Hart looks at her watch. It is nearing five. She walks to the windows and looks out at the sky. Her corner office is forty floors up and she enjoys the view. Gibbs is on her mind. I need to return his call. I have not talked to him in two weeks. Since they had… The office door swings open with a whoosh and she sees Gibbs in the reflection of the window come storming in with Nora, her secretary coming in behind him telling him he cannot just enter. She smiles. Speak of the devil. Hart turns and defuses the situation immediately. She walks toward her secretary who is still fuming at Gibbs. "Nora. It is alright." Hart looks at her watch again even though she knows what time it is, "It's already after 5. Why don't you go ahead and take off? I will see you in the morning." Hart has her hand on her secretary's lower back, guiding her out the door as she says this.

Gibbs watches Hart come across the room smoothly in another business skirt suit, this one black with a red buttoned blouse. He looks around her office as she soothes the secretary. Four walls of glass make up the outside wall of her office. No lights are on as this fills the entire office with bright light. Bookshelves from ceiling to floor are on the left side and filled with books. Wooden filing cabinets are on the other side. The two windows by the door left for view into the office were covered in expensive wooden blinds matching the shelves and desk. The large mahogany desk is positioned near the windowed walls. It is neatly organized as is the rest of her office. A large plant with wide leaves is next to the filing cabinets and gives her office added warmth.

As her secretary is now leaving, Hart starts closing her office door, "Now. Special Agent Gibbs, what can I do for you?" Hart locks the door. At Gibbs questioning look, "Habit. I always lock it when I am with a client."

"Is that all I am to you? A client? Am I even that anymore since you have not returned my calls?" Gibbs says softly in that way that lets you know he is anything but happy.

"One phone call and I was in court."

"That was last week. Why haven't you returned my call?"

Hart is now on the other side of her desk; she leans on the desk instead of sitting, "Honestly?"

In an irked tone, "No. I want you to lie to me."

She ignores the barb. She answers quietly and sincerely, "I wasn't sure what to say. I'm still not. This isn't something I do, Gibbs. Matter of fact, I've never done this. I make it a point not to sleep with clients; it's a conflict of interest. You just….." Hart sighs and looks away for a moment. "I am just really attracted to you, Gibbs and I am not sure how to handle it."

"Mags, it's not like we are buying a house together. And I have made it a point never to involve lawyers in my business whether it is personal or not. So, we are both in new territory." Gibbs comes around the desk. "Do you have plans for tonight?"

Hart turns to look at him. "You mean dinner?" She watches him come around her desk dressed in a burgundy button up shirt with dark blue jeans and a navy blue jacket. He looks nice. Very nice. The top button of his burgundy shirt is undone and his normal white under shirt is missing. Her body reacts to the few white curls of chest hair she can see by her tummy doing summersaults.

"Yep. Let me take you to dinner." Gibbs is near her now. "What are you in the mood for?" As soon as the question left his mouth, her light blue eyes became smoky with desire.

Her heart speeds up in anticipation as he leans toward her. He gently kisses her on the cheek and straightens.

She smells good and his loins tighten. He slides his finger back and forth on the red collar and grins at her wickedly. "You have on red laced underwear to match the blouse?"

"See what I mean? We are not going to be able to concentrate on this case." Hart sighs.

"Hey. Stop worrying. We will take it one day at a time. You want me to get another lawyer?"

Hart is angry all of a sudden, "No. No, I do not. I am the best lawyer for you and you do not have time to hire another. Your case is coming up in less than four weeks and you still have not answered the one question I keep asking you." She steps away from him during her spout of anger.

Gibbs sighs. "I am not answering that question now."

"When? When are you going to answer? Because believe me, it is going to come out when you are on the stand. Are you prepared to say something then?"

Gibbs is angry and frustrated now. "Maybe dinner wasn't such a good idea."

He starts to walk to the door.

Hart is angry with herself for starting this knowing where it would end and she doesn't want him to leave. She pulls in a deep breath. "No. Dinner isn't a good idea right now." She says it a little softer and with no anger in her voice.

Gibbs hears the difference in her voice and stops. He doesn't turn around for a moment.

Hart gets a little impatient. "Do you want an answer to your earlier question?"

"Which quest…" Gibbs trails off as he turns around to find Hart in nothing but her red blouse and black heels.

Hart is slightly pink in the face as she says, "If you want to know the answer to your question, come find out." She is still holding her jacket and skirt in her right hand and she purposely drops them. A challenge.

Gibbs is still thinking of leaving when he sees her drop the clothes like she is throwing down a gauntlet. Gibbs heart stops beating and then starts flying. This time, she is in full command of her senses. A beast inside him comes roaring to life. He walks forward slowly, stalking her.

Hart watches his calculated steps, placing one foot slowly in front of the other. Her eyes snap to his. The predatory gleam in his eyes makes her instantly wet. Her mouth parts to pull in a ragged breath and she fights the urge to run.

