R.I.P Fred :(

I have always thought there must have been something that helped George when Fred was gone. I also wondered about their last conversations. This fic came out of that.

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Fred and George Weasley rarely spoke very seriously about things. They were the ones that cracked all the jokes, the ones that relieved the tension, but as the twins walked back to the group they were in charge of for the battle they were doing just that.

"George," said Fred solemly, his tone making his brother immediately pay more attention.

"Yeah?" He replied.

"What will we do if – if this is the end?" Fred asked a slight quiver in his voice.

"Oh," he said. He couldn't bare the prospect; it sounded like Fred couldn't either. "I guess we just try and go on with our lives."

"I thought so too." He agreed, glad that they were thinking along the same lines as usual. "Not too quickly mind you, I want to get some good recognition out of it!" he joked.

"Yeah, me to! Don't want you forgetting your own twin!" George paused, resuming the serious manner. "You'll carry on with the shop, right?"

"Yeah, you too, you know, if it's me." Fred added, hoping that if it had to be one of them, it wouldn't be George. Life without his brother would suck. There was a small silence before grin spread across his face.

"You like Angelina, don't you?" It was a stupid question, they both knew it.

"Duh," Was all George said.

"Well, if it's me I want you to have her. Get married before someone else asks her first." Fred winked, knowing they were both thinking of Lee Jordan. George was a little taken aback. He had always accepted that his brother had first claim since the Yule Ball.

"Okay, if you do the same." He promised, waiting with raised brows. Fred smiled.

"Course! You'd have a hard time stopping me! You know she likes you to, for you, as your own person. She doesn't like you just because you're my twin." George nodded, pleased. He'd always hoped so, but it didn't seem a real confirmation until it came from Fred's own mouth.

"She was always one of the few who could tell us apart." He mused.

"Yeah she was," agreed Fred. There was a small silence.

"You'll name a kid for me won't you?" He said, grinning broadly now.

"Course," He promised.

"Well let's shake then." Fred held out his hand and George grasped it. They shook, and finally let go.

"Alright, let's get back to our station, don't wanna miss the battle!"

"Yeah, let's kick some death eater butt!"

With identical grins plastered on there faces Fred and George began to run down the hall. As they arrived and skidded to a stop Fred said one more thing to George.

"You know, I really hope it isn't you."


It was much later when George wandered if Fred had somehow known what was to come.

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