibbs own body jerks in reaction to finding hers so ready. He slides his finger back up to the little nub with all those wonderful nerve endings and he flicks his finger over it.

Hart responds by widening her legs and arching her back even more as the butterflies in her stomach turn to lightning zipping around inside of her. Her body reveling in what his hands and mouth are doing. The cold water mixing with the heat of his hand only adds to the wonderful sensations unfurling in her belly.

Gibbs sucks on her breast hard and slides his finger over the nerves faster. Hart moans and the fire in his blood heats up and his member thickens at how wonderfully her body answers to his slightest touch. Whoever called this woman an ice queen has never touched her. Gibbs continues to work his finger and then slides it into her silken heat. He pulls his finger in and out of her while caressing the little nub with his thumb. He leans over her and nuzzles her breast through the fabric and runs his tongue over her skin above it. Her legs are moving now and her hips are thrusting, wanting more. Gibbs hand picks up speed and he alternates between nipping and sucking her nipple hard. Her body stiffens. Gibbs tweaks the nub hard and sends her over the edge. He watches her face as she splinters into a million pieces and calls out "Jethro". Gibbs is breathing hard like he just run a marathon. He wants her so bad he can taste her. He watches her throat swallowing. He looks hungrily at the dark, hard nipples through the wet lace that leaves nothing to the imagination. He leans down and nuzzles the satiny skin above the lace. He pulls the lace aside with his teeth and covers her naked breast with the heat of his mouth and sucks gently as he flicks his finger back and forth slowly across that nubbin between her legs.

Hart was just coming back to Earth when she feels Gibbs hot mouth on her breast and then he touches that sensitive area and her legs jerk and she moans. She grabs his jeans top in one hand and holds his leg with the other as he builds her back up quick. Tiny quakes spiral up her body. They spin faster and faster as his hands guide her back into the storm.

Gibbs feels her muscles quivering again and he rolls the nub between his fingers as he sucks her breast hard and then nips it gently. Her body goes rigid again and he lifts up to watch her face. Her mouth is open, gulping air and her head is thrown back. He rubs her harder and slides across the nerves faster. Her head starts thrashing and she sobs his name. He tweaks the little bundle hard and rolls it between his fingers and then tweaks it again as she shatters.

Gibbs is breathing hard. He watches the pure enjoyment of her climax on her face as she comes apart. His blood is sizzling and he wants to haul her up and dive into the heat of her body, but he just pulls her to him and rocks them as her body goes limp.

Hart loses her mind as the second climax blazes through her body hard and makes her come completely apart. It takes her several moments to gather her brain back together for thought. And then Hart is mortified at what has just happened. She just climaxed twice! in this mans arms and she has begged him for it. She can't look at him. She is definitely sober now. Gibbs is rocking them and her heart finally slows down to its normal rhythm. She says quietly, "You can let me up now, Gibbs."

Gibbs barely hears her and he doesn't want to let her go but she is trembling now from more than the aftershocks of her orgasm. He is cold as well. He stands up, noticing she will not look at him. He turns the water off and turns to say something and she is leaving the shower. Gibbs grabs her and pulls her back into the shower. "Oh, no. You look at me."

Hart swallows and then straightens her back and looks at Gibbs. "I am sorry I acted the way I did. Thank you for not taking advantage of my overindulgence."

Gibbs clenches his jaw and tilts his head. "That's all you have to say to me? After what just happened…"

"What do you want me to say?" Hart says angrily.

Gibbs drops her arm and stalks over to the shower door. He strips his clothes off quickly and leaves them in a wet pile inside the shower. He is careful she doesn't see his arousal while stripping. He grabs a towel from the cabinet, and walks off to his bedroom leaving her standing there dripping.