Gibbs is nearing her when his nostrils flare with her scent. His head drops a bit and his eyes devour her slowly. His eyes slide up her shapely legs to the hem of her shirt. His jeans are painfully tight.

Hart watches Gibbs eyes feast on her and it makes her feel absolutely delightful. Then, he is standing close to her and the look of pure hunger that he shoots her from beneath his eyebrows has even more heat pooling in her groin.

Gibbs slides his hand around her neck and his fingers tangle into her hair to pull her head back deliberately so his lips can besiege hers in a storm of need. The other hand grips her buttocks and pulls her into his body.

Hart savors the feel of Gibbs mouth on hers. She slides her tongue into his mouth and he promptly swirls his tongue around hers. He sucks her tongue hard and then swirls his tongue around it again. They come apart gasping.

Gibbs sees the pulse pounding at her neck and leans in to nip it. She gives a small cry.

Hart is very aroused by Gibbs obvious hunger for her. She leans forward and kisses his pulse as he did hers, but instead of nipping it, she sucks on it. Gibbs groans and she cups him through his jeans.

Gibbs releases the beast he has been holding back when Hart caresses him through his jeans. He claims her lips in a searing kiss. His hands pull apart her blouse, buttons flying in all directions. He swallows her protest and deepens the kiss. His hands fondle her breast through the lacy fabric of her bra. He runs his hand over her abdomen and slides his hand across the fabric between her legs only to find it soaked. Gibbs tears his mouth from hers and steps back. His eyes devour her body again, finding not red lace as he had thought but black, dainty lace. Naughty. He pulls his jacket off.

As Gibbs is pulling his jacket off, Hart closes the gap between them. She unbuckles his belt and pulls it through the loops with a loud pop. Her fingers start unbuttoning his jeans but Gibbs grabs her and hauls her against him. He wants inside of her now. To feel that slick heat engulfing him. Their mouths meet in a tempest of desire. Gibbs walks forward, pushing Hart as he goes.

Hart feels the desk hit her legs and then Gibbs hands roughly turn her. His hands come around her and stroke her nipples through the lace. His mouth is placing hot, openmouthed kisses across her shoulders, up her neck, and across to her ear. He nips her ear lobe and then sucks on it. Both of his hands slide down to her hips.

Gibbs slides his hands under the thin lace and snatches it apart.

Hart gasps as Gibbs rips her underwear apart and is secretly thrilled at his aggressiveness.

Gibbs slides his hand into her curls and slides his finger between her lips to play with the nub between her legs. Her legs spread a little and Gibbs releases the aching member from his jeans. He pulls Hart against him so she can feel the hardness pressing into her buttocks as he strokes her. He opens his mouth and places his teeth on her shoulder and just holds them there, adding a little pressure and then dragging them slowly together.

Hart is going up in flames. Tiny explosions were going off all through her body and the feel of Gibbs silky head touching her only excites her even more. She lifts her leg onto the desk and Gibbs lets go of her only to grip her hips and pull her back as he plunges deep into her tight, hot canal. Gibbs reaches around her and slides his finger over that magic button as he rocks into her.

Hart arches her back as Gibbs works his magic. She grips the desk with her hands until they are white with effort. Papers slide off and hit the floor along with a few other items. Hart doesn't give a damn as Gibbs pounds into harder. Her breath comes in little huffs as the tiny explosions become larger explosions.

Gibbs is breathing hard as well. Harts muscles are contracting all around his shaft, gripping him tightly and sucking at his member as he pulls out and then pushing against him as he pushes back in. Her muscles are gripping and loosening faster so he picks up speed. His finger dances a little faster across her nerves to bring her higher.

Hart is lost in sensations. She moves her hips in time with his, meeting his thrusts. She arches her back even more so Gibbs can get even deeper. Flames engulf her and vibrations fill her whole being. She pleas with Gibbs.

Gibbs hears her pleas and waits a moment more before pinching the nub. He rubs it hard again and then tweaks it again. Her muscles go crazy. Gibbs grabs both of her hips and starts slamming into her hard and deep with each thrust faster and faster. With a hoarse bark of 'Mags' he jumps off the cliff. He embeds himself to the hilt with one more thrust and just enjoys the movement of her muscles as they squeeze him. He puts his hand on either side of her on the desk and rests, catching his breath.

Hart is slowly coming back to Earth and is lying flat on her desk. She looks around and then softly laughs.

Gibbs groans when Hart laughs. Her muscles affecting him inside of her. He slips out of her and buttons up his jeans. Hart puts her leg down and turns around. Laughter is still dancing in her eyes. Gibbs looks at the floor and chuckles as well. Her usually pristine office and appearance are a little disheveled. His eyes rove over her blouse hanging open, the black lace barely covering her breasts, high heels on her feet, and then nothing else but what God has graced her with.

Hart watches Gibbs as his eyes slide over her. A slow smile comes to his face and then he steps close to her.

Gibbs places his hands on either side of her face gently cradling her head. "You are beautiful." He covers her lips with his in a lazy exploration.