She slides down the wall of the shower and puts her head in her hands. More tears fall and that just makes her angrier. She leans her head back and tries to remember what happened. It's kind of fuzzy in her head. Her being undressed and he being fully clothed speaks volumes, though. She does remember the part about asking Gibbs why he didn't kiss her and what he said. Her heart speeds up again as she remembers his words. She sighs. He had acted the perfect gentleman and she had been a complete ass. But in her defense, she doesn't really know how to handle men when it comes to this kind of thing. She cannot remember the last time she was with someone. She gets up, takes off her wet clothes and towels off. She opens the bathroom door to find a t-shirt and a pair of jogging pants folded neatly lying on the floor. Her eyes tear up again and she wipes them impatiently as she retrieves the clothes and closes the door. She puts them on. The t-shirt is very long and smells of him. She lifts the shirt against her nose and sniffs deeply in appreciation. The jogging pants are bunched up at her feet as they are too long; but they are comfortable and warm. She finger brushes her hair and sighs at the mirror. She gets a wash cloth and wets it in warm water to wash her face. She pads barefoot into the kitchen. The coffee smells good. A cup of it already sits waiting on her along with a sandwich. She smiles as she bites into it. Peanut butter and apple jelly. Nice. She hears hammering and goes to the basement door. She leans against the railing on the landing and watches Gibbs as she eats her sandwich. He has on a pair of jogging pants as well and another worn t-shirt.

Gibbs knows the moment she steps through the door. Flashes if icy blue lace and her face as she climaxes run through his mind and he bangs the nail a little too hard as he drives it into the wood. His body is still aching for release but he is also angry with her for avoiding talking to him. He drives another nail in. He sighs. He would probably be embarrassed as well, truth be told. He drives another nail into the cabinet backing. He looks up to see her eating the sandwich he made her. He cannot help smiling. His heart speeds up when she returns the smile. Movement catches his eye and he looks down to see her toes moving. He quirks an eyebrow at her.

Hart sees him glance at her feet and then the eyebrow shoots up. She instantly stops the movement of her toes. It was a nervous habit. It is the only part of her body people cannot see when she is nervous and it is how she copes, by moving her toes. She watches as Gibbs puts down the hammer and walks towards her. She swallows the last of her peanut butter sandwich as he hits the bottom step. His eyes never leave her face as he comes up the steps to stand in front of her. She takes a swallow of her coffee. "You make really good coffee, Gibbs."

Gibbs searches her face and says thanks. He puts his hand on her elbow and guides her back through the door. He pours some more coffee in his mug and turns around to lean on the counter. She sits at the table with her feet tucked under her. Gibbs crosses his ankles to hide his reaction to her.

Hart looks up to find him studying her. His eyes are a darker blue than they normally are and her heart speeds up. She takes another swallow of coffee.

"Do you remember everything?"

She swallows hard before answering. "Not all of it. Some of it is a little fuzzy."

Gibbs nods and looks in his cup. "It is probably the most I've seen you drink at once and you drank it fast; and you had not eaten so it went straight to your head. How are you feeling now?" He looks back at her.

Hart cannot look at him. She looks into her cup and says quietly, "Embarrassed. Gibbs, I am sorry….."

He steps to her and bends over in front of her fast with his palm hitting the table. "Don't say you are sorry. Mags. Look at me." He waits until her eyes meet his. His face is very close to hers. "I'm not. Noo. I am not sorry at all." He says it softly.

Hart studies his face. She swallows again. She sees the dark turbulence in his eyes, a storm of hunger and need. "I thought you had a rule about lawyers."

Gibbs shrugs and gives her words back to her, "It's a stupid rule." He gives her his crooked smile.

Hart smiles back with her heart in her throat. Oh God, she wants this man. Hart watches his eyes as she closes the inch gap between them. She kisses his lips softly and is rewarded with a groan from Gibbs.

Gibbs grips the table to keep from grabbing her and hauling her up and ripping the clothes off of her. He deepens the kiss to let her know how much he wants her. He slides his tongue around hers several times in urgent demand.

Hart sits her coffee down and pushes it away from them. She puts her hands on Gibbs face as they kiss. She lightly runs her fingers along his neck, around his ears, and through his hair.

Gibbs pulls her up against his body. He slides his hand down her back and pulls her against him so she can feel the hardness that he wants inside of her.

Hart feels his hardness pressing into her. The jogging pants are thin and hide nothing. Heat spreads into her abdomen. She responds to the urgency in Gibbs hands and in the heat of his mouth. She reaches down and grabs the hem of his shirt and lifts it up. Gibbs grabs it the rest of the way and pulls it over his head impatiently. It lands on the floor. Gibbs mouth comes back down on hers. Hart runs her hands over his chest through the white curls and breaks away from his mouth to place open mouthed kisses over his chest. Gibbs pulls the shirt over Harts head and slants his mouth across hers again as his hands cover her breasts.

Gibbs is going up in flames. The image of her face as she climaxed earlier is etched into his brain and his body is in overdrive. He holds her breasts in his palms and runs his thumb across both nipples back and forth as he continues the assault on her mouth. He deepens the kiss and presses into her harder. Teeth clash as his tongue swirls faster around hers. He feels her reach between them and she slides her hand over his rigid penis. The fabric of his jogging pants slides with her hand and makes the sensation rougher and it sends flames licking up his groin. Gibbs comes up for air and steps back. He kicks his shoes off and hooks his thumbs in his jogging pants to pull them off impatiently.

Hart pulls hers off as well. Her eyes widen when they see his engorged flesh. It strains towards her as she watches and her eyes snap back to find Gibbs watching her. He steps deliberately toward her with no mistaking what he has in mind. Her heart leaps back into her throat at the fierce hunger in his eyes. She wets suddenly dry lips.

Gibbs eyes fall to the tiny slip of tongue coming out to wet her lips. He sucks in his breath hard and then claims her mouth again. He thrusts his tongue into her mouth as he drives her back against the kitchen wall. He cannot wait anymore to be inside of her. To be surrounded by her silken heat. He picks her up and impales her, his member sliding in to the hilt.

Hart pulls away from his mouth and gasps. She puts her hands on his shoulders as he slams into her again.

Gibbs watches her eyes as he pulls out and slams back in as deep as he can. God, she felt good. It had been so long. Her muscles are tight and suck on him as he pulls back out only to push in again. He watches the emotions on her face. His jaw clenches as he drives into her again.

Hart is amazed at how good he feels inside of her. Each slide along her muscles as he pulls out sends tiny earthquakes through her tummy and then the delicious sensation he causes as he pushes back in has tiny flames rippling up her body. Her mouth parts to take in more air.

Gibbs takes her mouth again. He grips her hips hard and pushes and pulls them in time to his thrusting body. He pulls his mouth from hers so they can breathe. He leans his forehead against hers, their breath mingling in little huffs of pleasure. Gibbs leans forward and nips her bottom lip and then licks it in apology. His mouth makes a trail of openmouthed kisses down her jaw line as his thrusts slow down to deep and slow to torture both of them. He nips her neck and then sucks hard on her nipple.

Hart's breath hisses out between her teeth and she pulls Gibbs head back up so her mouth can play havoc with his as she gyrates her hips to get her urgency across.

Gibbs groans when she sucks his tongue hard into her mouth. Her hips jerk forward as he plunges into her and Gibbs loses it. He bucks into her over and over again, faster and faster. They pull apart again to gulp air and Gibbs leans his head against her shoulder as he drives into her even faster. He turns his head and nips her neck.

Hart has her legs locked around Gibbs and she uses her heels to help gyrate her hips and meet his advances until he is just moving too fast for her to keep up. His hands are digging into her hips and pumping them up to meet his thrusting hips. Hart is on fire. She leans forward and bites the pulse at his neck in excitement. Her legs unlock from around his waist and stiffen. "Jethro" comes out in a plea as the earthquakes take her apart.

Gibbs looks at her when her legs straighten. The site of the emotions chasing across her face as she fragments has Gibbs throwing his head back as his shaft swells larger. He is pumping into her ever faster and then he slams into her hard to the hilt calling Mags in a hoarse bark as he implodes. He rocks into her fast twice more before ramming home hard again and staying. Her muscles were squeezing him tight and contracting all around him sending waves of pleasure ripping through him. He knows he is pushing her against the wall but he is afraid to let up with the pressure in case they both fall. He leans his head against her shoulder and catches his breath.

Hart lets her head fall against the wall, not wanting to add any more weight to Gibbs. Her breath is coming in gasps of air and she is limp as a dishrag. She turns her head so she can kiss Gibbs cheek.

Gibbs turns his head to look at Mags and he smiles at her. She smiles back. He grips her hips and lifts her away from the wall. She locks her heels around him and leans closer to him to help with him carrying her.